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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-08-14 14:00:24

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14:00 meeting Meeting started Mon Aug 14 14:00:24 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:00 walterbender hello everyone
14:00 Only one more week of coding.
14:00 lots to get accomplished
14:00 shall we begin?
14:01 reverse ABC order this week :)
14:01 zeecoder <zeecoder!dfe5a25b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:01 pragr07 <pragr07!2ff70b00@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:01 walterbender zeecoder, just in time... we can begin with you
14:01 can you please give an update
14:01 zeecoder Sure sir
14:01 walterbender and also let us know your plans for the last week of coding
14:02 Seetarama <Seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 cristina <cristina!1806e524@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 zeecoder Last week I ported falabracman, superchef, flappy, sonicjump, stickhero
14:02 walterbender great
14:02 busy week :)
14:02 zeecoder flappy and cartoon builder are merged
14:03 also the help for cartoon is merged
14:03 walterbender nice
14:03 zeecoder Sir actually this week I am having my university exams till friday
14:03 So can I work after friday? and also the next week?
14:04 walterbender zeecoder, it would be very helpful if as part of your summer of code wrap up, you write up not just what you did, but also advice/how to for those wishing to follow up on your work
14:05 all the little details that are not obvious from the wiki pages
14:05 zeecoder Yes sir I will write about every small details
14:06 walterbender zeecoder, incuding, for example, updating the help activity :)
14:06 any questions for zeecoder ?
14:06 zeecoder No, but can I work after friday?
14:07 walterbender zeecoder, you can work after Friday
14:07 zeecoder Ok thanks a lot :)
14:07 walterbender and you can continue contributing to SL after GSoC ends
14:07 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:07 zeecoder yes sure I will :)
14:07 walterbender tharangi, can you please give an update?
14:07 tharangi Committed the database connection to Contributions page after properly testing. With the Bootstrap stylings, I couldn't specify the input type as 'file' to upload the .tb file because then bootstrap styles get loat. So I had to find a library to set the data type as 'file' while keeping the stylings. So it took me sometime to fix the issue. Now it is working properly. Database, a readme for this and code changes are committed to t
14:07 he github repo.
14:08 Created 14 GIFs for HCB that Devin sent. Creating GIFs for other examples too.
14:08 walterbender tharangi, all sounds good
14:08 tharangi will commit to the code once content is properly done.
14:08 walterbender tharangi, what is still missing from being able to launch the site?
14:09 tharangi conntent for some components
14:09 specially the pallettes for Music section
14:10 walterbender tharangi, maybe we can have a session where you and I and Devin complete this?
14:10 can you try to schedule something?
14:10 tharangi yesh, sure. we will have to.
14:11 I am really stucked in some places where they are out of my knowledge. sure, ll do.
14:11 walterbender a few hours of writing and editing should push us over the top
14:11 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:11 tarunsinghal92 <tarunsinghal92!453a669c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:11 walterbender tharangi, I keep learning more about music every day too
14:11 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:11 walterbender learned about count off last night
14:12 tharangi, please contact devin (who cannot join us today) to find a good time to write
14:12 any questions for tharangi ?
14:13 tharangi, devin cam up with some lesson plans over the weekend. will be a good test for him to upload them
14:13 tharangi will try my best to complete the content as much as possible. ahh okay.
14:13 walterbender tharangi, thx
14:13 tarunsinghal92, can you please give us your update?
14:14 tarunsinghal92 ok walterbender
14:14 previous week, i have added one more graphs at stats module
14:14 along with that
14:15 Hrishi tharangi: did you add something to run MB offline correctly?
14:15 tarunsinghal92 fixed bugs in dashboard and added few features like
14:15 launching entry directly from  home screen , etc
14:15 walterbender tarunsinghal92, what is left to do?
14:15 tarunsinghal92 nothing much
14:16 more details about additions are present on blog 11 https://github.com/tarunsingha[…]gramming-Phase-IX
14:18 walterbender tarunsinghal92, thank you.
14:18 Tabs16_, your turn :)
14:18 tarunsinghal92 thanks waltebender
14:19 walterbender Tabs16_, ??? still there ???
14:19 Tabs16_ So, I have added the multiple filter functionality but problems are occuring in updation, hope to finish it today. Rest, tone api will be merged for synth oscillator and filter in 2-3 days completely with pragr07
14:20 pragr07 is not getting any error with vibrato
14:20 though I am encountering it
14:20 pragr07 Tabs16_ : yeah
14:20 Tabs16_ it will be really nice if it can be tested more
14:20 pragr07 I will test it further
14:20 walterbender Tabs16_, what is on your list to complete?
14:20 Tabs16_ rest ,envelope and effects tone api is merged and functional
14:21 2-4 days to complete the backend merging with the api and then only testing :)
14:21 walterbender Tabs16_, and Chart.js?
14:21 Tabs16_ like setting up of appropriate defaults
14:22 walterbender:  With the advent of filter, it just went off my mind :/  It was half done , I will provide the final in this week
14:23 walterbender: thanks :)
14:23 walterbender Tabs16_, maybe by end of the week we can do a through code review and final clean up.
14:23 Tabs16_ yes , we will be able to
14:23 walterbender Tabs16_, there seems to be a lot of redundancy in the code. I have some ideas how to consolidate.
14:24 but lets finish debugging first
14:24 any questions for Tabs16_ ?
14:24 Tabs16_ walterbender: mostly it's in the parameters definition
14:24 I have come to investigate
14:25 walterbender thanks Tabs16_
14:25 good luck this week
14:26 Tabs16_ thanks walterbender  ;0
14:26 walterbender Seetarama, can you please report in?
14:26 Seetarama Sure
14:26 Work done last week: 1.SEO 2.Added search functionaity through the Google custom search engine 3.Specialized header targeting screen sizes 767-1260px which can be useful for XOs,etc. 4.Created a new page which can accessed at https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]for-raspberry-pi/ 5.Optimization 6.Minor code clean up 7.Changed the titles for few pages 8.Changed all urls to search engine friendly urls. I also ch
14:27 walterbender: Hope you have checked my mail
14:27 walterbender Seetarama, yes.
14:27 Seetarama, I was going to answer yes, but only after you finish the work on the website, as it has priority
14:28 Seetarama ok walterbender
14:28 walterbender Seetarama, what is left? this week?
14:28 Seetarama, also, in your final write up, please be sure to document the process for maintaining and updating the site... very important.
14:29 Seetarama Goals for this week: 1.Looking into hosting the new website into the existing domain. 2.Make sure all parts of website are working properly. 3.Adding any final content 4.Any final changes 5.Code clean up 6.Documentation 7.Getting the things ready as required by Sugar Labs/Google work product submission
14:29 Sure walterbender
14:29 zeecoder has quit IRC
14:30 tarunsinghal92 has quit IRC
14:30 walterbender Seetarama, great.. thanks. looking forward to the launch
14:30 Seetarama Lets also have a meeting to discuss any final content to be added
14:30 walterbender Seetarama, please schedule something
14:30 any questions for Seetarama ?
14:30 Seetarama ok walterbender
14:31 walterbender rishabh42, can you please report on RPi?
14:31 rishabh42 walterbender, sure
14:32 This week I added 18 new activities to the image build(Abacus
14:32 Dimensions
14:32 Labyrinth
14:32 Portfolio
14:32 Ruler
14:32 Sliderule
14:32 Spirolaterals
14:32 Stopwatch
14:32 Story
14:32 Countries
14:32 Foto toon
14:32 Get books
14:32 Infoslicer
14:32 Moon
14:32 Paint
14:32 Story
14:32 Typing turtle
14:32 Words) and also removed Write
14:32 Speak failed to start
14:32 Hrishi that's a long fine list.
14:32 rishabh42 most of them are from SoaS^^
14:33 walterbender rishabh42, any progress re alsa?
14:33 rishabh42, it works on Fedora?
14:33 rishabh42 also updated my blog, it also has the screenshot of the image: https://sugaronraspberrypi.wordpress.com/
14:33 walterbender, tried a couple of things re alsa, but couldn't get it to work :/
14:34 speak does work on SoaS though
14:34 Seetarama__ <Seetarama__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:34 walterbender SoaS is Fedora, correct?
14:34 rishabh42 yes
14:34 Seetarama has quit IRC
14:34 walterbender so we still seem to have  a few Debian-related issues to sort out :P
14:35 rishabh42 true that
14:35 walterbender, and how can we list the image on RPi's page?
14:35 walterbender rishabh42, I suggest that in the documentation we mention the open issues and also note that the SoaS image doesn't have these problems.
14:36 rishabh42, that is something we need to ask the RPi team
14:36 Seetarama_ has quit IRC
14:36 rishabh42 walterbender, okay, you mean problems with the activities not starting and the USB auto mount one?
14:37 walterbender, do you know anyone in the RPi community who can help list the image?
14:37 walterbender rishabh42, all of the issues.
14:37 rishabh42, I can try to contact some RPi folks this week
14:38 but please ask through conventional channels as well
14:38 rishabh42 walterbender, okay
14:38 tony37 I would contact through the Raspberry Pi Foundation website
14:38 walterbender rishabh42, plans for this week?
14:38 rishabh42 and should I add the activities that are not working, like speak and measure, and then address issues regarding that?
14:39 thanks tony37 :)
14:39 walterbender, had to discuss goals for this week with my mentors, would you like to suggest some?
14:40 walterbender seems we already identified some here
14:41 rishabh42 walterbender, documenting, making alsa/activities work and contacting RPi foundation?
14:41 walterbender yes
14:41 anything else for rishabh42 ?
14:41 rishabh42 walterbender, sure, will work on these. Any other features that you would like to be added, activities or anything?
14:42 walterbender rishabh42, the priority should be this list of items.
14:42 rishabh42 walterbender, okay, thanks
14:42 walterbender pragr07, can you please give an update?
14:42 pragr07 sure
14:42 tony37 Do we have a stable method of creating the SD card?
14:42 walterbender rishabh42, ^^
14:43 Sanjay_ <Sanjay_!9d320aed@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:43 pragr07 last week mostly i was involved with integrating synth code with the UI
14:43 rishabh42 tony37, yes, I've made it reproducible.
14:43 pragr07 I couldn't work much on the volume element
14:44 as Tabs16_ mentioned about the vibrato error
14:44 rishabh42 tony37, you can build an image using my repo here: https://github.com/Rishabh42/rpi23-gen-image
14:44 pragr07 i'll try to regenerate it
14:44 and fix it
14:44 now the oscillator, filter and synth integration is pending
14:44 walterbender, one thing i wanted to point out
14:44 is
14:45 currently i am using local variables to store the formed synth
14:45 so in case of refresh,
14:45 everything will be lost
14:45 like every synth has to be then formed again
14:45 walterbender pragr07, it would be good to save the custom synth in local storage
14:45 pragr07 ok
14:46 and the other synths?
14:46 tony37 rishabh42 what I want to do is download the image and copy to an SD card
14:46 walterbender pragr07, anything that the user can override
14:47 pragr07 ok
14:47 walterbender tony37, in theory it should be the same process as any RPi image
14:47 pragr07, would be great to dig into volume this week... i don't think it will be too much effort.
14:48 rishabh42 tony37, grab the latest image from my sunjammer page here: https://people.sugarlabs.org/rishabh/ and use dd/etcher to burn the SD card. I personally use etcher :)
14:48 pragr07 walterbender: i think i'll requires your help with the volume element
14:48 walterbender thinks we may want to revisit the volume block UI too
14:48 pragr07, I can help
14:48 pragr07 thank you
14:48 walterbender let me know when you are around to work on it.
14:48 pragr07 yeah sure
14:48 jatin_ <jatin_!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:49 walterbender having the volume block as a clamp is a bit restrictive
14:49 it means we cannot set volume in an event handler, e.g., on beat do
14:49 raphael <raphael!564be327@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:50 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:50 walterbender any questions for pragr07 ?
14:51 raphael, can you please report in?
14:51 raphael Yes
14:52 So, I have finished the UI and most of the fonctionnality, I'm currentlty fixing some bug, playing with color, with my mentors
14:53 Tabs16_ has quit IRC
14:53 raphael So this week will be fixing bug, add maybe some useful information and fix some stuff on the Android App
14:54 That pretty muchit
14:55 walterbender any questions for raphael ?
14:55 raphael, seems like you will finish up on time :)
14:55 pragr07 has quit IRC
14:56 raphael I think yes :)
14:56 mohayon Some minor bugs are here but Raphael surely did a good job
14:56 The new ui is very simpler
14:57 walterbender raphael, thx
14:57 jatin_, are you there?
14:57 jatin_ Yes
14:58 Lightbox inspried Screenshot carousels were added https://jatindhankhar.in/image[…]shot_carousel.png https://jatindhankhar.in/image[…]carousel_zoom.png
14:59 Pot files for i18n were added and sent to cjl and he replied affirmatively https://github.com/jatindhankh[…]3/tree/babel-i18n
15:00 I am adding tests gradaully . Testing is the only challenge I feel which will last longer
15:00 For next week I plan on to add more tests, documentation and migrate old aslo data to aslo-v3.
15:00 tony37 how about the switchover from aslo to the new aslo?
15:01 jatin_ Yes scg and I will be working on migration script
15:02 walterbender jatin_, do you want to schedule a session where a bunch of us work on cleaning up bundles?
15:02 maybe advertise it on sugar-devel?
15:03 jatin_ Yes, I will discuss it scg but yes I look forward to it
15:04 walterbender any other questions for jatin_ ?
15:04 tony37 e do we have a document on how a repository is to be contributed to the new aslo - I would like Sanjay to do that with his new activity
15:04 jatin_ Any suggestions, feedback. If anybody has experience testing web application and mocking external services. I am eager to learn new techniques and apply those/
15:05 walterbender tony37, good question :)
15:05 Sanjay_ Yes. That will greatly help.
15:05 jatin_ tony37: didn't get you. Publishing to aslo-v3 ?
15:05 tony37 Yes using the backend with the right information in activity.info, POT and so forth
15:05 walterbender jatin_, we need to document the process of contributing new activities and also making updates
15:05 for developers
15:06 jatin_ To add a new activity to aslo-v3. Developer will make a new release and aslo-v3 will build. If developer attaches a self built .xo, aslo-v3 will use it. If there are po files aslo-v3 will crawl them
15:07 So to add/update a release. Developer will publish a new release. That's it
15:07 tony37 How do you publish a new release?
15:08 jatin_ I documented the process on my weekly logs but yes I will dcoument it in the readme
15:08 tony37: https://help.github.com/articl[…]reating-releases/
15:09 walterbender +1
15:09 any other questions for jatin_ ?
15:09 tony37 So this GitHub process knows to update the version in activity.info
15:09 walterbender jatin_, really nice work. thx
15:09 Sanjay_, can you please give an update?
15:10 Sanjay_ The MindMath activity that helps the users to learn vedic math tricks is up to, 1) The user will be prompted to help Tux where he/she can learn one random trick, practise it and also know the math behind its working. 2) The user will be able to select any trick of his choice and do the above. 3) After learning and practising, he/she can challenge the calculator and compete with it. (New) 4) Get the score board.
15:10 jatin_ Yes, for instance if a developer forgot to update the activity_version in activity.info in the new release. aslo-v3 will point out the issue.
15:11 Sanjay_ Blog on calculator challenge part: http://sanjaykumarap.blogspot.[…]g-calculator.html
15:11 tony37 jatin great! This will enable Sanjay's activity to be a good test of the system end-end
15:12 Sanjay_ Thanks Jatin.
15:12 jatin_ tony37 :). Sure, happy to help. Let me know if anything is needed
15:12 walterbender Sanjay_, what is left before you can release v1?
15:12 Sanjay_ Code clean up and few minor changes.
15:13 mohayon_ <mohayon_!~mohayon@static-176-158-235-228.ftth.abo.bbox.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:13 walterbender tony37, any comments?
15:14 Sanjay_ Adding more tricks to the activity is also there. But it's very easy. We need to add it to the list of them. So I prefer to keep it later and take it for comments first
15:14 tony37 When Jatin has the documentation on the release procedure above we should use it on Sanjay's activity. It isn't necessary that v1 be ready for stable release.
15:14 walterbender OK
15:15 tony37 I would like a 'how to' add new tricks to the activity going forward by developers new to the project
15:15 walterbender tony37, +1
15:15 anything else for Sanjay_ ?
15:15 Sanjay_ Sure. I'll document it.
15:15 walterbender looking forward to seeing the new activity published
15:15 mohayon has quit IRC
15:16 walterbender OK.
15:16 thanks everyone
15:16 let's push hard this week to wrapping up.
15:17 thanks mentors and interns!!
15:17 #end-meeting
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