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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-08-04 19:01:24

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19:01 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  4 19:01:24 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:01 walterbender welcome everyone
19:01 kaametza, can you start by giving us an update re the election?
19:01 #election
19:02 kaametza yes thank you Walter
19:03 we have defined the following calendar according to the committe time availability
19:03 Election's Calendar
19:03 Stage I - August 15: Announcement for election's date and 1st call for candidates
19:03 Stage II - August 30: Reminder of election's date and 2nd call for candidates
19:03 Stage III - September 15: Deadline for candidates submission
19:03 Stage IV - October 1-15: Election's Period
19:03 ElVerma <ElVerma!~sverma@2602:306:ccab:6470:a5e2:eb5:ad46:7f61> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:03 walterbender kaametza, sound s great
19:03 ElVerma Hello!
19:03 walterbender hi sameer
19:03 kaametza hello Sameer
19:04 walterbender kaametza, is there a plan for outreach for candidates?
19:04 CanoeBerry Hi
19:04 walterbender hi adam
19:04 kaametza @ElVerma @CanoeBerry just started reporting about upcomming elections :D
19:04 CanoeBerry Hi Walter, Laura, Sameer & all!
19:05 walterbender kaametza, anything SLOB members can do to help with outreachj for candidates?
19:05 kaametza yes walterbender, we will send call for candidates according to the scheduale to all our supported mailing lists
19:05 walterbender kaametza, +1
19:06 kaametza walterbender, I guess we can all be supportive if any volunteer ask for guidance on the process
19:06 walterbender kaametza, we have 4 slots open this round?
19:06 kaametza yes 4: Walter, Adam, Lionel and Sameer
19:06 walterbender kaametza, thanks for pulling all of this togehter
19:07 and ignacio, thanks for helping on the technical front
19:07 kaametza, anything else we need to discuss?
19:07 samsongoddy thanks kaametza and ignacio
19:07 kaametza lots of work but I enjoy learning about collective decision making :D
19:07 samsongoddy i can help also with outreaching
19:07 kaametza yes ignacio and Systems!
19:08 walterbender ignacio, comments?
19:08 kaametza Thanks samsongoddy
19:08 Candidates
19:08 Candidates should create a wiki entry below (1 entry per candidate, 1.500 characters max) sharing their vision and motivation.
19:08 ignacio Sorry I was at the phone
19:09 kaametza Deadline for candidates to submit their candidancy is September 15
19:09 Hi ignacio
19:10 CanoeBerry What's the summary of membership list cleanup, does anybody have a link or similar?  Elections are a normal time for people to register who have forgotten (or didn't realize they were supposed to) but what's the deadline for voters to register?
19:10 walterbender
19:10 kaametza ignacio, will be able to assist us during the election period October 1-15
19:10 walterbender                 ((((((((((((m
19:11 kaametza, do you have an answer for adam
19:12 kaametza CanoeBerry, you can download from https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]Labs/Members/List
19:12 I did send the link to SLOBs on early July
19:13 Seetarama_ <Seetarama_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:14 Seetarama has quit IRC
19:15 kaametza actually I sent to SLOBs the file (the file includes mails not published on the wiki list)
19:16 email was sent on July 3
19:17 walterbender anything else on this topic?
19:17 kaametza the discussion about the methodology and/or possible tools will continue cc to systems
19:17 walterbender OK
19:18 kaametza will keep everyone on the loop
19:18 walterbender shall we go to the next topic?
19:18 GrannieB <GrannieB!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:18 kaametza thanks @walterbender
19:18 walterbender #GSoC/Outreachy update
19:18 #topic GSoC/Outreachy update
19:19 Just a quick summary
19:19 there are 3 weeks left
19:19 we have a lot of great work
19:19 nice advances in Sugarizer and Music Blocks
19:19 kaametza walterbender,  CanoeBerry, just for the reference next topic on today's agenda is Financial report 1sr quarter
19:19 walterbender a new activities portal coming on line soon
19:20 and a solid Raspberry Pi image
19:20 plus a new www.sl.o site
19:20 and lots of activities ported to GTK3/GST1.0
19:20 a productive summer
19:21 FYI, Samson and Cristina will be going to the GSoC mentor summit in October
19:21 we may be able to send one more person, but funds might be a little tight
19:21 Google is giving us 1.1K per mentor.
19:22 since Cristina lives in SF, we can use her portion for the others
19:22 but getting Samson from Nigeria will be $$$
19:22 I am hoping we can squeeze in one more.
19:23 I'll run things past SLOBs if it looks like we are risking going over budget
19:23 any comments?
19:23 kaametza walterbender, slobs has not much finantial vision since we have no access to financial report yet :D
19:24 GrannieB Will olpc-sf be having a summit right after as before so Samson can attend that too?
19:24 walterbender kaametza, that is next
19:24 Ibiam <Ibiam!294f0706@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:24 walterbender GrannieB, not sure if the schedules will mesh
19:24 ElVerma @grannieB We don't know as yet
19:25 walterbender he'll come to Boston on his way back so we can have a mini summit in Boston as well
19:25 GrannieB it would be nice
19:25 Ibiam hey everyone
19:25 walterbender hi Ibiam
19:25 GrannieB, agreed
19:26 re kaametza 's concern, for the GSoC summit, we are only committing new funds from Google explicitly designated for the summit.
19:26 That said, would be good to get a report on our finances
19:26 #topic finances
19:26 CanoeBerry, ??? ^^
19:26 kaametza vision is important, walterbender, CanoeBerry ElVerma  any feedback for not voting on the Yoruba image for XO?
19:27 walterbender kaametza, I gave my feedback: according to our i18n maintainer, we needed more work done before building the image
19:27 CanoeBerry ledger -V  -s -S T -d  "T&l<=2" -f sugar.ledger bal '/^(Income|Expenses).*Sugar/'
19:27       $ -299,299.52  Income:Sugar
19:27        $ 225,716.12  Expenses:Sugar
19:27 --------------------
19:27        $ -73,583.40
19:27 kaametza the purpose od traveling is important, lots of Carbon to the atmosphere with no direct impact on learners doesn't justify any effort
19:28 walterbender kaametza, I agree.
19:28 Ibiam what's the span of the report
19:29 walterbender CanoeBerry, that is since 2008?
19:29 kaametza a report for a period needs to detail movements: incomes and outcomes
19:30 CanoeBerry $73.583.40 is basically money in the bank (balance) keeping in mind 10% need to be paid to SFConservancy.
19:30 kaametza CanoeBerry, any movements to report since last report? is it the same balance?
19:30 CanoeBerry I think so, yes 2008.
19:32 kaametza CanoeBerry, from https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Finance  NET ASSETS for last year where $81,966.88
19:32 walterbender CanoeBerry, what did we spend money on? 8K?
19:33 CanoeBerry The only recent transaction (grep'ing thru the ledger anyway) seems to be $900 for Martin Oesterreich in April 2017.  Also $6,500.00 (from?) Outreachy is mentioned in June 2017.
19:33 walterbender OK... but that was offset by GCI grant
19:34 CanoeBerry Martin Oesterreich's is about Guarani translation/localization.
19:34 walterbender CanoeBerry, would be good to get a detailed report for the past year so we can better understand trends
19:35 kaametza CanoeBerry, it would be nice to see the figures on a spread sheet
19:36 or have access to the data :D
19:37 I tought there would be some income from GSC 2016 CanoeBerry where the funds requested from Google?
19:37 walterbender kaametza, +1
19:38 CanoeBerry The only other transation from the past 6 months appears to be $600 sent to Edgar Quispe Chambi for "Spanish" translation.
19:39 walterbender CanoeBerry, can you check with the SFC re the GCI grant?
19:39 CanoeBerry *transaction
19:39 kaametza CanoeBerry, walterbender both GCI and GSoC recognize mentorships?
19:40 I mean the U$ 500 per mentor
19:40 walterbender kaametza, ??? I don't understand the question
19:40 kaametza, GCI does not grant any fund per mentor
19:41 but we got a gift to SL at the end og GCI
19:41 doesn't recall the exact amount
19:41 kaametza walterbender, ok so how many mentors we had for Google Summer of Code 2016?
19:41 walterbender for GSoC there will be 9x$500
19:42 kaametza, it is based on the number of interns
19:42 last year it was $3000 as I recall
19:42 kaametza so we are missing an income from US$ 4,500 from Google, right?
19:42 CanoeBerry $7000 GCI is discussed 18 and 15 months ago.
19:43 walterbender CanoeBerry, there was a gift at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb 2017
19:43 CanoeBerry GCI gift?
19:44 walterbender will find the documentation
19:44 kaametza gentleman I must insist you guys share a report on a spread sheet
19:44 walterbender but we should move on in the meantime
19:44 GrannieB yes, tick, tick, tick!
19:44 kaametza and document it on the wiki page, so community can have a clear vision
19:45 walterbender samsongoddy, while I am looking, want to discuss the Google for Nonprofits program?
19:45 samsongoddy Sure
19:45 kaametza CanoeBerry, you think you can share the data then?
19:45 CanoeBerry There is no spreadsheet.  SFC does not provide such, sorry.
19:46 samsongoddy https://www.google.com/grants/
19:46 kaametza you can grant me access to the ledger file
19:46 samsongoddy Last time dave was driving towards putting us on the map for Google non-profit
19:47 kaametza CanoeBerry, maybe you can grant me access to the ledger file
19:47 ?
19:47 actually all board members should have access
19:47 walterbender "The payment will include costs for your mentor attending the GCI grand prize trip ($2400) as well as a donation from Google for $7000 for all of your hard work in the competition this year, for a total of $9400."
19:48 kaametza no way we can unparalize our ommunity decision making process unless we have clear numbers publishes on the right channeles
19:48 walterbender CanoeBerry, can you please confirm that Bradley/SFC got this money for us?
19:48 kaametza *unparalyze
19:48 walterbender CanoeBerry, I just forwarded the April 14 email
19:49 GrannieB It should probably be open to all members as a view only file
19:49 walterbender GrannieB, +1
19:49 Seetarama_ has quit IRC
19:49 kaametza I'll  folow by mail
19:49 samsongoddy https://www.google.org/
19:50 Is a program owned by Google to give non-profit >$1m
19:50 kaametza I'm surveying if there is interest among board members to support finnishing the Guaraní translations?
19:51 I'm looking forward to get involved in this project
19:51 CanoeBerry walterbender: in the email you just forwarded, were all the steps completed under "What you need to do by April 30, 2017" ?
19:52 walterbender CanoeBerry, it had to be done by the SFC. I assumed that they did it
19:52 but can you please confirm?
19:53 CanoeBerry Ok. This language might be relevant possibly: "total of $9400...Have designated OA [Org Admin] use THIS LINK to sign up on the Payoneer website which includes:
19:53 - Completing all the necessary tax paperwork for accepting payment
19:53 - Choosing your preferred form of payment (wire transfer or prepaid card)"
19:53 "Funds will be transferred by May 3, 2017. If you cannot provide this information by April 30, payment will be delayed"
19:55 walterbender CanoeBerry, I read that too... but I have no way o f knowing what the SFC did. You are our liaison
19:56 CanoeBerry That's why I said Ok.
19:57 walterbender thank you
19:57 kaametza CanoeBerry, thanks for helping Sugar Labs with the communications with Conservancy
19:57 walterbender #action CanoeBerry will investigate GCI gift
19:57 kaametza I guess they need to hear direct instructions from you
19:58 walterbender #action CanoeBerry will prepare a spreadsheet of the past 12 months of transactions
19:58 kaametza CanoeBerry, I hope you can keep SLOBs copied on emails so we can foillow
19:58 walterbender anything else re finances at this point?
19:58 kaametza can I have access to the ledger file?
19:58 walterbender CanoeBerry, ^^
19:58 GrannieB The Google Grants Samson posted are just for advertising. Is there a link to others?
19:59 walterbender CanoeBerry, can we get read-only access for the community at large?
19:59 GrannieB, no se
19:59 samsongoddy https://www.google.org/
19:59 walterbender GrannieB, but ads would be good too
19:59 samsongoddy We need to signed up for it to be eligible
20:00 GrannieB Also... re the ledger... can it be "view only" for everyone except the treasurer?
20:00 kaametza walterbender, about Guarani are there any projects inline to finnsih the translations?
20:00 CanoeBerry Just to clarify that sharing 1/3 of a Gigabyte of private information to all members, including home addresses, phone numbers and all sorts of people's personal banking account numbers etc would be the very height of irresponsibility, if not illegal, fostering identity theft of many kinds.
20:01 samsongoddy For the past 6 months, Google has been giving non-profit money to continue effort around Education
20:01 I got to know more about the project when the CEO of Google came to Lagos, Nigeria
20:01 icarito surely data can be anonymized if necessary for publication
20:01 CanoeBerry Hire someone to do it.
20:01 GrannieB No, no, no... just the balance sheet for the $$$ income, outgo, reasons sources ets.
20:01 kaametza samsongoddy, Google just gave Sugar Labs US$7,000 for our GCI participation on 2016 :D
20:01 CanoeBerry We've discussed this at length.
20:02 samsongoddy That is little come to $1 million
20:02 kaametza samsongoddy, we just need to request payment!
20:02 icarito CanoeBerry, shouldn't be necessary among SLOBS. If you want to hire, I could do it.
20:02 samsongoddy the https://www.google.org/ is not around GCI or GSOC
20:02 walterbender CanoeBerry, I don't recall the ledger having personal information but cannot we extract just the relevant data for the community? to keep the community in the dark is "irresponsible" as well
20:03 GrannieB Only the treasurer should have edit priviledges!
20:03 kaametza walterbender, +1
20:03 walterbender GrannieB, only the SFC has write access
20:03 CanoeBerry Personal addresses and account information is what it's all about.  It's almost 1/3 of a Gigabyte of highly personaly info, enmeshed.
20:04 walterbender they keep the books
20:04 we read the books
20:04 GrannieB could the financial info be transferred to a Google Doc via a csf?
20:04 kaametza walterbender, CanoeBerry I would like to propose a budget to finnish the Guarani translation and produce an updated image for South America
20:04 icarito CanoeBerry, it can't be so enmeshed, ledger is Free Software and written in Python
20:04 GrannieB Motions have to be made in advance and in writing
20:04 walterbender kaametza, I have not heard back from the team in PY in a while
20:04 ElVerma I have another meeting, so I have to leave.
20:04 Until next time :-)
20:05 walterbender ElVerma, ciao
20:05 CanoeBerry icarito: You're completely missing the point.  The data is enmeshed with person/private info.
20:05 GrannieB bye
20:05 ElVerma has quit IRC
20:05 GrannieB Sameer
20:05 kaametza walterbender, Guarani is relevant to Brasil, Bolivia, Argentina also so we'll find tranlators
20:05 walterbender kaametza, can we research the status before making the motion?
20:05 CanoeBerry *very personal info
20:05 kaametza thx @walterbender  will follow by mail also
20:05 walterbender kaametza, we have a team already working on ti
20:05 we need to contact them first
20:06 kaametza walterbender, great let's do that
20:06 icarito CanoeBerry, one thing is for publication another is among SLOBS
20:06 kaametza were are they coordinating efforts?
20:06 icarito it is obvious SLOBS can't obtain timely reports
20:06 kaametza *where
20:06 GrannieB Are we going to talk about the elections today? Time has run out
20:07 samsongoddy We did
20:07 walterbender GrannieB, we had that discussion already
20:07 kaametza CanoeBerry, I don't need access to the file if we have access to the wiki updated data :D
20:07 walterbender you can read it in the log
20:07 GrannieB OK.... I spent 10 min getting a "busy signal" so I missed that part of the meeting. Could not get on
20:08 walterbender CanoeBerry, I don't think anyone is asking for access to personal information. We just want to know about revenue and expenses in detail
20:08 GrannieB Thanks Walter for the link that worked
20:08 samsongoddy CanoeBerry, did you receive my mail about facebook page donation?
20:08 kaametza GrannieB, please check your imbox I sent election's report by mail before the meeting
20:08 walterbender it would be trivial to extract those data from ledger for community consumption
20:08 CanoeBerry samsongoddy: good point, I haven't heard back from SFC yet on that.
20:08 kaametza I guess we are running out of time
20:09 walterbender a couple of other topics in brief:
20:09 #topic loomio
20:09 kaametza #Action Will follow status of Guarani translations
20:09 walterbender we set up a loomio page (actually recovered the one we had previously set up)
20:09 what to do with loomio?
20:09 samsongoddy Yes, we also got an invite to apply for the blue badge verification. @CanoeBerry, i don't also have right to do that too.
20:10 walterbender maybe people can #action to join and start a discussion about discussions
20:10 icarito "it would be trivial to extract those data from ledger for community consumption" <- so put this in a cron file? walterbender CanoeBerry
20:10 "or hire someone to do it"
20:11 walterbender icarito, I defer to our SFC rep
20:11 any other topics?
20:11 CanoeBerry De-identifying ledgers isn't trivial.  It's a fantasy.  But yes all transactions from the past 6 months have been posted above, and we'll continue to work on it.
20:12 walterbender CanoeBerry, the ledger command you issues a while back had no personal info... was that fantasy?
20:12 kaametza CanoeBerry, please reconsider a chat is not a channel for reporting
20:12 walterbender needs to run
20:12 CanoeBerry Total is one thing, extracting each transaction and de-identifying personal info from each is another.
20:12 walterbender we have several actions to follow up on.
20:12 kaametza CanoeBerry, you may declinr your position if you feel like you don't have enought time to put together s report
20:13 *decline
20:13 walterbender please follow up by email
20:14 I'll end the formal meeting. Thanks everyone for their input.
20:14 #end-meeting
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