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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-07-10 13:59:15

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13:59 meeting Meeting started Mon Jul 10 13:59:15 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:59 zeecoder606 Hi everyone
13:59 pragr07 <pragr07!670ffa0b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:59 walterbender zeecoder606, maybe we can begin with you?
13:59 zeecoder606 sure
13:59 cristinadp <cristinadp!1806e524@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:00 walterbender zeecoder606, can you please give a summary of last week's effort?
14:00 zeecoder606 I completed the Ui of slider puzzle activity and also completed the Gtk3 port the activity is running perfectly.
14:00 I created the pull request for both Dots and boxes activity and slider-puzzle activity
14:01 walterbender zeecoder606, I think slider puzzle is much cleaner now
14:01 zeecoder606, you saw my email re examples of help PRs?
14:01 zeecoder606 I will add the documentation for slider puzzle in the help activity today and then I will start with the Jigsaw .
14:02 walterbender zeecoder606, I expect Jigsaw will go quickly
14:02 Sanjay <Sanjay!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 walterbender zeecoder606, after that, perhaps you can do some work on Read?
14:02 tony37 greetings sanjay
14:02 zeecoder606 Do I need to change the UI for Jigsaw also?
14:02 walterbender It is already GTK3, but it needs to be ported to Webkit2 4.0
14:02 Sanjay Greetings Tony.
14:03 walterbender zeecoder606, please do something similar to what you did for Slider.
14:03 zeecoder606 Ok I will go though the Read.
14:03 walterbender Move the buttons to the toolbar
14:03 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@2601:602:880:1907:4654:d0d8:c48d:8dc3> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 walterbender and use a panel for the image selector
14:03 zeecoder606 Ok I will do the same for the jigsaw.
14:03 walterbender The help has already migrated
14:04 zeecoder606, after Read, the Help activity needs a similar update :P
14:04 zeecoder606 Haha Sure sir :)
14:04 walterbender any questions for zeecoder606 ?
14:04 cristinadp has quit IRC
14:04 zeecoder606 No sir thanks for the guidance on slider.
14:05 walterbender zeecoder606, in general, your ports can include improvements... they don't have to be verbatim transcodings
14:05 move to a standard sugar toolbar, for example
14:05 esp. for old activities
14:05 cristinadp <cristinadp!1806e524@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 zeecoder606 Ok I will take care of it.
14:06 walterbender jatindhankhar, would you like to go next?
14:07 jatindhankhar Yes sure
14:07 So this week scg and I complete a big chunk of backend and moved onto frontend.
14:08 For frontend I am using Bootstrap's material design fork
14:08 fezvrasta.github.io/bootstrap-material-design/
14:10 I have shared some mockups with Samuel and things are going smoothly. On the backend side we though to imgur for hosting SVG icons as well but Imgur doesn't svg, so for now we are storing then in their base64 encoded form
14:10 There are bunch of other other solutions as well
14:10 tharangi <tharangi!~dinuka.ja@2402:4000:bbfe:c419:e000:3ee9:a7da:15a1> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:10 jatindhankhar Here is a demo screenshot of the detail page https://lh3.googleusercontent.[…]09%2B23-52-41.png
14:11 Clear version -> https://lh3.googleusercontent.[…]10%2B00-13-57.png
14:11 Backend code is in the refactor_db_layer branch, scg organized the code very well :)
14:12 Frontend suggestions are appreciated :D
14:12 walterbender jatindhankhar, looks very clean and clear
14:12 and all data driven from git?
14:13 jatindhankhar Yes
14:13 walterbender beautiful
14:13 jatindhankhar We are listening for release event and building bundles
14:14 walterbender jatindhankhar, a few details, such as sugar version are in place as well.
14:14 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:15 walterbender oops
14:15 I guess we lost JatinD[noreply]
14:15 let's move on in the mean time
14:15 pragr07, can you please give an update?
14:15 pragr07 yes sure
14:16 so I am done with testing the Synth code over the envelope block
14:16 and its working fine
14:16 walterbender it makes for a fun demo
14:16 tony37 has quit IRC
14:16 pragr07 this week i am planning to test it over drum and voice samples
14:16 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:17 pragr07 also i will work on making it similar to set-drum method as per the suggestions
14:17 so that the timbre can be used across multiple elements
14:17 walterbender pragr07, can we use the envelope block inside the set-timbre clamp? Or only in the timbre-widget?
14:17 Would be nice to be able to do either
14:18 pragr07 only in the timbre-widget
14:18 ok
14:18 jatindhankhar walterbender: Sorry, got disconnected. Don't know why my internet connection has to go when I am doing something important :|
14:18 walterbender jatindhankhar, I think we were basically done... really like the progress
14:18 jatindhankhar, you should blog and send an update to sugar-devel
14:18 pragr07 walterbender: but set-timbre block is for using the instrument created using the timbre block
14:19 so why do we need the envelope block there?
14:19 walterbender pragr07, I am just thinking, maybe someone wants to change the instrument on the fly
14:19 pragr07 ok
14:19 walterbender we should maximize flexibility
14:19 jatindhankhar :) Sugar version is in the db, will add it to UI. Accessbility is on the list as well. Editing the blog as well. Will send an udapte to the sugar-devel once I finish some part of UI
14:20 pragr07 walterbender, sure
14:20 walterbender jatindhankhar, I'd engage sugar-devel sooner than later for feedback
14:20 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:21 walterbender pragr07, one caveat: if you have two voices using the same instrument and one makes an inline modification, it should be restricted to that voice
14:21 so you'll need to "fork" instruments per voice
14:21 pragr07, make sense?
14:21 pragr07 walterbender: yes
14:21 jatindhankhar walterbender: Yes, frontend is still in infancy, will surely ask for feedback, just need to integrate UI with aslo
14:22 walterbender pragr07, hopefully not too complicated given your new backend
14:22 any other questions for pragr07 (or jatindhankhar )?
14:22 zeecoder606 has quit IRC
14:23 walterbender Raphaelt[m], can you please give an update?
14:24 Raphaelt[m] Yes, sure
14:25 So, last week, I worked on create instruction again, need to rework the view and the logic, and at the end of the week, my mentors decide to change the UI, to match better with a Tablet looking. So I have search some library Material Design and foudn one
14:26 https://github.com/jfoenixadmin/JFoenix
14:26 And there is a preview of the changed UI, that wil take times but it's on a good way https://gyazo.com/4780b859bed3[…]5efde534873577fa1
14:27 So this week I'll work on changing the UI
14:28 walterbender any questions/comments?
14:28 llaske[m], mohayon ?
14:29 thanks Raphaelt[m]
14:29 looks good for a tablet or a PC at least
14:30 Raphaelt[m] Thanks :)
14:30 walterbender Rishabh42, can you give an update?
14:30 Rishabh42 walterbender, yeah sure
14:31 last week I figured out a way to configure automatic login while building the image and also fixed the issue which prevented automatic switching to Sugar session instead of Default Xsession
14:32 So now the image boots straight into the Sugar session after flashing
14:32 Please see my latest blog post here: https://sugaronraspberrypi.wordpress.com/
14:32 walterbender Rishabh42, is the current image for testing the one linked to from the Debian/Sugar page in the wiki?
14:33 Rishabh42 yes walterbender
14:33 on my sunjammer page^^
14:33 walterbender I asked a group in Barcelona to test it this week.
14:34 I hope to hear back from them soon
14:34 Rishabh42 that's nice :)
14:34 walterbender Rishabh42, and you saw Quozl's comments?
14:34 Rishabh42 walterbender, yes, I saw it this morning, will work on including that in the image builder
14:35 tony37 Rishabh42 I was able to create an sd card with the previous image and login. The neighborhood view worked and I was able to connect and login to the school server.
14:35 Rishabh42 walterbender, was updating my repo today to make it reproducible
14:35 walterbender Rishabh42, it is always best to make changes to the build scripts so that the work is replicable
14:35 Rishabh42 tony37, that's awesome, thanks for reporting :)
14:36 walterbender I had trouble trying to make an image using DD
14:36 Rishabh42 walterbender, +1
14:36 walterbender dd
14:36 not sure why
14:36 tony37 walterbender I used dd and it worked as expected
14:36 walterbender But I will switch to mediamaker and hopefully have better lucj
14:36 Rishabh42 walterbender, you can use etcher too
14:37 walterbender I would have thought so... but nada
14:37 Rishabh42 walterbender, It works pretty well, I use it to flash my images
14:38 walterbender any other comments/questions for Rishabh42
14:38 Rishabh42 walterbender, I've also written the steps to add autologin on the Debian/Raspberry_Pi page
14:38 walterbender would be really great if everyone could take the time to test his builds
14:38 and also the latest SOaS builds
14:38 Rishabh42 so people can use that till I find a way to include it in the image builder
14:38 tony37 Rishabh42 Is the Sugar user still pi? Also the home/pi directory does not have an Activities directory
14:38 walterbender Hrishi, any comments?
14:39 Rishabh42 yes tony37 , the user is still pi
14:39 walterbender tony37, Rishabh42 use pi is fine, but we need a prebuilt Activities directory
14:40 Rishabh42 walterbender, Hrishi was a bit busy today with his college admissions
14:41 walterbender, we have decided to work on fixing physics & write activities and focus on including autologin in the builder side by side
14:42 walterbender Rishabh42, maybe Physics, Write, and the GTK3 version of turtle can be put in the ~/Activities directory
14:43 tony37 walterbender As I understand Sugar - installed activities are in /usr/share/sugar/activities and sugar-install-bundle activities are in ~/Activities
14:43 Rishabh42 walterbender, thanks for the suggestion, I will discuss this with my mentors
14:44 walterbender tony37, yes... probably a better solution
14:44 Rishabh42, ^^
14:44 thanks for the update Rishabh42
14:44 Sanjay, can you please give an update?
14:44 Rishabh42 thanks walterbender
14:45 Sanjay Yeah, Sure
14:45 Rishabh42 yes tony37 , the installed activities were in  /usr/share/sugar/activities
14:46 Sanjay This time, I am little concerned as I am little behind my actual plan.
14:46 The blog URL: https://sanjaykumarap.blogspot[…]-math-tricks.html
14:46 In this blog post, we have 7 math tricks explained. All of them are available to play in the given link in the end of the post. By logic wise, they seems to OK. But the UI needs lot of work.I am in the process of making it smooth and not lag.
14:46 Tony37 gave me many suggestions to first concentrate on. I have added Splash screen and now working to add menu based on initial difficulty levels.
14:47 Like few design samples below. 1) https://ibin.co/3Stfw3UEj0lf.png 2) https://ibin.co/3Stgi8XpGh3E.png
14:47 So, I would ike to speed things up
14:47 tony37 has quit IRC
14:48 walterbender Sanjay, but you have all the basic functionality in place?
14:49 Sanjay Except the learning part all of them are in place
14:49 walterbender Sanjay, can you please be sure to add a link to the code in each blog post?
14:49 so we don't have to dig around to find out where to go to test/comment
14:50 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:50 Sanjay With little modifications we will be able to get it up and running. But needs lot of improvements to be a full game that will help learning
14:50 Sure. Walterbender.
14:51 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 Sanjay I will add commits relevant to it hereafter
14:51 walterbender Sanjay, my other comment: regarding the help
14:51 for the interested student, it would be nice to be able to delve into the algebra that is behind each trick
14:52 any other questions/comments for Sanjay ?
14:52 Sanjay Yeah. Thanks for making this point. We have planned to add this in the "Learn the trick" part where a curious student can click on it and learn more.
14:53 walterbender Seetarama, can you please give your update?
14:53 Seetarama sure walterbender
14:53 Work done in past week: worked on 1)building a design prototype for the developers page on the website(as part of this work, created an introduction page and another inner page) 2.Worked on design changes 3)Typography and content related changes 4)optmization 5)There was an issue for the loader of the website, it has been partially solved and i'm still working on it
14:53 walterbender Sanjay, maybe provoke the learner to try to formulate their own explanation first
14:53 Seetarama Goals for this week: 1)Adding more pages and content like the developers related content, etc. 2)Wroking on Optimization 3)Improving the responsiveness of the website
14:54 tony37 I would like to see a separate link for this explanation with the learn the trick link showing the method
14:54 walterbender Seetarama, so everything is on track?
14:54 tony37, +1
14:54 Seetarama mostly yes sir
14:55 walterbender mohayon, llaske[m] any comments?
14:55 Sanjay Sure.
14:55 Seetarama but we will need to have a meeting on the developers related content
14:56 walterbender Seetarama, please advertise that meeting on sugar-devel
14:56 Seetarama sure walterbender
14:56 walterbender thx
14:56 Seetarama will write my blog post report by tomorrow
14:56 walterbender great
14:57 Seetarama :)
14:57 walterbender Tabs16, I think you are next
14:58 Tabs16 yes
14:58 So envelope block is working well in terms of UI , I have made the reset work perfectly
14:59 this week, I plan to finish with filter and synth components
15:00 started with filter at first
15:01 If the dropdown works fine according to the existing code i.e. dropdown for filter types, then it will be pretty straightforward
15:01 walterbender Tabs16, hopefully by the end of the week we might be able to discuss merging your work with pragr07
15:01 Tabs16 Yes , I will make sure we do that by end of week
15:02 then I think effects and oscillator will be left , also UI improvement will always be accompanied
15:02 walterbender if it makes sense
15:02 Tabs16, have you been blogging?
15:02 Tabs16 we can first improve these three components
15:02 fully functional along with the api
15:03 walterbender: I was about to complete my blog post on envelope, will share the link soon
15:04 Sanjay has quit IRC
15:04 walterbender Tabs16, great
15:05 Tabs16, what about the interactive graphic?
15:05 for envelope?
15:06 Tabs16 I am a little confused on that , basically the units
15:06 walterbender Tabs16, maybe best to leave it for the moment
15:06 Tabs16 because attack, decay and release are time units
15:06 walterbender Tabs16, I assumed a horizontal time scale
15:07 Tabs16 I thought of it , but the way tone.js treats the values, is confusing to me
15:07 I will try to mention it on my blog
15:07 and articulate a better study
15:07 walterbender Tabs16, I don't think that they all have to add up to 100
15:07 Tabs16, looking forward to your blog
15:08 any questions for Tabs16 ?
15:08 Tabs16 basically sustain is a horizontal time value on graph
15:08 walterbender all of them are... but some are fixed and some depend on the note duration, I think
15:09 tarunsinghal92, can you please give an update?
15:09 Tabs16 I am thinking of a way to make the graph easy to understand
15:09 tarunsinghal92 sure walterbender
15:10 I have started the dashboard implementation and it is going good so far.
15:10 Currently I have completed users module with complete CRUD functionality for both admin and students. Activities modules has also been done with filter and drag/drop feature to change order of favourites activities on server.
15:10 I have started working on i10n and journal part of dashboard(https://sketch.cloud/s/Awrr/al[…]age-1/journal-new ) which should be done by this week.
15:10 Please follow this link for the demo. It has forced authentication for ease.
15:10 walterbender Tabs16, be good to look at the TamTam Synth example again some time
15:10 Tabs16 Sure walterbender  :)
15:12 walterbender tarunsinghal92, Can you please explain waht the i10n dashboard is all about?
15:12 tarunsinghal92 multi-lingual support
15:13 walterbender tarunsinghal92, for the activities themselves?
15:13 tarunsinghal92 currently it has support only for English language
15:13 walterbender or for the dashboard?
15:13 tarunsinghal92 for the dashboard
15:13 walterbender OK
15:13 tarunsinghal92 wherever there is an english language
15:16 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:16 walterbender llaske[m], mohayon any comments?
15:17 Rishabh42 hey abhijitp
15:17 mohayon Not for me :)
15:17 walterbender tarunsinghal92, Thanks for the update
15:17 abhijitp hi Rishabh42 :)
15:17 tarunsinghal92 Thanks walterbender
15:17 walterbender tharangi, ;)
15:17 tharangi ohhh...finally...
15:17 First, I couldn't meet the deadline as I proposed at the begining, may be because I took a lot of time for the Quick Start section and GIF creating. To add images also it took a considerable amount of time unexpectedly. And ofcourse I didn't work hard too. Anyways these are the work from previous week.
15:17 walterbender sorry we are a bit slow today
15:18 tharangi Created another page for quick start rearranging the content: https://sandbox.musicblocks.ne[…]e=quick_start_new
15:18 walterbender tharangi, hopefully the new export will help with your artwork creation
15:18 tharangi Fixed pallette meny openning twice bug: https://github.com/Tharangi/Mu[…]30d45ecb6c9e22998
15:18 Added more clear images to the content. https://github.com/Tharangi/Mu[…]80a847f0b7d9307cc, https://github.com/Tharangi/Mu[…]db0873f30e5b37229
15:19 walterbender: yes, ofcourse. thanks for that.
15:19 Shared content for Programming Palettes in Palette Bar for mentor suggestions.
15:19 I will start working on the PDF auto generation by extracting the content tomorrow onwards. I have put 2 weeks for that in my timeline. I will finish off the content creation process with that within coming two weeks.
15:20 walterbender tharangi, I still think we can use the duplicate notes block in Chuck 2 instead of two repeat blocks ;P
15:21 but that is a minor detail
15:21 abhijitp has quit IRC
15:21 walterbender tharangi, keep generating texts for me to edit
15:21 happy to do that
15:21 tharangi yes
15:21 we can use it
15:22 walterbender tharangi, and I will try to generate a few more fun examples
15:22 tharangi, I think the idea of the mouse traveling in a circle once per measure is a decent metaphor
15:22 and seems to work reliably right now
15:23 still has to make that code more robust
15:23 tharangi walterbender: ohhh...thanks. We can use them for examples section.
15:24 walterbender has some more ideas on generalizing some of the concepts
15:24 tharangi we can use that to show how to use graphics..right...
15:24 walterbender I think it will also help explain how the music itself works
15:25 tharangi, I will have a new Hot Cross Buns example for you later today :)
15:25 tharangi what is your idea on presenting content for components section rather than just block image and the text
15:25 walterbender tharangi, I think a small gif animation is appropriate in many cases
15:26 maybe we have links to pop ups rather than everything inline?
15:26 tony37 sorry have to leave - bye
15:26 walterbender tony37, TTYL
15:26 we should wrap up the meeting
15:26 any questions for tharangi ?
15:27 tharangi can do that, GIFs.
15:27 could you explain more about having popups
15:29 Tabs16 walterbender: Are free after the meeting?
15:29 walterbender Tabs16, yes
15:29 tharangi, let me end the meeting first
15:29 Tabs16 Need to ask some quick questions
15:29 walterbender thanks everyone for your updates
15:30 and please do try to test the RPi and SOaS builds if you have time.
15:30 #end-meeting
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