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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-06-02 19:20:45

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19:20 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun  2 19:20:45 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:21 walterbender #topic Scratch Conference
19:21 As I was saying to samsongoddy before the meeting, the SFC has guidelines re travel
19:22 kaametza sorry I haven't seen an agenda for today's meeting, we have hade very limited internet access this week
19:22 walterbender It seems that as long as samsongoddy stays within those guidelines, then the only issue is whether or not we approve the trip on its merits.
19:22 I will suggest as much in an email followup to my motion,
19:23 and perhaps someone will second it and we can vote on it.
19:23 I think a strong case has been made for participation
19:25 on other topics...
19:25 #topic GSoC
19:25 Lots of good progress on all fronts. We have blogs from all the students (linked from the wiki)
19:26 I haveseen lots of good discussion in IRC
19:27 and we have been having a regular group meeting on Mondays
19:27 all in all, a worthwhile effort
19:28 and...
19:28 #topic FOSS in Africa
19:28 kaametza has left #sugar-meeting
19:28 walterbender I met someone from Ghana when I went to the Ceibal 10th Anniversary
19:29 She is interested in helping us promote Sugar in Africa
19:29 I've begun regular discussion and will hopefully have something tangible to report by next month.
19:29 Meanwhile, she has provided some good feedback for the website design
19:30 kaametza <kaametza!kaametza@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:31 walterbender those were my topics for today.
19:31 samsongoddy So whats next
19:31 For the motion
19:31 walterbender anything else people want to discuss?
19:32 samsongoddy Are we going to vote by mail
19:32 Because i am to start heading to lagos by 11th
19:32 walterbender samsongoddy, I think we have to given the numbers here
19:32 samsongoddy ?? Sorry don't understand.
19:33 walterbender samsongoddy, (1) it has not yet been seconded, so we cannot vote yet;
19:33 kaametza my internet is disconnecting me, so I lost backlog
19:33 walterbender (2) we don't have enough people here today to either pass it or reject it
19:33 kaametza, let me get you the link. One sec.
19:33 kaametza I was askin @walterbender about the status of the outreachy intership?
19:34 samsongoddy Okay, i understand now
19:34 walterbender http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ng/meetings/today
19:34 kaametza, I answered you on the #sugar channel where you asked.
19:35 <kaametza> walterbender, any news on the outreachy project?
19:35 <walterbender> kaametza, yes.... it is progressing as well.
19:35 <walterbender> pracha will be starting her blog this weekend.
19:36 kaametza reallly looking forward to test music blocks :D
19:37 walterbender kaametza, it is improving daily
19:37 kaametza, got some great feedback from former SLOB member Daniel Francis, who is now focused on musical performance in UY
19:38 samsongoddy Sorry guys i need to run... i will read the logs.
19:39 kaametza great! feedback on the projects gives them real value
19:39 samsongoddy Hopeful we vote via mail concerning my motion
19:39 walterbender samsongoddy, I will remind everyone tonight
19:39 samsongoddy Thanks bye everyone
19:40 samsongoddy has quit IRC
19:40 kaametza samsongoddy, can you confirm if the translations to Yoruba and Igbo finally made it to the XO's?
19:40 walterbender anything else for today?
19:40 kaametza hmmm I guess I'll ask by email
19:41 walterbender, where are you guys documenting the feeback?
19:41 walterbender kaametza, the PO files are all on the server.
19:41 kaametza, it is a matter of getting them onto a build for the XO
19:42 But I am assuming they are part of the generic builds
19:42 kaametza, we have github issues
19:42 and we are putting together a new guide
19:43 kaametza, Daniel Francis also submitted a patch as part of his feedback last night.
19:43 kaametza yes, my question wanted to determine if the investement we made on the translations had any value for number of students outreached on their language
19:44 thx @walterbender I'll search and subscribe to the github project them :D
19:44 walterbender +1
19:46 kaametza @walterbender, how is the new website for sugarlabs project evolving?
19:46 walterbender kaametza, it has paid dividends in part because it a demonstration to my Ghana colleague that Sugar can be localized
19:46 but I have no idea if it is being actively used :P
19:47 kaametza I guess without outreaching the students we are not really fully performing our mission :D
19:48 walterbender kaametza, I agree... the outreach has been lagging
19:48 but not completely absent.
19:48 kaametza hope SL can invest in making this build
19:48 walterbender samson has been going to conferences in Africa and spreading the word
19:49 kaametza, not sure where the XOs are in Nigeria at this point.
19:49 kaametza making a build requires a pro :D
19:49 walterbender Maybe a SOAS build is more relevant
19:49 kaametza translations were inteded to be deployed on XO's
19:50 so a build is a logic next step
19:50 walterbender kaametza, we can make sure it is part of the Raspian builds we are making this summer
19:50 kaametza, not just XOs
19:50 kaametza walterbender, let's first make the XO's
19:51 walterbender why first?
19:51 I am certain there are more non-XO machines than XO machines in Nigeria
19:51 (unlike Peru)
19:51 kaametza so we can outreach Samson's padawans :D
19:52 walterbender kaametza, let's continue this discussion when Samson is here.
19:53 kaametza walterbender, +1 let's do it by email
19:53 walterbender OK
19:53 anything else for today?
19:53 notes that we no longer have a quorum)
19:53 kaametza not unless you want to reconsider your position on the Sugar Network maintainance motion?
19:54 walterbender kaametza, I would be happy to reconsider in light of an overarching plan, as I explained earlier.
19:54 kaametza I would like you to guide me
19:54 CanoeBerry Oops, am terribly late.  Reading backlog.
19:55 walterbender I need to get going in a few minutes...
19:56 kaametza, I think we need to understand where Sugar Network is going and what the long-term plan is for sustaining it.
19:56 kaametza I made a large effort to put together the plan to clean the spam from the network
19:57 walterbender kaametza, that is a one off. What about the next SPAM attack? what is the long-term plan?
19:57 kaametza I'm happy to report to you that we are delivering a service everyday it passes for the last 3 years
19:57 llaske has quit IRC
19:58 walterbender kaametza, That is great. But it doesn't answer my question
19:59 todos... I need to get going to another meeting
20:00 Let's follow up on the several open topics by email.
20:00 #end-meeting
20:00 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun  2 20:00:18 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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