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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-05-08 13:00:19

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13:00 meeting Meeting started Mon May  8 13:00:19 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:00 walterbender Welcome everyone
13:00 HrishiP Yes, it is exactly 13UTC
13:00 zeecoder_ yes
13:00 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:00 jatindhankhar Hello everyone
13:00 walterbender We can keep today's meeting sort and focused
13:00 Rishabh42 yup
13:00 seetarama <seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:01 walterbender I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page getting started for the summer
13:01 tony37 welcome jatin
13:01 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@c-24-61-185-67.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:01 Tabs16 hi pikurasa
13:01 pikurasa hi Tabs16
13:01 HrishiP okay walterbender, hello pikurasa, tony37
13:01 Rishabh42 hey pikurasa
13:01 pikurasa Hi HrishiP and Rishabh42
13:01 zeecoder_ hi pikurasa
13:01 walterbender The key is to ensure that everyone is connected to a mentor (or multiple mentors)
13:02 Does everyone know who their mentor is?
13:02 tarunsinghal92 yes
13:02 Tabs16 yes
13:02 seetarama yes
13:02 zeecoder_ yes
13:02 Raphael yes
13:02 Rishabh42 yes
13:02 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:03 walterbender the devel community is also here to help.
13:03 llaske hi all
13:03 jatindhankhar Yes
13:03 HrishiP walterbender, my name wasn't in each proejct, so a few students might not know me (2 projs)
13:03 tarunsinghal92 hi Lionel
13:03 Rishabh42 hil llaske
13:03 HrishiP hi llaske
13:03 Tabs16 hi llaske
13:03 Raphael hi llaske
13:03 walterbender HrishiP, I am hoping you'll help with 3 projects, actually :)
13:04 HrishiP walterbender, well I have selected projects which I think I am capable of, thanks :D
13:04 walterbender I have been doing GSoC for ~10years and the key to success is consistent communications
13:04 HrishiP, the Outreachy project may be of interest as well)
13:05 HrishiP hmm
13:05 seetarama hi everyone! happy to meet you all!
13:05 walterbender So the most important thing to do in the next week is to establish a work flow with your mentors
13:05 Tabs16 +1
13:05 walterbender find a regular set of times to meet and chat
13:05 2-3 times per week minimum
13:05 HrishiP I heard that many students abandoned projects completely last time and were not seen. (not for only SL)
13:05 tharangi <tharangi!~DinukaTha@2402:4000:bbfd:81ca:2933:fc2a:fa45:f873> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:06 walterbender we had one student fail last year
13:06 lack of communication
13:06 Tabs16 hi tharangi
13:06 tharangi Hi
13:06 walterbender hi tharangi
13:06 Tabs16 this time we have three phase evaluation
13:07 walterbender Tabs16, yes
13:08 pikurasa Sometimes it is challenging to describe how the project should look in the end. That is because many times we are breaking new ground. Also, because it depends on everyone's skills and background to a certain degree. Also, it is sometimes challenging to describe what it is we are thinking of. When this happens, it might be helpful to write something up, mock something up, and ask "is this what you want"? (say it in your own words
13:08 walterbender the calendar is posted
13:08 seetarama_ <seetarama_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:08 walterbender In the next few weeks we should try to revisit the proposals and firm them up
13:08 Tabs16 +1
13:08 Rishabh42 +1
13:09 tarunsinghal92 +1
13:09 seetarama_ +1
13:09 jatindhankhar +1
13:09 walterbender back in 2 minutes
13:09 HrishiP walterbender, what if student finds a project too hard?
13:09 Tabs16 pikurasa: Many a time we are learning new things during the project or strengthening existing knowledge to make the project stand out, which is definitely the best part
13:10 HrishiP I heard it is possible to change the projects if mentor, student and organization admin accept it
13:10 pikurasa Tabs16: Great! What have you learned about music so far?
13:10 seetarama has quit IRC
13:10 llaske HrishiP I don't think the student could find too hard if he has done a proposal on the project
13:11 seetarama_ has quit IRC
13:11 seetarama <seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:11 jatindhankhar Hi, Although I am new to sugarlabs and I have talked to Tony about this. May I suggest slack (or alternates) for communication. One advantage that archive is available to each user while to log irc logs you have to be logged in all the time. Just a suggestion
13:11 HrishiP llaske, hmm
13:11 Tabs16 pikurasa: Earlier I wasnt much acquainted with musical terms, now I can say I have some sense when it comes to music :D
13:12 I am sure I will become better and better
13:12 walterbender is back
13:12 Tabs16 +1 jatindhankhar
13:12 HrishiP jatindhankar, there are some IRC loggers available, or you can try different clients
13:12 llaske Could every student confirm they already had a contact with their mentors ?
13:12 walterbender I am babysitting my granddaughter today
13:12 Tabs16 We dont get the logs
13:12 walterbender and she needed a quick diaper change
13:12 tharangi I also like @jatindhankar's idea. Slack channel would do better.
13:12 llaske :-)
13:13 tony37 last year we had meetings on sugar-newbies which is logged
13:13 pikurasa Tabs16: Some musical terms are more specific to music and some are very similar to something in another discipline.
13:13 walterbender llaske, what I would like to ask everyone to do is send me an email with a CC to their mentor(s) this week so we can confirm the communication is working
13:13 tony37, I am logging this meeting
13:13 llaske ok walterbender, good idea
13:13 tony37 ok
13:13 HrishiP llaske, I havent had contact with seetarama or tharangi about projects
13:13 walterbender the other issue is the meeting time
13:13 Tabs16 pikurasa:  Yes :)
13:14 walterbender this is a bit early for some ( Cristinadp )
13:14 Rishabh42 walterbender, that's a good idea
13:14 seetarama hi HrishiP
13:14 walterbender I will send a survey to find a optimal time for the group meeting
13:14 tony37 in may I am in the philippines. the time here is 9pm
13:14 HrishiP hi seetarama
13:14 walterbender tony37, would one hour later make a difference?
13:14 Tabs16 in India, it is 6:44 pm
13:15 walterbender would probably help Cristinadp a lot (she is on the US West coast)
13:15 HrishiP no walterbender, it will be okay
13:15 tony37 after my bedtime but it will be better in June as I will be in Europe
13:15 tharangi Hi HirshiP.. I am doing User Manual for Music Blocks.
13:15 walterbender a couple of other things:
13:15 HrishiP tharangi : I know :D I am for the website part there
13:15 walterbender (1) I will check with sam about sugar-devel
13:16 to ensure everyone is subscribed
13:16 pikurasa BTW, for those who may not know pikurasa (me) = Devin U.
13:16 walterbender and (2) please prepare to do a week blog we can share beyond sugar-devel
13:16 it should talk about progress and goals
13:16 Tabs16 walterbender: any specific blogging platform?
13:16 Cristinadp Yes! an hour later would be great, if possible! :) Otherwise, it's fine
13:17 walterbender Tabs16, any platform you'd like
13:17 Tabs16 for MB, we do have the website as all
13:17 HrishiP Tabs16, google blogs would be good
13:17 walterbender mohayon, llaske would one hour later work for you guys?
13:17 llaske yes
13:17 mohayon Yep
13:17 walterbender OK.
13:18 Let's plan on 14UTC on Mondays going forward
13:18 Tabs16 HrishiP: Ok
13:18 tharangi walterbender: I love writing blogs :-D HrishiP: ahhaaa... :)
13:18 tony37 ok
13:18 Rishabh42 walterbender, okay
13:18 zeecoder_ 14UTC would be fine!
13:18 tharangi okay!
13:18 seetarama great!
13:18 Cristinadp Great! Thank you!
13:19 Tabs16 walterbender: from when shall we begin writing the blog?
13:19 +1 for the timing
13:19 jatindhankhar Fine by me +1
13:19 walterbender Tabs16, maybe one entry to summarize the "bonding period"?
13:19 Tabs16 Ok
13:20 walterbender Everyone, please send me the links to your blogs so I can post them in the wiki.
13:20 HrishiP llaske, walterbender, pikurasa, for tharangi 's proejct, I am only for the website part, would it will be okay. I talked about this earlier but still confirming.
13:20 walterbender HrishiP, I have been assuming that all three of us help mentor all of the MB projects together
13:21 Each of us brings different strengths
13:21 HrishiP walterbender : I can do that a bit, but not as good as you two.
13:21 okay walterbender
13:21 walterbender HrishiP, we are all learning
13:22 HrishiP +1
13:22 walterbender Cristinadp, I am hoping you will help with the MB projects too
13:22 so we should have good coverage
13:24 tarunsinghal92 has left #sugar-meeting
13:24 Cristinadp Sure, though I need to get a bit acquainted with it
13:24 tarunsinghal92 <tarunsinghal92!453a669c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:24 walterbender does anyone have any questions at this stage?
13:24 tharangi I am bit confused. So for documentation Pikurasa, for technical side HirshiP will be my mentors. Is it?
13:24 walterbender Just to summarize:
13:25 tharangi, yes... and Cristinadp and I will also contribute
13:25 Cristinadp walterbender: to clarify, MB == Music Blocks?
13:25 walterbender Cristinadp, yes :)
13:26 Oh. One more thing.
13:26 Please try to hang out in #sugar when you can
13:26 tharangi Can I have real names please. HrishiP and Cristnadp. :)
13:26 pikurasa tharangi: I would help answer any music-related questions as well as help guide the project in terms of what would be useful for teaching music.
13:26 walterbender just to keep on top of what ever everyone is doing
13:26 tharangi, my real name is Walter Bender :)
13:27 HrishiP tharangi, Hrishi Patel.
13:27 tharangi I know u walter. :D
13:27 Cristinadp tharangi: My name is Cristina Del Puerto :)
13:27 tharangi Thanks! :)
13:27 seetarama walterbender: are there any more ways you would suggest so that we can bond and get to know the community better?
13:28 walterbender seetarama, IRC and the mailing lists are the best
13:28 seetarama ok sir
13:28 walterbender wishes we had a budget for a group face-to-face meeting :)
13:28 tony37 +1
13:29 tharangi :D
13:29 walterbender seetarama, since your project touches on all of us, keeping everyone in the loop will be vital
13:30 seetarama sure
13:30 Tabs16 so, blogs+ mailing list + mail along with cc to mentors (summary)
13:30 walterbender Tabs16, yes
13:30 Tabs16 timing : 14:00 UTC
13:30 walterbender yes
13:31 thanks for the summary
13:31 jatindhankhar How about google hangouts for face to face meeting ? Won't be same like a physical meeting but still something
13:32 walterbender jatindhankhar, we could try it... it is tough with such a large group
13:32 pikurasa jatindhankhar: Students and mentors may choose to do that on a case-by-case
13:32 walterbender maybe for the individual mentor meetings?
13:32 Tabs16 +1 pikurasa
13:33 pikurasa Sometimes video chats have been helpful for discussing certain things
13:33 Rishabh42 walterbender, Tony Anderson had suggested that Sugar Labs must undertake to support the RPi3 release
13:33 walterbender Rishabh42, I don
13:33 't follow
13:33 jatindhankhar +1 pikurasa
13:33 walterbender is that not what your project is?
13:34 Rishabh42 walterbender,  what he meant was that Sugar Labs accepts bug reports against the release and undertakes to correct them promptly.
13:34 walterbender Rishabh42, yes
13:34 Rishabh42 walterbender, yeah, but even after the image is published
13:34 walterbender Rishabh42, part of your project is to sort out all of these things
13:34 tony37 Exactly. I would also like to see a build system that creates a usable image from the source repositories
13:35 HrishiP Rishabh42 : also the bugs will be related with raspbian versions
13:35 pragr07 <pragr07!3b585187@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:35 walterbender tony37, I think we want to build support based on the Debian release
13:35 crazy to duplicate work
13:35 jonas and james are helping with Debian
13:35 and RPi support from Debian is strong
13:36 tony37 At least we need to understand the process. There have been problems with the Browse  activity
13:36 walterbender we need to ride that wave
13:36 HrishiP tony37, do you have a RPI to test releases?
13:36 Tabs16 yes tony37
13:36 tony37 Thes I do
13:36 Yes i do
13:36 HrishiP Browser keeps giving me some certificate erro
13:37 tony37, walterbender, we are not supporting RPI1/2 yeah?
13:37 walterbender HrishiP, we need to fix browse for RPi by working upstream
13:37 Rishabh42 And which version of Debian is recommended? I'm running ubuntu gnome 14.04 and it doesn't support all the tools/softwares used to build images
13:37 walterbender HrishiP, the Sugar experience on RPi0 is soso
13:38 not much we can do about it
13:38 HrishiP walterbender : will need to see
13:38 jatindhankhar I can have a rpi (well I get it in 2-3 days) so I will be glad to help with Rpi thing
13:38 walterbender jatindhankhar, the more testing the better :)
13:38 HrishiP what about other SBCs like ASUS tinkerboard and else?
13:39 walterbender HrishiP, we are going to work through RPi first
13:39 HrishiP walterbender, that our priority. that can be done off GSOC too
13:39 Rishabh42 jatindhankhar, that would be great :)
13:39 walterbender and then having established a clear protocol, we can look to other platforms
13:39 HrishiP need to see popularity too
13:41 pikurasa tharangi: Tabs16 Let's get an email loop going with Walter and Hrishi on it for Music Blocks questions/reports Can one of you start that, please?
13:41 HrishiP okay for websites this time, which platform should we prefer?
13:41 walterbender FYI, I am traveling to UY this week so I will not be online much
13:41 but generally I will be around this summer
13:41 pikurasa So we can all be in the loop for progress.
13:41 HrishiP I think wordpress would be the easiest and simplest?
13:42 Tabs16 HrishiP: questions on thread and wordpress for blogs
13:42 pikurasa HrishiP: for students who do not have a preferred blogging software, you can help them using WP. Otherwise they may use what they are familiar with.
13:42 HrishiP Tabs16, I am talking about projects, not blogs :D
13:43 pikurasa : or Joomla maybe. Site protection is necessary too
13:43 jatindhankhar HrishiP wordpress is great but jekyll + github page is awesome (have a very slant learning curve, but worth the effort) If you need any help, just let me know
13:44 tharangi Pikurasa: I will create the email thread u asked above.
13:44 Tabs16 pikurasa: I have made the thread
13:45 tharangi okay
13:45 HrishiP jatindhankhar: Thanks. jekyll is complicated to setup for newbies I think.
13:45 Tabs16 tharangi: I just made it
13:45 tharangi saw now. Aren't we adding Cristinadp also to that.
13:46 pikurasa Tabs16: tharangi thanks
13:46 seetarama walterbender: we should be sending a mail to you regarding our blog and also regarding the communication confirmation with our mentor
13:46 pikurasa tharangi: BTW, Tabs16 is already connected to the Owncloud acct I sent you credentials for. Anything Uploaded syncs to our computers
13:47 Tabs16 Cristinadp: Can you please send me your mailing id ? :)
13:47 pikurasa If you ever need more space, I can add it
13:47 tharangi Pikurasa: okay.
13:47 Tabs16 tharangi:  I dont have the mailing id
13:47 pikurasa tharangi: I recommend using the client
13:47 desktop client
13:48 walterbender I think we are done with the group meeting
13:48 pikurasa Feel free to send anything you think is helpful
13:48 walterbender I hope to hear from everyone this week.
13:48 I will send the link to the log.
13:49 HrishiP I hope to see people everyday on IRC.
13:49 at #sugar
13:49 Cristinadp Tabs16: walterbender already added me, thanks
13:49 pikurasa tharangi: I am creating an account for you on MusicBlocks.net
13:49 feel free to use it if you want
13:49 tony37 bye
13:49 seetarama +1
13:49 tony37 has quit IRC
13:50 pikurasa I can up your permissions to admin if you want
13:50 Thanks everyone!
13:50 HrishiP Thanks everyone!
13:50 jatindhankhar It was nice meeting everyone :)
13:50 walterbender #end-meeting
13:50 meeting Meeting ended Mon May  8 13:50:29 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
13:50 seetarama walterbender: we should be sending a mail to you regarding our blog and also regarding the communication confirmation with our mentor
13:50 Tabs16 Thanks everyone :)
13:50 meeting Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-08T13:00:19.html
13:50 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-05-08T13:00:19

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