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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2017-01-06 19:07:40

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19:07 meeting Meeting started Fri Jan  6 19:07:40 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:07 walterbender #topic GCI
19:08 Just a quick GCI update
19:09 282 student have done at least one task
19:09 and we have a number of really strong students this year
19:09 ignacio Hi
19:09 samsongoddy wow
19:09 walterbender some great new activities
19:09 lots of bugs fixed
19:10 Ifeanyimatthew Nice
19:10 walterbender some big improvements to documentation
19:10 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
19:10 walterbender and, for example, we are about to land a performance boost to Turtle JS 10-100x depending on complexity
19:10 generally awesome
19:11 it will be hard to pick just two among the top 10
19:11 Ifeanyimatthew Superb upgrade this year in GCI
19:11 walterbender and a few who won't make top ten are worthy of consideration too
19:11 One more week
19:11 TymonR <TymonR!~TymonR@unaffiliated/tymonr> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:11 walterbender I should also mention we have had a great team of mentors
19:11 the IRC channel has been manned 24/7
19:12 Ifeanyimatthew Ya because most participants deal with harder tasks
19:12 samsongoddy awesome
19:13 CanoeBerry Hi
19:13 walterbender hi adam
19:13 samsongoddy hello adam
19:13 CanoeBerry Hi Walter, Samson, All
19:13 walterbender next topic, now that we have a quorum
19:13 TymonR Hello
19:13 walterbender #topic Turtle Art Day expenses
19:13 Ifeanyimatthew Hi
19:13 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
19:14 samsongoddy Yes
19:14 walterbender last year we approved a motion for TA Day expenses as follows:
19:14 Paraguay ~1K US
19:14 Uruguay ~2K US
19:14 Nigeria ~4K US
19:15 Paraguay was around 1.5K US
19:15 samsongoddy So this year we are going to throw two TA day in Nigeria
19:15 walterbender and Uruguay was ~0.5K US
19:15 we did not end up doing the Nigeria event
19:16 We will propose a separate budget for Nigeria in Q1
19:16 but I want to get approval for going over budget on PY
19:16 CanoeBerry, can you phrase a motion that would satisfy you and SFC?
19:18 Ifeanyimatthew Yes, I support revising the budget since it is the first time in Nigeria it should be a memorable event
19:18 walterbender Ifeanyimatthew, samsongoddy and I need to prepare a detailed budget proposal
19:18 samsongoddy and it will be in two cities, Lagos and Port Harcourt
19:19 walterbender I want to wrap up last year's expenses right now since we didn't quite match what we had expected
19:19 ignacio there are that many users in Nigeria? (I really don't know)
19:19 samsongoddy yes
19:19 walterbender ignacio, the goal is to get new users there
19:19 Ifeanyimatthew Perfect destinations Samson because of the population
19:19 ignacio walterbender, but two cities seems to be a lot
19:20 samsongoddy over 1500 pontential users in the Niger Delta region
19:20 walterbender ignacio, we just did 6 cities in UY :)
19:20 samsongoddy Nigeria is a big place ignacio
19:20 ignacio walterbender, you can justify it by saying "we have the xos, and the students"
19:20 samsongoddy, awesome
19:20 samsongoddy So Port Harcourt will cover existing sugar users and also get new ones
19:21 Ifeanyimatthew Ignacio, we need more users particularly in the cities mentioned
19:21 walterbender back to PY for a second:
19:21 from the discussion between Karen, Adam, and myself regarding Artemis Papert's ticket:
19:21 While retroactive approvals are never desirable, it sounds like it'd be better to vote on the $1387.78 during our meeting this week (Friday) since we don't want to establish a precedent of violating SFConservancy's requirement that flights/rail be purchased 14+ days in advance.
19:22 CanoeBerry Yes, let's vote on exceptions, so we do not violate SFConservancy's rules.
19:22 walterbender CanoeBerry, can you make the motion?
19:23 Ifeanyimatthew has left #sugar-meeting
19:25 llaske <llaske!~user8156@AVelizy-152-1-2-96.w90-43.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:25 tony37 This motion applies only to Paraguay? When is that scheduled? More than 14 days from now?
19:26 walterbender tony37, this is in regard to MOTION 2016-43
19:26 llaske sorry I'm late
19:26 ifeanyimatthew <ifeanyimatthew!29dc440c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:26 walterbender we approved $1000 K and we spend $1387.78
19:26 the other issue is that the ticket was not issued 14 days in advance
19:26 tony37 Sorry, I don't remember that one
19:27 ifeanyimatthew I am back got cut off a bit
19:27 llaske sorry I'm late
19:27 walterbender so we need to approve an exception
19:27 tony37 So we are making a motion to approve expenses for a trip that has already taken place?
19:27 walterbender tony37, yes
19:27 tony37, a bit of back ground
19:28 tony37 OK, I guess I was confused by the 14 day in advance requirement
19:28 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> To approve an increase of the cost that already was decided...
19:28 walterbender yes
19:28 and to approve an exception to the 14 Day Rule
19:28 it was due to last minute schedule changes
19:28 tony37 Sounds reasonable
19:29 walterbender and the cost was because it was impractical to make a connection through the US
19:29 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1 for my.
19:29 walterbender the bottom line is that the cost of the event was probably close to 5K US but we got others to cover the rest of the expenses, including my flight and all of pour loidging and meals
19:30 so it seems reasonable to me too.
19:30 but we need a motion
19:30 I guess I can make it
19:30 ifeanyimatthew Here too
19:30 tony37 Does this require the Finance Manager?
19:31 walterbender It requires a motion from SLOB
19:31 I was hoping Adam would make it as per our discussion with Karen, but he has gone silent
19:32 tony37 I move that the Board approve the expenses associated with the Paraguay TA day and the exception to the advance purchase policy.
19:32 walterbender seconded
19:32 tony37 +1 on the motion
19:32 walterbender +1
19:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
19:33 ifeanyimatthew +1
19:33 llaske +1
19:33 walterbender OK. Motion passes. Thank you.
19:33 CanoeBerry Couple Asides: yes there several flights flights for less than $1000K, but the speaker (Artemis Papert) does not like to make connections thru the US for her own personal reasons. I think we need to emphasize that we'd be making a couple exceptions here. In my opinion, we should spread flight money widely, with vry cheap flights, wherever possible. Not to cry over spilt milk but we can
19:33 do better on several of these fronts, one more: Artemis Papert's report really should be publicly published, is this ok?
19:34 walterbender CanoeBerry, it is fine to publish her report
19:34 CanoeBerry Particularly with this being a Turtle Art grant that specified such reporting be published.
19:34 I can paste it in here, ok.
19:34 tony37 Would it be possible to get a financial report with the starting balance for the period, expenses during the period, and closing balance?
19:35 CanoeBerry tony37: i'm doing a rough version of this as we speak.
19:35 tony37: 1st pass says we (Sugar Labs) have "81,000.84" at the moment
19:35 walterbender CanoeBerry, personally, I think think the rationale for saving 10s of hours in travel time by avoiding a US connection for a non-citizen is more general than a "personal issue"
19:36 ifeanyimatthew I think CanoeBerry and tony37 are right, for documentation purposes at least
19:36 walterbender and I would recommend that the SFC rules take travel time into consideration
19:36 but that is for another day
19:36 ignacio Does that means that if I would like to only travel in first class, you would take that in consideration?
19:36 Not to be rude, but sounds stupid.
19:37 walterbender ignacio, I don't think 1st class gets you there sooner
19:37 so no.
19:37 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Time of trip is not the same that comfort of trip
19:37 ignacio What I mean is the cost
19:37 tony37 As I understand this these were expenses already made. Adam Holt has been named Financial Manager and all future expenses must be submitted to the Board by him. So this won't happen again.
19:37 walterbender ignacio, typically 1st class is 5-10x as expensive
19:37 we are talking 10% more expensive
19:38 CanoeBerry I've seen too many inflated flight costs cross the transoms.  In an era where one can fly roundtrip to most continents for $500.  But yes, bygones should be bygones -- and some VIP's requird finicky flights, this is the real world.
19:38 kaametza tony37, +1 hi all!
19:38 ignacio anyway, it's just money I guess.
19:38 walterbender CanoeBerry, I am happy to let you find/book my flights going forward
19:38 CanoeBerry +1
19:39 walterbender shall we move on?
19:39 CanoeBerry SFConservancy does a decent job guiding all, not easy to run a travel agency for sure, as there are so many hidden deals.
19:39 Yes, let's move on.  I'll paste in her report.
19:39 tony37 Do we need to take any action re the proposed Nigeria TA days?
19:40 walterbender there are not enough details yet to take any action
19:40 we will present details as soon as we have them
19:40 #topic mission statement
19:41 samsongoddy has quit IRC
19:41 walterbender motion: "Sugar is a learning platform based on the constructionist educational principles of Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, Cynthia Solomon, and Alan Kay. Sugar Labs is responsible to develop, distribute, and support Sugar with the help of a global volunteer community of contributors. Sugar Labs provides Sugar in two forms: Sugar for personal computers and XOs and Sugarizer (Sugar Mobile) for mobile devices and the W
19:41 eb."
19:41 tony37 second
19:41 walterbender +1
19:42 llaske +1
19:42 tony37 +1 on the motion
19:42 CanoeBerry +1
19:42 walterbender :)
19:42 ifeanyimatthew +1
19:42 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
19:42 walterbender tony37, llaske when we post this text in the wiki, lets add links to download and sugarizer
19:43 hurrah... we have a mission statement again!!!
19:43 tony37, thanks for keeping this alive
19:43 tony37 Agreed, plus let's get download to make it easy for new user's to install Sugar on systems other than XO
19:44 walterbender +1
19:44 tony37 Laske - congratulations on your 0.8 release
19:44 kaametza please share links with the community with the constructionist educational principles of Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert, Cynthia Solomon, and Alan Kay
19:44 CanoeBerry llaaske: +0.8
19:44 ifeanyimatthew Agreed +1
19:44 llaske thanks Tony38
19:44 kaametza thank you in advance :D
19:44 walterbender yes... we should have Sugarizer 0.8 in the official record
19:44 CanoeBerry llaske: +0.8
19:44 llaske thanks all
19:44 walterbender my last topic:
19:45 #topic election
19:45 Motion:
19:45 "To appoint volunteers Ignacio Rodriguez, Samson Goddoy and Laura Vargas as the new elections and membership committee, with the purpose of debugging current membership list and running the 2016's elections for the 3 seats at the Board available for the 2016-2018 period and to appoint Dave Crossland as an impartial election oversight party."
19:45 llaske nice to see the gsoc and gci contribution inside
19:45 TymonR congrats llaske!
19:45 tony37 Do these volunteers qualify to run for a position on the Board?
19:46 CanoeBerry walterbender: do we need to amend this such that IR, SG, LV don't face conflict of interest (and safeguards against such conflicts, as they structure their own election?)
19:46 walterbender tony37, I think so
19:46 I think as long as they don't actually run the election itself it is OK
19:46 CanoeBerry tony37: are you running?
19:46 tony37 No
19:46 CanoeBerry Ok, I had not realized.  Thanks for your service.
19:48 ifeanyimatthew I think it is the 3 candidates are and I would recommend them as well
19:48 CanoeBerry Small typo above: Goddoy -> Goddy
19:48 samson <samson!a99f73db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiir​c.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:48 walterbender CanoeBerry, I defer to you re wording. I tend to trust people are not trying to scam us
19:48 vikram__ has quit IRC
19:49 kaametza CanoeBerry,  the motion points Dave Crossland as an impartial election oversight party
19:49 samson what did i miss!
19:49 i saw scam us? who is trying to scam us.
19:49 kaametza after all he is the Secretary :D
19:49 CanoeBerry There was deep tension last year..if an election is later needed (if a 4th and/or 5th candidate arise) we should have transparency on how the election is structured.
19:49 kaametza +1 totally agree
19:50 CanoeBerry It got ugly last year, so better to avoid a mess.
19:50 TymonR samson, there you have a log - http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]etings/2017-01-06
19:51 CanoeBerry Anyway IR,SG,LV andtheir service should be honored, and their right to run for office, so long as election traditions are honored and very transparent, let's support them.
19:51 walterbender +1
19:51 icarito CIVS is designed to not be tampered even by the person running it
19:51 meeting * Jose_Miguel has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:52 CanoeBerry Many thanks for the election deadlines proposed..anyone got the link handy?
19:52 JM_ +1
19:52 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
19:52 walterbender back to the motion... do we need any other changes beside the typo in Samson's name?
19:53 samson cool
19:53 ifeanyimatthew No
19:53 ignacio I hope that nobody gets mad :P
19:53 walterbender here is the corrected motion
19:54 Motion: To appoint volunteers Ignacio Rodriguez, Samson Goddy and Laura Vargas as the new elections and membership committee, with the purpose of debugging current membership list and running the 2016's elections for the 3 seats at the Board available for the 2016-2018 period and to appoint Dave Crossland as an impartial election oversight party.
19:54 CanoeBerry Election Deadlines, as Proposed: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]nuary/019296.html
19:54 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> I second
19:55 walterbender CanoeBerry, was that informational or an amendment?
19:55 ifeanyimatthew +1
19:55 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
19:56 walterbender CanoeBerry, ???
19:56 CanoeBerry Recommendation of deadlines ought to be mentioned prominently if possible, amendment ideally?
19:56 walterbender CanoeBerry, I suppose. I thought the idea was we were appointing a committee to deal with those details
19:57 CanoeBerry Yes, but Election Promotion needs ammo too.
19:57 Something we've often led slide too much year after year.
19:58 tony37 Do I understand that the new terms begin with the February meeting?
19:58 walterbender CanoeBerry, can we deal with the motion on the table before we start second-guessing the committee?
19:58 kaametza ignacio, this is a lerninf space - nobody should get mad :D
19:58 *learning
19:58 samson lolz.
19:58 CanoeBerry tony37: not exactly, see the deadliens in the link above
19:58 *deadlines
19:58 tony37 I didn't see a date for the election itself
19:59 walterbender needs to go in 2 minutes
19:59 CanoeBerry e.g. "elections for the period from February 1 to the 28th of 2017" is possible
19:59 ifeanyimatthew Yes
19:59 tony37 So the election will be scheduled in January
19:59 CanoeBerry If there is pressure to meet similar deadlines (even rough guidelines, as per URL above) I would support this.
20:00 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It opens a period so that others can present , and does more transparent the process.
20:00 tony37 As I see the log we have two votes in favor of the motion
20:00 walterbender +1 to the current motion
20:01 would support a separate motion regarding setting dates
20:01 llaske +1
20:01 tony37 +1
20:01 walterbender needs to go.
20:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
20:01 walterbender please carry on and I will check the backlog
20:01 tony37 tony37 also
20:01 walterbender thanks all
20:01 tony37 has quit IRC
20:01 walterbender and happy 2017
20:01 kaametza thank you all
20:01 and happy 2017 :D
20:02 samson Same here
20:02 ignacio thx everyone
20:02 samson same here bro
20:02 llaske bye all
20:02 ifeanyimatthew Thank u all.  Have a wonderful time.  Got to go to bed
20:02 ignacio We should
20:02 #end-meeting
20:02 kaametza ignacio, samson congratulation guys! let's do a good job :D
20:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Bye
20:03 JM_ Bye
20:03 llaske has left #sugar-meeting
20:03 samson Yeah! thanks
20:03 TymonR Goodbye
20:03 kaametza bye y gracias JM_
20:03 meeting * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
20:03 CanoeBerry ASIDE: let's uncover/publish trip reports like this quickly in future; I found this buried in financial reporting, hard to find or know it existed. In any case, Thanks to Artemis Papert for her contributions: During the trip the following was accomplished:
20:03 --Participation to “Dia de TortugArte” in Caacupé -Oct. 22nd 2016. I conducted several workshops showing TurtleArt programming environment to children and teachers.
20:03 --Give a talk on Art, computational thinking and creativity during the “Sociedad de la Creatividad” conference.
20:03 --Give TurtleArt workshops to teachers and policy makers. Details of the events, organised by Paraguay Educa, can be found here
20:03 https://eventos.paraguay.gov.p[…]ddelacreatividad/
20:04 ifeanyimatthew has left #sugar-meeting
20:07 JM_ has quit IRC
20:28 samson has quit IRC
20:28 samson <samson!a99f73db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiir​c.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:28 samson has quit IRC
20:51 walterbender #end-meeting
20:51 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jan  6 20:51:37 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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