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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2016-08-12 12:00:47

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12:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 12 12:00:47 2016 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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12:00 walterbender lp1, wanna get us started?
12:01 vikram__ i am back
12:01 lp1 With pleasure walterbender
12:02 This week I made some changes and patches on the UI, I patched a wireless network display problem, made some new SVG icons and changed the way the user was proposed to use the app as a launcher. Michael helped me make a docker image for the project, it's fully working and available here : https://hub.docker.com/r/lupin[…]ros-android-build . So for the next week, we're mostly going to do some
12:02 bug hunting and fixing with the help of my mentors and polish the UI. That's it for me :)
12:02 pikurasa <pikurasa!~Thunderbi@2601:184:4200:2904:142e:39a4:5d58:b271> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:03 walterbender lp1, et al. since we are close to finishing up GSoC'16 it is also time for documentation :)
12:03 yagarwal <yagarwal!67157d4f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:03 pikurasa hello!
12:03 hemant_kasat hi pikurasa
12:03 walterbender hi devin
12:03 mohayon, any comments?
12:05 lp1, thanks for the update.
12:05 lp1 walterbender you're welcome :)
12:05 walterbender vikram__, your turn :)
12:05 vikram__ Okay, thanks
12:06 So this week i have been working on the github part of the project, as in to enable repos to be stored remotely
12:06 mohayon All is ok with lp1 :)
12:06 vikram__ This will not only enable Multiple users working on the same project but also across different platform, TurtleJS and Turtle Art
12:07 I am facing a road block in the push functionality, some issues with the authentication but that can be overcome by using SSH keys
12:07 So the work left is:
12:07 1.  Adding different images for different buttons
12:07 2. Documentation
12:07 3. Git Push Button
12:08 walterbender getting close
12:08 vikram__ I have also updated the blog with this details and also added the videos for both Turtle JS and Turtle Art
12:08 http://vikramahujagsoc.blogspo[…]ess-till-now.html
12:08 walterbender nice
12:09 vikram__ Yeah, the GSOC pens down date is 23rd August, i.e. 11 days, everything will be finished before that deadline
12:09 walterbender any questions for vikram__ ?
12:10 OK.
12:11 hemant_kasat, wanna give us an update please?
12:11 hemant_kasat yeah sure
12:13 This week I am done with Tempo widget and have started the pitchslider widget, I have some confusion regarding this and I have sent a mail regarding this,  once this is cleared it will not take time to wrap up this widget.
12:13 Then I will documentation and solve the bugs in the implemented widgets
12:13 walterbender I will finish my code review of tempo.js sometime today.
12:14 re pitchslider, maybe I missed your most recent email?
12:14 what was the question?
12:14 pikurasa hemant_kasat: What do you think needs to be done for pitch slider?
12:15 hemant_kasat pikurasa, for pitchslider  we want to have pitch tuner ( a scale ) and a slider. The position of the slider will define the pitch value
12:16 walterbender , I will resent the mail
12:16 walterbender hemant_kasat, I just saw it
12:16 pikurasa hemant_kasat: The position of what in the slider will define the pitch value?
12:16 walterbender hemant_kasat, I think we will want to be able to tune multiple pitches in the same widget
12:17 with their initial positions determined by pitch blocks contiained in the clamp used to launch the widget
12:17 pikurasa, do you think the tuning should be arbitrary or constrained in some way?
12:18 hemant_kasat pikurasa, position of the pointer , that is distance from the starting of the scale will define pitch value
12:18 pikurasa hemant_kasat, walterbender: What hemant has is a good start, however...
12:19 ...we also want a way to slide and find a pitch.
12:19 I think that mouse scrolling would be a good way to achieve this.
12:19 But I think side-to-side feels weird. Can it go up-down?
12:20 walterbender pikurasa, hemant_kasat up/down would work
12:20 but I am thinking do two related issues:
12:20 pikurasa walterbender: I do not know what you mean by tuning being arbitrary, but what hemant has is constrained to an octave.
12:21 walterbender (1) the scale across which we scroll is large and not uniform (perceptually)
12:21 (2) there are "traditional" hotspots in the tuning... do we want to "indent" to those?
12:22 pikurasa Yoshita's design had piano keys next to. We could have that, but I think it should be a show/hide kind of feature.
12:22 walterbender pikurasa, even within one octave, it is really a log scale
12:22 davelab6 <davelab6!~davelab6@> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:22 pikurasa walterbender: Yes, it is.
12:23 walterbender: And it should be implemented as such.
12:24 hemant_kasat so we want to go with mouse scroll and instead of horizontal it should be vertical
12:25 pikurasa (So that 1/12 the distance is a semi-tone for an octave)
12:25 walterbender pikurasa, do we want to make it easy to select exactly 1/12?
12:25 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Yes, and as the mouse scrolls a line appears where the clicker is. The sound for that line plays through the speakers.
12:26 walterbender: This particular widget is free form. The original name was "free pitch slider"
12:26 walterbender pikurasa, yeah, but
12:26 hemant_kasat walterbender , pikurasa , yes selecting 1/12 with mouse will be difficult
12:27 walterbender Maybe a button press that jumps you to the nearest 1/12 and then lets you move freely from there?
12:27 pikurasa hemant_kasat: But the user already has 1/12 functionality just by using standard pitches...
12:27 davelab6 yagarwal: how did it go today
12:28 pikurasa walterbender: That would be fine.
12:28 lp1 has quit IRC
12:29 walterbender pikurasa, I am assuming that starting from "standard" tuning would be good.
12:29 pikurasa As I see it we already have a tool to find pitches proportionally, and we already have a tool to access standard 12 pitches.
12:30 walterbender pikurasa, yes... but I think departing from there as opposed to jumping into a totally unconstrained space would be easier to navigate
12:30 pikurasa Well, but when someone is learning to sing it is not like their vocal chords stop at any particular pitch... or with a violin string...
12:30 yagarwal davelab6: https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]ctivity/issues/34
12:30 walterbender pikurasa, which brings me to another point: maybe the user should be able to sing the pitch
12:31 yagarwal so export and activation are still out of the picture
12:31 pikurasa And that is how different tuning systems have evolved independently of each other over the world...
12:32 Let's talk about this later. Sorry, thought it was clear from proposals.
12:32 Bye.
12:32 pikurasa has quit IRC
12:32 walterbender hemant_kasat, do you have enough to go on for right now?
12:33 hemant_kasat walterbender , i was confused with this only that how do we go the other frequency by mouse or keyboard input ,
12:33 walterbender hemant_kasat, I think Devin would prefer mouse.
12:33 elih <elih!~elih@ool-18b9572a.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:34 walterbender I would like to see us use the keyboard to jump up or down to the nearest 1/12
12:34 hemant_kasat walterbender ,  may be you or Devin could send me a mail on how should i proceed
12:34 walterbender and then use the mouse to fine-tune
12:34 hemant_kasat, do that and we can adjust from there
12:34 hemant_kasat walterbender , that we have exact 1/12
12:34 samtoday <samtoday!~samtoday@124-171-150-33.dyn.iinet.net.au> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:35 samtoday meeting ping
12:35 meeting pong
12:35 walterbender any questions for hemant_kasat ?
12:35 yagarwal, elih and davelab6 are here... you want to give your update?
12:36 hemant_kasat walterbender , so for now I should implement a button which jumps to 1/12 right ?
12:36 walterbender hemant_kasat, yes...
12:36 yagarwal yeah, the activity still requires some work for a minimum viable product
12:36 hemant_kasat walterbender , I will do that and get back to you
12:37 walterbender yagarwal, what is missing?
12:37 yagarwal most of it in the main drawing area of the activity
12:37 and the export and activation functions are stuck because if problem in importing a module
12:37 https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]ctivity/issues/34
12:38 davelab6 we discussed this module in sugar-devel
12:38 by default the font compiler python module uses a binary library
12:38 for boolean union operations
12:39 aka 'remove overlap'
12:39 ive suggested avoiding this step in the compilation process
12:39 walterbender davelab6, we can import based on the architecture
12:39 davelab6 but yash hasn't yet figured out how to import the module while side stepping the library
12:39 yagarwal we can bypass that be directly calling built_otf with remove_overlap=False
12:39 davelab6 yagarwal: is all your code pushed?
12:40 yagarwal no
12:40 walterbender lots of activities do this (see Physics for example)
12:40 davelab6 please push it immieditae
12:40 immediately
12:40 yagarwal the compreffor module also has the same problem
12:40 davelab6 walterbender: sure, but no one has answered yagarwal's quesiton on sugar-devel with sufficient information for him to proceeed :)
12:40 yagarwal: did you look at other activities?
12:41 yagarwal i'm bypassing the pyclipper module altogether
12:41 walterbender must have missed it... looks now
12:41 davelab6 http://www.mail-archive.com/su[…]org/msg42536.html
12:41 yagarwal yeah, in Physics, but still couldn't figure out
12:41 davelab6 so, the lack of font export is the #1 problem with the activity codebase at the moment
12:42 however, there are other problems
12:43 yagarwal: what is your schedule like in the netx 7 days?
12:43 yagarwal I can give about 4-5 hrs every day
12:43 davelab6 yagarwal: this is not a full time commitment that is required of you by google
12:43 yagarwal: google requires 40 hours a week
12:44 yagarwal: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
12:44 yagarwal I can give more on weekends
12:44 this weekend I'm free
12:44 davelab6 ok :)
12:44 i can also make time tomorrow
12:46 walterbender yagarwal, did you look at lib/Box2D.py in the Physics activity?
12:46 yagarwal no, looking now
12:46 davelab6 yagarwal: what did you look at?
12:46 walterbender yagarwal, that is an example of checking architecture type and importing based on that.
12:48 mohayon has quit IRC
12:48 yagarwal oh, its right there, I didn't searched for it properly
12:49 samtoday has quit IRC
12:49 walterbender davelab6, shall we postpone the code review until tomorrow?
12:50 yagarwal so are all the platform based compilations are included in the activity?
12:50 how do I generate those?
12:50 walterbender yagarwal, yes
12:51 yagarwal, we can find the compiled modules for you if you are specific about what you need
12:51 I can probably get you x386 and ARM
12:51 I presume you have 64bit already?
12:51 yagarwal for now I know I need pyclipper and compreffor
12:52 yes I have the 64 bit one
12:52 x386 is 32 bit?
12:52 walterbender pyclipper or libstdc++.so.6
12:53 yagarwal, yes 32 bit?
12:53 isn't pyclipper Python?
12:53 I thought the import problem was with its dependencies
12:53 yagarwal it also has some c parts, I think thats why there is pyclipper.so file also there
12:54 walterbender oh
12:54 OK
12:54 davelab6 walterbender: no
12:54 walterbender I'll look into it
12:54 davelab6 walterbender: i think we need to do a code review asap
12:54 walterbender: to review the overall structure
12:54 walterbender davelab6, OK
12:54 I am here now
12:55 davelab6 walterbender: i suspect that the lack of good developer docs means yagarwal has tried to do a lot of things by his own code, instead of using the platform class library's functionality
12:56 walterbender: so i think a general code review can help
12:56 walterbender davelab6, I can try to help
12:56 davelab6 separate from this .so issue
12:57 yagarwal walterbender how did you make the draggable points in the turtle activity?
12:57 davelab6 yagarwal: thanks for pushing to https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]ee/latest-changes :)
12:57 yagarwal davelab6 I have made them an svg now
12:57 walterbender yagarwal, I made a turtle for each point and reference the turte's current x, y
12:58 since you can drag turtles, you can modify the x, y
12:59 yagarwal well this is one example, If would have asked you earlier I would have saved 2 weeks on the project
13:00 figuring out the moving points was difficult, still they are not functioning properly
13:01 (1) they don't allow the click to pass to the drawing area below
13:09 davelab6: can we start the code review
13:10 walterbender is looking at EditFonts.py
13:11 elih just pulled the new latest-changes branch
13:11 yagarwal walter please look in this file https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]nges/EditFonts.py
13:17 walterbender I have a few nitpicks as I am trying to figure things out.
13:18 (1) I am of the belief that comments should follow standard rules of punctuation in English.
13:18 so if a comment is a sentence, it should start with an initial cap and end with a period
13:18 but not if it is a phase.
13:21 (2) I prefer returning True and False rather than 0 and 1 for functions such as _load_from_file
13:22 (3) some of your variable names are not helpful, e.g., l on Line 285
13:25 (4) please be more precise with the error messages, e.g., Line 414 is it not that the file type is invalid, but that the file content could not be parsed properly.
13:26 Overall, the idea of using a notebook and pages is fine.
13:34 looking at globals.py, I am not crazy about globals.A
13:35 yagarwal yeah me too, but I needed a very short name
13:35 walterbender why?
13:35 maybe SELF?
13:36 yagarwal yeah thats better
13:36 walterbender yagarwal, I think you should add a license to *every* file
13:36 since the files could be pulled out individually
13:36 yagarwal I just thought of it being used a lot
13:36 ok I'll add that
13:38 walterbender yagarwal, in your widget library now
13:38 I think rather than import math you can from math import pi
13:39 or import pi as PI
13:41 yagarwal, would be good to have some explanation of what these various classes do
13:41 davelab6 yagarwal: where is the docuemntation you worked on earlier?
13:41 yagarwal can you give a specific name to start with
13:41 davelab6 yagarwal: i remember you spent some time working on docs
13:42 yagarwal the documentation is not completed for every file
13:42 walterbender yagarwal, some inline doc would be good too... an brief intro to each class at least
13:43 yagarwal walterbender: which class are you going through now
13:44 walterbender yagarwal, I am looking at editor_box.py
13:44 I am guessing it is used on the EDITOR page to edit glyphs, but I should not have to guess
13:45 yagarwal yeah , I'll add some descriptions
13:46 walterbender something to know how all these pieces fit together
13:46 yagarwal perhaps if you want we can return tomorrow, until then I can finish of the documentation and the fix for the export error
13:46 regarding the editor_box it is the main drawing area where the editing will be done
13:47 walterbender and the character_map widget is used in the editor box?
13:47 yagarwal it is a Gtk.Eventbox with has a gtk drawing area under a gtk fixed
13:47 walterbender one per character?
13:47 yagarwal no
13:47 character map makes a grid of glyphs
13:47 walterbender OK
13:48 yagarwal it can be either scrollable or with pagination
13:48 walterbender then maybe call it glyphs_grid?
13:48 yagarwal ok
13:49 walterbender guessed wrong this time :P
13:49 but you don't want people to have to guess
13:50 yagarwal font character map is the jargon for a glyph grid
13:51 so perhaps I'll shift to self explaining names rather that font editor jargons
13:51 walterbender yagarwal, then maybe all we need is comment to tell us that rather than changing the name
13:51 you and davelab6 can decide
13:51 yagarwal ok
13:52 walterbender I guess it is hard to know the scope of your widgets
13:52 so, for example, is drag_point.py an individual point on a glyph?
13:52 yagarwal yes
13:52 walterbender control point? knot point? either? both?
13:53 yagarwal both, it has types
13:53 currently the svg used to display both of them is the same, but I'll can replace it anytime
13:53 walterbender and editor_box has multiple drag_points? or is that somewhere else?
13:54 yagarwal yeah it does
13:54 walterbender yagarwal, I would think you'd want different SVG for the two different types
13:54 yagarwal inside a gtk fixed
13:54 so that there position can be controlled
13:55 walterbender what does form_box do?
13:56 yagarwal it makes form, I just made a object with a common text field and a label field objects
13:56 this is used on the create_font_page to make the form
13:57 walterbender I don't follow you
13:57 yagarwal if you see the submodules in the editfonts module
13:58 there is pages, widgtes, objects
13:58 walterbender I am still in widgets
13:58 yagarwal pages are the classes which make the pages for the activity
13:58 walterbender OK
13:58 yagarwal and widgets are the building blocks of those pages
13:59 walterbender I assumed that much
13:59 yagarwal where as the objects contain the data required to enable the pages
14:00 walterbender I guess I should have looked at pages before looking at widgets
14:00 yagarwal or maybe some tools to interact with the widgets
14:00 you start with welcome_page.py
14:01 I can walk you through it
14:01 walterbender yagarwal, in generally. Gtk.Box is deprecated and should be replaced by Gtk.Grid
14:01 yagarwal really, I didn't this and have been using it sparingly
14:01 davelab6 "the documentation is not completed for every file" sure, but where is the documentation that exists so far?
14:03 i have to run
14:03 walterbender davelab6, TTYL
14:03 yagarwal the detailed documentation is not there, only some oneline comments which I combine to form para are there
14:03 davelab6 to confirm we have 1 more week of coding
14:03 walterbender yagarwal, Cannot you put things into the grid directly, without putting it in a box first?
14:04 davelab6 what preents you from putting in 8 hours a day?
14:04 walterbender I am looking at the welcome page code
14:06 yagarwal the placement season has started over here and also I have regular classes have started
14:06 but I think I can put in more next week and finish the basic user story atleast
14:07 walterbender: you can only add one item to a section of the glyph
14:07 pikurasa <pikurasa!~Thunderbi@2601:184:4200:2904:1d8f:3e03:9df0:eeaf> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:08 yagarwal if you want to put a glyph drawing box and label you have add it to a gtk Vbox
14:09 vbox is needed to hold a gtk label and a gtk drawing area
14:09 walterbender yagarwal, or just make a Gtk.Grid
14:09 yagarwal I don't follow
14:09 walterbender anything you can do with a vbox you can do with a grid
14:10 so, in your example, use a grid to hold the drawing box and label and put that gird in the parent grid
14:10 yagarwal ok, that will work
14:11 walterbender and you get to avoid all the weird packing stuff
14:11 yo can still use Alignment where needed
14:11 yagarwal uum, I don't know about weird,  I found some good docs for that
14:12 pikurasa (hemant_kasat walterbender I am back and can talk if needed. Reading through the rest of meeting log.)
14:12 walterbender yagarwal, I always thought it was overly complex
14:12 yagarwal but perhaps its good to avoid it, I'll remove it anyway
14:12 walterbender yagarwal, to me at least, grid is easier to use/read
14:13 yagarwal, in any case, GTK has migrated to grid
14:13 pikurasa, I think hemant_kasat has his short-term goals
14:13 yagarwal I follow these docs https://developer.gnome.org/gt[…]table/GtkBox.html
14:14 aren't they the latest ones?
14:15 pikurasa walterbender: OK. Look forward to seeing it. Thanks.
14:15 walterbender I could have sworn it was deprecated
14:15 Did you see the note: Note that a single-row or single-column GtkGrid provides exactly the same functionality as GtkBox.
14:15 yagarwal yeah
14:15 walterbender But it doesn't say deprecated
14:16 yagarwal no problem, I'll change it either way
14:16 walterbender still, if grid does everything we need, and you are already using it for other things, may as well use it throughout
14:16 yagarwal grid will be easier for the next person to understand
14:16 walterbender I hope so
14:17 yagarwal, as I said earlier, I think the basic structure is fine: a notebook with pages
14:18 And maybe most of my problem is not having a good handle on the current jargon
14:18 so I need to guess, for example, what the mamager page is for.
14:18 so a bit of inline documentation could go a long ways
14:19 yagarwal are you available for a "on air hangout" tomorrow or on monday?
14:19 walterbender yagarwal, I should be around
14:19 yagarwal I can complete the documentation till then and walk you through the code
14:20 and discuss the pain points
14:20 walterbender Monday morning, I am not available until around this time (my 10AM)
14:20 yagarwal, OK.
14:20 I need to get a few other things done now in any case
14:20 but seems a solid start.. now to push it hard to finish up.
14:21 yagarwal ok ttyl then, thanks for the review
14:21 sure I will
14:21 walterbender #end-meeting
14:21 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 12 14:21:18 2016 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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