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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2016-08-05 12:01:17

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12:01 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  5 12:01:17 2016 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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12:01 hemant_kasat <hemant_kasat!uid149360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-sqndznqivwjvpneg> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:01 samtoday that's ok.  There is some information in the ZeroMQ faq about how to deal with event loops
12:01 walterbender AbrahmAB, do you want to continue with your update?
12:01 AbrahmAB sure!
12:01 hemant_kasat hi everyone !
12:02 AbrahmAB this week I tested standalone broadcasing feature of zeromq alongwith avahi
12:02 tony37 <tony37!~tony@tmo-098-24.customers.d1-online.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:02 AbrahmAB Now I will implement a new module for activity collab in the toolkit
12:03 walterbender AbrahmAB, nice
12:03 AbrahmAB this module will be the base module that can be implemented in activity's collabwrapper
12:03 looking forward to refactor physics activity collab at first
12:04 pikurasa <pikurasa!~Thunderbi@2601:184:4200:2904:1c41:7a64:f427:ca13> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:04 walterbender +1
12:04 AbrahmAB :)
12:06 walterbender AbrahmAB, please report on the devel list the progress of your tests this week
12:06 AbrahmAB ok!
12:06 walterbender lp1, do you have an update?
12:06 lp1 Sure ! :)
12:06 samtoday AbrahmAB: you talked about not needing a port... does that mean that it runs on a default port every time?
12:07 AbrahmAB it will need ports
12:07 lp1 Last week I started to merge my changes on Lionel's sugarizer repository with the one I've made during the last months
12:07 AbrahmAB we can assign different ports for different activities
12:07 lp1 I made some improvements on the UI for the network panel, and added a new feature to ask the user if he want to set SugariserOS as default launcher during the first boot. But we've had a meeting this morning with my two mentors and decided to move this to the second boot !
12:08 So next week I'm going to keep on merging my changes with Lionel's sugarizer sources and finish the UI fixes and improvements according to their reviews :)
12:08 walterbender lp1, makes sense so as to let people experience it first
12:08 lp1 Yes exactly
12:09 samtoday AbrahmAB: Good!
12:10 AbrahmAB: hopefully, we can avoid some of the mistakes that were made in the original design - like asuming that only 1 of each activity type would be active at one time
12:10 I'm sure that you will!
12:10 Btw, did the bug that I sent make sense AbrahmAB?
12:11 AbrahmAB samtoday: re- design are you suggesting that invite_menu can have more "Invite to.."
12:12 samtoday AbrahmAB: hum, I think that we are talking about different bugs.  What are you replying to?
12:12 AbrahmAB samtoday: bug that u pointed out in mail?
12:12 walterbender lp1, what is the plan for this week?
12:13 AbrahmAB we could just first chk if buddy is list before removing
12:13 samtoday yes and no
12:13 AbrahmAB *buddy is in the list
12:13 samtoday the issue is that the code asume that avahi already de-duplicates the buddies
12:13 AbrahmAB samtoday: hmm
12:14 samtoday so Alice is using Sugar
12:14 lp1 This week I'm going to finish to merge the SugarizerOS wireless scan in the neighbourhood feature on Lionel's repository and we're going to work on the UI to make some of the features easier to use. We're going to work on the deployment and the build of the projet with Michael too
12:14 lp1 has quit IRC
12:14 samtoday she broadcasts over Avahi, which then broadcasts over all network interfaces.  Alice is now broadcast over the WiFi and Ethernet and VirtualBox connection
12:14 lp1 <lp1!~lupin@s6p40-1-78-212-228-52.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:14 walterbender mohayon, where is the deployment going to be?
12:15 lp1, ^^
12:15 samtoday Ahmed is in the neighbourhood view.  He is connected to the same WiFi and Ethernet network as Alice.  Therefore, avahi recieves Alice's broadcast twice
12:15 AbrahmAB samtoday: okay!
12:15 samtoday Avahi procedes to tell the Sugar code about 2 Ahmeds - a Ahmed (via WiFi) and Ahmed (via Ethernet).
12:16 They have the same id and metadata
12:16 lp1 The goal is to make an automatic and lighter (because so far the repository is very heavy) build for the whole projet. Michael uses a tool for that that he wants to try with me, it's working as a hook on a git repository
12:16 samtoday but we need to merge the 2 Ahmeds
12:16 AbrahmAB we could simply check is the buddy in the list or not before adding them
12:17 samtoday: can u xplain on merging two ahemds?
12:17 samtoday so on a basic level (I don't know what the code looks like now)
12:17 mohayon walterbender: Saint-Ouen, near Paris
12:18 walterbender mohayon, nice. A school?
12:18 AbrahmAB samtoday: needs to be investigated
12:18 samtoday keep a data dict that is id->dict(interface->metadata)
12:19 maybe?  That feels like a naive implimentation
12:19 mohayon Walterbender : Yes,  I think that they were using XO
12:20 Walterbender : they will have have some old samsung 10 inches tabs
12:20 AbrahmAB samtoday: y do we need to merge both Ahmeds?
12:20 walterbender really? please keep the community in the loop regarding your observations.
12:20 samtoday AbrahmAB: I suppose we don't
12:21 but we need to keep both in case we loose 1 copy and not the other
12:21 eg. Alice now unplugs the Ethernet cable.  Ahmed should still be visible - he is avaliable via WiFi
12:21 AbrahmAB samtoday: yes!
12:22 walterbender hemant_kasat, want to give us an update?
12:22 AbrahmAB samtoday: I will try to look into it
12:22 hemant_kasat yes !! , I wrote a blog post which was due since long time, here is the link https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
12:23 for now it is draft only, I will publish it soon
12:23 samtoday AbrahmAB: thanks!
12:24 yagarwal <yagarwal!67157d4f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:24 AbrahmAB samtoday: so should I first work on the new collab module or fix the bug
12:24 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Checking it out now.
12:24 hemant_kasat pikurasa : let me know what changes needs to be done
12:24 walterbender hemant_kasat, you merged my PR?
12:25 samtoday AbrahmAB: Why don't you fix the bug first.  It should be quick.
12:25 hemant_kasat walterbender yes i merged it
12:26 walterbender hemant_kasat, there is some more cleaning up to be done but then I think it is ready for merging to master
12:26 hemant_kasat walterbender,  like ??
12:26 walterbender hemant_kasat, you can use addbutton for all the buttons
12:27 AbrahmAB_ <AbrahmAB_!0e8b7a78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:27 AbrahmAB_ samtoday: +1
12:27 walterbender and you can use _ for the internal instance variables
12:27 and get rid of unused code/variables
12:27 and we need to come up with a new icon for play
12:27 I have some ideas
12:27 hemant_kasat walterbender, yes I will do that
12:28 yeah we need a new icon
12:28 walterbender hemant_kasat, would be good to wrap this one up and then focus on finishing the tempo widget
12:28 AbrahmAB has quit IRC
12:29 pikurasa walterbender: What are your ideas for the new icon?
12:29 hemant_kasat walterbender , yeah let me know which icon can be used, i will clean the code and will make a PR
12:30 AbrahmAB_ samtoday: I will fix the bug by this weekend and then we are good to go with activity collab.
12:30 samtoday Great!
12:30 AbrahmAB_ samtoday: anything else that I am missing??
12:30 samtoday no, it is all good!
12:30 talk to you later I suppose!
12:30 davelab6 <davelab6!~davelab6@> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:30 AbrahmAB_ samtoday: bbye
12:30 walterbender pikurasa, I was thinking of embedding the > in a mountain or valley shape depending on bottom to top to bottom or top to bottom to top
12:31 pikurasa hemant_kasat: In your blog, "The proportion is represented by the two input boxes as shown in the above figure." you should be more specific what kind of "proportion"
12:31 davelab6 hey
12:31 sorry im late
12:31 elih hey dave
12:32 pikurasa walterbender: Yes, that makes sense.
12:32 hemant_kasat pikurasa : thanks for noticing  it out, I will update that
12:32 walterbender hemant_kasat, in general, the pitch staircase is looking good.
12:33 hemant_kasat walterbender , for the tempo what other things needs to be done ?
12:33 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!0e8bee62@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:33 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Hi
12:33 pikurasa Yes, the pitch staircase is pretty close so far.
12:33 iamutkarshtiwari Sorry for being late.
12:34 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Has the timing been corrected on Tempo widget?
12:34 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari hi
12:34 walterbender hemant_kasat, I see you go rid of the check button on the pitch starcase. you are checking for change in the input now?
12:34 pikurasa Last I checked it was not accurate...
12:34 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Did you test the .xo bundle?
12:35 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari not had the chance yet
12:35 iamutkarshtiwari I was able to set up a school server for the test
12:35 hemant_kasat pikurasa , I changed some of the things, please let me know if it is still not correct
12:36 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Did you go through my 'index.html' for 'en-ck12' and 'get-books.cfg' files?
12:36 hemant_kasat walterbender , yes now the BPM is initialized with the master beats per minute value
12:36 AbrahmAB_ has quit IRC
12:36 walterbender hemant_kasat, +1
12:36 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari no chance yet
12:36 walterbender hemant_kasat, does it update the value in that block when you hit save?
12:37 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I have downloaded the 'wikipedia' files for the schools. It's 2.5Gb in size.
12:37 hemant_kasat yes thats needs to be done, i was trying that but then i switched to pitchstair case, will do it soon
12:37 pikurasa hemant_kasat: The timing is off.
12:38 60 BPM should be one second to go from left side to right side or visa versa.
12:38 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari seems about right - it was limited to fit a dvd
12:38 pikurasa Also, what is this value attached to the tempo block? (a default of "2")
12:38 What is it for?
12:39 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I am on Mac OSX so I downloaded the .dmg version of kiwix server.
12:40 hemant_kasat when i started Tempo I attached this argument, not sure why ? ,  i think there is no need for that
12:40 i will remove it
12:40 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari fine - when ready we can test against the school server
12:40 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Yes, please remove!
12:40 iamutkarshtiwari has quit IRC
12:41 pikurasa hemant_kasat: When you work, do you make a "TO DO" list?
12:41 I think it would be helpful.
12:41 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!0e8bee62@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:41 pikurasa Some of my best work is when I have a list in front of me.
12:41 hemant_kasat pikurasa: according to the implementation 60 BPM should correspond to 1 second but it is not the case , i will figure it out
12:42 pikurasa , most of the time a make a "TO DO" list
12:42 walterbender yagarwal, any update for this week?
12:42 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Yes, please check fix this.
12:42 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Sorry I got disconnected. Did I miss anything ?
12:42 hemant_kasat pikurasa , sure !!
12:42 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari no
12:42 yagarwal Yeah, here is the latest pr I've been working on https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]-activity/pull/88
12:43 the welcome screen is done and now I'll be finishing up the functionality issues we have reported on the repo
12:44 davelab6 walterbender: i think yash has made great progress lately :)
12:44 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: What would you suggest? I am thinking on adding that option('SchoolServer Wikipedia') in the dropdown box which contains other options like 'English wikipedia, German wikipedia, ' etc.
12:44 davelab6 walterbender: last weekend eli and i met up here in nyc and tested the .xo file he built
12:44 walterbender yagarwal, you sorted out the issue with pango?
12:45 davelab6 https://ci6.googleusercontent.[…]e1-ft#https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sugarlabs/edit-fonts-​activity/gh-pages/files/img/welcome-page.png
12:45 yagarwal not exactly, I have replaced it with the new way to import it, but in doing so I can not use the ellisize command
12:46 davelab6 elih made a mock - https://sugarlabs.github.io/ed[…]e-ux-concept.html - and yash implemented it :)
12:46 yagarwal I can't figure out how to ellipsize a label using the modern Pango lib
12:47 mohayon has quit IRC
12:47 yagarwal waltebender: but the xo works
12:47 so you can test it out
12:47 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari we will need a config option to list the avialable wikipeidias on the school server
12:48 samtoday has quit IRC
12:48 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Similar to what happens in 'GetBooks' ?
12:48 via 'get-books.cfg'
12:48 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari yes
12:49 walterbender yagarwal, I'll download your latest bits and take a look
12:50 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I havent' tried serving zim files to 'InfoSlicer' yet. Do the content look exactly the same as when fetched online?
12:50 yagarwal here is the link to the xo bundle https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]st/EditFonts-1.xo
12:51 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari - don't know
12:52 iamutkarshtiwari if you use the kiwix server, you should get the html page for the article
12:53 walterbender Perhaps iamutkarshtiwari should give a report
12:53 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Infoslicer helps user view 'textual'(text) and 'visual'(images) content separately from an article for a searched topic. We can drag and drop images and text separately in to our own content.
12:53 walterbender iamutkarshtiwari, please tell us about your week
12:54 iamutkarshtiwari I have tried adding offline support to the 'GetBooks' activity.
12:54 For the test purpose, I used localhost to serve the book collections and
12:55 for the book collection I downloaded the 'Rachel' and 'Gutenberg' offline sources.
12:55 Here is what it looks like -
12:55 http://imgur.com/a/833K9
12:55 http://imgur.com/a/b7vtc
12:56 walterbender iamutkarshtiwari, looks like it is working
12:57 iamutkarshtiwari Yes.
12:57 walterbender iamutkarshtiwari, any issues?
12:57 iamutkarshtiwari No issues as of now. I haven't used OPDS to get books from school servers.
12:58 Instead I used another technique to parse the index.html files of the books collections and display them in GetBooks activity.
12:59 Since the content is offline, I didn't find any need for OPDS
13:00 walterbender iamutkarshtiwari, so you have a parallel system? or one system using a local port when available?
13:01 iamutkarshtiwari The only work left is to create a script to automate the configuration of 'get-books.cfg' depending on the book collection.
13:01 tony37 walterbender localhost is used because iamutkarshtiwari does not have a school server. The intent is to access the school server to get the books
13:01 iamutkarshtiwari I have a parallel system.
13:01 lp1 has quit IRC
13:02 iamutkarshtiwari walterbender: The access urls look like https://localhost:8000/schools[…]rachel/index.html
13:02 and http://localhost:8000/schoolse[…]enberg/index.html
13:02 html*
13:02 sorry http*
13:03 But this can be test with another system over wifi and an XO.
13:04 walterbender tony37, I guess I am confused. It would seem that we want to use the same protocol whether accessing from a remote server, a school server, or local
13:05 tony37 One benefit is that GetBooks may gain the capability to access additional collections on the internet such as pustakalaya by adapting to the source's methods
13:06 walterbender tony37, but I don't see how that impacts where the data is coming from
13:06 maybe I am missing something
13:06 tony37 walterbender The data could come from http://www.rachel.org/al;sdkjfl;as or http://schoolserver/rachel/;aldkjfl
13:07 walterbender or localhost
13:07 tony37 yes, but we would need a different port. The schoolserver already has khan academy and kiwix using localhosts
13:08 walterbender tony37, I follow, but what does that have to do with the protocol for the data retrieved?
13:09 tony37 Rachel, gutenberg, and pustakalaya do not use opds protocol
13:09 walterbender tony37, OK.
13:09 tony37, I was confused
13:09 I thought iamutkarshtiwari was using a different protocol for his own convenience
13:10 tony37 It is tricky. I think InfoSlicer will pose similar problems since the schoolserver delivers this content with kiwix from zim files
13:10 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Yes. At OLE Nepal, They used simple urls like http://localhost/schoolserver/pustakalay..
13:10 tony37 and server side php code
13:12 walterbender the goal is to have both activities bring content to the Journal in similar ways and with the same results from the user's perspective
13:13 iamutkarshtiwari walterbender: The technique involved here is collection specific that is for 'Rachel' and
13:13 'Gutenberg'
13:13 tony37 Yes
13:14 walterbender tony37, iamutkarshtiwari got it. thanks fo rexplaining
13:15 anything else to report? iamutkarshtiwari  what are your plans for this coming week?
13:16 iamutkarshtiwari I am working on adding similar support to 'InfoSlicer' to download wiki content from school servers
13:17 For that I would be using kiwix server and wikipedia offline zim files for schools.
13:19 The tricky part would be testing whether
13:19 the activity is able to display the textual and visual content from the zim files onto the display area.
13:20 If not, we need to find a way to do it exactly with the offline content same to what happens when fetching content from online sources for eg. en.wikipedia.org
13:22 My overall progress can be tracked on my blog - http://iamutkarshtiwari.wordpress.com
13:23 walterbender looks
13:23 iamutkarshtiwari, did you generate the graphic on the homepage of your blog?
13:23 what tool did you use?
13:24 iamutkarshtiwari Those images were already available on wordpress.
13:25 walterbender Oh :P
13:25 anything else for today?
13:25 iamutkarshtiwari That's all.
13:26 walterbender thanks everyone for your updates
13:26 #end-meeting
13:26 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug  5 13:26:06 2016 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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