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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-08-21 15:00:12

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15:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 21 15:00:12 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:00 k_yash Yes
15:00 walterbender welcom all to the last GSoC meeting for 2015
15:00 before we begin:
15:00 (1) thank you mentors and interns for a great body of work this summer
15:01 (2) the final evaluations should be available on line on Melange shortly
15:01 abhinav <abhinav!73f91219@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 walterbender be sure to do the final write up
15:02 (3) you should be uploading code by Monday at the latest
15:02 (4) you should post your final GSoC blog entry ASAP
15:02 OK
15:02 llaske and (5) thank to you walter to organize the GSoC SugarLabs participation once again this year
15:02 walterbender llaske, was easy this year with so many mentors :)
15:02 mohayon, wanna start us off?
15:03 #topic JS apps
15:03 mohayon Yes sure !
15:03 Hi everyone :)
15:04 This last week I have done lots of small fixes (ui part) for the apps by following llaske hints
15:04 richashi <richashi!~vijaysehg@107-204-46-189.lightspeed.dctril.sbcglobal.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:04 mohayon So I've updated the Record app UI a little
15:05 And I've been working onto the Memorize activity
15:05 It's almost done
15:05 I'm fixing the editor ui
15:05 But this is playable solo and multiplayer with sugarizer presence
15:06 I'm going to do lots of screenshots for the blog and going to write how great this summer was :)
15:06 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
15:06 walterbender mohayon, lots of progress since Calculate :)
15:06 llaske +1 !
15:07 walterbender mohayon, what are your plans for the fall?
15:07 tch__ <tch__!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:07 tch__ hello everyone,
15:08 walterbender maybe you can recruit more people to follow your lead
15:08 mohayon Yep, I could talk about the gsoc with llaske at my school
15:09 walterbender +1
15:09 llaske, were you able to fold turtleblocksjs into Sugarizer after mohayon's patches?
15:09 llaske yep, should do more testing
15:10 walterbender llaske, we'll have to get turtle3d and music blocks sorted out too :)
15:10 any questions for mohayon ?
15:10 was a very productive summer!!
15:11 k_yash Can I jump in?
15:11 walterbender k_yash, we need to wait for devin
15:11 richashi, wanna go next?
15:11 k_yash devin aka pikurasa is here
15:11 richashi yes sure
15:12 walterbender k_yash, here but not here for another 10 minutes
15:12 #topic Web Programming
15:12 tch__ has quit IRC
15:13 richashi I have completed the requirements that were given by Tony
15:13 So, now user can add images from the shell
15:13 tch__ <tch__!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:13 richashi and save the entire website as a zip file
15:13 in the Journal.
15:13 Then, he can open the zip file or the html file in the shell
15:14 walterbender I saw the email reaching out to gonzalo
15:14 richashi We also detected if the user has put any <titl> tags
15:14 and we also set the title of the shell’s tab
15:14 tch__ (I guess I was lagging, because I didn't see any incoming message)
15:14 walterbender these little touches make a big difference to the UX
15:14 richashi the functionality seems to be complete now
15:15 and I just need final thoughts from Gonzalo and Tony on next steps
15:15 walterbender richashi, any chance we can keep you involved going forward?
15:15 as per mohayon you'd make a great ambassador at your school
15:16 richashi that would be great, let us discuss offline about it :)
15:16 walterbender sure
15:16 richashi I never thought about it
15:16 :) that’s nice
15:16 walterbender any questions for richashi ?
15:16 richashi, do you have a final blog entry?
15:17 richashi sorry for that. I do not have it yet
15:17 walterbender @ mohayon can you paste the URL to your blog?
15:17 richashi would have it by this weekend
15:17 walterbender richashi, great
15:17 richashi :)
15:17 mohayon Sure: http://sugarizingparis2015.blogspot.fr
15:17 walterbender please all, when you finish your final blog post, send an email with the URL to sugar-devel!!
15:18 richashi okay!
15:18 sounds god
15:18 good*
15:18 k_yash yes
15:18 walterbender artista, wanna go next?
15:18 artista yeah sure
15:18 walterbender #topic Turtle programming
15:19 lots of programming this summer :)
15:19 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@c-98-217-71-3.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:19 artista this week we started with some little tweaks to the testing tool
15:19 I have updated the wiki page
15:19 https://github.com/Amitjha1412[…]in-another-JS-app
15:20 https://github.com/Amitjha1412[…]wiki/Unit-Testing
15:20 which may be of help to all the other JS Sugar projects.
15:20 walterbender artista, we need to figure out an excuse for mohayon to embed some Turtle programming into one of his Apps :)
15:21 pikurasa has quit IRC
15:21 pikurasa_ <pikurasa_!~pikurasa@c-73-167-118-213.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:22 artista maybe we can do it after this week or so :)
15:22 walterbender llaske, tch__ we'll need to figure out how to add the JS unit testing to the overall Sugar build workflow
15:22 pikurasa_ (okay, I am on now as pikurasa_ and can type on a keyboard)
15:23 artista I have also updated the blog http://sugarlabs-artista.blogspot.in/.
15:23 k_yash Hi pikurasa_
15:23 artista will write the blog with a compilation of all of the summers work by midnight
15:23 walterbender artista, as with the others, it would be great if you would spread the word at your uni.
15:23 artista sure :)
15:24 k_yash surely! :)
15:24 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!dce39546@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:24 walterbender any other questions for artista ?
15:25 k_yash, next?
15:25 k_yash yes
15:25 walterbender #topic Music/Mouse Blocks
15:25 pikurasa_ hello!
15:25 "Music Blocks"
15:25 k_yash hi..So this week I implemented tuplet functionality
15:25 walterbender artista, richashi I neglected to say, thanks for all the hard work this summer
15:26 pikurasa_ Mr. Mouse is our conductor.
15:26 k_yash I put the link to the video on using tuplet block in my blog
15:26 artista I really enjoyed the summer working with sugar :)
15:27 k_yash I improved  transposition, polyphony, rhythmic dot and notations
15:28 pikurasa_ How has notation been improved? I guess I didn't see that one.
15:28 llaske very good work k_yash
15:28 pikurasa_ (I saw the other improvements)
15:28 walterbender k_yash, there is so much in there now, we need to figure out a way to steer the user through all of the complexity
15:28 k_yash I pushed the notation today only
15:29 pikurasa_ Okay, I will check it out.
15:29 k_yash walterbender, adding enough info on the help box should work?
15:30 Devin figured out that sound was not playing well in firefox
15:30 walterbender k_yash, I think we also need to be come careful about how we organize the palettes...
15:30 k_yash That's a major bug ...I have to fix
15:31 walterbender they should go from basic to complex, common to more esoteric
15:31 pikurasa_ I started working on the help dialogue as a start.
15:31 k_yash walterbender, Should I keep all the older palettes in the activity?
15:31 walterbender k_yash, I am more concerned about the new palettes...
15:31 we can discuss after the meeting perhaps
15:32 k_yash Yes
15:32 walterbender in any case, it is getting really fun
15:32 k_yash yes and one more thing pikurasa_ made his first PR today :)
15:32 walterbender k_yash, you'll spread the word in Pilani?
15:33 and maybe set up a workshop at the local elementary school?
15:33 k_yash walterbender, I'm not in pilani
15:33 pikurasa_ Pilani?
15:33 walterbender oh. I got confused
15:33 ishan28mkip,
15:33 k_yash me and artista are in same college...in hyderabad
15:33 ishan28mkip yup that's me :)
15:33 walterbender k_yash, there must be kids in hyderabad too :)
15:34 k_yash Yes...artista and I can do this together
15:34 walterbender would be great
15:34 k_yash and awesome too ;)
15:34 ishan28mkip We have a school where we teach under privileged children, we are putting old institute computers and putting sugar on it.
15:35 walterbender ishan28mkip, nice
15:35 pikurasa_ Walter, please help me as I find schools here. Would be nice to have an MIT intern to help out with coding-side, for example.
15:35 walterbender pikurasa_, +1
15:35 maybe I can find a UROP student this fall
15:35 pikurasa_ UROP?
15:36 walterbender undergrad intern
15:36 k_yash walterbender, as far as documentation is concerned, do I have to update readme or do it in some other way?
15:36 walterbender k_yash, you can maybe work with devin on a guide similar to what I did for turtle
15:36 https://github.com/walterbende[…]r/guide/README.md
15:37 llaske Very nice guide !
15:37 pikurasa_ Okay, that is helpful. What other forms of documentation have you done for turtle>
15:37 ?
15:37 walterbender I think pikurasa_ is working on a PDF as well,
15:37 PDF, wiki pages, some videos
15:38 turtle "cards"
15:38 k_yash Yes videos will be great
15:38 pikurasa_ I am doing a kind of user guide, a pseudo-curriculum, and a multimedia (HTML videos).
15:38 walterbender I suppose with Music we need audio in the documentation :)
15:39 pikurasa_ May be a little spread thin that way. The multimedia will be nice because it is quick impact.
15:39 walterbender -- agreed!
15:39 walterbender next summer we need to interface sensors to this project -- hint hint
15:40 any questions for k_yash ?
15:40 pikurasa_ I think that...
15:41 Yash, you should really document 1) the matrix and 2) the polysynth integration
15:41 those are least obvious how you did it.
15:41 and would help many people to guide them through what you did.
15:41 k_yash yes..pikurasa_, I will do that
15:42 walterbender k_yash, and please make a final blog post for the summer
15:42 ishan28mkip, ready to jump in next?
15:42 pikurasa_ Yash, you did some great work. It has been a lot of fun!
15:42 ishan28mkip sure
15:42 k_yash I added the blog post today...but that's not the final one
15:42 walterbender pikurasa_, +1
15:42 #topic Turtle3D
15:43 k_yash yes pikurasa_, we learnt a lot of things from each other :)
15:43 ishan28mkip This week I added the camera palette.
15:43 I also cleaned up a lot of code.
15:44 Positioning is nearly perfect now.
15:45 SVG output is supported and export/import of 3D models is added. (I just need to add the palettes blocks)
15:45 walterbender ishan28mkip, the camera controls are a nice addition
15:45 ishan28mkip :)
15:46 walterbender ishan28mkip, it is a solid base now.
15:46 ishan28mkip Now I am working on the scaling fix, and the save and load functionality.
15:47 walterbender ishan28mkip, hopefully you can spark some interest to push it farther... maybe start a 3d Progamming club at Uni
15:47 ishan28mkip Definitely.
15:47 walterbender let me know if I can help
15:47 ishan28mkip I will try to open a sugar club.
15:47 tch__ ishan28mkip, +1 :)
15:48 ishan28mkip definitely. :)
15:48 walterbender we should get abhinav to wrap up before we run out of time
15:48 ishan28mkip, nice progress this summer... I learned a lot
15:48 abhinav Hello All
15:48 walterbender abhinav, you still there?
15:48 great
15:49 #topic collaboration
15:49 ishan28mkip It was amazing working this summer. :)
15:49 abhinav Hello walter
15:49 tch__ abhinav, anything to share for these 2 weeks?
15:50 abhinav tch__: Nothing much.
15:50 I got free from placement today only.
15:51 Since today was the hard pencils down
15:52 whatever work done till now, I am submit the same after some fine tunings.
15:52 Will it be even close to sufficient?
15:52 walterbender it is unfortunate that you were unable to keep up the expected pace and communication
15:53 but you should please document your current status and upload your code
15:53 abhinav I apologise for the same.
15:53 Sure. I will be doing that.
15:53 Along with that, I will be updating my blog too.
15:54 walterbender thank you
15:54 #topic thank you
15:54 was a great summer for Sugar
15:54 pikurasa_ Arigatou!!!
15:55 walterbender again, thanks all for your contributions
15:55 llaske +1, thanks to all students !
15:55 walterbender and I hope that you'll be able to continue to contribute
15:55 and to spread the word
15:55 pikurasa_ and share the software!
15:55 tch__ many thanks everyone, it was a _very_ productive summer :)
15:56 tony37 thanks Walter and tch for bringing this together, it was fun
15:56 pikurasa_ http://www.devinulibarri.com/M[…]ri_Devin_Beta.ogg
15:56 walterbender tony37, glad you could join us... hopefully we can do more next summer
15:56 pikurasa_ (it will make you smile)
15:56 tony37 looking forward to it
15:56 walterbender nice to have so many new mentors
15:56 artista thanks to you mentors too, you really created a great learning environment here :)
15:57 pikurasa_ Yes, Walter, thanks for letting me onboard!
15:57 walterbender pikurasa_, thx for all the guidance and enthusiasm
15:57 pikurasa_ Even not knowing a thing about javascript!
15:57 But really, Yash and you made the synergy possible.
15:58 Hopefully a good precedent for more integrative ventures in the future.
15:59 walterbender Hope to see everyone on line...
15:59 #end-meeting
15:59 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 21 15:59:27 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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