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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-08-14 14:58:34

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14:58 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 14 14:58:34 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:58 pikurasa hello!
14:58 walterbender #topic GSoC
14:59 k_yash Hi pikurasa
14:59 walterbender This is the last week of GSoC.
14:59 Monday is "pencils down" day and the rest of the week should be spent on documentation
15:00 Also, it is important to upload your repos to the GSoC site
15:00 please update your blogs as well
15:01 any questions?
15:02 The overarching goals of the documentation are both to let the community know what you did but also enable the community to follow up and build from your efforts.
15:02 #topic Music Blocks
15:02 artista_ only the diffs of our commit or should we upload entire repo?
15:02 walterbender devin needs to leave early, so let's begin with k_yash
15:03 k_yash Hi everyone!
15:03 walterbender artista_, I think they want the entire repo
15:03 artista_, I will double check
15:03 pikurasa hi Yash!
15:03 k_yash walterbender, this week I added polyphony functionality, show block
15:03 https://sugarizingmusic.wordpr[…]om/2015/08/14/71/
15:04 walterbender, should I make the editor window for matrix...we discussed about in last meeting?
15:05 I don't think so, I could complete it before pencils down date...there are other priorities as well, suggested by pikurasa
15:05 walterbender k_yash, work on pikurasa 's list first
15:07 k_yash For now, the target is to make tuplet block and make accurate music notations
15:07 pikurasa, does that sound good?
15:08 walterbender artista_, http://en.flossmanuals.net/mel[…]ter-program-ends/
15:08 pikurasa yes, that is important.
15:09 tch__ <tch__!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:09 walterbender k_yash, when you do your write up, please describe how to add the matrix editor so someone can follow up with that
15:09 pikurasa Yash and I spoke about it; there is a bug with passing over to polysynth.
15:09 but Yash is working on it.
15:10 k_yash walterbender, sure I'll do that!
15:10 pikurasa Yash and I can work together on documentation, but Yash needs to do all technical code stuff.
15:10 for documentation.
15:10 tch_ <tch_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:10 walterbender pikurasa, k_yash sounds good
15:10 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:11 walterbender lots of progress this summer in code and understanding of the UI
15:11 k_yash pikurasa, I agree
15:11 walterbender I think this will be a really fun activity when it is completed
15:11 pikurasa yes!
15:11 @walterbender agreed!
15:12 walterbender any other questions/comments for k_yash ?
15:12 pikurasa as always, keep up the good work Yash!
15:13 tch__ has quit IRC
15:13 k_yash Yes Devin :)
15:13 walterbender artista_, wanna go next?
15:13 artista_ yeah sure
15:16 walterbender ...
15:16 artista_ we made an initial  list to start the testing with https://docs.google.com/docume[…]vFkPw10m1org/edit
15:16 using the testing tools https://docs.google.com/docume[…]FA/edit#heading=h.k68i75efzks0
15:17 there were some blockage due to requirejs configuration , I have figured it out today
15:18 walterbender tch_, hopefully we can use this for unit tests for all of the JS code down the road
15:18 artista_ there was also some problem loading activity due to p5 modules, as suggested by walterbender I guess i'll ignore it for testing purpose
15:19 pikurasa has quit IRC
15:19 tch_ walterbender: defiintely :)
15:19 artista_ the setup is pretty dynamic we can definitely extend it
15:19 walterbender artista_, we should coordinate with k_yash regarding replacing the p5 code used for the sound block
15:20 artista_ yeah sure :)
15:20 in the meanwhile I think we can just ignore it?
15:21 k_yash artista, I'll be happy to help :)
15:21 walterbender artista_, ignore it because we will replace it
15:23 artista_ I have also been coordinating with jorge, i have some further testing doubt maybe he can guide me through it
15:23 walterbender that'd be great
15:23 any questions for artista_ ?
15:24 forgot...
15:24 artista_ abt submission of codes so we can submit diffs too right?
15:24 walterbender #topic JS programming ^^
15:24 artista_, I think it makes sense just to make a tarball of the whole project
15:25 artista_ walterbender, as you say :)
15:26 walterbender mohayon, you wanna go next?
15:26 mohayon Yes.
15:27 walterbender #topic JS activities
15:27 mohayon So I've been working on the Record activity.
15:27 This is almost done, just a few ui things to improve
15:28 So basically, you can take picture / record audio and video and had them saved into the datastore with correct metadatas
15:28 walterbender you are getting reliable audio recording now?
15:28 mohayon It's working on chrome/ff and cordova
15:29 Troubles are on Android, the record app is not always preinstalled so some apps will ignore time limitations
15:29 *mic record app
15:30 same thing for video
15:30 So I had to triple check data length
15:30 Because localStorage is limited to ~10mb
15:30 depends of the device
15:30 I also agreed with llaske to PR turtleblocksjs onto sugarizer
15:31 walterbender nice
15:31 mohayon That should be done by the end of the day
15:31 And I'm moving onto the Record activity
15:31 walterbender I think your users will find it is a big improvement over the old version
15:31 any questions for mohayon ?
15:32 3 solid apps is a good amount of work for the summer :)
15:32 tch_ not from me, but impressive work mohayon
15:32 walterbender plus all the help on Turtle
15:32 mohayon I should be able to begin and finish Memorize before 28
15:33 walterbender super
15:33 mohayon Thanks :)
15:33 walterbender ishan28mkip, wanna go next?
15:34 ishan28mkip Sure.
15:34 walterbender #topic Turtle 3D
15:34 ishan28mkip This week I worked on cleaning up the code and palette pages
15:35 Palettes are now organized in pages
15:35 When they exceed screen length
15:36 Also improved the block selection
15:36 walterbender ishan28mkip, what are the outstanding issues before we release this to the world?
15:37 ishan28mkip Scaling and testing is all that is left now
15:37 walterbender ishan28mkip, and documentation :)
15:38 ishan28mkip Yup.
15:38 walterbender I think quidam may find this project of interest
15:38 ishan28mkip There is one more problem I am facing
15:39 Setting the z index of the blocks.
15:39 walterbender for ordering of the rendering?
15:39 ishan28mkip Yes.
15:39 walterbender always a tricky issue in 3D
15:40 ishan28mkip In easel the order in which the objects are added in the group changed the index
15:40 But in three whichever is created last is displayed on top
15:41 walterbender oh.
15:41 ishan28mkip And there is no stacking context in three.js
15:41 walterbender so each time you add a new object, it is on top?
15:41 ishan28mkip Yes.
15:42 So I have manually set the indexes
15:42 walterbender if you "rerender" the whole scene does it get the order right?
15:42 ishan28mkip Rendering doesn't make a difference.
15:42 walterbender seems like a real limitation in three.js
15:43 ishan28mkip Yeah but z index can be definitely set
15:43 walterbender faced the same problem with the Python version of turtle :P
15:43 ishan28mkip I will mail you the exact details in an hour
15:43 walterbender but you need to recalculate the z index whenever you change the camera :P
15:44 and what about objects that span a large z extent?
15:44 ishan28mkip Camera change would be fine. Problem comes when we add another object
15:45 k_yash has quit IRC
15:45 ishan28mkip Then all indexes have to be recalculated and set
15:45 walterbender I can imagine it gets slow with lots of objects
15:45 ishan28mkip Possibly. Though haven't tried it.
15:46 walterbender will try generating some big scenes
15:46 anything else for ishan28mkip ?
15:46 ishan28mkip I had a solution in mind but that looks like brute force
15:47 B
15:47 walterbender there should be some standard algorithms out there for calculating the z-index
15:48 ishan28mkip The problem is the stacking context.
15:48 I am still searching for something that matches this problem.
15:48 Thing is if a container in three has a child
15:48 quidam walterbender: interesting
15:49 is it accessible somewhere?
15:49 walterbender ishan28mkip, can you post your repo URL
15:49 ishan28mkip I will update the repo in a hour.
15:49 Was writing commit messages
15:49 walterbender quidam, would mesh nicely with your "Mindcraft" code
15:49 can never remember the name of the FOSS version
15:50 ishan28mkip github.com/ishan28mkip/turtle3D
15:50 Would update the current changes in a hour.
15:51 walterbender any other questions for ishan28mkip ?
15:52 ishan28mkip walterbender: I will email you the detailed problem soon
15:52 quidam minetest
15:52 walterbender ishan28mkip, sure...
15:52 quidam, thx
15:53 ishan28mkip, thanks. this has come together nicely
15:53 @all
15:53 next week is our last "official" GSoC meeting
15:54 any questions/comments/concerns before we wrap up?
15:55 OK
15:55 thanks all... it has been a productive summer
15:55 #end-meeting
15:55 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 14 15:55:30 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:55 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-14T14:58:34.html
15:55 ishan28mkip 'official', we shall continue to meetings :)
15:55 meeting Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-08-14T14:58:34

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