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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-07-17 15:03:38

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15:03 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul 17 15:03:38 2015 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:03 k_yash may I start?
15:03 tch__ k_yash, want to go first?
15:03 k_yash, +1
15:04 k_yash Hello, This week I made the ‘assemble’ workspace
15:04 It lets the user to assemble and play the chunks which he/she had developed in the home screen
15:04 tony37 has quit IRC
15:05 k_yash Have a look - https://sugarizingmusic.wordpress.com/
15:06 tch__ k_yash, looking!
15:06 Guest64959 <Guest64959!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:06 llaske your blog should inspire everyone here
15:07 richashi <richashi!75c4f2e7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:07 k_yash llaske, thanks :)
15:07 Guest64959 is now known as walter-by-phone
15:07 tony37 <tony37!~tony@p4FF8B310.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:07 devin__ has quit IRC
15:08 tch__ k_yash, sounds very interesting :)
15:10 k_yash tch__ ,Till now I had no difficulties
15:10 walter-by-phone Please tch_ keep things moving
15:10 tch__ k_yash, nice, anything else you want to share?
15:10 walter-by-phone, sure, I assumed you would have troubles being on the road
15:11 k_yash tch__, that is all from my side, thanks :)
15:11 abhinav may I go next?
15:11 tch__ k_yash, thanks, :)
15:11 abhinav, please do,
15:11 abhinav tch__, thanks.
15:11 tch__ abhinav, (I don't think I received your updates yet)
15:12 abhinav tch__, I am presenting the same.
15:12 tch__ abhinav, go ahead ;)
15:12 abhinav actually I was working on it till the last moment.
15:13 So, first of all, I am really sorry for being absent from the work for 4-5 days.
15:13 After that, I have worked on making the turtle output visible to other users of the group.
15:14 I faced some problems in the starting but managed to get it through.
15:14 Here is the link if want to play wth it
15:15 http://rawgit.com/abhinavanura[…]master/index.html
15:15 wait a sec
15:16 tch__ abhinav, can you create a shared instance?
15:17 abhinav sure
15:17 llaske don't work here "disconnected from the collaboration server"
15:18 abhinav llaske, refresh the page
15:18 tch__, created the instance
15:19 tch__ abhinav, (i still see all the users connected to server, and not only those in the same session)
15:19 walter-by-phone We should do these tests after the meeting
15:19 devin__ <devin__!~devin@2601:184:4600:9c00:8085:f3da:75a6:9dd6> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:20 tch__ walter-by-phone, right,
15:20 abhinav walter-by-phone, fine.
15:20 tch__ abhinav, so, can you summarize?
15:20 abhinav I think this was all from my side.
15:20 tch__ abhinav, ok, thanks for sharing
15:20 who wants to go next? :)
15:20 artista can I go next?
15:21 tch__ artista, please
15:21 artista This week we introduced features to send as well as receive data(json) using inurl and outurl arguments along with the project name.
15:21 ishan28mkip has quit IRC
15:22 artista To make project return data we introduced block return to url to return it to outurl the given data.
15:22 It is still in review, hopefully will have it done within this week.
15:23 To make tb more robust we are now in the process of writing some unit tests.
15:24 walter-by-phone It is coming together nicely. Any program can launch turtle  to do some computing and get the results
15:24 artista We have selected jasmine to write tests
15:25 We are going to use karma to run tests written using jasmine
15:26 have prepared a doc containing info. on how to set up the env. https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
15:28 does anyone have any questions/suggestions ?
15:29 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:29 tch__ artista, not from me, sounds like its on track :)
15:30 artista, anything else you want to share?
15:30 artista no. I guess that was all from my side. :)
15:31 k_yash1 <k_yash1!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:31 k_yash has quit IRC
15:32 tch__ artista, thanks!
15:32 whos next?
15:32 ishan28mkip Me?
15:33 tch__ ishan28mkip, go ahead :)
15:33 ishan28mkip First i would like to say sorry as i was not able to dedicate a lot of time thia week
15:34 Had some family function to attend
15:35 This week i started integrating 3d turtle space and the graphical scripting
15:35 k_yash <k_yash!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:35 ishan28mkip The graphical scripting is now almost ready, just fixing the event handlers
15:36 k_yash1 has quit IRC
15:36 ishan28mkip And some positioning bugs
15:36 walter-by-phone has quit IRC
15:36 Walter-by-phone <Walter-by-phone!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:37 ishan28mkip Would update the preview link by tomorrow
15:39 After this i would start working on integration of the turtle from day after
15:39 tch__ ishan28mkip, nice, can you email the link to our mailing list? I think many people would be interested in looking at it
15:40 ishan28mkip Would definitely do so
15:41 I would make up for the time lost this week in the coming week.
15:41 richashi Can I go next?
15:41 ishan28mkip :)
15:42 tch__ ishan28mkip, I am sure you will :) anything else?
15:43 HoloIRCUser4 <HoloIRCUser4!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:45 ishan28mkip has quit IRC
15:45 tch__ richashi, go ahead!
15:45 (the net is not helping today)
15:46 richashi yeah....even my net is bad :/
15:46 So, this week i did two tasks: Firstly, opening the shell in the current tab and loading the current page in it
15:47 Secondly, making "Open a file" more generic
15:48 tch__ richashi, did you get to solve the issue with journal integration?
15:48 richashi First, we used to check for <Script> prefix. but now we take into account things like <script type="javascript etc..... >
15:48 yeah...that had been done 2-3 weeks back :)
15:48 tch__ richashi, haha, ok, fantastic :)
15:48 richashi The file is saved in 2 places: in journal and also in local folder
15:49 now, i tested with opening Sugar Lab homepage html file on shell and it opened perfectly
15:49 :)
15:49 artista has quit IRC
15:50 richashi After loading it in the shell, I ran it and I ould see sugar's homepage on the small output box in the shell
15:50 *could :)
15:50 tch__ richashi, nice,
15:51 richashi,  have you kept gonzalo__ in the feedback loop?
15:51 richashi One more thing: now we also detect if there is a title tag in the file
15:51 devin__ has quit IRC
15:51 richashi And set the title of the shell with that tag
15:51 Marnen has quit IRC
15:51 richashi not yet...I am sorry...
15:52 I will do that shortly after syncing up with Tony
15:52 tch__ richashi, its alright, just don't leave it for the last minute :)
15:52 richashi yeah makes sense :) I will take care of that
15:53 Thank you!
15:53 tch__ richashi, anything else you want to mention?
15:53 richashi nothing more for this week :)
15:54 tch__ richashi, alright, thanks1
15:55 mohayon, you around?
15:55 mohayon Yes !
15:55 tch__ mohayon, go ahead!
15:55 k_yash has quit IRC
15:55 mohayon Hello everyone :)
15:55 This week I've been adding the collaboration mode to Paint.activity
15:56 I think we can try it together :)
15:56 http://icioncode.fr/index.html
15:56 So you just need to insert a nickname, then click onto the icon top right with many dots
15:56 and join the paint group
15:56 I can see that llaske is here :)
15:56 and tch as well
15:57 tch__ mohayon, it works :)
15:58 mohayon So all the tools are supposed to work, pen/eraser/stamp/text/drawings/bucket/effects
15:58 and copy paste
15:58 The admin can do undo/redo
15:58 tch__ mohayon, impressive, looks solid
15:58 mohayon Thanks :)
15:58 tch__ mohayon, whats next ? :)
15:59 artista_ <artista_!artista__@nat/iiit/x-jjmnkcrtyflefhoc> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:59 mohayon So I've seen with llaske the requirements to allow turtle to work on sugarizer
15:59 And I'm going to do it asap
15:59 Walter-by-phone has quit IRC
16:00 mohayon And next app is the record activity
16:00 to take picture/videos/audio recordings
16:01 I'll also do a .gif to show what can be done with paint
16:01 tch__ mohayon, can't wait to see record js :)
16:01 mohayon, +1
16:02 HoloIRCUser4 has quit IRC
16:03 Walter-by-phone <Walter-by-phone!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:04 tch__ mohayon, anything else you want to share?
16:05 mohayon That's all for this meetings :)
16:08 tony37 has quit IRC
16:09 tony37 <tony37!~tony@p4FF8B310.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:09 tch__ you said it :)
16:09 thank everyone for coming!
16:09 #endmeeting
16:09 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jul 17 16:09:35 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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