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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-07-10 15:00:08

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15:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul 10 15:00:08 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:00 walterbender mohayon, wanna get things started?
15:01 mohayon Yes !
15:01 walterbender #topic apps
15:01 mohayon Hi everyone, I've been working on the Paint activity
15:01 You can check it out here : http://mikklfr.github.io/Paint.activity/
15:02 walterbender we need to find you better clipart :)
15:02 lots of progress since last week
15:03 mohayon Thanks, I've added some features like the bucket/filters and I've been working on the stamps/texts
15:04 walterbender what is next?
15:04 mohayon Copy/paste and Collaboration
15:05 I've seen that some SVG were not working on firefox. Maybe my version is outdated... I'm downloading the latest version
15:06 It should be finished soon and then I'll start the record app !
15:07 walterbender mohayon, a favor to ask
15:07 mohayon Yes ?
15:07 walterbender maybe you and artista can propose some patches to make turtle js compatible with sugarizer?
15:08 it is much nicer than the turtle currently bundled
15:08 is there a way to detect you are running with sugarizer?
15:09 or maybe we just need a fork
15:09 mohayon You can check if you're running on sugarizer
15:09 I'll look what's missing in terms of compatibility with sugarizer
15:09 walterbender thx
15:10 anything else for mohayon ?
15:11 mohayon Found out why svg were not working, pourcentage are not allowed. Maybe it will help anyone.
15:11 *percentage
15:12 walterbender some characters need to be escaped
15:12 e.g. < as &lt;
15:12 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@static-qvn-qvs-168097.busi​ness.bouyguestelecom.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:12 mohayon Thanks, I'll look for non escaped characters
15:13 walterbender llaske, welcome
15:13 check the backlog ;)
15:13 llaske hi all, sorry to be late
15:14 walterbender llaske, we were just discussing how to get the new turtle into Sugarizer
15:14 llaske great !
15:14 it miss just a stop button
15:15 then could be interesting to handle journal
15:15 walterbender llaske, I don't load the Sugar toolbar at all right now since it doesn't go well with the UI in stand-alone mode
15:15 llaske and finally integrate collaboration
15:15 not a problem
15:15 but we need a stop button however
15:15 walterbender but artista and mohayon will investigate and make a proposal :)
15:15 llaske cool
15:15 will help us on that
15:16 walterbender artista, how about an update?
15:16 artista sure :)
15:19 walterbender #topic turtle programming
15:19 artista we started this week by making the url getting an argument so that we could auto run the project by getting the filename.
15:19 Initially we could pass the name of a file to open but not to run like https://turtle.sugarlabs.org/?file=Card-10.tb will open
15:20 but now we have added option to autorun it by giving addition argument run=true eg. https://turtle.sugarlabs.org/?[…]rd-10.tb&run=true
15:20 walterbender we use it in the guide :)
15:20 https://github.com/walterbende[…]tree/master/guide
15:20 artista yeah we also have developed a guide to ease the user
15:21 We have also create a block openproject block to achieve the same thing.
15:21 llaske An easy but nice idea !
15:21 walterbender artista, I am thinking we could use that to create some challenges like Turtle Confusion and Turtle Flags
15:22 artista yeah we could extend that block even further by letting them pass argument
15:23 llaske, yeah it is was suggested by walterbender
15:23 we also tried to pass json-encoded-data to the outurl and get json-encoded data from inurl
15:23 like https://turtle.sugarlabs.org/?[…]Card-10.tb&inurl="getdata.txt"&outurl="putdata".
15:24 This is still in the review and testing phase and will be ready to use pretty soon.
15:25 walterbender artista, nice progress
15:25 artista thanks :)
15:26 walterbender here is a nice example of artista 's earlier work this summer: https://github.com/walterbende[…]de/fibonacci1.svg
15:27 any questions for artista ?
15:27 richashi, wanna go next?
15:28 richashi sure :)
15:28 walterbender #topic programming
15:29 richashi This week, I made the shell more robust and implemented one more feature.
15:30 it was a little tricky to get the source of the current webpage, but I have implemented that.
15:30 I discussed with Tony and other webconfusion project people for their use case. There was 2 requirements - the sheell should open in the same tab and if there is a webpage already loaded in the tab, the shell should open that page's source in the shell
15:30 walterbender interesting
15:30 richashi so, as I said earlier, I have implemented opening the source part
15:31 Now the shell opens in the same tab and if there is no webpage, then it just opens the empty shell.
15:31 When we open an html file in shell, the current algorithm which identifies Javascript code, css code and html code is pretty naive and basic. So, I discussed with Tony, and we have come up with a way to make it smarter. So, I will be doing that.
15:32 So currently what I do is that I search for the tags <script> and </script> and whatever is present between these, I fill in the JS box. However if the file has thing like <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">, then it would not match. So I have to modify the code so that it takes into account type and language also. Similarly, its the same for <style> tag
15:33 I will also implement one more functionality:
15:34 when we close the shell, it would detect if there are unsaved changes, and would prompt the user to save what he has written
15:35 walterbender richashi, what are the plans to merge this with Browse?
15:35 richashi I had discussed this with Tony
15:36 he is saying that Gonzalo is working on Webkit2 for the browse
15:36 so he will coordinate this with him and also the webconfusion project folks to come up with a plan to merge this.
15:38 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:38 walterbender ishan28mkip, glad you could join us :)
15:38 any questions for richashi ?
15:38 ishan28mkip, wanna give us your update?
15:39 #topic 3D
15:39 ishan28mkip This week the palette are completely working
15:39 richashi any other questions for me?
15:39 ishan28mkip A bounds function is working
15:39 richashi okay! thanks :)
15:39 walterbender richashi, not from me... I'll try it out... seems like a nice direction
15:40 richashi thank you  :)
15:40 ishan28mkip I worked on a recursive implementation for it
15:41 Positioning is off for the blocks on the scene, still fixing it.
15:41 Also created the basic framework for logo actions
15:41 walterbender ishan28mkip, seems like it is almost useable now
15:42 ishan28mkip Yup. Just some more patches now.
15:42 But I have to fix the scaling also after it starts to work
15:43 walterbender all doable now that the basic framework is coming into place
15:44 any questions for ishan28mkip ?
15:44 ishan28mkip I also patched some bugs in the mouse events. I think it will take some bug fixes to get that mouse event handler to perfect usable form
15:44 walterbender ishan28mkip, link to the latest version for people to test?
15:45 ishan28mkip http://ishan28mkip.github.io/turtle3D/
15:46 walterbender OK... I'll keep testing
15:47 ishan28mkip I will ping whenever I make major changes.
15:47 :)
15:47 walterbender yash is not here today
15:48 devin Yash is with family.
15:48 I have been designing a UI for musicblocks.
15:48 Walter, have you seen the design ideas?
15:48 walterbender #topic music mouse
15:49 devin, yes... I;ve been looking at the shared site you posted
15:49 devin Does this look like a good UI?
15:49 walterbender devin, looks good on paper... we'll see how it feels
15:50 devin It is what I imagine to be useful for teaching/learning.
15:50 walterbender the right place to start from
15:50 devin Okay, good. Thanks.
15:50 walterbender as long as we keep the core of programmability I am happy
15:51 devin Is there any more info I should put into these sketches to help the programming side.
15:51 ?
15:51 walterbender no... I think the building blocks yash is using will ensure programmability
15:52 devin Okay. Just feel free to step in if you have any thoughts/ideas during the process.
15:52 walterbender is not shy :)
15:53 anything else for today?
15:53 devin I would be happy if we got the "chunk builder" and "chunk assemlber" workspaces working, looking nice, and stable.
15:53 walterbender devin, yes... getting there
15:54 devin Great. I have meeting with Yash on Mon. and will review the design at that time. Thanks for everything.
15:54 walterbender super
15:54 thanks for the update everyone
15:54 lots to do but nice progress as well
15:55 #end-meeting
15:55 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jul 10 15:55:28 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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