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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-07-03 15:00:23

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15:00 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul  3 15:00:23 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:00 walterbender Thanks all for doing evaluations this week.
15:00 Good news: everyone passed :)
15:01 k_yash walterbender, yayy :D
15:01 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 abhinav Yayy
15:01 :D
15:01 ishan28mkip Hello everyone :)
15:01 walterbender artista, wanna get us started?
15:02 artista sure
15:02 walterbender #topic turtle programming
15:02 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 devin <devin!~devin@c-73-167-118-213.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 artista this week we worked on how to use tb to share data between app and tb
15:03 so that we can encourage some users to code
15:04 we decided to use xmlhttprequests to get and post json encoded data
15:04 instead of localstorage due to the server constraints
15:05 now we have savetoapp and loadfromapp blocks to send adn get data from app
15:05 richashi <richashi!~vijaysehg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:05 artista we are testing it and soon will merge with the master branch right walterbender ?
15:06 abhinav artista, isnt xmlHTTPRequests deprecated??
15:07 artista abhinav, I haven't checked for that :P. maybe I'll look for that
15:07 mohayon The sync request are deprecated in chrome and ff but not async
15:07 even if fetch() is coming :)
15:07 abhinav artista, use ajax instead
15:08 artista xmlHTTPrequests is an ajax method itself . I guess
15:09 abhinav its async instead
15:09 walterbender async is better for us anyway
15:10 abhinav ajax is async.
15:11 walterbender meanwhile, the various forms of action blocks (argument passing, return values, etc) have all landed upstream and had a round of additional debugging this week too :)
15:13 artista we also had some heaps block issue and that are also functional now :)
15:13 ishan28mkip Isn't xmlHTTPRequest used for AJAX requests?
15:14 walterbender ishan28mkip, yes, AFAIK
15:14 artista ishan28mkip, I have also read the same
15:14 walterbender XMLHttpRequest
15:14 Marnen yes, that's the underlying JS method for all browser Ajax calls.
15:16 walterbender anyway, something for artista to investigate
15:16 k_yash http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/[…]ame=tryajax_first
15:16 walterbender will review the code
15:16 any other comments/questions for artista ?
15:17 k_yash, wanna go next?
15:17 ishan28mkip So async requests is what we need. And maybe the jquery wrapper function of ajax is causing the confusion.
15:17 k_yash walterbender, ok so hello everyoone
15:17 walterbender #topic music
15:17 devin Hello!
15:17 Marnen Hi
15:18 k_yash This week I made few improvements
15:18 I mentioned all of them in the blog https://sugarizingmusic.wordpress.com/
15:19 devin Great. I am there right now. I tested out what you did about two days ago.
15:19 k_yash I also changed the sound from monoSynth to modulated monoSynth in tone JS
15:20 devin, most of them I did in last 2 days
15:20 devin So much better sound!!!
15:20 Thank you for using monosynth!!!
15:21 I didn't know how much longer I could listen to the other one.
15:21 :)
15:21 (I am checking it out right now) http://rawgit.com/khandelwalYa[…]master/index.html
15:21 k_yash devin, :D
15:21 devin And the 3/8 works!
15:22 And the spacing changes!
15:22 k_yash devin, yeah
15:22 this meets the short term expectations?
15:23 devin Very good work on the improvements.
15:23 Yes, I am reading the notes from last weeks meeting and think that Walter's idea about repeat is good. We should implement that.
15:23 ishan28mkip has quit IRC
15:24 devin (and a loop)
15:24 walterbender k_yash, why is the play matrix block a "math" block?
15:24 devin repeat = finite
15:24 loop = infinite
15:24 k_yash walterbender, it shows how much delay to be added before playing the matrix
15:25 walterbender but it returns a value?
15:25 devin Yash, my one (short term) comment with that is that it needs to be labeled as such.
15:25 walterbender why a oneArgMath block instead of a oneArg block?
15:25 k_yash walterbender, devin, umm yeah that needs to be corrected
15:25 devin ...and the unit of measurement needs to be added (milliseconds)
15:26 k_yash ok I'll edit the play matrix block
15:27 devin As for the large scale, I have told Yash that I think that we need to think of a "Phase 2" to reign in the big picture. We should design a UI and the larger environment for which this will be used.
15:27 Does that make sense, Walter?
15:28 We can continue to work on these functions, but I think that it will help to bring the whole thing together.
15:28 ...as we move forward.
15:28 walterbender devin, yes.. the UI is a bit all over the place at the moment
15:29 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:30 devin I think that we need to do some "pen and paper" planning and organize the taxonomies, [flow, interface]
15:30 walterbender +1
15:31 any other input/questions for k_yash ?
15:31 devin I have a meeting with Yash right after this to talk about this, but I will take a large portion of this as my responsibility.
15:31 walterbender thx
15:31 ishan28mkip Can I go next?
15:31 devin I think Yash is doing a great job so far. Glad we chose him!
15:32 Keep it up!
15:32 (over and out)
15:32 k_yash devin, Thanks I appreciate :D :D :D
15:32 walterbender ishan28mkip, go for it
15:32 #topic 3D
15:32 richashi I can go after ishan28mkip
15:33 ishan28mkip This week I worked on the next phase. I have more or less completed the palette, only the overflow of palette blocks is left to be dealt with
15:34 walterbender ishan28mkip, can you drag palette entries yet?
15:34 was not working for me last I tried
15:35 ishan28mkip Dragging is functional but because of a error in blocks it was not working
15:35 Today night they would be draggable
15:35 walterbender nice
15:35 ishan28mkip Fixed most of the errors in blocks.js
15:35 walterbender then we can start programming :)
15:36 ishan28mkip Also wrote the basic functions for turtle and logo
15:36 Yep I guess the programming would start by this weekend.
15:36 Than we can start with adding other features and bug fixing
15:36 Then*
15:37 walterbender great
15:37 ishan28mkip I also worked on the chase cam. I will upload a preview tomorrow
15:37 walterbender looking forward to it
15:38 ishan28mkip I was thinking if we should allow panning and zoom?
15:38 But that would cause problems with touch interfaces
15:39 walterbender we'll want to be able to move the camera...
15:39 but were you thinking of a UI?
15:39 abhinav has quit IRC
15:39 ishan28mkip Yup a ui design.
15:39 walterbender I was thinking programatically
15:39 ishan28mkip, we'll have to think about it... in theory, no reason why not
15:39 ishan28mkip Camera can definitely be moved programatically
15:40 Might hinder with graphical scripting
15:40 As in when the mouse is locked in doing panning it might get confusing on how to snap out. I think that would be the only problem
15:41 walterbender ishan28mkip, it can be modal
15:41 ishan28mkip Plus touch device support might be tricky.
15:41 Well I guess yes.
15:42 I am scheduling that for the next week. This week we finalize the scripting.
15:42 walterbender something to explore once we get the basics working
15:42 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:42 ishan28mkip Yup. Exactly.
15:43 walterbender any questions? issues? comments?
15:44 ishan28mkip I think that's all from my side. Shaders are giving a bit pain but its manageable.
15:44 walterbender OK. thx ishan28mkip
15:44 richashi, ready?
15:44 richashi yes :)
15:44 walterbender #topic programming
15:44 richashi This week I completed the code for basic shell.
15:45 abhinav Can I go after richashi?
15:45 richashi And have uploaded it on github, Here is the link:
15:45 https://github.com/richaseh/br[…]6d77df48fab7d6e36
15:45 Tony has played with the shell and has told me about some changes that I need to make. For e.g., right now I am opening the shell in a new tab. But as he suggested it would be good to open it on the same tab.
15:46 walterbender why?
15:47 llaske has quit IRC
15:47 richashi We want to load the already opened window in the current tab in shell
15:47 Currently, it opens a new shell in a new tab
15:48 now, we want to load whatever is present in the current tab, inside the shell
15:48 walterbender OK
15:49 richashi This would be helpful in the Web confusion project
15:49 where we want to open challenges directly in shell
15:50 We have started integrating Web confusion with the shell.
15:50 walterbender has been following the progress
15:51 richashi sorry. I didn’t understand what you asked
15:51 abhinav has quit IRC
15:52 walterbender richashi, I didn
15:52 t ask anything
15:52 richashi ok :)
15:52 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:52 walterbender any questions for richashi ?
15:53 richashi I have also updated the blog. Here is the link: http://richa-gsoc.tumblr.com/
15:53 walterbender thx
15:53 richashi Next I will be making the changes told by Tony.
15:53 And integration of shell with Web confusion project
15:54 walterbender richashi, sounds like a sound plan :)
15:54 mohayon, next?
15:54 richashi yes :)
15:54 mohayon Yes !
15:54 richashi has left #sugar-meeting
15:54 walterbender #topic JS apps
15:54 mohayon So I've been working on the Paint.activity
15:54 richashi <richashi!~vijaysehg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:54 mohayon Last week I started using PaperJS.
15:55 Then I discovered that I was very cpu consumming on mobile
15:55 PaperJS keep things all objects in memory
15:55 That can be good for some apps but not really for a paint with lots of overdraw
15:56 So, I kept PaperJS for the touch/click events handling
15:56 Marnen has quit IRC
15:56 mohayon (They are great)
15:56 I migrated the drawing to vanilla js code
15:56 walterbender wonders if that is the same issue I have with EaselJS
15:56 mohayon There's some progress on : http://mikklfr.github.io/Paint.activity/
15:57 It's not the latest code but can show what's going on
15:58 Next improvements are the resizing of stamps and texts, bucket to fill areas. Image insertion, copy paste, filter and collaborations
15:59 devin has quit IRC
15:59 walterbender mohayon, it is nice in its simplicity
16:00 mohayon I had made the stamp/text input many times in different ways.
16:00 For now, you have to pick up a stamp
16:00 click where you want to draw it
16:00 there are some dots
16:01 That means its not drawed inside the painting area. I will add a resize feature
16:01 then if you tap it, the stamp will be drawn
16:01 walterbender tries
16:01 mohayon Hardest part was to think for both mobile and computer
16:01 I had some great help by llaske
16:02 walterbender same with the text?
16:02 mohayon same thing yes
16:02 At first you could live edit the text but it wasn't compatible with mobile because of the keyboard popping in and out
16:02 walterbender makes sense
16:03 mohayon At first the items were also draggable :)
16:03 But with the resizing it becamed hard to understand
16:03 walterbender it is hard to position them exactly where one wants them :P
16:04 maybe we need some handles on the halo? for fine-positioning?
16:04 something to think about
16:04 mohayon Yes, I'm thinking about that
16:04 tony37 <tony37!~tony@p5B0D4440.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:04 walterbender anyway, a nice start
16:05 anything else for mohayon ?
16:05 mohayon, what app will be next?
16:05 mohayon The Record activity
16:05 In order to record audio/video/pictures
16:06 And the record activity will be useful for the Memorize activity
16:06 walterbender +1
16:06 mohayon In order to create games with sugarizer like on the XO version
16:09 richashi has quit IRC
16:10 walterbender mohayon, thx for the update
16:10 I think abhinav is next?
16:10 abhinav Yeah. None is left :)
16:10 walterbender #topic collaboration
16:11 abhinav This week was the UI week for me.
16:11 I completely redesigned the UI for collaboration box.
16:11 walterbender abhinav, gonzalo__ tch and I played with the new UI yesterday
16:11 abhinav Here is the link
16:11 walterbender lots of improvements
16:11 but still some confusions
16:11 abhinav walterbender, like?
16:12 walterbender well, part of it may be bugs elsewhere, but we were all seeing inconsistancies regarding who was around and what gorups were available
16:12 would be good to know who is in the group you have joined
16:13 perhaps more important than knowing who is around in general
16:13 and it is still not 100% clear what is shared once you join a group
16:13 also, the feedback that you successfully joined is a bit too subtle
16:14 still, it is heading in a good direction
16:14 abhinav walterbender, any suggestion on how can I make it less subtle?
16:15 walterbender maybe change the appearance of the neighborhood icon?
16:16 abhinav Should I change its background color to something else
16:16 ?
16:17 walterbender something...
16:17 the details are less important
16:17 maybe the color to reflect the current group?
16:17 abhinav Cool. That will be nice
16:18 walterbender abhinav, how do you hide the neighborhood panel? and the icon seems to disappear at times too
16:18 abhinav just click anywhere else the panel
16:19 or click on the icon on the bottom right
16:19 As in the area which is faded.
16:19 I will add a cross button on the top right.
16:20 walterbender OK... seemed the only way was to click off the panel, but then the icon would disappear too
16:21 abhinav, about the inconsistencies of what groups and what users are around, any ideas?
16:21 abhinav I didnt notice any inconsistencies.
16:22 Can u point out where and how did u get the inconsistencies?
16:22 walterbender abhinav, when the three of us tried yesterday, it was only after many tries that we saw each other
16:22 and only a few times did we see the same groups
16:23 abhinav can we try it now?
16:23 walterbender sure
16:23 URL?
16:23 maybe some others can join too?
16:24 abhinav http://rawgit.com/abhinavanura[…]master/index.html
16:25 Did anyone open the link yet?
16:26 I got walter and mo
16:26 ishan28mkip I also tried.
16:26 walterbender I shared but it said I was not a member of any group
16:26 then I joined Group 7
16:26 but I don't see any other user's presence
16:27 abhinav I got your group walterbender
16:27 I know where is the confusion
16:27 walterbender and my neighborhood icon disappeared
16:28 abhinav I skipped the changing of text when one shares an activity
16:28 Disappearing on neighborhood icon is not what I can control.
16:28 It will disappear whenever the connection will be broken
16:29 and that connection depends on your internet connection.
16:30 walterbender I don't think I am losing my connection
16:30 also, why does it say I am not a member of any group after I share?
16:30 should it tell me the group name that I create when I share?
16:32 abhinav https://github.com/abhinavanur[…]s/presence.js#L70
16:33 about the disappearing of neighborhood
16:33 walterbender maybe add some console.log output for debugging?
16:33 abhinav cool
16:33 i will
16:33 walterbender and maybe blog about the expected behavior so we can compare with what we are seeing
16:33 abhinav test it rigoursly
16:34 Yeah. I will do it. I was waiting for sharing the turtle output
16:34 walterbender abhinav, OK. I'll keep testing periodically
16:34 abhinav to blog something substantial
16:34 walterbender any other questions/comments for abhinav ?
16:34 abhinav walterbender, the complete sentence was "I will test it rigourously" :)
16:34 walterbender abhinav, thanks
16:35 everyone: thanks for the updates
16:35 let's keep pushing hard.
16:35 lots of great progress
16:35 ishan28mkip has quit IRC
16:35 walterbender #end-meeting
16:35 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jul  3 16:35:55 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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