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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-05-15 15:02:17

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15:02 meeting Meeting started Fri May 15 15:02:17 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:02 mohayon Hi !
15:02 richashi <richashi!~vijaysehg@c-50-129-97-142.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:03 walterbender the general idea of these weekly meetings is to get a quick summary from each GSoC intern and then discuss any mutual issues
15:03 this is independent of the meetings you presumably have with your mentors
15:03 anyone want to jump in?
15:04 mohayon I'm ready :)
15:04 walterbender mohayon, the floor is yours :)
15:05 mohayon So I started playing with Docker to easily setup development env for Sugar and Sugarizer
15:05 https://github.com/mikklfr/docker-sugar and https://github.com/mikklfr/docker-sugarizer
15:05 That allows you to get an env ready in minutes :)
15:05 walterbender mohayon, seems like a real win
15:06 mohayon The idea came by talking with Gonzalo Odiard in the ml
15:06 walterbender mohayon, think you'll be able to save state between sessions?
15:06 mohayon It's done ! :)
15:06 walterbender nice... /me must have missed that in the thread
15:06 mohayon It syncs .sugar and .sugar-runner folders
15:07 you have the possibility to disable it with some command lines option
15:07 k_yash Hi walterbender
15:08 mohayon I had the opportunity to test collaboration with llaske and I have some views other how I will include it in my developpements
15:08 *about
15:09 walterbender will try docker/Sugar weekend
15:09 mohayon For the next week, I will help llaske onto some Sugarizer server autostart scripts and try to start the calc app using SugarWeb
15:09 I have began a wiki page about docker and sugar
15:10 walterbender nice
15:10 mohayon wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/SugarOnDocker It's not completed yet but I will asap
15:10 Marnen This looks really cool. I knew about Docker for Web servers but hadn't thought of trying it as a local VM container.
15:11 mohayon Yep, it's more a hack for devs than for production :)
15:12 Marnen Right. (Now I have to find out how it works with Vagrant...) :)
15:12 walterbender should use it for distributing the Python/GTK version of Turtle
15:13 richashi nice work mohayon…. :) Hi everyone, this is Richa
15:13 walterbender any questions for mohayon ?
15:13 mohayon Thanks :)
15:13 k_yash hi
15:14 richashi Currently my final exams are going on….So have been really busy wrapping up the semester :/
15:14 k_yash I am exploring western music
15:14 walterbender richashi, that's understandable... we begin in earnest next week
15:14 richashi But I have been reading “Eloquent Javascript” ebook, that we need to integrate
15:14 walterbender should read it as well
15:14 and Javascript, the good parts
15:15 richashi Tony Anderson is going to introduce me to Sameer Verma in SF
15:15 walterbender richashi, he's a good guy
15:15 richashi And I have joined the OLPC COmmunity in SF
15:15 walterbender richashi, they are pretty active
15:16 richashi and I have been bonding with them :)
15:16 walterbender richashi, there are some excellent Sugar hackers in SF
15:16 Marnen General note: I'd be happy to help anyone with JavaScript language questions.
15:16 richashi Really excited to meet the community there
15:16 Thanks Marnen….I will definitely contact you if I have questions
15:16 walterbender Marnen, maybe we can sit down and you can do a code review for me of TurtleJS
15:16 Marnen Sure.
15:17 walterbender richashi, you need to meet rgs
15:17 in SF 2nd week of June for a Google event
15:17 k_yash, anything you want to fill us in about?
15:17 richashi that would be great :) !
15:17 k_yash I am understanding the flow of TBjs
15:18 richashi can you give me more information about rgs, and the event
15:18 ?
15:18 walterbender richashi, rgs is at Twitter... he was one of the founders of Paraguay Educa, one of the first OLPC projects
15:19 richashi nice!
15:19 k_yash walterbender and getting the deeper insights of the material Devin provided me.
15:19 walterbender you can reach him through his sugarlabs.org email
15:19 k_yash, I am plowing through that material as well
15:20 k_yash great :D
15:20 To understand better I bought a guitar also... :)
15:21 devin__ I know I gave you guys a lot of stuff. We can approach this both "bottom up" and "top down". What I just sent was a pretty complete curriculum (top down). But, we can be flexible and use what we have, too (bottom up).
15:21 Marnen has quit IRC
15:21 walterbender devin__, I think the goal over the next few weeks is to get a basic handle on the core toolchain we want to build
15:22 it will be informed by the curricula goals
15:22 devin__ [For the record, I told Yash in an email that purchasing a guitar was not necessary.]
15:22 walterbender devin__, he should build his own guitar :)
15:22 devin__ However I am--as a guitar player--of course happy the he made "the right choice" in instruments. :)
15:22 We should all own a guitar.
15:22 k_yash yes :D
15:23 devin__ What kind of guitar, Yash?
15:23 walterbender was shocked to find that in Nicaragua, they don't use any of the Sugar music apps
15:23 k_yash acoustic one
15:23 devin__ what brand?
15:23 k_yash jixing
15:24 Marnen <Marnen!Marnen@209-6-194-68.c3-0.smr-ubr2​.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:24 Marnen has left #sugar-meeting
15:24 Marnen <Marnen!Marnen@209-6-194-68.c3-0.smr-ubr2​.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:24 k_yash I bought it just to get better hold of materials you gave me
15:24 Marnen sorry, network issues
15:24 k_yash no problem
15:25 devin__ Never heard of it. Yamaha is a dependable brand. Always tunable and playable, with a decent sound--even with their low end guitars.
15:25 k_yash I too had it since last 2 days
15:25 okay devin, it is just for getting basic understanding
15:25 devin__ Great! You can learn from my book and watch the videos I put up as guides.
15:26 k_yash In near future I'll get a good one also :D
15:26 yeah
15:26 walterbender k_yash, any questions for us at this point? any questions for k_yash?
15:27 k_yash walterbender as Ui/UX is concerned, we'll consider TBjs as a base and build upon that ?
15:28 walterbender k_yash, I am hoping that we keep a programmable layer for the kids under the hood, but maybe we can do that with ishan's tools
15:29 so strict adherance to TurlteJS is not a requirement
15:29 Marnen Yash, I know I've been a bit out of touch, but I want to make sure you know that I'm available for advice as needed.
15:29 k_yash that sounds great :D
15:29 Marnen Thanks
15:31 walterbender amit is sick and abhinav is in transit today
15:32 has anyone seen ishan?
15:32 k_yash I don't know where ishan is
15:33 walterbender I spoke with him at the beginning of the week about libraries
15:33 he was going to do some performance testing
15:33 with three.js
15:33 k_yash maybe he is having exams
15:34 walterbender did anyone else have thoughts about libraries?
15:34 mohayon I started looking at createjs
15:34 It's used on some sugarizer apps
15:35 llaske told me that it wasn't always good for touch/input events like android/ios
15:35 devin__ Yash, I would just say please continue to keep us  in the loop on updates. You have been doing a good job of that so far. Keep up the good work!
15:35 walterbender mohayon, I use the easel.js library from create.js in Turtle
15:35 mohayon, I struggle a bit on Android with it, but it mostly works
15:36 k_yash devin__ yeah I will and Thanks I appreciate it
15:36 devin__ When you send me something--when anyone sends me software--I will test it from a teaching/learning perspective. I can send detailed feedback of my experience.
15:37 mohayon Yes, I'll test the latest versions they seem to have better support for input. Video/Audio/Canvas looks really great
15:37 devin__ Also, I will continue to develop a curriculum for the music teaching/learning aspect (again bottom-up and top-down).
15:37 mohayon SoundJS/PreloadJS
15:39 walterbender anyone else?
15:39 k_yash, what have you discovered re music libraries?
15:41 k_yash for now, I sticked with tone.js , I saw sound.js
15:42 past few days I'm having bad internet connectivity...that kind of stopped my progress
15:43 walterbender I'll update you and marnen if I get some good sound libraries
15:44 that is all from my side
15:45 walterbender OK
15:45 Marnen I wonder if I should put you in touch with Joe Berkowitz. He was on the committee that created the Web Audio API.
15:45 walterbender Marnen, worth reaching out for recommendations... especially for music-related libraries
15:46 Marnen Exactly my thought. I'll see what I can do.
15:46 walterbender +1
15:46 anything else for today?
15:46 devin__ Please keep me in the loop, even on software library stuff. I at least collect the materials.
15:46 k_yash yeah definitely
15:47 Marnen +1
15:47 Marnen OK. Let me see if I can figure out what e-mail address he's using. :)
15:48 walterbender is traveling again most of next week, but will be here on Friday at least for our next meeting
15:49 meanwhile, everyone should be should to keep in contact with their mentors
15:49 any issues, feel free to contact me by email
15:51 richashi sure!
15:52 mohayon Okay :)
15:52 k_yash sure :)
15:52 richashi I am in the Bay area in summers….is there a place where the community works where I can go….instead of working from home :p
15:52 Marnen E-mailing Joe now.
15:53 walterbender richashi, I think that the OLPC SF group uses some hacker space on occasion
15:54 and a friend has a houseboat in Redwood City we have used as a hackerspace too
15:54 richashi :)
15:54 walterbender richashi, hopefully we can meet when I am in SF 2nd week of June
15:54 richashi should I ask Sameer for this?
15:54 walterbender yes
15:54 richashi that would be amazing!
15:55 walterbender OK... time for some more coffee
15:56 thanks everyone for your updates
15:56 seems like a great start
15:56 richashi thanks!
15:58 walterbender #end-meeting
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