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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-04-06 23:10:04

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23:10 meeting Meeting started Mon Apr  6 23:10:04 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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23:10 <Jose_Miguel-es> Pardon by the hour...
23:10 walterbender Just a quick update on several topics
23:10 #topic GSoC
23:10 Jm_ <Jm_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:10 walterbender we have 67 applicants
23:11 many strong ones
23:11 we have a meeting scheduled for Thursday to discuss among the mentors what we want to do
23:11 then we wait to hear from Google
23:12 FWIW, I have approached the Tata Trusts in India to see if they might be interested in working with some of these kids -- about 75% are from India
23:13 #topic Turtle Art Day
23:13 with the help of Harriet Vidysagar and the team at Homi Bhabha Center in Mumbai, we had a 2-day Turtle Art Day last week
23:13 one day for educators and one day with fourth graders
23:14 lots of fun
23:14 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
23:14 walterbender we used the Javascript version with the teachers and the Python version with the kids
23:14 Quozl`_ .
23:14 walterbender I'll be writing up notes as soon as I wake up.
23:14 still suffering from jet lag
23:15 #topic possible project in Assam
23:15 I met with the Tata Trusts to discuss a project that they are doing with MIT
23:15 be we went on to discuss an initiative that they are doing in Assam.
23:16 Looks likely we will be doing a Sugar program there
23:16 I'll keep you all informed as discussions go forward
23:16 That's the end of my updates
23:17 (Oh, except to say that I am doing a Turtle Art Day in Jamaica at the end of the month in conjunction with a local foundation.)
23:17 CanoeBerry, can you reconnect me with anything else going on there these days?
23:19 gonzalo_ i have a small news than can make CanoeBerry happy, today landed in Sugar a patch to not break activities with old activity.info format anymore :)
23:20 retrospectively, was a mistake make the change in 0.98, but we live and learn....
23:21 walterbender Quozl`_, how are your tests on performance of 104 on XO-1 hardware?
23:22 would be great to be able to get everyone onto recent builds
23:22 Quozl`_ walterbender: i have an automated test method in development, been testing continuously for four days on three XO-1, and have some surprising discoveries, but I'm not ready to publish the details, except to say that 104 scores better than 98.
23:23 walterbender Quozl`_, thanks for working on this
23:23 Quozl`_ walterbender: the other blocker for a synchronised release is the Browse activity showing rectangles in fonts after a Google search.
23:24 walterbender Quozl`_, yeah...
23:24 Quozl`_ walterbender: otherwise, i'm finding the 104 build very stable and nice.
23:24 walterbender Quozl`_, we need to make a full-court press on Browse
23:24 it will be a blocker for some potential projects in India as well
23:25 gonzalo_ Quozl`_, question, did you tried run the old gecko version of Browse? 129.1 i think
23:25 Quozl`_ walterbender: within a few days i expect i'll be reducing my involvement on performance analysis on XO-1, as other work is about to arrive.
23:25 gonzalo_ Quozl`_, probably will need some dependencies like hulahop
23:26 Quozl`_ gonzalo_: no, didn't try it.
23:26 CanoeBerry Sorry, am back.  Elkner just called :)
23:27 walterbender give him my regards
23:27 CanoeBerry walterbender: my Jamaica links are weak 3 years later, but will try!
23:27 walterbender CanoeBerry, mine too :P
23:28 gonzalo_, shall we discuss the survey results?
23:29 gonzalo_ walterbender, the last time i checked, we had 12 replies, is not bad
23:29 walterbender, i was waiting a few more to make a resume
23:29 summary
23:30 walterbender gonzalo_, OK
23:30 maybe for next meeting
23:30 icarito, ping
23:31 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Gonzalo: some tracks?
23:31 icarito hola walterbender
23:31 gonzalo_ Jeniffer Martino is not involved in Canada anymore?
23:32 JoseMiguel, show how diverse is our group to start :)
23:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
23:33 walterbender icarito, did you have anything you wanted to discuss re elections?
23:33 gonzalo_, I never heard back from her :P
23:33 CanoeBerry gonzalo_: catching up to your patch annc above, incredible news
23:34 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, i knew you will be happy ;)
23:34 icarito walterbender, only I'm waiting if I will be appointed for elections committee
23:34 as well as Caryl
23:34 who is the other volunteer
23:37 walterbender let's discuss with the SLOB
23:37 #topic elections committee
23:37 some background
23:38 Luke, who was chairing the election committee has moved on to other thing
23:38 s
23:38 correlated -- not necessarily causal -- we had no candidates for the last two elections above and beyond current members
23:39 so we did not hold elections
23:39 we now have two community members volunteering to pick up the slack
23:39 It would be be good to get some fresh ideas and energy
23:40 I presume we need to appoint the new committee
23:40 end of background
23:40 Quozl`_ ceases observing the meeting (conflicting appointment)
23:41 walterbender Quozl`_, ciao
23:41 CanoeBerry On March 10th Walter said Sugar Labs will run elections end of 2015: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]March/017278.html
23:41 walterbender CanoeBerry, and no one signed up as a candidate
23:41 until mid-february
23:42 CanoeBerry, but we can discuss this with the election committee
23:42 which is the current topic
23:43 not the election itself
23:43 gonzalo_ i think we should do otherwise
23:44 walterbender I am thrilled that icarito and cayrl have volunteered
23:44 gonzalo_ we need run the election, and we have volunteers, anybody have any problem with start the process?
23:44 walterbender I think it would be good to recruit one more... one of the younger members.. a sam or ignacio
23:45 and then let the committee propose a plan for an election
23:46 gonzalo_ icarito, from the point of view of infraestructure, something is missing?
23:46 walterbender Let me make a motion:
23:47 A motion to appoint Icarito and Cayrl to the election committee
23:48 and to try to recruit a youth member to the coimmittee as well
23:48 discussion?
23:48 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Good idea.
23:49 gonzalo_ +1 from my part
23:49 walterbender CanoeBerry, any thoughts?
23:49 gonzalo_ i think limit the other volunteer to young hackers would not be needed
23:50 walterbender gonzalo_, true... but I think it is a good goal... to have a committee that is as diverse as our community if possible
23:50 but maybe it need not be part of the motion
23:51 gonzalo_ walterbender, is good, but wouldn't be a blocker
23:55 walterbender shall we vote on an amended motion:
23:55 Motion: Appoint icarito and Caryl to the election committee
23:56 we can leave it to a task to all of us to recruit more help
23:58 gonzalo_ ok, can they start in the meantime?
23:58 walterbender yes
23:58 gonzalo_ good
23:58 walterbender once we appoint them
23:59 can we vote?
23:59 +1
23:59 gonzalo_ +1
23:59 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
23:59 walterbender CanoeBerry, ?
00:01 icarito, consider it done, and I will solicit votes from the rest of the commitee by email
00:01 icarito, can you and caryl make a proposal for a new election
00:02 we need to figure out not just when, but whom is up for election as we are a bit out of sync
00:02 anything else for tonight?
00:02 icarito walterbender, we'll work on it
00:02 CanoeBerry All makes sense.  And also let's please clarify (now, not later) what exact the Elections Committee can and cannot do.  Is the election committee tasked with replacing board members in interim elections too?  Around 2010 SLOBS decided that a member of the board should be replaced if they do not attend oversight board meetings (like this one) regularly.  If I recall it was roughly missing
00:02 2+ meetings over 2+ months (beyond medical/overseas deployment extenuating circumstances).  These quorum / complete lack of participation issues are not solved by waiting for the next election, and I wonder if we can clarify/enact this now, per our own SLOBS decision of 2010/2011.  What's the presumed calculus to replacing consistently absent board members, as we enacted by a 2/3 vote
00:02 of some such, since it rose to a "constitutional-level" decision?
00:03 walterbender CanoeBerry, Let's make a list of questions for the committee to ponder
00:04 I can compile a list of board meeting attendance over the past two years
00:04 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, is a different topic, but I was thinking that for a while. there are members who just dissapear
00:05 CanoeBerry A "constitutional" decision was made, we just need to enforce it.
00:05 walterbender CanoeBerry, fine with me
00:05 icarito walterbender, that will be useful
00:05 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, is 2/3 of total or 2/3 of present?
00:05 walterbender icarito, will try to get to it this week
00:06 CanoeBerry gonzalo_: Good question: 2/3 of total I believe.
00:06 icarito walterbender, it would also be useful to get access to the full membership list including emails
00:06 walterbender icarito, it is in a google doc. I think I can add you guys (will try)
00:06 otherwise I think bernie can
00:06 icarito sebastian@fuentelibre.org is associated to a google account
00:06 gonzalo_ icarito, you talked about update that list, right?
00:07 walterbender we have a volunteer who maintains the list
00:07 CanoeBerry Another option to streamline interim elections would be to use result of the most recent election (if there were enough surplus candidates!)
00:07 icarito as per https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]ng_for_membership , it would be good to make sure all emails to members@sugarlabs.org have been processed
00:07 gonzalo_ icarito, what is the plan?
00:07 walterbender needs to go in a few minutes
00:08 gonzalo_ no problem
00:08 walterbender any other topics for tonight?
00:08 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:09 Claudia_ Hello
00:09 gonzalo_ icarito, could you propose a plan for the tasks needed to prepare the election?
00:09 hello Claudia_ :)
00:09 Claudia_ sorry.. I am a few min late
00:09 icarito gonzalo_, looking for the backlink, the plan is pretty much what we shared in the "Will anything change this time" thread
00:09 CanoeBerry Which election(s) is also an open question..
00:09 gonzalo_ Claudia_, wrong time zone :) we started one hour ago
00:09 icarito CanoeBerry, yes
00:10 our general plan is the same as last year, we need to make a survey of members
00:10 Claudia_ oh...
00:10 icarito we can ask them then
00:10 we will
00:10 walterbender Claudia_, are you in Colombia?
00:10 Claudia_ so sorry
00:10 walterbender or Boston?
00:10 Claudia_ no.. I am in Boston
00:11 I saw the email, but I did not pay attention to the time, but in my calendar I have this time
00:12 I did not change my calendar after time changed
00:12 CanoeBerry Too late today, but if we had to pass constitutional-level decisions on how exactly to proceduralize replacement of board members, we now have 5-of-7 members present, hah
00:12 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It changed the hour... :(
00:12 Claudia_ walterbender: welcome back
00:12 walterbender Claudia_, thx
00:12 Claudia_ I need to talk to you about NIC
00:12 walterbender Claudia_, I am in Needham tomorrow and Wednesday
00:12 but I could come to MIT on Thursday
00:13 Claudia_ we can talk on the phone tom
00:13 walterbender needs to go in 5 minutes
00:13 Claudia_ I promised ZT that I was going to call them
00:13 walterbender Claudia_, +1
00:13 Claudia_ What time are you going to Needham tom?
00:14 walterbender all day
00:14 Claudia_ what time can we talk?
00:15 walterbender early afternoon?
00:15 Claudia_ ok
00:16 walterbender needs to run...
00:16 Claudia_ text me when the bb is taking a nap
00:16 walterbender will do
00:16 good night all
00:16 thanks for attending
00:16 Claudia_ apologies again for the time issue
00:16 icarito walterbender, do we have a decision?
00:16 maybe since Claudia_ and CanoeBerry are here
00:16 walterbender icarito, yes
00:16 icarito they can vote
00:16 CanoeBerry, I hear you
00:16 walterbender icarito, CanoeBerry votes yes
00:16 icarito ah ok
00:17 walterbender Claudia_, can you read the backlog and vote by email?
00:17 I'll ping cjl and danielf by email
00:17 but the motion passed
00:17 icarito it was not clear to me from reading him ;-)
00:17 happens to me with CanoeBerry sometimes
00:17 Claudia_ ok
00:18 walterbender icarito, with all of us :)
00:18 so... I will end the formal meeting now... apologies, but I need to go back to babysitting tonight
00:19 #end-meeting
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