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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2015-03-03 00:13:11

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00:13 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar  3 00:13:11 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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00:13 gonzalo_ hi CanoeBerry!
00:13 we have quorum now!
00:13 CanoeBerry Hi Walter & Gonzalo & :)
00:13 walterbender welcome all
00:14 Claudia_ hello
00:14 walterbender I think our first order of business is to solicit information from the deployments
00:14 without it we are largely operating in the dark
00:15 CanoeBerry As we move into https://turtle.sugarlabs.org and http://sugarizer.org
00:15 deployments this gets easier..
00:15 walterbender CanoeBerry, you are jumping ahead a bit
00:16 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, did you read the questions for the deployments?
00:16 CanoeBerry Do u mean https://docs.google.com/docume[…]oDIM9r4-R1nkPKiuw ?
00:16 gonzalo_ yes
00:16 CanoeBerry Broad questions, yes.
00:17 walterbender CanoeBerry, any suggestions how to make it more useful?
00:19 Claudia_ I think we should just go ahead and start collecting the info
00:19 walterbender +1
00:19 gonzalo_ ok
00:20 Claudia_ and ask people to provide reference for others to contact
00:20 walterbender we have been sitting on our hands for 2 months
00:20 Claudia_ I was also thinking we should think about doing the meeting somewhere else
00:20 gonzalo_ i propose the following: take this week to get mails from people and sent the next monday
00:21 walterbender gonzalo_, huh?
00:21 gonzalo_ Claudia_, any particular reason?
00:21 walterbender could you rephrase.
00:22 gonzalo_, Claudia_ and I had discussed the merits of a meeting in Managua instead of Montevideo
00:22 in part because they (FZT) are expanding their Sugar efforts
00:23 Claudia_ We were thinking it is strategic.. OLPC is there
00:23 gonzalo_ walterbender, Claudia_, have sense
00:23 Claudia_ They are working closely with Rwanda
00:23 gonzalo_ also is true we go a lot to Uy, and have more information than from other places
00:23 walterbender gonzalo_, before we switch to that topic, I didn't understand gonzalo_ 's comment about waiting one week
00:23 Claudia_ and expanding to other countries in Africa
00:24 central america, etc
00:24 gonzalo_ walterbender, just to prepare the list of mails
00:24 walterbender, maybe two days is enough
00:24 walterbender gonzalo_, I think we should start sending immediately to the people we already know
00:24 plus if they are confused we can refine the questions when we ask others
00:24 Claudia_ agree with Walter...
00:24 CanoeBerry If survey can, (1) explain what actions may become possible as a result of survey (2) ask survey recipient if they do/don't want their responses auto-published?
00:24 gonzalo_ walterbender, I can prepare a google form to make easier get the daat
00:24 data
00:25 walterbender this is not like school... everyone doesn't have to take the exam at the same time
00:25 gonzalo_, I think it is overengineering the problem
00:25 gonzalo_ walterbender, is easier than you think
00:25 walterbender it is not so many people and to ask them to use a google doc is maybe asking too much... just email is OK I think
00:26 if the google form is embedded in the email, I suppose
00:26 but will it be bi/tri lingual?
00:26 gonzalo_ true, we need at least made it Ens/Spa
00:27 Claudia_ we can create a google doc, so all the data ends together
00:27 gonzalo_ walterbender, Claudia_, anybody of you want write a introduction to the questions?
00:28 walterbender I think we will have personal intros for each letter
00:28 we know all of these people
00:28 or most of them
00:29 gonzalo_ walterbender, then, everybody of us send personal emails or we send a common email for all?
00:29 CanoeBerry, do you have more contacts to add?
00:29 walterbender gonzalo_, I think common questions
00:29 CanoeBerry Is Tony Anderson on the list?
00:29 walterbender although I will send some different questions to Rangan
00:29 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, no, where is he?
00:30 CanoeBerry Everywhere"
00:30 :)
00:30 gonzalo_ ha ha
00:30 CanoeBerry Africa/Asia especially..
00:30 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, we are trying to get someone for every deployment :)
00:30 Is he omnipresent? :)
00:31 CanoeBerry He has not visited the OLPC Antarctica deployment.
00:31 walterbender that was the other Tony
00:32 CanoeBerry Tony the Penguin ;)
00:32 Claudia_ I believe we are getting information from the deployments on their direction, future plans for their deployments (or their countries, if they have the info)...
00:33 We should perhaps prepare a slightly different set of questions for the Tonys of the world, so we can incorporate their experience
00:33 walterbender +1
00:34 but maybe tony can help us reach more deployments
00:34 gonzalo_ Claudia_, based in the emails in the last weeks (about sugar future) I think we should sent a different set of questions to the community
00:34 Claudia_ that too, walterbender
00:34 gonzalo_: maybe a public survey
00:34 gonzalo_ yes
00:35 Claudia_ ok
00:35 gonzalo_ walterbender, CanoeBerry, Claudia_, someone want contact Tony, and see if he can contact us with the appropiate people?
00:35 walterbender someone will have to explain to me some of the comments on that thread :P
00:35 gonzalo_ walterbender, after we finish with this topic, please :)
00:36 walterbender CanoeBerry, can you do it? you guys talk school server each week?
00:36 gonzalo_, I think we have it wrapped up for now
00:36 CanoeBerry I can ask Tony, yes.
00:36 walterbender I'll start sending out some tonight/tomorrow
00:36 gonzalo_ perfect
00:37 CanoeBerry, please add the contact to the document for future reference
00:37 walterbender #topic meeting venue for face-to-face SLOBs meeting
00:37 Claudia_ should we keeo the info for our meeting and not make it public?
00:37 I think if we do, people may feel better at answering
00:37 gonzalo_ Claudia_, hmm, is possible
00:37 CanoeBerry gonzalo_: Done
00:38 walterbender Claudia_, the emails themselves are private, but I think we should say that we are gathering statistics from them that would be public
00:38 but we can make sure they remain anonymous
00:38 Claudia_ statistics make sense
00:38 walterbender OK
00:39 Claudia_ but what other HW or SW?
00:39 walterbender re the venue,
00:39 CanoeBerry Aside: Nicaragua can be half the price of Uruguay airfare for a majority of (North American) SLOB members. FWIW even less if trucking thru Panama or Costa Rica.
00:39 gonzalo_ the message would be: we are trying to get information to organize future projects in Sugar land
00:39 walterbender Claudia_, HW could be Android tablets for example
00:40 Claudia_ walterbender: what about sharing with NIC the desire to make the meeting there and do a TA day... if they seem receptive, we move forward... if not, we go back to UY plan?
00:40 walterbender and software could be Window 10??? who knows?
00:40 Claudia_, +1
00:40 I mentioned TA again to German
00:40 and Mariana
00:40 can you mention it to Felix? and whomever?
00:40 Claudia_ ok...
00:41 walterbender: I meant to say that what if they don't want us to share that type of info with the rest of the world...
00:41 walterbender: I will contact Felix tomorrow
00:41 walterbender Claudia_, we need to respect their privacy
00:42 but we could say, for example, that a deployment told us that they plan on 10K ipads for 2016
00:42 without saying which deployment
00:42 Claudia_ yes... we should ask about information they think it is private... I can see companies attacking them in their idea is to buy 50k new computers
00:43 walterbender yes... I think the default is no names
00:43 gonzalo_ noted
00:43 walterbender no identifiers
00:43 Claudia_ +1
00:44 walterbender are we done with this topic?
00:44 Claudia_ yes
00:44 gonzalo_ i think so. plese complete the columns when was sent and received
00:44 walterbender #topic GSoC
00:45 this is a quick heads up that we have been accepted
00:45 we'll not know how many slots until we get students to apply
00:45 gonzalo_ ohh, we need prepare the projects list!
00:45 walterbender we've been encouraging JS projects
00:45 and have gotten a lot of activity in that space over the past month
00:46 gonzalo_, there are quite a few projects already listed but we can add more at any time
00:46 and try to steer students towards things we need
00:46 gonzalo_ walterbender, link?
00:46 walterbender one sec
00:47 Claudia_ I read.. "We will be participating in Google Summer of Code 2015." in facebook, but it is not inviting students to participate
00:47 walterbender #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2015
00:47 gonzalo_ Claudia_, don't worry, students have been asking for more than a month
00:48 walterbender Claudia_, I will follow up with more details
00:48 Claudia_ ok.. I am happy to circulate
00:48 walterbender in FB
00:48 we should tweet too
00:48 Claudia_ ok
00:48 that too
00:49 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok, i see you already did all the work :)
00:49 walterbender not all the work but a start
00:49 gonzalo_ my vacation was strategic :)
00:50 Claudia_ yes, gonzalo_
00:50 walterbender gonzalo_, it is bad... my current streak on github is 93 days
00:51 gonzalo_ walterbender, but you are crazy and we already know that :)
00:51 walterbender anyway, please do spread the word to potential mentors and students
00:51 I have one more topic if it is OK
00:52 Claudia_ fine by me
00:52 walterbender #topic www.sl.o
00:52 As I think you'd all agree, our website is a bit stale
00:53 three different people started designing a new website: tymon, sam, and quidam
00:53 none a quite polished yet
00:54 but I think we should be aiming for a few goals in this work:
00:54 (1) simplify
00:54 (2) direct access to SOAS, Sugarizer, and other ways to try Sugar
00:54 (3) an infrastructure bases on git so we can more readily maintain it
00:55 (4) fast
00:55 Claudia_ do you mean three different projects? or all three people working on one design?
00:55 walterbender (5) high quality of graphics
00:55 Claudia_, well... two started independently and the third was a fork
00:55 Claudia_ ok
00:55 walterbender but I think they will merge their efforts
00:56 Claudia_ agree
00:56 walterbender it has been a bit of a struggle but they are converging
00:56 gonzalo_ i think we need one designer or use some probed template
00:56 walterbender I just worry that we look a bit amateurish
00:56 gonzalo_ yes
00:56 walterbender gonzalo_, I have been trying to say that over and over
00:57 but it takes a while for the message to sink in
00:57 Claudia_ Design is key...
00:57 gonzalo_ walterbender, the problem is all the involved are developers not designers
00:57 walterbender +1
00:57 gonzalo_ and we do it ugly
00:57 Claudia_ in the project Tincho and I helped mentor, it was an issue
00:57 the student did not have the skills
00:57 walterbender I have been trying to get them to work on the back end
00:58 so we can have a place for a designer to work
00:58 Claudia_ what about using some small money on a design?
00:58 walterbender actually, there is a fourth person who is a decent designer
00:58 Claudia_, I don't mind spending some money on desing
00:58 Claudia_ design should be done in parallel
00:58 walterbender but I want to make sure we have a good idea where we want to go
00:58 Claudia_ no?
00:59 walterbender Claudia_, they should be working with a designer, as an integral part of the team
00:59 Claudia_ agree
01:00 walterbender I doubt we can get cms back
01:00 but maybe manuq could spare some cycles?
01:00 gonzalo_ walterbender, Claudia_, CanoeBerry, we should set this points as guidelines to who want to work in the site
01:01 right now they are working without any direction
01:01 walterbender gonzalo_, they are working with direction
01:01 but not always listening
01:01 Claudia_ I don't know the details
01:01 walterbender the process is a bit chaotic
01:01 Claudia_, it has been on the devel list only, I think
01:01 gonzalo_ walterbender, but they are asking in the mailing list and everybody can propose different things
01:02 walterbender gonzalo_, I asked them to solicit ideas, not take a poll
01:02 but it maybe a language problem.
01:03 gonzalo_ walterbender, is different if we say, we talked at the slobs meeting and decided this are the important points for the site
01:03 walterbender gonzalo_, +1
01:03 but let's find a designer to participate
01:03 gonzalo_ walterbender, you said there was already a designer?
01:04 walterbender yeah... I just am not sure yet if he is up to the task...
01:04 I suppose we can wait and see.
01:04 gonzalo_ walterbender, do you want ask to manuq?
01:04 Claudia_ so much to discuss and do...
01:04 CanoeBerry walterbender's own lean design (emailed yesterday?) is a fine kernel to build on too
01:04 Claudia_ I have to go in the next min or two
01:04 walterbender Claudia_, me too
01:05 I'll keep SLOBs in the loop.
01:05 thanks all for you input
01:05 Claudia_ I have a designer or two in Colombia... if we want to contact them
01:05 walterbender Claudia_, let's discuss off line
01:05 Claudia_ ok
01:05 gonzalo_ ok, see you all
01:06 walterbender ciao
01:06 #end-meeting
01:06 Claudia_ great to talk to all.. let's contact the people and plan the meeting
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