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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-11-13 16:02:52

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16:02 meeting Meeting started Thu Nov 13 16:02:52 2014 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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16:03 tch__ 5 minutes goes by too quick!
16:03 Hello everyone, thanks for coming :)
16:03 puneet_kaur_ Hi tch :-)
16:03 tch__ first, let me show you a summary of the current status of the features we proposed for 0.104
16:03 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.104
16:03 puneet_kaur_ Seen that
16:04 tch__ from 13~ features we already merged 4
16:04 but other needs some work,
16:04 and in some cases we need an initial PR yet
16:04 puneet_kaur_ yes
16:04 tch__ The other important thing to notice is that features freeze in on December 1
16:04 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.104/Roadmap
16:05 so we won't be accepting features after that, until the stable release in done later on
16:05 puneet_kaur_ can you please elaborate on what we need to do for feature freeze ?
16:06 tch__ puneet_kaur_, basically just have your feature merged before that deadline :)
16:06 puneet_kaur_ okay
16:06 tch__ puneet_kaur_, follow reviewers comments
16:06 puneet_kaur_ okay
16:06 tch__ puneet_kaur_, and it should happen! :D
16:06 puneet_kaur_ i doubt in my case
16:06 tch__ puneet_kaur_, how are you doing with your feature?
16:07 puneet_kaur_ i just joined job
16:07 N not getting sufficient time since then :(
16:07 but i hope to get things moving
16:07 and fast forward
16:08 Also my system crashed in between
16:08 tch__ puneet_kaur_, we still 17 days until feature freeze :), little improvements in daily basis become big improvements in 17 dyas
16:08 puneet_kaur_ so difficult setting thing up again
16:08 tch__ s/dyas/days
16:08 puneet_kaur_ yes right
16:08 Thats what i aim that
16:08 I am trying to get things on track
16:09 tch__ puneet_kaur_, remember you can ask for assistance to your reviewers
16:09 puneet_kaur_ Also trying to reach out cordova
16:09 Yes
16:09 tch__ puneet_kaur_, code examples, etc
16:09 puneet_kaur_ I got review
16:09 I need to test n push new request
16:09 tch__ puneet_kaur_, great, just keep that loop active
16:09 puneet_kaur_ yes
16:09 tch__ puneet_kaur_, so reviewers done't get distracted with others PRs
16:09 hehe
16:10 puneet_kaur_ the project is very much in me till done
16:10 :D
16:10 tch__ ;) good!
16:10 puneet_kaur_ The main stress point is
16:10 The part on cordova side
16:10 Can we communicate to cordova officially ?
16:11 walter_ is looking forward to using it
16:11 puneet_kaur_ cool
16:11 What have you decided on that front ?
16:11 I think we need a meeting with them
16:11 To make them understand our projects imp.
16:12 walter_ puneet_kaur_, do you have any point of contact?
16:12 puneet_kaur_ N would be beter if all imp. People n contributor from both side are involved
16:12 yes
16:12 tch__ walter_, can you help with that? :)
16:12 walter_ I can try
16:12 tch__ walter_, awesome!
16:12 puneet_kaur_ Yes would be nice
16:13 We need help on that
16:13 walter_ what is our ask?
16:13 puneet_kaur_ Becoz we need an agreement kind of
16:13 Didnt get u walter..
16:13 ?
16:13 walter_ what do we want from the Cordova side?
16:14 puneet_kaur_ to merge support for our code
16:14 And sugar code would also be published under apache
16:14 I mean the part needed for cordova
16:14 Not your code
16:14 But a seperate module
16:14 Which is required
16:15 Would b put under apache
16:15 as a repo named cordova-sugar
16:15 As we have cordova-android
16:15 And all..
16:15 tch__ puneet_kaur_, can you write an email with the details?
16:15 puneet_kaur_ Yes sure
16:15 tch__ puneet_kaur_, send it to sugar-devel and CC walter me and gonzalo
16:16 so we understand what this is about :)
16:16 puneet_kaur_ okay
16:16 tch__ I think walter's communication would be more productive with that information in hand
16:16 puneet_kaur_ yes
16:17 Cordova has some recognised commiters
16:17 From each platform
16:17 windows.. IOS etc
16:17 And base is maintained by phonegap community
16:18 tch__ puneet_kaur_, I see, we probably then one of them to "adopt" this
16:18 puneet_kaur_ Yes
16:18 tch__ puneet_kaur_, but well, lets first understand what this requires, we await for your email
16:18 puneet_kaur_, anything else you need from our end? :)
16:18 puneet_kaur_ sure
16:18 no
16:19 tch__ puneet_kaur_, alright, thanks for coming, lets do our best to get this in shape
16:19 walter_, want to step in ? :)
16:19 walter_ I am so far behind
16:20 tch__ walter_, I noticed haha, we need your PRs !
16:20 walter_ I think the bulletin board stuff is not going to happen for 104
16:20 tch__ (we all were)
16:22 walter_ did you make a PR for the age/gender stuff?
16:22 tch__ walter_, nope, I do have something we could use for a PR though, (which I did for AU)
16:22 walter_ maybe send me a pointer
16:23 tch__ walter_, this the 102 branch for AU, https://github.com/OneEducatio[…]ugar/commits/au2a
16:23 walter_, there is a version of your patch with 3 or 4 bug fixes that I added
16:23 walter_ will take a look
16:24 tch__ walter_, I think we should prioritize that one, but is up to you :)
16:24 walter_, did you get an agreement with gonzalo on how to implement the join limits?
16:25 walter_ no
16:25 but we should land that one
16:25 it was a matter of migrating to the notifications system
16:25 gonzalo_ walter_, what is pending? i have pushed at least part, right?
16:26 I am looking at the pr liked in the wiki
16:26 walter_ not sure
16:26 gonzalo_ [1] and [2]
16:26 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/138
16:27 https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/355
16:27 walter_ maybe we are done
16:28 tch__ walter_, is the notification part done? that would be nice
16:28 walter_ tch__, too late for "would be nice" features?
16:28 tch__ walter_, always is not a purple elephant !
16:29 walter_, anyway, we do what we can
16:32 gonzalo_, how are you doing with the journal optimization?
16:32 walter_ needs to switch venues... off line for 10 minutes
16:32 gonzalo_ tch__, i will try to send a pr in the weekend
16:33 tch__ walter_, ok!
16:33 gonzalo_ tch__, i have a serie of patches in a branch, i need  check if all apply
16:33 tch__, and fix one issue I identified
16:33 tch__ ok, make sure to be extremely verbose in your commits :)
16:34 anything that touches the journal is hard to follow
16:34 gonzalo_ yes, in this case is needed
16:36 or is _more_ needed than in other cases :)
16:37 walter_ has quit IRC
16:37 tch__ haha
16:37 true,
16:38 well, I guess we covered most topics by now,
16:38 gonzalo_, anything you want to add?
16:39 gonzalo_ tch__, no
16:40 tch__ ok, I will send the logs to the ML, if we missed anything we can continue there
16:40 #endmeeting
16:40 meeting Meeting ended Thu Nov 13 16:40:11 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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