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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-10-07 00:00:50

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00:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Oct  7 00:00:50 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
00:00 karenesq hi! :)
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00:01 walterbender hi karenesq
00:01 kaametza hello all :D
00:01 walterbender hi laura
00:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello To all!
00:01 walterbender jose miguel: any idea if daniel francis will join us tonight?
00:01 I wanted to talk about the Youth Summit
00:02 but we should wait until he is able to join us
00:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> No  of Daniel. Perhaps it confused the hour. We change to schedule of summer yesterday.
00:02 Claudia_ Hello
00:02 walterbender oh
00:02 JMGarcia <JMGarcia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:02 walterbender we do that soon too
00:03 cjl Always a confusing time :-)
00:03 walterbender just for the record, I want to "officially" thank Daniel and Jose Miguel for their efforts in organizing the summit
00:03 gonzalo_ yes ....
00:04 walterbender a very nice event
00:04 cjl applauds
00:04 tch__ +1
00:04 Claudia_ + 10
00:04 karenesq claps too!
00:04 walterbender I was especially pleased to see such interesting work being done in UY
00:05 and to make progress on accessibility
00:05 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It has been an excellent experience.
00:05 sdanielf <sdanielf!~daniel@r186-53-104-85.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:05 walterbender hi sdanielf
00:05 we were just singing your praises
00:05 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
00:05 walterbender the Youth Summit was a very good event
00:06 Quozl` listens
00:06 cjl Congratulations on it's success
00:06 walterbender a nice start to something we should repeat again in UY and elsewhere
00:06 sdanielf hi
00:06 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> IF, of agreement...
00:06 gonzalo_ good work, jose miguel and sdanielf
00:06 sdanielf got distracted with algebra
00:07 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello Daniel
00:07 walterbender for those who were not there, we had a symposium, some workshops (including Turtle) and some hacking days
00:07 and we have some new young hackers join us
00:07 including the son of Guzman Trindad
00:08 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. It is good.
00:08 walterbender and we visited Mariana's school, which inspired some new activities
00:08 Claudia_ +1 of having it every year
00:08 cjl acccessibility work sounded interesting
00:09 accessibility is very akin to L10n in my mind
00:09 gonzalo_ +1
00:09 walterbender cjl, yes... sdanielf and gonzalo collaborated on a story app that only requires one click
00:09 and I worked on an audio-only story app
00:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> An excellent tool
00:09 walterbender hopefully they will be useful in the school
00:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Necessary for a lot of boys
00:09 gonzalo_ was very good have participants, from paraguay, colombia and nicaragua too
00:10 walterbender yes
00:10 and argentina :)
00:10 Claudia_ so sorry to have missed it
00:10 walterbender and I suppose the US was represented too :)
00:10 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> You *extrañamos, Claudia!
00:11 walterbender sdanielf, mayeb when you have a chance you could write up a guide to putting on a Youth Summit
00:11 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Gonzalo has written something...
00:12 walterbender it will make things easier for next time
00:12 sdanielf maybe...
00:12 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> We have learnt *muhco of this experience.
00:12 gonzalo_ anyway we learned something, make young hackers travel to other countries is more difficult than we expected
00:12 sdanielf step 1: make peace between Flavio and authorities
00:12 walterbender sdanielf, yes... that is a real pity
00:13 cjl sdanielf: algebra comes first though :-)
00:13 walterbender do your algebra in Turtle :P
00:13 Claudia_ jose.. y yo a ustedes! And I heard only good things!!!
00:13 sdanielf step 2: ensure that students don't have a chicken pox
00:14 walterbender sdanielf, another difficult task
00:14 sdanielf woke up on Saturday full of hives
00:15 cjl probably not ebola, don't worry :-)
00:15 walterbender sdanielf, it was nice that we bumped up against the Sumo event...
00:15 it ensured we met some new hackers
00:15 tch__ walterbender, that was specially nice,
00:16 lots of kids their robots, very inspiring
00:16 walterbender yes
00:16 sdanielf walterbender, those are also good news
00:16 Claudia_ were there any girls?
00:17 sdanielf In my HTML workshop there was one
00:17 walterbender and in my Turtle workshop
00:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> There were girls. Few but there was.
00:17 gonzalo_ Claudia_, in the open day was nice see complete families participating
00:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> In the one of robotics also...
00:17 Claudia_ gonzalo_: nice!!!
00:17 good to hear
00:17 walterbender at sumo there were girls
00:18 but not enough
00:19 Claudia_ that is something to make sure happens next time..
00:19 gonzalo_ is fun, i think girls like robots more than programming
00:19 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Who explained that there were workshops of *Python for girls? Paraguay? Colombia?
00:19 walterbender we need to change that
00:19 sdanielf for me it was nice to hear the girl introducing herself in the HTML workshop: "I want to be a scientist and I want to learn how to share what I think in the web"
00:19 walterbender nice
00:19 karenesq :)
00:20 walterbender anyway, we should prob. move on to some of the other topics
00:21 a few quick ones:
00:21 (1) the Trip Advisor grant has been renewed for the second year
00:21 cjl cheers
00:21 walterbender that means more $ for i18n and Turtle Art
00:22 karenesq so great!
00:22 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
00:22 walterbender so please, if you have ideas about venues for Turtle Art Days, please let me know
00:22 was thinking Amazonas
00:22 and we need to push harder on i18n
00:22 cjl yes
00:23 walterbender that work has been stalled somewhat by our pootle issues
00:23 cjl tch__: and I were discussing that
00:23 walterbender hopefully we can spend some time on sorting that out in SFO later this month
00:23 we didn't make any headway in UY, alas
00:25 we've been contacted of late re some new language groups in Africa which is nice
00:25 cjl yes and Swahili is wanting to get started
00:26 need to push Guarani also
00:26 icarito we're looking to get started with awajun in peru as well
00:26 walterbender icarito, great
00:26 icarito, please send details to cjl
00:27 cjl Yes, we can support with TripAdvisor funds
00:27 gonzalo_ icarito, the guide you prepared is very good
00:29 walterbender OK... another topic:
00:29 Google Code In
00:29 icarito gonzalo_, thanks, I wish pootle was back up, hopefully we can prioritize it
00:29 walterbender we need to decide if we want to apply again this year
00:30 kaametza will the pootle server be up soon?
00:30 cjl GCI has drawn some steady contributors
00:30 kaametza cjl, Perú is looking forward to start new lenguages
00:31 walterbender cjl, yes... I think it has been very important for us
00:31 cjl kaametza: Hopefully in a week or so, depending on tch__ availability
00:31 walterbender and I would like to participate again
00:31 cjl Looking forward to helping with glibc locales
00:31 icarito cjl, great, that's the stage we're in
00:32 cjl icarito: Let's discuss by e-mail, I
00:32 m still a glibc committter, which speeds things quite a bit
00:33 walterbender: How are we doing for GCI mentors?
00:33 gonzalo_ according to tch__, he is blocked on bernie providing a new vm, if anybody can help with that....
00:33 walterbender gonzalo_, I'll try
00:34 back to GCI, any one have any comments? suggestions?
00:34 cjl walterbender: How are we doing for GCI mentors?
00:34 walterbender cjl, I havem't put out a call yet
00:34 not until we agree to participate
00:35 we also have to generate project ideas
00:35 kaametza cjl, thx looking forward to it :D
00:35 gonzalo_ walterbender, wotrking with bugs was goood last year
00:35 we can propose ideas for new activities too
00:35 or make html version sof activities too
00:36 walterbender yes
00:36 all of the above
00:36 I'll start organizing
00:37 shall we vote on participation?
00:37 cjl We should review previous years ideas for good ones left behind
00:37 walterbender cjl, there are some, yes
00:37 cjl +1 to apply
00:37 walterbender +1
00:38 gonzalo_ any volunteer to help with mentoring?
00:38 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
00:38 sdanielf +1
00:38 Claudia_ +1 to applying and making sure we continue things that were good and not finisged
00:38 * finished
00:39 walterbender gonzalo_, I'll reach out to the community tomorrow.
00:40 and start gathering materials for our application
00:40 I've already been contacted by a few people who want to participate
00:41 next topic:
00:41 elections
00:41 we need to hold an election for 4 positions opening at the end of the year.
00:41 Claudia_ four?
00:42 walterbender yes
00:42 Claudia_ wow.. big changes
00:42 cjl Daniel Francis, Gonzalo Odiard, Adam Holt, and Claudia Urrea.
00:42 walterbender Claudia_, gonzalo_ sdanielf and cjl are all ending their terms
00:42 Claudia_ booo
00:42 walterbender no
00:42 I think I got that wrong
00:42 adam,
00:42 cjl, is still another year
00:42 sorry about that
00:42 cjl I copied from your e-mail
00:43 walterbender Claudia_, we have 4 every other year and 3 every other year
00:43 gonzalo_ 2 years went fast :)
00:43 walterbender so we need to recruit candidates
00:44 I hope you all consider running again
00:44 cjl and members
00:44 sdanielf I need to decide if I'm going to run again for re-election or not
00:44 Claudia_ I am
00:44 walterbender and we need to recruit members (get community members to register)
00:44 so that we have a good voter turn out
00:44 sdanielf, it has been really valuable having your perspective
00:45 icarito walterbender, it would be good to confirm old members as well
00:45 walterbender if you choose not to run, maybe you can convince one of your peers to run
00:45 icarito, I suppose... why?
00:45 and how?
00:45 icarito i.e. perhaps run a survey of all current members / open survey for prospective members
00:45 walterbender, perhaps it is a good way to nudge them in direction of sugar labs, since we miss them
00:46 walterbender icarito, that is a good idea
00:46 speaking of which, I heard from Marco recently
00:46 he is in remission
00:46 icarito i know a good way to run surveys, with free software, but it would be good to come up with a good set of questions
00:47 walterbender icarito, I'll try soliciting questions
00:47 the other loose end is that I am not sure if Luke Faraone will run the election this year
00:47 we'll need to find someone to work with him at a minimum
00:48 gonzalo_ last year the mail with the information for the votes went to spam boxes, i don't know why
00:48 walterbender gonzalo_, hmm
00:48 gonzalo_ is a detail but is something to look
00:49 JT4sugar Might be a good idea to send election information to all Sugar Labs lists not just a direct email to member
00:49 walterbender gonzalo_, last year we had no vote, but maybe you are thinking of the email re registering to vote?
00:49 JT4sugar, we send a call to register to the lists
00:49 gonzalo_ probably
00:50 walterbender and to become a canditate
00:51 it is important we make every effort to be more inclusive
00:51 gonzalo_ maybe we can do a email explaining what slobs do and why we need the participants
00:51 icarito what are the proposed deadlines for registering for voting / candidacy ?
00:51 walterbender icarito, we usually leave that to the membership committee
00:51 as members of the board we need to recuse ourselves
00:53 icarito, I suppose we have two months of prep time
00:53 if we have the vote in December
00:54 OK...
00:55 let me summarize where we are so far:
00:55 icarito guys i offer to help out in the membership committee
00:55 walterbender icarito, please reach out to luke
00:55 will contact him too
00:55 icarito will do
00:55 walterbender reaching our ES members is important
00:56 icarito claro :-)
00:58 walterbender if everyone can please reach out it would help
00:59 any other topics for tonight?
01:00 gonzalo_ no from my part
01:01 Claudia_ not really
01:01 cjl must go, dinner bell rings
01:01 walterbender OK
01:01 thanks all for participating tonight
01:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok.
01:02 walterbender I'll write up the minutes and also send out preliminary emails re GCI and the election
01:02 sdanielf walterbender, thank you for chairing this meeting
01:02 walterbender sdanielf, my pleasure.. nice to have so many attendees
01:02 6
01:02 sdanielf 5
01:02 ignacio 4
01:03 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> 3
01:03 cjl 2
01:03 gonzalo_ 1
01:03 walterbender good night all
01:03 #endmeeting
01:03 meeting Meeting ended Tue Oct  7 01:03:35 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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