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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-10-02 13:13:05

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13:13 meeting Meeting started Thu Oct  2 13:13:05 2014 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:13 tch__ lets first check what was left, from the last session
13:13 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.104
13:14 walterbender, I think you have a bunch of features to talk about :)
13:14 walterbender, gonzalo_ , maybe we can start in descending order, making "join limits" the first one
13:15 walterbender that one is mostly complete
13:15 except there was some dnavaraez pushback
13:15 gonzalo_ walterbender, we needed check the ui part?
13:15 tch__ walterbender, the notifications part?
13:16 walterbender I need to look at the rejected PR to recall all the details
13:16 I think I had proposed a new API for the Python libraries
13:16 tch__ walterbender, you needed to send a notification to the activity right?
13:16 walterbender to change where the activity gets that info
13:16 about the limits
13:17 tch__ IIRC, there was already a Dbus channel, you only added a new method to send the notification right?
13:17 gonzalo_ walterbender, that was added to the activity.info file, right?
13:17 walterbender the notification issue was in a different limit setting as I recall
13:17 tch__ ahh
13:17 walterbender tch__, yes and yes
13:17 I do think we should move this to activity.info
13:17 makes more sense there
13:17 and then it is accessible from outside of the activity
13:18 which is what I needed
13:18 the dbus method was for sending the limit, not the notification
13:18 tch__ walterbender, ahh
13:18 walterbender needs to look at the code again.. it has been a while
13:18 tch__ walterbender, then activity.info approach should be better
13:19 walterbender, are there "global" limits?
13:19 walterbender, or is it always by activity
13:19 gonzalo_ are by activity
13:20 walterbender no global limits
13:20 it makes no sense to set global limits on sharing
13:20 chat can support a lot...
13:20 record not so much
13:20 it really is specific to the activity itself
13:21 make sense?
13:21 gonzalo_ +1
13:21 walterbender also, the proposed global limit of 4 (from Rangan) was pulled out of the air... no evidence that it is the correct number for any activity
13:22 we need to make evidence-based changes :)
13:22 tch__ walterbender, yes, makes sense
13:22 :)
13:22 walterbender OK... so my task is to pull this patch into shape
13:23 but what about the new dbus method?
13:23 seems to me the most straight-forward way
13:24 and since we plan to rethink all of collaboration in the future, I don't think it really will matter on the JS/HTML branch, which was Daniel's concern
13:25 tch__ walterbender, I probably need to look at the code to make sure I understand it properly, but since the dbus channel is already there it should not be a big blocker
13:25 walterbender OK
13:25 tch__,  maybe we can go over it together later today?
13:26 tch__ walterbender, sure!
13:26 walterbender next feature?
13:26 gonzalo_ wait
13:26 what was the function of the dbus method?
13:27 walterbender gonzalo_, as I recall, to send between Sugar and the activity the limit
13:27 so Sugar could impose it
13:27 gonzalo_ if the limit is the activity.info is not needed anymore
13:27 walterbender gonzalo_, but I need to go back to the code to confirm
13:28 gonzalo_ walterbender, ^^
13:28 ok, next feature
13:28 tch__ walterbender, "update favorite"?
13:31 walterbender I was just looking at the max participants patches
13:31 I don't think this was the one with the dbus/api issues
13:32 tch__ walterbender, I think the one you were referring is one for sending a notification
13:32 walterbender yes
13:32 tch__ walterbender, (that is why I got confused )
13:33 walterbender update favorites is the one where I need to add a new dbus method
13:33 gonzalo_ walterbender, tch__, if I don't remember wrong, the max participants patch needed discuss the UI part
13:34 walterbender I think it is harmless and it could be nice for "classroom management" as I describe in the Feature request
13:34 gonzalo_, /me looks at the rejects PRs
13:34 tch__ gonzalo_, if has to do with notifications we should use the new notifications stuff
13:35 gonzalo_, we can make it so the notifications appears in the activity frame
13:36 walterbender the update favorites has nothing to do with notifications
13:37 it is just so a teacher can send a new favorite to a student and have it appear immediately instead of after a reboot
13:37 gonzalo_, the max participants PR request was closed by you because we hadn't updated the documentation???
13:38 gonzalo_ link ?
13:38 walterbender, can you send me the link?
13:38 tch__ walterbender, I know, I am talking about the other feature UI discussion
13:39 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... to both patches...
13:40 thought I did things so it would not break compatibility but you think otherwise
13:40 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/135
13:40 gonzalo_ i really don't remember :)
13:41 walterbender https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/355
13:41 I don't remember either :P
13:42 gonzalo_ walterbender, pr 138 say was pushed
13:43 walterbender it landed?
13:43 I didn't know
13:45 gonzalo_ checking in the repository
13:46 walterbender, yes, that landed (the toolkit part)
13:47 tch__ both did,
13:47 gonzalo_ walterbender, I think what is missing is the sugar part, where we show the info in the neighborhood view
13:47 tch__ let me check
13:47 walterbender and we'll need to start updating activities
13:47 gonzalo_ walterbender, tch__, would be good add links to the pr in the feature wiki pages
13:48 tch__ if I am looking at the right branch, 2e1f65aa006e56b8fd419e68cde971bf2200e8f4
13:48 walterbender gonzalo_, +1
13:48 tch__ gonzalo_, +1, will update mines when I send the PRs
13:49 so, this is already landed...
13:49 gonzalo_ walterbender, tch__, ok
13:49 tch__ s/is/one
13:49 walterbender, gonzalo_ lets move on to the next?
13:49 walterbender, "bulletin board"?
13:49 walterbender OK
13:50 gonzalo_ walterbender, tch__, I remember we discussed show something to the user, like a badge in the icon or a message in the palette, right now the user don't know why can't share
13:50 can't join
13:50 walterbender gonzalo_, that is a good point..
13:50 tch__ gonzalo_, yeah, that what I suggest previously, to use the new notifications stuff
13:51 walterbender tch__, the bulletin board is really two things
13:51 tch__ gonzalo_, walterbender you can put it in the activities tray, notifications palette
13:51 walterbender (1) a chat overlay for all activities
13:51 and (2) a shared clipboard
13:51 I think we could land them separately
13:51 both need some design review
13:52 but the basic functionality is there
13:52 gonzalo_ the ui on the overlay clipboard was not ready at all
13:52 walterbender agreed
13:52 gonzalo_ maybe is easier go with the shared clipboard
13:52 walterbender maybe we focus on the chat overly for this release?
13:53 gist: if the activity is shared, you can position chat on top of the canvas
13:54 gonzalo_ walterbender, assuming will need a lot of work, yes
13:54 walterbender yes...
13:55 I may not have time to finish but I'd like to keep the option open
13:56 gonzalo_ that is my concern
13:56 I woould point to finish the easy features first
13:57 tch__ yeah, which of both is near to completion?
13:57 gonzalo_ looks like are we and will not have too much time available
13:57 walterbender OK... next?
13:58 tch__ it should be sam's "notification improvements" or "new aslo",
13:59 but I guess the time is not good for sam,
13:59 and prasoon "social help"
14:00 gonzalo_ walterbender, can we involve to AU on the social help stuff? looks aligned
14:01 walterbender yes
14:01 prasoon worked with Paul
14:02 tch__ gonzalo_, walterbender have any of you tried the discourse instance?
14:03 gonzalo_ tch__, yes
14:03 but is empty
14:03 not too much to test
14:03 tch__ and in terms of changes to sugar?
14:04 walterbender I haven't looked :P
14:05 gonzalo_ me neither, but I think is no so big
14:05 tch__ all I find is https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/391
14:08 looking at the proposal I think it was written by Sam haha
14:09 maybe we should ask him, but otherwise is not clear what exactly needs to get landed
14:09 gonzalo_ we need a new pr with all the fixes
14:09 walterbender tch__, there is http://sugargsoc.wordpress.com/
14:09 gonzalo_ sam worked a lot in the review
14:09 walterbender for general background
14:10 tch__ ok,
14:10 walterbender, gonzalo_ what are your thoughts regarding sam's new-also
14:10 ?
14:10 walterbender likes it
14:11 and I like that from a developer POV it iwll be easier to keep things in sync
14:11 the interface is git rather than some obscure mozilla website
14:12 gonzalo_ walterbender, we need think about some cases, like activities not hosted in github
14:12 the ui need help too
14:12 tch__ in terms of PR I see this: https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/395
14:13 walterbender gonzalo_, yes
14:13 a lot of work to make the transition
14:13 gonzalo_ in fact the sugar part (the pr) is small and contained
14:14 i would land it just to encourage sam
14:15 tch__ gonzalo_, agreed
14:15 gonzalo_ this could be a project for a little deployment, like co or ni
14:15 tch__ I will add some comments to the PR
14:16 like, removing the hardcoded links to his website
14:16 replace it by something others can change,
14:16 gonzalo_, walterbender what about notifications stuff?
14:17 gonzalo_, last time we spoke we said it was not urgent
14:17 the changes are big
14:17 is more like 3 features in 1,
14:18 I can review it and see if we can land at least some of it
14:18 walterbender would be good
14:19 gonzalo_ ok
14:19 tch__, while you are there, think in the use case spoted by daniel castelo from uy
14:20 tch__ gonzalo_, yes, I need to talk to them
14:21 btw, we should plan how to split the reviews,
14:21 I can take care of Sam's changes,
14:22 gonzalo_ tch__, I can try review walter work
14:22 if you agree
14:22 tch__ gonzalo_, ok, the I will review yours too then,
14:22 but there is still mines, and others like manuq
14:22 walterbender tch__, I'll look at yours
14:23 BTW, I started to add PRs to the Feature page.
14:23 satellit__e has quit IRC
14:23 walterbender please populate it :P
14:23 satellit_e has quit IRC
14:23 tch__ walterbender, thanks!
14:26 I guess thats all for today
14:26 walterbender ok
14:26 back to my coffee
14:27 tch__ I will call for another session when we get into reviews,
14:27 #endmeeting
14:27 meeting Meeting ended Thu Oct  2 14:27:27 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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