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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-08-27 00:10:16

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00:10 meeting Meeting started Wed Aug 27 00:10:16 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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00:10 gonzalo_ hello sdanielf!
00:10 walterbender welcome everyone
00:10 we are here tonight to discuss outstanding details for the Youth Summit
00:11 reporting in: (1) I explicitly invited Sam from AU but his parents were not comfortable sending him by himself.
00:12 I think this is going to be generally true for bringing kids internationally
00:12 maybe tincho will have better luck with PY
00:12 and maybe AR?
00:12 but not from any great distance, I fear
00:12 so I think we are mostly going to have UY kids
00:13 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> This was what had supposed...
00:13 gonzalo_ not from AR, I invited people from La Rioja, without success
00:13 walterbender (2) claudia and I wrote the invitation for adults... but I don't know whom she sent it to yet
00:14 she was away this week
00:15 gonzalo_ asap is better, people take time to decide a travel like that
00:15 I know walterbender is used to travel a lot and fast :)
00:16 walterbender I agree
00:16 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
00:16 walterbender gonzalo_, I have not booked my ticket yet. I have more time on the front end than the back end
00:16 when should  I try to arrive in Montevideo?
00:17 gonzalo_ tomorrow? :)
00:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> The idea is that the Friday 19, to begin the summit the Saturday 20 early.
00:18 <Jose_Miguel-es> The place have it from the Friday 19, with included dinner.
00:18 <Jose_Miguel-es> And until the Tuesday 23 of morning...
00:20 walterbender OK
00:20 I'll maybe try to arrive on Thursday to give some extra time
00:21 gonzalo: could you arrive Thursday too?
00:21 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes, no problem
00:21 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
00:22 walterbender hopefully tincho too (and ClaudiaU_ )
00:23 gonzalo_ who else from slobs will be there? (jose miguel and daniel, of course)
00:23 walterbender I doubt adam or chris
00:23 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Claudia comes of Ecuador, think that had said the Friday...
00:24 walterbender yes, I think so
00:24 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok.
00:25 gonzalo_ then, can we do the announcement and open the forms to let people checkin?
00:27 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It is necessary to put it in English also, no?
00:27 gonzalo_ I think we can point to the local devels first
00:27 walterbender we have an EN version
00:28 but we should announce tonight (on sur, iaep, etc.)
00:28 I can do iaep if JM does sur?
00:28 gonzalo_ +1
00:28 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok. It would not suit to have smart already the form?
00:30 <Jose_Miguel-es> Walter: the announcement is in English, but the form still no
00:30 walterbender a form for signng up?
00:30 sdanielf How long can it take to be translated?
00:30 walterbender would be good. maybe sdanielf ?
00:31 gonzalo_ jose miguel, can you paste the link here?
00:31 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> https://docs.google.com/forms/[…]loxc_yqb9il0/edit#
00:32 gonzalo_ hmm, wrong link
00:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> https://docs.google.com/forms/[…]/edit?usp=sharing
00:32 <Jose_Miguel-es> Now it is to edit by the one who access.
00:33 gonzalo_ gives me a error, too
00:33 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> The second also?
00:33 <Jose_Miguel-es> Recently I modified it...
00:33 sdanielf Can we do an inline translation?
00:33 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> If
00:33 gonzalo_ yes
00:35 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> We go to need think in the subject of the language during the @evento. Which experience has you?
00:36 gonzalo_ this link works for me https://docs.google.com/forms/[…]loxc_yqb9IL0/edit
00:37 jose miguel, if most of the people talk spanish, is probably the best do it in spanish too, what you think walterbender?
00:37 sdanielf We have enough Spanish speakers in the board to do translation when needed
00:37 gonzalo_ +1
00:38 walterbender +1
00:38 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
00:38 gonzalo_ we are not professional, but can manage it :)
00:40 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> If, in a bounded space think that is simple. I saw it when we were *Antel the past year...
00:40 walterbender so, what else needs to be done between now and the event?
00:41 we need to make sure we have everything assigned
00:41 gonzalo_ other topic, then the schedule for the event is defined, saturday open (after midday), sunday, and monday closed
00:41 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Adjust the diary and the activities
00:41 <Jose_Miguel-es> And think in accommodations for those who do not remain  there.
00:42 gonzalo_ if we are more than 60, right?
00:42 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> If.
00:42 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes
00:42 gonzalo_ ok
00:42 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> And for those that do not wish to share rooms.
00:43 <Jose_Miguel-es> They are triple and *cuádruples
00:43 <Jose_Miguel-es> They think that it will be a problem for the youngsters?
00:43 gonzalo_ we discussed with sdanielf a unstructured schedule, we need define better the workshops for the saturday
00:44 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. The open space would be the Saturday of afternoon.
00:44 <Jose_Miguel-es> And have the morning to prepare to the youngsters
00:46 sdanielf +1
00:47 walterbender sdanielf, is there a common document we can use to work on the schedule details?
00:47 gonzalo_ i think we can organize the accomodations and workshops when the people start to registry by mail or chat
00:48 walterbender, we will finish it tomorrow
00:48 walterbender ok
00:48 what else should we discuss tonight?
00:48 sdanielf has finished an initial English translation of the registration form
00:48 walterbender sdanielf, I can review whenever...
00:49 gonzalo_ when can we do our strategic planning day.....
00:49 walterbender gonzalo_, maybe Thursday?
00:49 gonzalo_ yes, or the Friday
00:50 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> They have thought in as pay the passages of which come?
00:50 walterbender I can cover the costs for the Sugar Labs people
00:50 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> The Friday have all day free, as the activity begins to the night, previous to the dinner.
00:52 <Jose_Miguel-es> Flavio showed interest in that it came people of Colombia...
00:54 walterbender ClaudiaU_, was talking to Aura about it too
00:54 gonzalo_ maybe we can see, based in who register?
00:55 based in what participation the people who register have in the community
00:56 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It is good idea. But the times are scarce, and those who annotate  will need to know if they have finance
00:56 gonzalo_ the form should say is a registration, and based in the availability will be confirmed
00:57 walterbender I think we need to ask people to cover their own transport for the most part
00:57 gonzalo_ have sense...
00:57 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> The form already says that it is *preinscripción, although the title is not in English still.
00:57 <Jose_Miguel-es> Of agreement
00:58 <Jose_Miguel-es> But it is important to guarantee that they avenge other youngsters.
00:58 gonzalo_ anyway, we need confirm in some date, to let people organize
00:59 maybe we can put a last day for the regster?
00:59 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> If. We put deadline for the registration?
00:59 <Jose_Miguel-es> 12 September?
01:00 gonzalo_ one week before the event?
01:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Before? Have little time
01:01 gonzalo_ hmm, true, we are tooo close
01:02 maybe is ok
01:03 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> We can go answering while they go  inscribing.
01:03 <Jose_Miguel-es> And we know those who are those that already participate of *Sugar, what does it simple
01:04 gonzalo_ better wait a little, we don't know if we will have 30 or 100 registries
01:04 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok
01:05 walterbender anything else to sort out tonight?
01:06 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Perhaps it is everything. I have to go me fast.
01:06 gonzalo_ strategic day is Thursday or Friday?
01:06 will we invite to adults from deployments to that day?
01:07 sdanielf for Saturday we should invite teachers from UY at least
01:07 walterbender +1
01:07 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes
01:08 gonzalo_ +1
01:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok. I have to go me...
01:09 walterbender me too.
01:09 thanks everyone... we are making progress
01:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
01:10 <Jose_Miguel-es> Good nights!
01:10 walterbender #endmeeting
01:10 meeting Meeting ended Wed Aug 27 01:10:42 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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