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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-08-12 00:12:11

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00:12 meeting Meeting started Tue Aug 12 00:12:11 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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00:13 Cerlyn <Cerlyn!~ALEIN@107-143-88-205.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:13 walterbender my apologies for being off line over the long weekend
00:13 was on a holiday with friends on an island
00:13 gonzalo_ walterbender, nice :)
00:14 how they managed to keep you away of the computer? :)
00:14 walterbender yes... was very strange
00:14 but I had coffee :)
00:14 gonzalo_ ha ha
00:14 Claudia_ :)
00:15 walterbender a couple of things before we begin:
00:15 (1) many thanks for tch__ gonzalo_ and the community for getting Sugar 102 released
00:15 really a  very nice build
00:15 and lots of new contributors
00:15 (2) we are taking feature suggestions for v104 right now
00:17 ok... tonight, maybe we can bring everyone up to date re the Youth Summit in .UY?
00:18 Claudia_ sounds good
00:19 gonzalo_ walterbender, to finish with 0.102, we need do the announcement
00:19 walterbender is pretty sure the Trip Advisor grant is auto-renewing, so I can fund some of the travel for the Turtle Art day
00:19 gonzalo_ walterbender, we have testing images now
00:19 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... Claudia_ and I are remiss in our promise to prepare a statement for teachers
00:20 gonzalo_ walterbender, can we request help to the marketing team to promote the release too?
00:21 JM_UY <JM_UY!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:22 Claudia_ yes, walterbender. Since we are not traveling, we may be able to do it next week
00:22 walterbender gonzalo_, yes...
00:23 re the Youth Summit, we have confirmed the dates?
00:23 meeting * JoseMiguel-es has joined
00:23 <JoseMiguel-es> *Perdon... I had to me *loguear several times, and remained in the another!
00:24 <JoseMiguel-es> If, have confirmed of the 20 to 22 September.
00:24 walterbender great
00:25 we need to market these dates too
00:25 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> We need to define urgent the announcement and the registrations
00:25 <JoseMiguel-es> And quite urgent the diary of these *dias
00:25 gonzalo_ +1
00:25 walterbender yes
00:25 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> I sent mail with details... They received it?
00:26 gonzalo_ yes
00:27 how can we do to ultimate these datails?
00:27 i volunteer to help, Jose Miguel
00:27 walterbender thank you
00:28 can I ask a favor?
00:28 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> *Ok.
00:28 walterbender can we "officially" include Flavio and Python Joven in the program?
00:29 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Have two days for the special summit for the programmers, and a day more for open workshops.
00:29 JM_UY has quit IRC
00:29 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> It is the only that have defined. It is necessary to put the things inside.
00:29 <JoseMiguel-es> Thank you Gonzalo
00:30 <JoseMiguel-es> We converse with Daniel, but is necessary to define the open workshops, so that the youngsters annotate  and achieve more interested
00:30 <JoseMiguel-es> And define how inscribe  those that already participate in *Sugar
00:31 <JoseMiguel-es> If Walter. *python *jóven And Flavio are explained...
00:31 walterbender I think we could ask that Flavio give a presentation on how he has organized Python Joven
00:31 it is a very powerful idea
00:32 and it has had big impact
00:32 so we should celebrate it
00:32 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Exact
00:33 <JoseMiguel-es> And that some of the youngsters that already work with the give workshops for the novices
00:34 <JoseMiguel-es> And it is a space to show also to other educational what can do , with Flavio like example
00:34 walterbender +1
00:35 gonzalo_ JoseMiguel, how can we make a call to other teachers too?
00:36 we can't clone Flavio...
00:36 :)
00:36 (we tried)
00:36 walterbender be we can show him as the example to others
00:38 meeting * JoseMiguel_-es has joined
00:38 * JoseMiguel has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
00:38 <JoseMiguel_-es> It cut me ...
00:39 <JoseMiguel_-es> Flavio has contact with all the ones of *UY?
00:39 gonzalo_ JoseMiguel, como va a ser la convocatoria para docentes y alumnos?
00:40 how will be done the call to teachers and students?
00:40 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> For which already are working, through the contacts and the specific networks.
00:40 walterbender we can contact teachers through Butia network too
00:40 gonzalo_ good!
00:41 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> For the novices through the portals, and of the institute of the youth
00:41 <JoseMiguel_-es> If, *butiá safe...
00:41 Claudia_ do we want people from other countries?
00:41 gonzalo_ can we involve guzman trinidad too?
00:42 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> It was thought for youngsters of other parts of the world, that already are working in the networks of *sugar.
00:42 Claudia_ I know we do, but I am asking if we are welcoming them, or we are planning to make sure other countries are represented...
00:42 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> And it seems that have money for accommodation and food...
00:43 <JoseMiguel_-es> Claudia: it would be well ensure us. They had spoken of *PY and of other sides.
00:43 <JoseMiguel_-es> But we can not fund these passages. If the *estadía.
00:43 walterbender will work on the Trip Advisor budget this week to see if we can help with that
00:43 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> We take place for 60 people in total, with accommodation.
00:44 Claudia_ We could help with hotel?
00:44 walterbender I would love to invite SamDroid :)
00:44 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, hotel and food are covered.
00:44 walterbender and Jorge from El Salvador
00:44 Claudia_ for 60 people?
00:45 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Have money for 60 people in total, and rooms already reserved
00:45 Claudia_ Kolping?
00:45 gonzalo_ very nice!
00:45 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, 60 that include to the ones of *UY.
00:45 <JoseMiguel_-es> *KOLPING
00:45 Claudia_ I live there for one month!
00:46 *lived
00:46 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> But we have to know those who are, to be able to leave these places reserved
00:46 <JoseMiguel_-es> If, it is beautiful, and allows to do the meeting right there
00:47 <JoseMiguel_-es> It is more explained in the document that sent.
00:48 <JoseMiguel_-es> Able that can look it with Gonzalo and Daniel, while others go thinking how resolve the passages of the youngsters of other countries.
00:48 gonzalo_ JoseMiguel, we have the space for 4 days, or can be extended a little?
00:48 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Have 3 days of rooms, and 4 nights of hotel and food covered.
00:49 <JoseMiguel_-es> This includes the open day, although we can do it in another free side.
00:50 <JoseMiguel_-es> We can extend us, but not covering more days of hotel.
00:50 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:51 gonzalo_ hi cjl!
00:51 cjl hi
00:51 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Hello cjl
00:51 gonzalo_ question for all, will we define a number of people from UY, or from other countries?
00:52 also, will we do any action to try to have girls participants?
00:52 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, this is urgent. In previous talks had said  40 of *UY, 10 of *PY, and other 10 of other countries
00:53 gonzalo_ any specific reason to have 10 from PY?
00:53 walterbender 10 from others might be too much $$
00:54 we need some from .AR :)
00:54 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> 10 of *PY is what estimated Walter
00:54 gonzalo_ walterbender, we can invite in La Rioa
00:54 RIoja
00:54 walterbender yes
00:55 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, the number is general. There is not problem of where avenge, more than for covering the passages
00:55 walterbender gonzalo_, let me confirm this week re Trip Advisor
00:55 and then we can do it
00:55 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> But in this you have clearer how many are...
00:55 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok
00:55 walterbender anything else we need to discuss tonight?
00:56 tch__ gonzalo_, 10 from Paraguay is good :)
00:56 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> We need to do a list of possible youngsters and adults, to ensure us that have places for all...
00:56 tch__ haha
00:56 gonzalo_ i have another point
00:56 walterbender please speak up
00:57 gonzalo_ i know this event is pointed to the young hackers, but, i think we (SugarLabs) need time to discuss plans to move the project forward
00:58 we have the opportunity of have a important part of the slobs, and maybe other memebers in the community in the same physical place
00:58 walterbender gonzalo_, +1
00:58 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> +1
00:58 gonzalo_ can we dedicate one day (out of these 4 days) to this?
00:58 walterbender we can have a time to make a strategy together face to face?
00:58 gonzalo_ maybe the day 5
00:59 Claudia_ I think it is a great idea, but I don't think I can stay than long
00:59 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> The day 4. The ones of the meeting are 3
00:59 Claudia_ I will be coming from Ecuador
00:59 gonzalo_ Claudia 4 days?
01:00 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Which day finish in Ecuador, Claudia?
01:00 gonzalo_ cjl, can you travel?
01:00 Claudia_ I finish Friday
01:00 PM
01:00 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Friday 19?
01:01 cjl gonzalo_: Probably not, I have a part time job that will keep me busy
01:01 gonzalo_ cjl, if you can manage, would be great
01:02 Claudia_ yes, I will travel Friday afternoon (Sept 19) from Quito to Montevideo
01:02 gonzalo_ we can invite to others in slobs, and in the teams like bernie, tch, ...
01:03 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Excellent Claudia!
01:03 sdanielf hello
01:03 gonzalo_ and maybe invite to heads off deployments, at his expenses
01:03 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Hello *Faniel.
01:03 sdanielf sorry for being AFK
01:03 gonzalo_ hi sdanielf!
01:03 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> *daniel!
01:03 walterbender gonzalo_, that is an interesting idea
01:04 we should reach out to the deployments and ask them to send someone(s)
01:04 gonzalo_ yes
01:04 walterbender Claudia_, let's make a list of invites tomorrow
01:05 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> It is important to define who would remain , and which days, to be able to reserve the place and the rooms
01:06 gonzalo_ yes
01:06 walterbender I think these people would be outside of the 60
01:06 gonzalo_ +1
01:07 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If. Perhaps we need to do reservation elsewhere...
01:07 <JoseMiguel_-es> Who can gather the information of which participate in the @evento?
01:09 <JoseMiguel_-es> Daniel: your can gather the data of which are of *UY.
01:09 gonzalo_ we will do a registration
01:09 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> It was question
01:09 Claudia_ walterbender: ok
01:09 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, I am working in a form.
01:09 sdanielf What I can do is to start doing the invite to Python Joven members
01:10 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> *Ok Daniel
01:10 sdanielf as well as we agree the information to share with the guys
01:10 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> When have these data, will know how many places remain...
01:11 Claudia_ JoseMiguel..  can the Kolping accommodate more than 60 people for the meeting?
01:11 I am just thinking the heads of deployments may stay some other places, but we want to make sure the meeting could still happen there
01:11 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> For the meeting if, no to lodge . I have to confirm how many rooms have available
01:12 Claudia_ for the meeting..
01:12 I don't remember a large meeting place there
01:12 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> For meeting there are 200 places
01:12 Claudia_ perfect
01:13 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> And have two @sala more
01:13 gonzalo_ JoseMiguel, Kolping is in montevideo?
01:13 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If Gonzalo
01:13 <JoseMiguel_-es> Very near of the terminal of buses
01:14 walterbender oh... gonzalo_ we had a nice dinner with Andres near there
01:14 gonzalo_ yes, good beer :)
01:14 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> ;)
01:15 gonzalo_ i am thinking that give us a little of flexibility if we receive more people.
01:15 not for the kids, but for deployments adults
01:16 walterbender I think we are good
01:16 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If Gonzalo. The limits are the quantity of accommodations in this place, and the money that achieve for the foods. Out of this, have wide freedom
01:17 gonzalo_ great.
01:17 then, can we point to the actions and responsible people? :)
01:18 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> +1 Gonzalo
01:19 gonzalo_ josemiguel and sdanielf, we can work this week on the schedule, right?
01:19 walterbender needs to get going in a few minutes :P
01:19 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Of agreement
01:19 sdanielf OK
01:19 walterbender +1
01:20 sdanielf we need a list of potential speakers and  workshops
01:20 gonzalo_ josemiguel, sdanielf, can we talk tomorrow? what time is good for you?
01:21 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If.
01:21 sdanielf tomorrow I should be already at home at 4PM UYT
01:21 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Tomorrow I have workshop until the 13.
01:21 <JoseMiguel_-es> Afterwards of the 4*pm recently to the night, because will be travelling of return to Montevideo
01:22 <JoseMiguel_-es> I will know better the hour when it culminate here.
01:22 <JoseMiguel_-es> Perhaps to the 8 or 9 recently
01:22 gonzalo_ josemiguel, ok, sent us a email to coordinate, we can do it on the next few days
01:22 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> *Ok. Perhaps better Wednesday.
01:23 <JoseMiguel_-es> We coordinate by mail
01:24 gonzalo_ ok, walterbender and Claudia will prepare a list of people to invite?
01:24 walterbender yes.. from deployments
01:24 Claudia_ yes
01:24 gonzalo_ great, what else?
01:25 tch__ has quit IRC
01:25 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> *Ok
01:26 walterbender I think we are done for tonight
01:26 thanks everyone
01:26 tch__ <tch__!~tch@host-5-159.c5.cvc.com.py> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:26 gonzalo_ next meeting?
01:26 will we need another before the event or can we coordinate by mail?
01:26 walterbender 1st of September is a Monday... a holiday in US
01:26 but we need to meet sooner
01:27 to sort out details
01:27 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If...
01:27 gonzalo_ August 25?
01:27 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> If, of agreement. To the same hour?
01:28 walterbender checks
01:29 perfect
01:29 gonzalo_ ok
01:29 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> *Ok
01:29 curiousguy13 has quit IRC
01:30 gonzalo_ ok, see you! family calling to dinner :)
01:30 Claudia_ I am not sure I can connect, but I will try
01:30 walterbender me too... family time
01:30 cjl adios
01:30 walterbender ciao ciao
01:30 meeting <JoseMiguel_-es> Goodbye
01:30 sdanielf see you
01:31 walterbender #end-meeting
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