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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-08-08 18:04:42

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18:04 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  8 18:04:42 2014 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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18:05 tch__ welcome!
18:05 puneet_kaur hi
18:05 rparra hello
18:05 native93 hi
18:05 tch__ we are getting (too) close to the end of this year's gsoc :)
18:05 time flies
18:05 puneet_kaur yup
18:06 tch__ for this meeting I would like to heard a brief description of what is left our last coding week
18:06 who wants to be the first ;)?
18:07 puneet_kaur I can start
18:07 tch__ puneet_kaur, go ahead,
18:07 puneet_kaur ok
18:07 tch__ #topic puneet_kaur
18:08 puneet_kaur so this week did dialog and
18:08 globalzation plugins
18:08 also made a all in one cordova app with all plugins
18:08 checked some source wth jshint
18:08 and cleaned it up too
18:09 for the coming time
18:09 I'll try to get the code ready to be merged with repo's
18:09 and also I was stuck at some places
18:10 tch__ puneet_kaur, have you been documenting somewhere?
18:10 puneet_kaur like fetching the networkk type details and language of xo, reading accelerometer file
18:10 not much , this time frame , I had to develop a lot of plugins , so lot of work , not much time to document
18:10 but would write a post soon
18:11 tch__ puneet_kaur, ok, and have you coordinated the "deliverables" with Lionel already?
18:12 puneet_kaur but I have been pushing changes to my github repo
18:12 tch__ for the evaluations etc
18:12 puneet_kaur yes, I am in touch with him
18:12 though is out nowadays
18:12 for holiday
18:12 been about 2 weeks now
18:12 but still we are in touch
18:13 through mail and other chatss
18:13 tch__ oh, I am envious
18:13 :)
18:13 puneet_kaur why ?
18:13 tch__ I need to vacations haha
18:13 puneet_kaur oh okay
18:13 tch__ ok, anything else? :)
18:13 puneet_kaur nope nothing
18:14 tch__ alright, thanks for the report !
18:14 puneet_kaur my pleasure :)
18:14 tch__ who wants to jump in?
18:14 rparra I can go now
18:15 tch__ rparra, go ahead, (even though we will meet on monday again) ;)
18:15 rparra, whats the progress since the last week?
18:17 rparra haha, I'll just refresh your memory... not much has changed since last week, but heavy coding is coming this weekend.
18:18 I have to change block color in TurtleBlocks if the speech recognition plugin is disabled
18:18 add a toggle to switch the speech recognition engine on/off to the device icon I've developed
18:19 and extend the feature to run Activities with voice commands using journal history
18:19 tch__ rparra, what a weekend :)
18:20 rparra yup, little sleep and lots of coffee probably :)
18:20 tch__ rparra, coffee seems to be very effective..
18:20 rparra, anything else?
18:22 rparra I think that's basically it, maybe polishing rpm packaging if possible. After everything is done I'll probably record and share a demo video
18:22 to sum up our progress
18:22 tch__ rparra, +1 on demo video,
18:23 rparra, ok then, see you on Monday, thanks for the updates
18:23 rparra see you
18:23 tch__ who wants to be next? :)
18:24 curiousguy13 can i go next?
18:24 tch__ curiousguy13, please do
18:24 #topic curiousguy13
18:24 curiousguy13 this week most of my time was spent on debugging an issue i was having while building sugar.
18:25 i have been stuck on that for quite a while but still haven't figured out a solution to it yet
18:25 tch__ curiousguy13, since when do you have this problem?
18:25 curiousguy13 it's been more than a week
18:26 tch__ curiousguy13, are you using sugar-build?
18:26 curiousguy13 yes
18:26 tch__ curiousguy13, distro?
18:26 curiousguy13 fedora
18:26 tch__ 20?
18:26 curiousguy13 yes
18:26 tch__ weird,
18:26 have you talked to your mentor about that?
18:26 curiousguy13 it's most probably due to some changes i made in the modules
18:27 tch__ or asked in ML?
18:27 curiousguy13 it's in my branch
18:27 tch__ curiousguy13, I see, did you asked in mailing list?
18:27 curiousguy13, some times having more eyes can help
18:27 curiousguy13 i didn't
18:27 yeah , i guess you are right
18:28 i'll ask today
18:28 tch__ I suggest you do it,
18:28 is only sugar?
18:28 curiousguy13 yeah
18:28 tch__ make sure to publish your branch, so people can test it
18:28 curiousguy13 ok
18:28 tch__ and what is in the branch?
18:29 curiousguy13 it's the changes i made in sugar-build and sugar relating to python3
18:30 tch__ oh, and how is the rest of modules doing? ie., sugar-toolkit-gtk3
18:30 curiousguy13 i have ported them but haven't tested yet
18:31 tch__ curiousguy13, I see, and whats the plan for the last week?
18:31 curiousguy13 mainly because they are dependent on sugar module which is having problem
18:32 yeah, for the last week i'll try to solve the issue and write some tests for sugar and sugar-toolkit-gtk3
18:32 tch__ curiousguy13, ok, have you been in touch with walter?
18:33 curiousguy13 i actually had to ask walter about the tests but i guess i'll have ti email it to him
18:33 i was hoping to talk to him in the meeting
18:33 tch__ curiousguy13, make sure to CC walter in the email for the ML
18:33 curiousguy13 yeah , sure
18:34 tch__ curiousguy13, ok, do your best :)
18:34 curiousguy13, anything else?
18:34 gp94 me?
18:34 curiousguy13 tch__, yeah, thanks :)
18:34 nah , that's it!
18:35 tch__ curiousguy13, alright, thanks!
18:35 gp94, sure, go ahead
18:35 #topic gp94
18:35 gp94 sorry for dropping inn earlier
18:35 hi tch__
18:35 tch__ haha, worry not
18:35 gp94 this week was busy in fixing code and writing tests for browse and chat
18:36 haven't been able to run chat due to some proxy issues
18:36 so been able to write tests for browse only
18:36 tch__ gp94, ouch, evil proxies
18:36 gp94 otherwise, I was busy pushing code and sending pr to the individual repos
18:37 have seen a pr for sugar-toolkit-gtk3
18:37 and also sent the pr for read and imageviewer
18:38 terminal and log and others are there in the pipeline, waiting for the previous pr's to be merged
18:38 so this weekend will be busy off sending pr's for all the activities
18:38 tch__ gp94, I see the toolkit ones, we will review it soon, have you been in contact with your mentor or someone else from SL ?
18:39 gp94 and after the pencil down date, I will focus on the documentation of the testing guide
18:39 tch__: unfortunately daniel couldn't be avialable for gsoc, but ML helped a lot to solve the roadblocks
18:40 tch__ gp94, ok, glad the ML helped
18:40 gp94, +1 for documentation
18:40 gp94, it seems you have it all planned then :)
18:41 gp94 tch__: hopefully, things should go well this week :)
18:41 tch__ gp94, when are you done with the docs, make sure to share with the ML, so people can see what and how to write tests
18:41 gp94 tch__: sure will do so
18:41 tch__ gp94, anything else?
18:42 gp94 tch__: that's it for this week
18:42 tch__ gp94, alright thanks for coming!
18:42 gp94 tch__: thanks
18:43 tch__ ping to other members of SL's gsoc crew...
18:43 native93 tch__, can I get in ?
18:44 tch__ native93, sure
18:44 #topic native93
18:44 native93 haha .. not again :P
18:45 so this week, most of the time was spent on fixing sugar-web issues which I was facing due to proxy issues so that I can do some practical testing for my project
18:46 curiousguy13 has quit IRC
18:46 native93 an alternative suggested was school server . but unfortunately after installing and configuring that too the same error persists ..
18:48 tch__ native93, hmm, do you have mobile alternative?
18:49 native93 not so concrete ..
18:49 I have to rely on the issue to be resolved ..
18:50 but anyways .. that's the testing part ..
18:50 but this week I finally pushed in all the code for chat as well as clipboard ..
18:50 tch__ native93, have you documented what you done so far?
18:50 native93, wiki or blog
18:51 native93 yeah .. I have started a wiki for it .. I had also shared it on the mailing list .
18:51 tch__ native93, do you mind sharing it one more time here :)?
18:52 native93 sure .. http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]014/bulletinboard
18:52 I haven't documented for the clipboard . because there seems to be a bug with it . .
18:53 tch__ native93, I see, so aside from proxy issues that must be resolved , whats your plan for the last week ?
18:53 native93 I mean the same thing works for the original clipboard but not with the new module which is just an addition to the original ..
18:53 so plan for last week is brushing up the code and also getting this clipboard bug resolved ..
18:54 along with documentation .
18:54 I had written to walter regarding the bug and also updated the repos..
18:55 tch__ native93, sounds good, make sure to write to ML if you have questions too
18:55 native93, anything else you want to mention?
18:55 native93 yeah .. I remember I had written once .. but will write again with additions ..
18:56 tch__, one last line ..
18:57 I had started a thread for the design review .. and implemented the suggestions as well
18:57 tch__ native93, who has been guiding you with the design part?
18:58 native93 tch__, gonzalo and walter gave me suggestions ..
18:58 tch__ native93, ah, great
18:59 native93 but I wanted to know if I have to do more on it ?
18:59 or the process .
18:59 tch__ native93, you should ask you mentor for sure, does the overlay bubbles looks like in the video ?
19:00 have you worked on that?
19:00 native93 yeah .. the video is what the board is ..
19:01 it appears the same .
19:02 or maybe I will just check whether it's the older video
19:02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?[…]u.be&noredirect=1 ..
19:03 this is the latest one ..
19:03 tch__ oh ok!
19:04 make sure to update with the changes to those who gave you the suggestions, and specially with your mentor
19:04 native93 tch__,  sure .. I have already written to walter and updated it on the thread as well
19:05 tch__, any suggestions from your side regarding the design ?
19:06 tch__ native93, maybe a trying to get it a bit closer to sugar's UI style? so it mixes with the whole UI
19:07 native93, like the colors, and the shape of the bubble
19:07 I am not designer though :)
19:08 but to make it look a little more like sugar's UI style
19:09 maybe you can upload a higher res video
19:09 native93 sure .. for the colors it is same as use profile  colors  .. though I will reconsider the shape again in the process.
19:09 tch__ if you make look like http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ulletin-board.jpg
19:09 would be perfect
19:10 maybe is just the video res?
19:10 native93 yeah .. I have to upload the latest one with better resolution ...
19:10 tch__ but I think the contour line is wider in the mockup
19:10 native93 I planned for the last week .
19:10 tch__ I see some artifacts too
19:10 native93 the demo and documentation ..
19:11 tch__ ok, make sure the video reflects the quality of your work :)
19:11 anything else? :)
19:11 native93 sure .. maybe a better resolution makes it more clear ..
19:11 tch__ +1
19:11 native93 that's it for the week :) ..
19:12 tch__ native93, thanks for the report !
19:12 whos next?
19:12 martian_ me
19:12 tch__ #topic m_anish
19:12 ops!
19:12 #topic martian_
19:12 native93 tch__, thanks :)
19:12 tch__ martian_,  go head (haha)
19:13 martian_ so  last week, we had decided to introduce camera presets in turtle art 3D
19:13 i.e., the user can view the figure from different sides
19:14 i have been reading up on how opengl does it in its own pipeline
19:14 native93 has quit IRC
19:15 martian_ there's lot of maths involved
19:15 tch__ martian_, oh, nice, like defaults projections angles?
19:15 martian_ and I'm at the moment stuck with different matrices... i have had little succes
19:16 yes
19:16 tch__ martian_, im curious about the performance in a XO,
19:16 martian_, do you have to have a xo with you?
19:16 martian_ suppose the user wants to view the figure from top, sides, and at 45 degrees from axes
19:17 tch__, there shouldn't be a problem with xo's
19:17 there's not much computation involved yet
19:17 its simplistic
19:17 tch__ martian_, oh, ok
19:17 martian_, so what is the plan for the last coding week?
19:18 martian_ i don't have an xo :/ ,  but me and walterbender are pretty sure there shouldn't be much problem
19:18 tch__ martian_, walter has plenty of xos, I am sure he has been testing there too :)
19:18 martian_ i will finish up adding the camera and have to enable the turtle sprite movement in 3D
19:19 tch__, i have been working on gnome version as of now
19:19 tch__ martian_, ok
19:19 martian_, how is the documentation process going?
19:19 martian_ will have to make some additions to enable running inside sugar
19:20 tch__ martian_, what would be the difference inside sugar?
19:20 martian_ i have updated my blog: anubhavjaiswal.wordpress.com
19:20 there are some features which are provided in the menubar
19:21 though i have to discuss with walterbender regarding this
19:22 i haven't been able to find him for the last few days
19:22 tch__ martian_, that looks really good :)
19:23 martian_ tch__, thank you :)
19:23 there a some bugs also which need to be fixed
19:23 tch__ martian_, he has been flying around from one meeting to another this week, I am sure will catch up on weekend
19:23 martian_ and documentation from developer's perspective is left
19:23 for last week
19:24 I'll try to finish up as much as possible, and send a pr
19:25 tch__ martian_, sounds good :)
19:26 martian_, anything else you want to mention?
19:26 martian_ If something is still left, I'll try to complete it post-gsoc such that it can be released
19:27 that'll be it :)
19:27 tch__ martian_, alright, thanks for the update :)
19:27 anyone else?
19:29 ok,
19:29 thanks everyone for coming :)
19:29 martian_ :)
19:30 tch__ good luck with the last week of coding, I hope you have been enjoying this so far :)
19:30 looking forward to see everyone's final work!
19:30 bye!
19:31 #endmeeting
19:31 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug  8 19:31:15 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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