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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-04-17 23:12:23

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23:12 meeting Meeting started Thu Apr 17 23:12:23 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:12 Claudia__ hello
23:12 meeting Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:12 Gonzalo hello Claudia!
23:12 walterbender welcome everyone
23:12 finally we managed to meet this month
23:12 Claudia__ thanks.. hello everyone
23:12 walterbender it has been very busy
23:13 let me start with a quick GSoC update
23:13 Sugar Labs was awarded 9 slots
23:13 it is a lot considering we have a small team
23:13 Claudia__ oh wow!
23:13 ElVerma awesome!
23:13 walterbender I assigned the preliminary set of mentor/student pairing today
23:14 ElVerma, wanna be a mentor? please please please?
23:14 Gonzalo walterbender: sameer is on the phone now
23:14 walterbender we have Tony doing TurtleArt 3D (I will help)
23:14 sdanielf <sdanielf!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:14 Gonzalo walterbender: have we a chat with mentors scheduled?
23:14 walterbender we have Gonzalo doing Music Suite
23:15 sdanielf Hi all
23:15 ElVerma I'd be happy to try :-)
23:15 walterbender Gonzalo, not yet... I need to go to a GSoC meeting tomorrow and then I will organize it
23:15 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Hello! Daniel!
23:15 walterbender ElVerma, great... could use a few more hands
23:16 please sign up at https://www.google-melange.com[…]d/google/gsoc2014
23:16 sdanielf got confused with the EST time
23:16 walterbender and then request a role with Sugar Labs
23:16 ElVerma walterbender, I'll ask gonzalo for a crash course on mentoring
23:16 Gonzalo hi sdanielf
23:16 walterbender sdanielf, it is very confusing with all the daylight savings
23:16 to continue
23:17 Lionel will mentor a Javascript-related project
23:17 Steve from Etoys will mentor a sensor project... a little far afield, but a nice project
23:18 dnarvaez, will mentor a project for writing unit tests for activities
23:18 I'll mentor the bulletin board project
23:18 Paul Cotton from OLPC AU will mentor the sharing project
23:18 Claudia__ can unfinished projects be continued?
23:18 walterbender and Sameer can mentor Python3
23:19 Oh, Tincho is mentoring the speech IO project
23:19 so good stuff
23:19 Claudia__, you would be very welcome to work with Paul to help shape the project
23:20 I'll write up more details in a Sugar Digest report over the next few days
23:20 Claudia__ walterbender: would the start from zero, or continue the project where it was left?
23:20 Gonzalo walterbender: what is the sharing project?
23:21 sdanielf I see many interesting features in the list
23:21 walterbender Claudia__, I think we'll learn from the past but probably make a new effort using more off the shelf pieces
23:21 Gonzalo walterbender: we need organize a mentors meeting
23:21 walterbender I agree about a mentor's meeting
23:21 will be early next week (after Easter)
23:21 Gonzalo walterbender: do you already picked the students?
23:22 walterbender the students get informed on Monday I think
23:22 Gonzalo, well, mostly
23:22 Gonzalo ok
23:22 walterbender we can still make some last minute changes tonight
23:22 Gonzalo, I consulted with individual mentors about their preferences
23:23 you can see the details in https://www.google-melange.com[…]d/google/gsoc2014
23:23 Gonzalo walterbender: thanks for doing all this work, and sorry for not supporting more
23:23 walterbender Gonzalo, the real work is about to begin
23:23 Gonzalo i am trying to do a good job as embassador here
23:23 walterbender meanwhile, gonzalo wrote up a nice trip report about GCI
23:24 and Manuq wrote up notes from the Paris Sugar Camp
23:24 Claudia__ Gonzalo: I am glad you manage to accompany the kids
23:24 walterbender other things to note:
23:24 Gonzalo Claudia__: was a very nice experience
23:24 walterbender Claudia__, and I are writing a paper with Cynthia Solomon on Turtle Art
23:25 Bernie and I are running a Turtle Art Day in Nepal in May
23:25 and I am giving the keynote at a big Telmex-sponsored conference in MX next weekend
23:26 tch and gonzalo have prepared images of Sugar 102 for testing... it is looking really nice
23:26 that is my news...
23:26 but we have many other topics to discuss
23:26 Gonzalo walterbender: i have news to share
23:27 walterbender please chime in (and then I would like to talk about the Youth Summit)
23:27 Gonzalo great
23:27 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If...
23:27 walterbender Gonzalo, you have the floor
23:27 Gonzalo i alkready reported about GCI, the other part I didnt reported yet, was the participation on OLPC SF meeting
23:28 and the talks we had with Sameer
23:28 OLPC SF is interested in align more the October summit with sugarlabs
23:28 maybe doing some hacking sessions
23:29 also, we was thinking about bhow we (slobs) and the community can rethink/review our mission/vision
23:29 with the change in situation of olpc
23:30 this need more thinking, (and collab9rative thinking)
23:30 walterbender +1
23:30 sdanielf +1
23:30 Gonzalo I will write some mails to kick the ball
23:30 walterbender ultimately Sugar is what the community make of it
23:30 Gonzalo yes, but we need a direction
23:30 Claudia__ sounds good
23:30 walterbender I don't know if I have said to this group, but OLPC AU is very serious about building a new machine
23:31 I have been working with Wad (the lead engineer on the XO) on some preliminary designs
23:31 it will be a Sugar machine
23:32 ElVerma if olpcsf is to stay relevant, we have to look beyond the XO, and see where Sugar takes us, be it another machine, a browser, or something else.
23:32 Claudia__ +1
23:32 Gonzalo _really_ great, but that don't change the fact SugarLabs need rethink the future and have a more strategic work
23:32 walterbender ElVerma, probably all three
23:32 ElVerma fantastic!
23:32 Gonzalo i had a meeting this morning with wikimedia education team
23:32 they are very interested in work with us, even founding specific projects
23:33 walterbender any topical areas?
23:33 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Excellent!
23:33 Gonzalo yes
23:33 they have material for teachers, to use wikipedia in class
23:33 Claudia__ yes, couse we need a resource page, as well as project sharing one
23:33 Gonzalo are interested inb support different types of offline wikipedias (like us)
23:34 and are interested in get information about the use of wikipedia, that can be used with our metadata collectin
23:34 (and can help us to improve wikipedia)
23:35 walterbender big topic
23:35 Gonzalo also they can contact us with  volunteers from specific languages to help us to curate the offline versions, that was a limitatiobn in the past to create the activities
23:35 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> In Uruguay is developing  an important project of Wikipedia in Education
23:35 walterbender IMHO, wikipedia can be a data repository as much as an article repository... lots of possibilities there
23:36 Gonzalo J_M_Garcia, I would like to know more about that
23:36 walterbender me too
23:36 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> It is a work with educational training, for *incentivar to the professors to the use of *wikipedia
23:37 Gonzalo another topic we was discussing with ElVerma was the creation of library.sugarlas.org
23:37 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> They are increasing the quantity of *wikipedistas
23:37 sdanielf I remember there were talks for teachers from the Wikipedia foundation
23:37 Gonzalo olpc sf is woprking actively in the Pathagar server
23:38 walterbender yes... I follow that project closely
23:38 Gonzalo have a active i8nstance with curated material is a good idea for the smalll projects they sponsor too
23:38 we discused this many times, we only needed some brave to take the role :)
23:39 finally, tomorow we will go to internet archive offices
23:39 ElVerma Gonzalo and I are headed to Internet Archive tomorrow to get some collaborative help from them. They've been very helpful with pathagar. archive.org likes OPDS projects :-)
23:39 Gonzalo will see what can we doi :)
23:39 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> http://eduwiki.me
23:39 walterbender give my regards to Brewster
23:39 ElVerma walterbender, will do :-)
23:40 Gonzalo i finished, questions? :)
23:40 walterbender Jose Miguel: nice to see music as part of the program :)
23:40 Gonzalo, lots to think about
23:41 Gonzalo yes
23:41 walterbender any comments for now? or shall we discuss the Youth Summit now?
23:41 Gonzalo ahh, i forgot the creation of a sugarlabs youtube channel :)
23:42 walterbender we have a DailyMotion channel almost unused for 4 years
23:42 Gonzalo walterbender: please go
23:42 Claudia__ Gonzalo: you sound excited.. thanks for being a great ambassador
23:42 walterbender Gonzalo, your new videos are very nice
23:42 Gonzalo walterbender: Daily MOtion? what is that? :)
23:42 walterbender we need many many more
23:42 Claudia__ I agree
23:42 walterbender Gonzalo, an alternative to YouTube that supports ogv uploads
23:42 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Of agreement!
23:43 Gonzalo walterbender: yeah, was a joke :)
23:43 walterbender didn't see the :)
23:43 long day :)
23:43 and still a call to AU this evening
23:43 sdanielf What about storing videos in SL servers?
23:43 Gonzalo sdanielf: the issue is how expose this to people
23:44 is like have our own git server or have github
23:44 ElVerma sdanielf, youtube is fo strategic importance from a visibility standpoint. Those who don't know about SL will be able to find out much more.
23:44 sdanielf github is more a workflow advantage
23:44 Gonzalo we need go where the people is, not pretend they will go to our place
23:45 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:45 Gonzalo well, a question is why we want publish videos, we want people see them?
23:45 hi cjl!
23:45 sdanielf Maybe Youtube will be a good way to post videos, but you'll need to post them in OGV format elsewere
23:45 cjl hi Gonzalo
23:45 ElVerma youtube does webm
23:45 Claudia__ Gonzalo: +1
23:46 ElVerma can we playback webm?
23:46 Gonzalo sdanielf: yeah, no problem with posting them in other place _too_ if somebody will do it
23:46 sdanielf actually Youtube doesn't provide an official way to download them, that's less freedom
23:47 Gonzalo: I watched some of the videos you posted
23:47 walterbender I think we need to put things in many places
23:47 but we should move on to the Youth Summit
23:47 Gonzalo sdanielf: ok,, we can discuss this by mail, but we need think about _why_ we want publish videos, and find the way to achive that
23:48 walterbender sdanielf, jose miguel: we need to start getting to the details
23:48 when/who/where
23:48 sdanielf walterbender: alright
23:48 Claudia__ Youth summit?
23:48 walterbender sdanielf, you should share the rms manifesto with SLOBs
23:48 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *ANEP Has a lot of interest in doing it in Uruguay
23:48 walterbender JMGarcia, I think that makes sense
23:49 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> ?
23:49 walterbender would like to bring a few kids from .PY and maybe .AR
23:49 sdanielf walterbender: I will transcribe last emails and share the updated document by email
23:49 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, we are arming a document, but need to know how many boys would be
23:50 walterbender JMGarcia, we can be flexible... as many as we can budget
23:50 but we can set a precedent and grow the event over time
23:50 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> We can transact the *estadía...
23:50 <J_M_Garcia-es> Of agreement...
23:50 walterbender the quantity and quality of youth contribution to Sugar continues to grow
23:51 amazing contributions to Sugar 102
23:51 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> There is interest in gathering to the youngsters, and also in exciting to others...
23:51 sdanielf that are great news
23:51 is getting old
23:51 walterbender when should we do it? what is a good time considering the school year in Sur?
23:52 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> September or October would be well...
23:52 <J_M_Garcia-es> No further...
23:52 walterbender thinks he has a few years on the rest of you
23:52 let's try for September
23:52 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If
23:52 <J_M_Garcia-es> *Yes
23:53 <J_M_Garcia-es> How many could come of other countries? 50? 100?
23:53 Gonzalo i would think 20-30?
23:53 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> We think in spaces of work and workshops advanced...
23:54 <J_M_Garcia-es> And also in spaces for novices
23:54 Gonzalo walterbender: what number are you pointing?
23:54 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> How many there is in Uruguay?
23:54 walterbender JMGarcia, I think that number is too many
23:54 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> That they are working with *Sugar?
23:55 <J_M_Garcia-es> 30?
23:55 walterbender I think we could do that
23:55 Gonzalo a bigger number is to difficult for a hands on event
23:56 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
23:56 Gonzalo we need think about how bring our 5 gci finalist there
23:56 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> They know how many youngsters are working with *SUgar in Uruguay?
23:56 Gonzalo sdanielf: ?
23:56 20?
23:57 walterbender Gonzalo, +1
23:57 sdanielf Python Joven can bring about 20 members
23:57 walterbender maybe 10 from Caacupe
23:57 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Here already they go 30...
23:57 <J_M_Garcia-es> Of other sides?
23:58 Gonzalo i think between 5 and 10, but willl depend on founding
23:58 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Step afterwards by mail some ideas, to go concretising...
23:59 walterbender I hope to renew the Trip Advisor grant
23:59 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Then 50 it does not seem too much...
23:59 Gonzalo i suppose w can ask olpc au, about sponsoring sam
23:59 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> 20 *UY, 10 *PY, 5 *gci finalists...
00:00 Claudia__ what about sponsoring a few spots for kids from different parts of the world?
00:00 Gonzalo Claudia__: would be ideal
00:00 we need find the right sponsors
00:00 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> +1
00:00 walterbender maybe some from Chia, Chachapoyas, etc
00:01 I think I could use TA $ if the grant comes through again
00:01 Claudia__ JuJunior summit at Media Lab type of event
00:01 walterbender Claudia__, yes
00:02 Claudia__ Cost Rica?
00:02 they may sponsor the kid
00:03 walterbender yes
00:03 lets set some dates
00:03 make a rough agenda
00:04 Gonzalo yes
00:04 walterbender and start to spread the word
00:04 Claudia__ I like the concept of Global Shapers by WEF
00:04 walterbender Claudia__, maybe we can announce it at the next learning chat too
00:04 Claudia__ we need to organize the ideas, but yes
00:05 What type of activities would they do that is not scaring girls... and could help them make a different back in their countries
00:06 Gonzalo why scaring girls?
00:07 Claudia__ I don't know enough.. I am just saying
00:08 walterbender actions: can JMGarcia and sdanielf decide on the dates
00:08 Claudia__ I hope we can think about empowering activities
00:08 walterbender and we can all contribute activity ideas
00:08 Gonzalo in september, right?
00:08 sdanielf yes
00:08 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
00:09 <J_M_Garcia-es> September can be well
00:09 walterbender I will start looking into some funding possibilities from Trip Advisor
00:09 Gonzalo ok, please start a mail and we can discuss it offline
00:09 walterbender OK
00:09 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
00:09 walterbender anything else for today to discuss as a group?
00:09 Claudia__ nope
00:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> In Montevideo? Or somewhere more separated?
00:10 Claudia__ but let's make sure we recruit girls
00:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> In accordance with Claudia!
00:10 walterbender Claudia__, yes... we fell short in that regard for GSoC
00:10 sdanielf JMGarcia: Montevideo will be better for hosting international atendees
00:10 Gonzalo yes, we need think about that
00:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
00:10 Gonzalo yes, Mvd would be ok
00:11 Claudia__ thanks w
00:11 thanks walterbender
00:11 walterbender the place is less important than the people
00:11 sdanielf Claudia__: We don't understand the psycology of a girl, maybe you can help us
00:11 Gonzalo haha
00:11 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> :)
00:11 walterbender after almost 60 years, I still don't :)
00:11 Gonzalo sdanielf: you willl spent a live trying :)
00:12 Claudia__ I am wondering why Gonzalo even asked... scaring girls?
00:12 after these few comments
00:12 Gonzalo Claudia__: just because of your comment :)
00:12 Claudia__ so I was right!
00:12 sdanielf I think there are girls interested in education, but not many interested in technology... something we can do?
00:13 Claudia__ have role models, first
00:13 cjl GNOME does a lot of outreach to women
00:13 Claudia__ great topic for the chat
00:13 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Yes!
00:14 Claudia__ love it
00:14 walterbender we should talk to karen sandler
00:14 Gonzalo I think is interesting look at what the project Alice did. they found girls are more interest in use tools to tell something they care about
00:14 Claudia__ yeap
00:14 Gonzalo boys are happy to use the tools, just because the tools are cool
00:14 Claudia__ Global shapers recruits both boys and girls...
00:15 we could do that and then have a tech component
00:15 but if we make it about programing Sugar and fixing bugs.. things were males are already dominant, they may not give it a chance
00:16 walterbender there are plenty of women as role models in .UY
00:16 Gonzalo if we are serious about this, we would set a minimum number of girls we want invite to the youth event
00:16 sdanielf Gonzalo: do you think they are going to distract the boys?
00:16 Claudia__ we should start by creating a very attractive program and not recruit the girls that would fit the program we already have
00:17 I have to go...
00:17 Gonzalo i don't  think so. i think if we dont  propose it, we will have alll boys
00:17 Claudia__ let's be serious about it
00:17 walterbender sdanielf, recall that I asked you and aguz to teach your girlfriends Python
00:17 Gonzalo Claudia__: you are right, of course
00:17 walterbender we should pick up this thread in the email
00:18 Claudia__ ok
00:18 walterbender let's make this happen
00:18 Claudia__ great to see you all
00:18 bye
00:18 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Goodbye!
00:18 walterbender maybe in Sept. in .UY and at MIT in the following April
00:18 Gonzalo good bye!
00:18 walterbender thanks everyone
00:18 ElVerma later...
00:18 walterbender good evening
00:18 Gonzalo has quit IRC
00:18 walterbender #end-meeting
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