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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-03-05 14:02:14

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14:02 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  5 14:02:14 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:02 <irma-es> *Ok! Hello Irma Silva and tod@s those that still did not greet!
14:02 walterbender gp94: good point
14:02 meeting <Claudia__-es> hello *irmasilva!
14:02 <Claudia__-es> Hello Gonzalo
14:02 <irmasilva-es> Good day Walter!!!
14:03 walterbender hi everyone... nice to see you back on line
14:03 meeting * mariaelena-es has joined
14:04 <Claudia__-es> Good morning, *mariaelena!!
14:04 <mariaelena-es> Hello!!! Good morning From The *Rioja
14:04 <irma-es> Hello *maria *elena, good morning!!
14:04 <Claudia__-es> Very fulfilled from The *Rioja... irma, irmasilva and mariaelena
14:04 <irmasilva-es> Hello *Couretot!!!
14:05 <mariaelena-es> *OK
14:05 <irma-es> I greeted you before *Irmisssss
14:05 * Aura-es has joined
14:05 gp94 there are pr's been there since last dec/nov...the activities repo on gitorious need new maintainers...it would be great if regular contributors take the role of maintainers...
14:05 walterbender gp94: +1
14:05 meeting <Aura-es> Hello To all!
14:05 <irma-es> Hello Aura!! Good morning!
14:05 walterbender gp94: maybe discuss on the devel mailing list?
14:05 meeting <Claudia__-es> Good morning, Aura
14:05 <Aura-es> Irma, Hello!
14:05 <icarito-es> hello Claudia__
14:05 <icarito-es> hello iguana
14:06 <irmasilva-es> Hello Aura!!!
14:06 <Aura-es> That like to go back to read us!!
14:06 <Claudia__-es> Like this it is Aura!
14:06 walterbender we have some attendees from SE Asia today too
14:06 manuq gp94, walterbender anyone is welcome to do reviews on PRs
14:06 salma_ <salma_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 meeting <irma-es> Like this it is Aura
14:06 <Claudia__-es> iguana:  where these?
14:06 <mariaelena-es> We are the followers of Claudia and Walter...
14:06 <irma-es> Who are *Iguana?
14:06 manuq the big problem we have now is that all assume that only dnarvaez and me are able to comment or review
14:06 meeting <iguana-es> *claudia Am in Urbana, Illinois
14:06 walterbender manuq: it is a matter of getting activity maintainers to be responsive
14:07 meeting <iguana-es> My name is Fabian Prieto. In Colombia was voluntary does some years with *SugarLabs
14:07 <iguana-es> Now I find me studying communication in the University of Illinois
14:07 <Aura-es> Walter, installed the activity, but says me that the version of *sugar needs an update
14:07 <irma-es> *ja.*jjja.*jja. They are man!!
14:07 <Claudia__-es> That well, *iguana! Welcome
14:07 gp94 walterbender, ok I will drop in a mail in devel list..today...
14:08 meeting <iguana-es> Me *entere by *facebook that went to have a *reunion and *queria know but of as it goes the project
14:08 <Claudia__-es> well.. No  if we go to have time to know to all in this meeting, but little by little go us to know
14:08 gp94 manuq, well the activvities have different maintainers who don't usually respond quickly, for example the mainline of the browse activity has around 10 pr's left to be reviewwd...
14:09 meeting <mariaelena-es> Walter, could not install the activity... It says me error when initiating
14:09 <Claudia__-es> It gladdens us go back to have this space, once a month, to converse of different subjects
14:09 manuq gp94, I don't get well with gitorius, please send them by email or paste me a direct link
14:10 meeting <iguana-es> And clear collaborate in what it can
14:10 gp94 I will also try to contribute in reviewing after I get a grip on gtk...:)
14:10 manuq, thanks :)
14:10 meeting <icarito-es> iguana, taste to greet you, success with this study by there
14:10 <Claudia__-es> If.. Aura, *mariaelena! The Activity goes to ask an up to date version of *Sugar.. We go to ask to Walter that it speak us of this
14:10 walterbender mariaelena: right now, the activity requires the newest version of Sugar to run
14:10 meeting <irma-es> *ok, I neither could install it
14:10 <Aura-es> If I have the *version of *sugar 0.98
14:10 <iguana-es> icarito thank you! A greeting!
14:10 walterbender maybe I can try to make it work with older versions
14:11 meeting <mariaelena-es> Here in The *Rioja have 0.96
14:11 walterbender but it needs "webservices" which is part of Sugar 1.00
14:11 I would love to encourage everyone to explore Sugar 1.00
14:12 many many improvements... mostly to stability
14:12 but some new features as well
14:12 meeting * Mary_-es has joined
14:12 <Claudia__-es> In accordance with Walter!!
14:12 <Mary_-es> Hello To all
14:12 <Claudia__-es> hello Mary!
14:12 <irma-es> Hello Mary!
14:12 walterbender please contact gonzalo or me for help with testing the new Sugar
14:12 meeting <mariaelena-es> Where download the new version?
14:12 <Mary_-es> They excuse the *demora but are with problem of *conexion
14:12 <Aura-es> Walter the problem of the new versions of *sugar is that they are not compatible with a lot of activities
14:13 walterbender http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.100/Testing
14:13 aura-es would be helpful to know what activities break
14:13 usually it is a trivial issue we can fix
14:13 meeting <Claudia__-es> Aura: you can mention any?
14:14 * Jhonny-es has joined
14:14 walterbender for example, deprecated fields in activity.info
14:14 meeting <Aura-es> In this moment are in the version 0.98 and are thinking in giving back us to the 0.94 because there are more activities to use
14:14 <Aura-es> Example all the *JAMEDIA
14:14 <Claudia__-es> The recommendation is that before moving  to a new version of *Sugar do proofs, like this do not fail the Activities in the course
14:14 <Aura-es> Of Flavio
14:14 walterbender aura-es a list of broken activities would really be helpful to us
14:15 meeting <Aura-es> I go to realise a listing of activities
14:15 walterbender thx
14:15 meeting * Nelssy-es has joined
14:15 walterbender aura-es maybe we can review next week in .CO
14:15 meeting <Claudia__-es> Good morning Nelssy
14:15 <Aura-es> If, We are expecting you with anxieties!!
14:16 walterbender was anyone able to try the LearnSugar acitivity?
14:16 meeting <Claudia__-es> It seems me that anybody has been able to test the new Activity of *Sugar (Learning *Sugar)...
14:16 <icarito-es> Link?
14:16 <Nelssy-es> Hello Good *dias, are in Meadow in this moment in the School *Ateneo where have one of our Pilot Projects
14:17 curiousguy13 <curiousguy13!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:17 walterbender icarito: http://people.sugarlabs.org/wa[…]earnSugar-1.59.xo
14:17 meeting <icarito-es> walterbender, *thx
14:17 <Mary_-es> I could not test Claudia
14:17 walterbender icarito: it is still "beta"
14:17 icarito: and it requires Sugar 100+
14:17 meeting <Claudia__-es> thank you, Nelssy
14:18 <irma-es> Good morning *Nelssy!
14:18 walterbender Claudia__: maybe we can discuss the goals as opposed to the implementation?
14:18 since no one has seen the implementation :P
14:18 meeting <Claudia__-es> We go to take advantage of this space then to greet and to explain them a bit of the new Activity, although they have not tested it still
14:18 tkkang_ <tkkang_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:18 meeting <Claudia__-es> It seems me very *walter!
14:19 tkkang_ Hello all from HK!
14:19 meeting <Claudia__-es> Also it would be well that when they greet us, you explain us where are, like this go us knowing...
14:19 <Claudia__-es> For now we have to irma, irmasilva and mariaelena from the *Rioja
14:19 <Claudia__-es> Mary_ from Paraguay
14:20 <irma-es> hello Mary!
14:20 <Nelssy-es> Meadow is in Colombia
14:20 salma_ has quit IRC
14:20 meeting <Claudia__-es> Nelssy from Colombia, a small pilot program
14:20 walterbender Claudia__: could you give a quick review of our overall goals as a group?
14:20 meeting <Claudia__-es> iguana: a Colombian volunteer, that now this in USES
14:20 <Mary_-es> hello Irma
14:21 <Aura-es> Aura, Colombia
14:21 <Claudia__-es> Claro Walter...
14:21 * Acalderon-es has joined
14:21 <Aura-es> Hello Alejo, welcome!, of Foundation Marina *Orth, Medellín, Colombia
14:22 <irma-es> Hello Alejo!
14:22 <Claudia__-es> Well... From it does some months put us from *SugarLabs put it to open again a space of communication and of community... No only with Educators, also with technical people and volunteers...
14:23 * Lisalia-es has joined
14:23 <kaametza-es> hello To all! Greetings from *SomosAzucar
14:24 <Claudia__-es> The community but big this in this region, like this is that we begin by this meeting...
14:24 <icarito-es> hello *aqui Sebastian and Laura (*kaametza) of the team *SomosAzúcar. *Ahorita Are in Colombia
14:24 <irma-es> It wanted to know the people and his professions
14:24 <Mary_-es> We could invite to *Tincho then Claudia
14:24 <Claudia__-es> But we expect that they have others in other regions of the world also.. If, clear
14:25 <Claudia__-es> Mary_: this space is opened to the one who want to go in... *Tincho This by *ahi, in the channel of Groins where translates  east
14:25 * Acalderon has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
14:26 <Claudia__-es> The idea is to gather us once a month... That it seems them?
14:26 <Mary_-es> I share
14:26 walterbender to add to claudia's words... getting educators and developers talking about ideas is very important to the project
14:26 meeting <irma-es> Of agreement
14:26 <kaametza-es> +1
14:27 <mariaelena-es> Of agreement!!!
14:27 <Aura-es> If, and it seems me key that gather us educators with technicians
14:27 <Claudia__-es> And can agree different subjects with all, according to the interests and needs!!
14:27 <Aura-es> Maybe it can be the first *miercoles of each month
14:27 <Claudia__-es> Like this it is, *walter!
14:28 <mariaelena-es> It seems me well
14:28 <irmasilva-es> It seems us very well!!!
14:28 <Claudia__-es> Aura: that is the idea... The following meeting would be the 2 of Abril
14:28 ignacio|here walterbender, sorry for no appear in the meeting.. :(
14:28 meeting <irma-es> *Comparato Walter and Aura
14:28 <Lisalia-es> I agree
14:28 <mariaelena-es> Well...
14:28 <ignacio|here-es> icarito, *woah.. A lot of people :)
14:28 ignacio|here is now known as Ignacio
14:28 meeting <Lisalia-es> It is the first time that participate and want to know more in this regard
14:28 <kaametza-es> hello Ignacio :D
14:29 walterbender Ignacio: take care... your teacher may be here :)
14:29 meeting <Aura-es> Hello Lisalia, of Colombia also, *Urabá!
14:29 <Ignacio-es> Hello To all :)
14:29 <Claudia__-es> Like this it is that when they receive the invitation, can send it to other people!!!
14:29 walterbender Ignacio is a student in .UY
14:29 meeting <irma-es> Hello Ignacio
14:29 walterbender and a Sugar developer
14:29 meeting <Claudia__-es> Hello Ignacio! (They know the one who is Ignacio?)
14:29 <irmasilva-es> Welcome
14:29 <Lisalia-es> Hello Aura, reporting me from the Zone of *Urabá-Colombia
14:29 <irma-es> *siiiii!!!!
14:29 <Ignacio-es> *Jaja, :)
14:29 <Lisalia-es> No
14:30 Ignacio walterbender, woah a lot of fresh contributors in #sugar-meeting-es :)
14:30 meeting <irma-es> *Salis Very well in *google + Ignacio
14:30 <mariaelena-es> As you know, already in The *Rioja are  *recambiando the *XO by a *laptop that manufactures  here. But the software keeps on being *Sugar.
14:30 <Ignacio-es> irma, *jaja :)
14:30 tkkang_ I am a volunteer at OLPC Asia based in Hong Kong
14:30 meeting * acalderon-es has joined
14:30 <Mary_-es> Me *gustaria know *ma  this Maria *elena
14:30 * Fosi-es has joined
14:30 <Claudia__-es> mariaelena: you can put you in contact with Gonzalo to be to the day with the subject of *Sugar!!
14:30 <irma-es> :) Ignacio, my fellow and *twitter
14:30 walterbender mariaelena-es: the hardware is Classmate?
14:30 meeting <Mary_-es> That type of scheme?
14:31 * Fosi has quit (Client Quit)
14:31 <Aura-es> Ignacio!!
14:31 <Ignacio-es> Aura, Hello!
14:31 <mariaelena-es> And ... That but I can say. They are decisions of the logistical and technical part... No of the pedagogical area
14:31 walterbender it is important we know of any issues with the hardware so we can address them
14:31 meeting <mariaelena-es> *ok
14:31 <Claudia__-es> If, Ignacio it is our developer crashes of *Sugar, Uruguayan, and winner of the competition of Google... We are proud!!
14:32 <Lisalia-es> Congratulations Ignacio
14:32 <Mary_-es> If all are proud
14:32 <Aura-es> Ignacio: The Friday initiate classes of the *semillero with the boys, are happy!
14:32 <Ignacio-es> Claudia__, I am not a star. I am only a simple developer! There is *ma?*s Like me :)
14:32 <irma-es> Thank you Walter by your support with *Sugar
14:32 <Ignacio-es> Aura, *wow *genial! ?We want to go to Colombia! *Jaja
14:32 <mariaelena-es> If we go to need help and not losing the contact with you. We want them!!!
14:32 <Aura-es> We go to do that *suceda... I am managing it
14:32 <Mary_-es> *maria *elena
14:32 <irma-es> *Sipi, but few *profes of your age Ignacio *je..*je... :)
14:33 <Ignacio-es> Aura! *Wii :)
14:33 <Claudia__-es> well.. As they can see, the idea is that this space was for all...
14:33 <Mary_-es> That *harward *estan using
14:33 <Jhonny-es>  Really we have  a strong interest to centre us in the development of competitions from Spanish, mathematical and natural sciences
14:33 <Claudia__-es> Now, we decide to begin these talks with the Activity of Learning *Sugar, that Walter has been developing for Australia
14:33 walterbender jhonny-es +1
14:33 meeting <Mary_-es> If Claudia think that the *participacion shows the  need of these in *cuentros
14:34 <irmasilva-es> It interests me the subject in physics!!!
14:34 <mariaelena-es> A *laptop mark *bangho sum that assembles  here in The *Rioja. This is all know it. Has similar characteristic that the *magallanes of Uruguay
14:34 walterbender mariaelena-es gracias
14:34 Ignacio walterbender, 1.6ghz, 8gb ssd, 384mb of integrated video
14:35 All intel :)
14:35 meeting <Lisalia-es> Ignacio can do me the favour to explain in what *conisten the classes of the *semillero with the boys?
14:35 <Claudia__-es> Jhonny: it is very important to have clear aims. The past year treat to create groups of interest between the community to support the work.. Can explain you that Nicaragua has done a very strong work in *Lecto Writing
14:35 <Claudia__-es> And that also there is a professor in *UY that has created a very good book of learning of Physics with the *XO... With *Tortugarte
14:35 <irma-es> What well!
14:36 <Ignacio-es> Lisalia, *ultimamente in the community of Laboratories *Azucar *Sebasti?@N and Laura (*icarito and *kaametza) come *dise?I walk a plan for *OLPC Colombia
14:36 <mariaelena-es> If it is Trinidad Guzmán. Also I saw it in the project *Butiá
14:36 <Ignacio-es> The idea is *ense?*ar To program creating games and all these things that go back it *m?*s Fun.
14:36 walterbender https://sites.google.com/site/[…]nidad_%20v1-0.pdf
14:36 meeting <Claudia__-es> Like this it is *mariaelena! Maybe we can invite it the next month so that it explain us of his work...
14:36 <kaametza-es> :D
14:36 <mariaelena-es> *ok
14:37 <Claudia__-es> thank you, *walter. This is the link of the work of Trinidad, that invite them to all to explore
14:37 walterbender maybe people can email to Claudia topics of interest? /me is interested in early reading
14:37 meeting <Lisalia-es> Ignacio, but the plan already are it implementing?
14:37 <Ignacio-es> Lisalia, the plan begins this to?Or (in some *d?Ace no? *kaametza?)
14:37 <Jhonny-es> mariaelena: *ping
14:37 <Ignacio-es> *Kaametza And *Icarito can explain you better :)
14:38 <Jhonny-es> María Elena  want to know a bit but  of the project my post  is *jsanchez@asocaña.org
14:38 walterbender is translating Guzman's book to English
14:38 meeting <irma-es> It gives me error this link, *claudia
14:38 <Lisalia-es> Thank you very much Ignacio
14:38 Acalderon_ <Acalderon_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:38 meeting <icarito-es> Ignacio, it refers  to the *semillero of boys programmers that mentioned Aura
14:38 <Lisalia-es> It appears me error in the link
14:38 <kaametza-es> Like this it is Ignacio. The Friday initiate 12 sessions with 30 boys of the municipality of *Chía
14:38 <icarito-es> Will be treating to retort the success of *Python Young Uruguay
14:38 <icarito-es> With the support of Flavio and Ignacio
14:38 <mariaelena-es> *ok. Jhonny I will write you
14:38 <Jhonny-es> The link this broken
14:38 <Ignacio-es> icarito, *cuentale to Lisalia :)
14:38 Claudia__ https://1f799c4b-a-62cb3a1a-s-[…]Pf43wj9rssy_U46eh
14:39 meeting <Lisalia-es> It follows the message of error
14:39 <Ignacio-es> Claudia, hits the link in *ur1.*c
14:39 <Ignacio-es> ur1.ca
14:39 <Lisalia-es> *Icarito
14:39 <irma-es> It follows with error, *claudia
14:39 <icarito-es> We would have to have published the proposal, but in brief words treats  of a workshop of development of video games oriented to obtain some attainments and learnings
14:39 <Jhonny-es> Thank you  María Elena
14:40 Acalderon_ has quit IRC
14:40 meeting * acalderon has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:40 <Claudia__-es> http://www.ceibal.edu.uy/artic[…]man-trinidad.aspx
14:40 <Claudia__-es> *aqui This the link of *Ceibal...
14:40 walterbender https://sites.google.com/site/[…]ttredirects=0&d=1 works too
14:40 meeting <icarito-es> The idea is that the boys learn to create works (games) related with *nutricion, *dinamica familiar, etc
14:41 <Ignacio-es> give me 1 second
14:41 <Ignacio-es> Already I go up it..
14:41 <kaametza-es> Lisalia, and in addition to creating them, that learn to publish them and *socializarlas with the community
14:41 <Lisalia-es> They are initiating a pilot with the boys of *Chía?
14:42 <irma-es> The link gives error, Walter
14:42 <Claudia__-es> This *semillero develops  in the *conexto of a project that leads Aura in Colombia...  And it develops  with an agency of the government that has as it put to support to the familiar that are under the line of extreme poverty..
14:42 <Lisalia-es> How can retort  this strategy with boys of other *ciudadades?
14:42 * irmasilva has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:42 <Claudia__-es> With these families have defined  some attainments, in Nutrition, Participation and familiar Dynamics... The bet here is that the boys are agents of change in his families... Therefore the *semillero
14:42 <mariaelena-es> Jhonny it is not well your direction of post. It indicates me error
14:43 <Ignacio-es> To see
14:43 <Claudia__-es> I think that it is another project that is worthwhile *socializar.. Aura, can send them but information
14:43 <Ignacio-es> http://people.sugarlabs.org/ignacio/fi%*cc%81*sica%20with%20*XO%20_*Guzma%*cc%81@n%20Trinidad_%20*v1-0.Pdf that if it serves
14:43 martian_ has quit IRC
14:43 meeting <Ignacio-es> meeting, *pingall Link: http://people.sugarlabs.org/ignacio/fi%*cc%81*sica%20with%20*XO%20_*Guzma%*cc%81@n%20Trinidad_%20*v1-0.Pdf
14:43 <irma-es> It is important the project of Aura, Claudia, something of this were seeing
14:43 <icarito-es> Lisalia, like product of the workshop will be renewing/expanding the guides of *Python Young done by *flavio wait go and look for you the original versions
14:44 <Lisalia-es> thank you very much, *Icarito
14:44 walterbender we have much to learn from Flavio
14:45 meeting <Claudia__-es> Well.. We explain them a bit on the Activity of Learning *Sugar?
14:45 walterbender Claudia__: sure
14:45 meeting <Claudia__-es> You want to begin Walter
14:45 walterbender #topic Learn Sugar
14:46 The original goal is quite modest
14:46 meeting <Aura-es> If
14:46 walterbender in Australia, they require the teachers to do training before they get Sugar for their classrooms
14:46 meeting <Jhonny-es> María Elena  give me  your post.
14:46 walterbender but the course was on Moodle and very difficult to use
14:46 meeting <Claudia__-es> Ignacio: thank you!
14:46 <mariaelena-es> Alchemy002@yahoo.com.ar
14:47 <Ignacio-es> Claudia__, *np. Hour to read to Walter :)
14:47 walterbender so I wrote a Sugar activity to teach Sugar basics in an imersive way
14:48 the activity introduces Sugar features such as the Home View, the toolbars, connecting to the network, the Journal, etc
14:48 and some basic activities: Write, Speak, Turtle Art,...
14:48 different from a manual or help system because it is interactive
14:49 it walks the teachers through a narrative about Sugar
14:49 the content is almost all html, so it is easy to change
14:49 the idea is to have more Learn Sugar activities that touch on more themes
14:50 focusing on how to use Sugar for learning
14:50 but the first one is mostly about mechanical issues
14:50 meeting <icarito-es> Lisalia, I'm sorry I did not find the link "oficial" *ahorita but the guides are *aqui: http://people.sugarlabs.org/ig[…]/archivos/python/
14:51 walterbender In Australia, the teachers can use this for part of their professional development, so there is a mechanism for logging progress...
14:51 we could make regional versions if there was interest
14:52 but it will be difficult to make it work on old versions of Sugar :(
14:52 meeting <mariaelena-es> Walter need  knowledges of previous programming?
14:52 walterbender mariaelena-es: no
14:52 meeting <Claudia__-es> mariaelena: no!
14:52 walterbender not to use the activity
14:52 meeting * transformando-es has joined
14:52 walterbender to write new versions for new topics, yes
14:52 some
14:52 meeting * irmasilva-es has joined
14:52 <transformando-es> Aura: *ping
14:52 walterbender mostly for the checks
14:53 let me explain
14:53 we ask the teachers to accomplish certain tasks: draw a square with Turtle Art
14:53 meeting <Lisalia-es> *Icarito, thank you
14:53 walterbender so I had to write code (Python) to check to see if they completed that task
14:54 this is for the "certification" process in Australia
14:54 the activity could work with the checks as well
14:54 meeting <Claudia__-es> The Activity this directed initially to professors, and those that want to know basic subjects of *Sugar, but the idea is that it can extend  to things but sophisticated
14:54 walterbender the checks are what require the new version of Sugar
14:55 maybe I could make a version with no checks that runs on any Sugar
14:55 I will think about it
14:55 but more, I am interested in what you think of the idea and where we should take it next
14:55 meeting <Claudia__-es> The Activity has several *modulos... In each module there are texts and a *video.... And it asks  to the user that realise some tasks... And the same Activity can verify *automaticamente that do  the in shape correct tasks
14:56 walterbender but without "tasting" it is hard to give feedback :P
14:56 meeting * Mary_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
14:56 <Lisalia-es> As far as you explain me, this activity is *genial, in what it favours the interactiveness
14:56 walterbender the basic set up is a series of sections or chapters
14:57 each chapter has pages which explain or ask the user to do some task
14:57 meeting <Claudia__-es> Lisalia: this Activity *resume the basic knowledge of *Sugar... And it does it in shape interactive... And it offers a *feedback *inmendiato
14:57 walterbender once you do the task, then you are invited to go to the next page
14:57 meeting <Claudia__-es> But as it says us Walter.. The last version of *Sugar needs  for this immediate feedback...
14:57 walterbender you can also jump from chapter to chapter
14:58 and it can report the progress to a server
14:58 and it has a mechanism for sending feedback and asking for help
14:58 I am working to make is easier to do translation
14:59 Claudia__ has translated the activity itself into Spanish
14:59 but not all of the chapters or pages
14:59 meeting <irmasilva-es> What well Claudia!!!
14:59 <Claudia__-es> I translated the basic controls and the first module... By that we want to know if it interests them...
15:00 <irma-es> Thank you Claudia and Walter
15:00 <Claudia__-es> And as it could use  in the different programs...
15:00 manuq has left #sugar-meeting
15:00 walterbender tkkang_: we could make versions in Chinese and Malay
15:01 meeting <mariaelena-es> *siii. It interests us!
15:01 curiousguy13_ <curiousguy13_!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 tkkang Possible... Chinese wll be double byte, Malay like English translation
15:01 meeting <Claudia__-es> Walter.. Maybe we can do a *video with a demonstration, but is important that all do proofs!
15:01 walterbender Claudia__: good idea
15:02 Claudia__ tkkang: it would be great to have it in many languages
15:02 tkkang Yes...
15:02 walterbender tkkang: it uses unicode so double byte is not a problem
15:02 meeting <irma-es> I see complicated to have the last version of *Sugar in the *Bangho
15:02 curiousguy13 has quit IRC
15:02 curiousguy13_ is now known as curiousguy13
15:02 curiousguy13 has left #sugar-meeting
15:02 meeting <Claudia__-es> irma: by that you do not speak it with Gonzalo... If they go to do new installations, would be well have the version but updated of *Sugar..
15:03 walterbender irma-es: yes... we need to address that issue. who makes the system images for the Bangho?
15:03 meeting <irma-es> *ok Claudia
15:03 <Ignacio-es> irma, that system bring the *bangho?
15:03 <irma-es> Fedora and *Sugar
15:03 <mariaelena-es> They bring *linux-*fedora
15:03 walterbender irma-es maybe you can connect us with the technical team
15:03 meeting <Ignacio-es> Then I do not think that it was complicated to have a *version of *Sugar up to date
15:04 <irma-es> It would have to converse it with our coordinator, Walter
15:04 walterbender really, we only need to add one feature: webservices
15:04 meeting <gonzalo_odiard_-es> irma, mariaelena, no *deberia be complicated, am to *disposicion to see that they need
15:04 <icarito-es> We could test our *Sugar 0.94 with Network Sugar on *Wayra *GNU/Linux, walked well
15:04 <irma-es> *ok Ignacio
15:04 <Claudia__-es> For subjects of logistics... Sure we go to have a list of invitation to this talk.. Like this we can distribute things easily...
15:05 <Claudia__-es> We go to do a *video of demonstration of the Activity Learning *Sugar.. And we happen them to him. I am safe that go to want to use it
15:05 walterbender wonders if he could make it install webservices on the fly? probably difficult
15:05 meeting <irma-es> *ok Claudia, seems me well the *video
15:05 <Lisalia-es> It seems me very timely the of the video, thank you Claudia
15:05 <icarito-es> I say *Huayra *GNU/Linux, the *debian done for Argentinian
15:06 walterbender Claudia__: maybe we can make it together next week
15:06 meeting <Claudia__-es> If, Walter. This *pense!
15:06 <Claudia__-es> It wanted a pair of minutes to ask on subjects for the next month....
15:06 walterbender Claudia__: OK
15:07 #topic topics for future meetings
15:07 meeting <Claudia__-es> And I remember them.. They do not have to expect a month for *ingresar to this space. Always this opened and a lot of people are here to converse
15:07 <mariaelena-es> *icarito. If that is in the *net of the national Program "Conectar Igualdad"
15:07 <mariaelena-es> *ok. Claudia
15:07 <icarito-es> It would be logical that use  the same, is a lot work to do an operating system of zeros...
15:07 <Claudia__-es> Subjects????
15:08 walterbender literacy
15:08 I have some ideas I'd like feedback on
15:08 meeting <mariaelena-es> If it is truth *icarito. It is necessary to migrate to *linux for all
15:08 <irma-es> The work that comes developing Aura
15:08 <Claudia__-es> Thank you Walter. In Nicaragua there is a work that present
15:09 <Claudia__-es> thank you, *irma! We go to invite to Aura to present on the work of *Transformadonos
15:09 walterbender maybe they (.NI) can bring us up to date and then we can discuss new ideas?
15:09 meeting <Aura-es> Gladly
15:09 <kaametza-es> The Network Sugar, is a subject that can be interesting explore in this space
15:09 <Claudia__-es> If, Walter. It seems me that this list a report of the impact, realised by *USAID
15:10 <Aura-es> To my seems me important speak about the improvements of the versions of *sugar
15:10 <Aura-es> Find the most stable version
15:10 <Claudia__-es> Aura: perfect! The version but stable achieves  if we test and report errors of the Activities
15:11 <Claudia__-es> The local programs are using the Activities, and the developers need to know that it fails. Therefore it is important to do proofs before an update...
15:11 <gonzalo_odiard_-es> Claudia__, we can prepare a report about that there is again in *sugar
15:11 <Claudia__-es> It seems me that it is a meeting *prioritaria!
15:11 <Claudia__-es> *gonzalo.. Welcome!!!!
15:12 <irma-es> Of agreement, *gonzalo
15:12 <irmasilva-es> Hello Gonzalo!!!
15:12 <gonzalo_odiard_-es> hello, I was reading all, *aqui am for what can help
15:12 <Claudia__-es> It seems them if we do the meeting on *Sugar the next month? Gonzalo prepares a report with time to be able to have a good talk
15:12 <mariaelena-es> Perfect!
15:13 <irma-es> Of agreement
15:13 <irmasilva-es> If  of agreement
15:13 <Lisalia-es> Perfecto
15:13 <kaametza-es> :D
15:13 <Claudia__-es> It does a pair of years did something like this... And we created a page where reported  the errors. It was an useful for the developers, and of course for the programs!!
15:13 <Claudia__-es> well.. Gonzalo, these *agendado!! Abril 2!!
15:13 gonzalo_odiard_ ok :)
15:14 meeting <Claudia__-es> Will be sending information with time. And also on as inscribe to a list of distribution.. Like this *mejorarmos channels of communication...
15:14 * Aura has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:14 <Claudia__-es> well.. I think that we go to finish here this meeting of today!
15:14 * acalderon-es has joined
15:15 <iguana-es> thank you Claudia... I expect to follow assisting
15:15 <Claudia__-es> thank you very much To all for arriving this day!!
15:15 <irma-es> Thank you Claudia, an embrace and follow advancing in community
15:15 <iguana-es> An embrace icarito
15:15 <mariaelena-es> Very well *reencontrarnos...
15:15 walterbender thank you for organizing the meeting
15:15 meeting <Claudia__-es> Very important the community!!!
15:15 <irmasilva-es> Thanks to You that invited us!!!
15:15 <irma-es> An embrace for tod@s!!!
15:15 <Lisalia-es> Claudia, as I am the pedagogical adviser of the project *Laptop in some Institutions of *Urabá-Colombia, would like me know more on what comes doing Nicaragua in the subject of *Lecto-writing, because it is one of the components that more affects the population *estudiantil of this zone, and with the educational have been working pedagogical projects that aim to said thematic
15:15 <mariaelena-es> An embrace to all!
15:15 <Claudia__-es> Embraces and happy week!!!
15:16 <kaametza-es> Thanks to all! And we remain to the order in all (@) somosazucar.org
15:16 <iguana-es> *lisalia To where can *escribirite?
15:16 <mariaelena-es> Thank you Claudia. Kisses
15:16 <Claudia__-es> Lisalia: you want to send me email and put you in contact with them, before having a talk on the subject?
15:16 <irma-es> *Chau!!
15:16 <Claudia__-es> callaurrea@gmail.com
15:16 <Claudia__-es> mariaelena: kisses!
15:16 <mariaelena-es> Jhonny *enviame a post to contact you
15:17 * irma has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:17 <irmasilva-es> Until prompt an embrace from The *Rioja, Argentina!!!!
15:17 <Claudia__-es> thank you irmasilva
15:17 * mariaelena has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:17 <Lisalia-es> cpe.lisaliasantodomingo@gmail.com
15:17 <Lisalia-es> Thanks to all
15:17 walterbender #end-meeting
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