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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-03-05 13:04:07

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13:04 meeting Meeting started Wed Mar  5 13:04:07 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:04 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
13:04 manuq walterbender, thanks
13:05 gonzalo_odiard_ maybe we should start with the older issues?
13:05 walterbender why don't we start with something (notifications?) while I make the list
13:05 manuq I think notifications is preety much done, design wise
13:05 tch__, great work
13:06 if someone wants to review a short patch in the mean time:
13:06 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]r-artwork/pull/29
13:06 gonzalo_odiard_ tch__, can i propose something else for notifications?
13:06 walterbender #topic notifications
13:07 tch__ manuq: thanks, the idea is to add different notifications types progressively, based  on the same building blocks
13:07 gonzalo_odiard_: sure
13:07 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, i can test it in the xo after the meeting
13:07 walterbender manuq: the old list was http://fpaste.org/82545/02478313/
13:07 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, thanks!!
13:07 walterbender we have a new new items to add
13:07 manuq tch__, I see, so we expect that samdroid will be able to extend it for activities
13:08 tch__ manuq: yes
13:08 manuq great
13:08 tch__ manuq: and journal
13:08 martian_ <martian_!~anon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:08 manuq walterbender, I think I gave review to all of those.. have my notes here
13:09 gonzalo_odiard_ tch__, would be good, when the user click in the notification menu item, open a dialog in the home with the title and text, like we do when the user can't open one activity
13:09 manuq a shame some work has been discontinued
13:09 (from walterbender list)
13:10 gonzalo_odiard_ tch__, in that way, we solve the issue of longer than palette texts
13:10 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, hmm
13:10 walterbender manuq: I  think we only went through about half of these as a group.
13:10 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, that would be more complex, I think
13:10 tch__ gonzalo_odiard_: I think the problem of having long text is unavoidable, at some point we must put some limits..
13:10 manuq tch__, +1
13:11 walterbender the other approach though, would be to line-wrap the long text
13:11 it would mess up the vertical spacing, but I think better than the current solution
13:12 the line wrap used in the add description to the palette code works well
13:12 manuq walterbender, yes, that would be definetely better, we don't want to loose text
13:12 gonzalo_odiard_ i haven't tested the line wrap in the palette
13:12 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: it works well
13:13 I've reviewed it but it would be good for one more set of eyes
13:13 gonzalo_odiard_ anyway, what i am proposing can be added later if needed
13:13 walterbender +1... let's land the first phase
13:13 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
13:14 manuq walterbender, ok, let's go through that list?
13:14 tch__ walterbender: I will take a look and see how it works, we should be able to solve the vertical space somehow
13:14 walterbender tch__: I will point you are example code after the meeting
13:14 tch__ walterbender: thanks!
13:15 walterbender are we done with notifications?
13:15 manuq tch__, yes, maybe wrap to three lines, then ellipsize?
13:15 walterbender so we agreed: to land new notification code and add wrap to three lines, then ellipsize?
13:15 manuq agreed
13:16 gonzalo_odiard_ +1
13:16 tch__ manuq: alright,
13:16 walterbender #agreed to land new notification code and add wrap to three lines, then ellipsize
13:16 manuq wait, someone needs to review code first :)
13:16 walterbender shall we do Enhancement: Add description in Journal Palette  next?
13:16 manuq I just reviewed design
13:16 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, i can review the code
13:16 tch__ I guess I can't review myself haha.... which is good..
13:16 walterbender manuq: yes... the code review can happen when we have the PR
13:16 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, great
13:17 walterbender, excellent
13:17 walterbender #topic Enhancement: Add description in Journal Palette
13:17 manuq let's continue with palette description, yes
13:17 walterbender I think we had agreed to this
13:17 it is much better shape
13:17 manuq yes, much better, I have to try the new PR
13:17 walterbender I think it just needs a final code review
13:17 manuq but the screenshot look great
13:17 walterbender, +1
13:17 walterbender so we can agree to land it?
13:17 manuq yes
13:18 gonzalo_odiard_, tch__ ?
13:18 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, lets define design review status, landing need code review in all cases
13:18 tch__ checking!
13:18 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: +1
13:19 gonzalo_odiard_ maybe we can get volunteers for do the code review here too ;)
13:19 walterbender but on this one we agree re design review?
13:19 manuq I can code review this one
13:20 walterbender de we agree design on Add description in Journal Palette is approved ?
13:20 gonzalo_odiard_ i can't find the pr
13:20 manuq same here, was it closed or merged by accident?
13:20 walterbender looks...
13:21 but let's close the design discussion???
13:21 manuq walterbender, +1, approved
13:21 gonzalo_odiard_ ok
13:22 walterbender #agreed design on Add description in Journal Palette is approved
13:22 next, shall we discuss ignacio|here 's color-encoded device icons?
13:22 manuq sure
13:23 walterbender #topic Color-coded devices
13:23 loves them
13:23 tch__ I think is great, design wise not too much secret, but I can review the code
13:23 manuq yeah, we agreed on design in the previous meeting
13:23 gonzalo_odiard_ have sense
13:24 walterbender OK...
13:24 iguana <iguana!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:24 walterbender #agreed color coded devices design approved
13:24 anything else on the old list?
13:25 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, found it https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/259
13:25 walterbender mic volume?
13:25 manuq walterbender, for mic I said:
13:25 - no new buttons, we have limited space in the tray
13:25 - should be in the same palette
13:25 - based on the mic found in Measure
13:26 walterbender same palette as speaker?
13:26 I will work with emil to finish this up
13:27 #agreed to move mic volume to same palette as speaker
13:28 on to some newer topics?
13:28 ignacio|here: do we have any loose ends?
13:28 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, then no icon for mic, only a slider?
13:29 walterbender we can add icons to the palette
13:29 we'll have to play around with some sketches
13:29 manuq has quit IRC
13:29 walterbender oh no.. we lost our fearless leader
13:30 gonzalo_odiard_ :/
13:30 tch__ we wait.
13:31 manuq <manuq!~manuq@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:31 manuq sorry, this irc...
13:31 still here?
13:31 tch__ yup
13:32 manuq topic?
13:32 walterbender maybe we do journal toolbar?
13:32 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, ^
13:33 no more older issues?
13:33 walterbender ignacio|here: can you review the list of old topics while we discuss this new one?
13:35 meanwhile... let's keep going
13:35 #topic journal toolbar -- replace combo boxes
13:35 manuq walterbender, did you found any blocker?
13:36 walterbender manuq: I had to put a work-around in the ellipsis code for the toolbar button -- I think it is a gtk bug.
13:36 but otherwise it seems to work well
13:36 manuq walterbender, great
13:36 walterbender the set_important idea was a winner
13:37 manuq walterbender, excellent
13:37 today I did a few comments on the artwork patch
13:37 looking good
13:37 walterbender wished it worked in other situations
13:37 manuq: I looked at the view-created icon and don't understand how it works (svg)
13:38 it seems to use a mask
13:38 manuq walterbender, ok, I'll amend and push
13:39 walterbender great...
13:39 manuq svg editing is a pain
13:39 I think the original creator of view-created (gary) used adobe tools
13:39 walterbender manuq: not if you use emacs
13:40 manuq walterbender, I like to do graphics with a visual tool :)
13:41 walterbender anyway, we agree to the overall design? we can move on?
13:41 manuq but in general the output of inkscape and other applications is odd
13:41 walterbender, agreed
13:42 walterbender #agreed to the design of the journal toolbar combo box replacement; needs code review and manuq to improve icons
13:42 gonzalo_odiard_ Develop activity now show a preview of the icon :)
13:42 walterbender and you can design icons in Turtle Art :)
13:42 manuq :)
13:43 walterbender #topic combo box on language panel
13:43 manuq: gave me some feedback
13:43 but do people agree with the general idea?
13:44 manuq looking great too, lots of new stuff!
13:44 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, but need more work
13:44 tch__ walterbender: agreed, will make it easier for touch scenario
13:44 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: I agree... not ready for approval
13:44 gonzalo_odiard_ tch__, not only touch
13:44 meeting * Claudia__-es has joined
13:44 walterbender but I want the green light to pursue it...
13:45 if people don't like the idea, I can work on other things
13:45 gonzalo_odiard_ i think is in the right direction
13:45 walterbender OK
13:45 next topic?
13:45 gonzalo_odiard_ backup/restore?
13:45 walterbender #topic backup/restore
13:46 what is still to discuss here?
13:46 Claudia__ <Claudia__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:46 walterbender hi Claudia__
13:46 tkkang <tkkang!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:46 Claudia__ Hi walterbender
13:46 gonzalo_odiard_ the second pr address all the points spotted by manuq
13:46 manuq has a topic for later
13:46 gonzalo_odiard_ i wonder if someone could test it
13:46 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, great, i have to try it
13:46 tch__ gonzalo_odiard_: i will
13:46 walterbender I can test it too
13:46 manuq me too
13:46 gonzalo_odiard_ thanks
13:47 walterbender but I think it generally passes muster
13:47 manuq can't tell without looking
13:47 walterbender is concerned that ignacio|here is quiet
13:47 manuq walterbender, the boy is a star now :)
13:48 tkkang greetings..
13:48 manuq hi tkkang
13:48 walterbender manuq: he had a bunch of design reviews pending I thought... didn't want him to be overlooked
13:48 tkkang: good evening
13:48 tkkang Yes.. nice to see you al online..
13:48 tch__ hello Claudia__ and tkkang
13:49 gonzalo_odiard_ looking at the old list "View Source paths Emil Dudev [2]" landed?
13:49 walterbender manuq: what are the next topics?
13:49 manuq walterbender, I'm doing my best with reviews.. but I need your help
13:49 meeting * irma-es has joined
13:49 tkkang Excuse my typing :-) pretty bad typer
13:49 manuq I can't handle all the load
13:49 walterbender manuq: once we get design sign-off we can broaden the code reviewer but not many can do design reviews
13:50 gonzalo_odiard_ i hope we can help more now, just busy with bugs in AU image
13:50 walterbender tkkang: maybe you can find us more designers to help?
13:50 Claudia__ hello tch__
13:50 manuq walterbender, you don't need to be a designer to test and give a brief comment
13:50 anyone can do that
13:51 tkkang You mean to test the AU image ?
13:51 meeting <Claudia__-es> Good morning *irma!
13:51 walterbender manuq: yes... but it is intimidating for most, I think
13:51 tkkang In fact I am loading a AU image on a SD card now
13:51 manuq walterbender, I have a topic for later
13:51 meeting <irma-es> Hello Claudia!! How you are?
13:52 <Claudia__-es> Well!! A taste see you by here.
13:52 walterbender manuq: now is later...
13:52 I think we ran out of other topics
13:52 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, we have 8 minutes to the learning meeting
13:52 walterbender oh... one more...
13:52 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, please go
13:52 manuq ok, I've been trying webservices past week
13:52 walterbender the screen capture button?
13:53 meeting <irma-es> I did not go to the office Claudia, because we do not have internet still
13:53 manuq I have the feeling that webservices in control panel is not finished
13:53 I see icons without labels
13:53 gonzalo_odiard_ is a little ugly, is true
13:53 meeting <Claudia__-es> As it gladdens me that you can this here. And they go to put Internet in the office?
13:53 manuq gonzalo_odiard_, yes, like it has overpassed design
13:54 gonzalo_odiard_, not just ugly, but.. how do you choose the webservice if there is no label?
13:54 walterbender manuq: I will work on it... can you make some sketches?
13:54 manuq walterbender, sure, glad to do them for you
13:54 meeting <irma-es> Yes, it is indispensable; we have us *mudado. We are in an office of two flats, small
13:54 manuq takes note
13:54 walterbender admits he didn't put much effort there
13:54 meeting <Claudia__-es> irma: and that so big is the group now?
13:55 walterbender #agreed rework the cpsection for webservices
13:55 meeting <Claudia__-es> You know if Maria Elena *recobio the email?
13:55 walterbender #agree rework the cpsection for webservices
13:55 manuq: anything else?
13:55 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, tch__, manuq, can we agree in focus in finish the topics pending for 0.102?
13:55 manuq walterbender, not from my side, thanks!
13:55 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: which topics are open?
13:56 meeting <irma-es> No  if María Elena the *recibio, Claudia, the group keeps on being numerous; the *jvg primary
13:56 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, all we have been talking today, the unreviewed pr
13:56 walterbender, i am thinking in not add other things
13:56 meeting <Claudia__-es> irma: I command the email to Maria Elena... No  if the email that have is his, but this included
13:56 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: this is the design meeting...
13:57 the code review is separate
13:57 tch__ gonzalo_odiard_: +1 on focusing what we have so far,
13:57 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, but we don't have a developers meeting
13:57 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: let's have one then
13:58 now that we have certainty from design, we can focus on code reviews
13:58 but we had a big design bottleneck from GCI
13:58 meeting <Claudia__-es> Good morning... icarito, *iguana!
13:58 <irma-es> *Ok; We expect it that it avenges; also Irma Silva...
13:58 walterbender I feel good that we have cleared it up
13:58 meeting <iguana-es> hello Claudia
13:58 walterbender manuq: shall we wrap up then?
13:59 manuq walterbender, yes, thanks to all
13:59 gonzalo_odiard_ just on time :)
13:59 walterbender thanks everyone
13:59 #end-meeting
13:59 meeting Meeting ended Wed Mar  5 13:59:19 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
13:59 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-05T13:04:07.html
13:59 manuq continues with the prs
13:59 meeting Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-03-05T13:04:07

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