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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2014-02-05 14:02:12

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14:02 meeting Meeting started Wed Feb  5 14:02:12 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:03 walterbender I'd like to begin with a quick summary of GCI and then jump into GSoC
14:03 #GSoC
14:03 We had a remarkably productive experience with Google Code In.
14:03 Congratulations to Ignacio and Jorge, our grand prize winners
14:03 but all of the finalists were great.
14:04 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> If, Walter. You had advanced something with the closing in the meeting of 6 January. And we follow slopes afterwards.
14:04 walterbender lots of very useful patches
14:04 Gonzalo will join them at Google in April as our representative
14:05 decause gonzalo_odiard++
14:05 walterbender We need to catch up with these kids: to finish reviewing their patches and get their work integrated
14:05 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> Excellent!
14:05 walterbender It is hard for our small team to keep pace.
14:05 gonzalo_odiard i hope is a good opportunity to talk with other project representatives
14:05 walterbender Which brings me to the topic of Google Summer of Code
14:06 tch__ <tch__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: I think it will be fun and productive for you
14:06 (and be sure to look up rgs et al. in the Bay Area)
14:06 gonzalo_odiard yeah
14:07 walterbender But on to the next Google event.
14:07 We need to decide in the next few days whether or not to apply for Google Summer of Code again this year.
14:08 The applications are due next week
14:08 The pros: obviously another chance to attract new members to the community
14:08 and a chance to focus on some projects that have not been achieved on their own
14:09 We've been doing some brainstorming about some ideas
14:09 The cons: we want to make sure we offer a quality experience and with inadequate mentoring, we are just wasting resources
14:10 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> The proposals have to be presented now?
14:10 walterbender GCI was great, but the burden of mentors was too concentrated on too few people
14:11 the proposal has to include some project ideas, which is easy, we have many, but also a plan for mentoring, which is where we have fallen short this past year
14:11 I am enthusiastic about going forward with our application, but only if I have real support from the community, not just talk but action.
14:11 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, +1
14:12 walterbender So I propose we vet mentors now, before we apply, and only apply for as many slots as we have committed mentors
14:13 Gonzalo and I have been speaking to those who have done a good job in the past and so far we have: tch__ , lionel, manuq, and the two of us identified as mentors
14:14 There are some others who do a lot of mentoring, e.g., dnarvaez and alsroot, who generally chose not to be formally enrolled.
14:14 any other suggestiions as to whom we should reach out it would be most welcome.
14:14 but the free-for-all model doesn't work in my experience.
14:15 frankly, gonzalo_odiard, tch__ and I end up picking up the pieces and it is a lot of work for us
14:15 thoughts? comments?
14:16 gonzalo_odiard sdanielf_, do you have time to help?
14:16 ClaudiaU_ <ClaudiaU_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:16 walterbender would like to attack the butia team to participate
14:16 ClaudiaU_ hello walterbender
14:16 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> It is well have alternatives not to concentrate in few people. It is not my area, but perhaps with people of the *Ceibal *Jam?
14:16 walterbender hi ClaudiaU_
14:16 snowed in?
14:17 ClaudiaU_ sorry I am late...
14:17 gonzalo_odiard hi ClaudiaU_
14:17 ClaudiaU_ OMG.. so much snow
14:17 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> Hello Claudia!
14:17 ClaudiaU_ hola gonzalo_odiard
14:17 hola JoseMiguel_UY-es
14:18 sdanielf_ gonzalo_odiard: do you mean to help on next GSoC?
14:18 gonzalo_odiard sdanielf_, yes
14:18 walterbender ClaudiaU_: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ng/meetings/today
14:18 ClaudiaU_ thanks walterbender
14:18 sdanielf_ gonzalo_odiard: Google does not allow me because of my age
14:18 gonzalo_odiard sdanielf_, ou, right :/
14:18 walterbender agism
14:19 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> Which irony, no Daniel?
14:19 gonzalo_odiard something to talk in SF
14:19 walterbender In another topic for this morning, I want to bring in sdanielf_ 's talents
14:19 we should wrap this topic up...
14:20 I propose we do apply for GSoC, but we do so with more discipline than in the past
14:20 prasoon2211_ <prasoon2211_!d2d43a6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:20 walterbender could we have a quick discussion and then vote on this?
14:21 sdanielf_ walterbender: +1
14:21 gonzalo_odiard In particular, request less slots than the last year, and select projects thinking in easy integration with our stack
14:21 gonzalo_odiard, +1
14:22 walterbender I am not 100% convinced that integration with our stack is paramount. we can also use it to explore new directions
14:22 but focus and structure are critical
14:22 otherwise we waste everyone's time and opportunities for others
14:23 +1 from me for applying
14:23 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, true, but in the past, these exploration projects finished unimplemented, because we don't have the resources to put them in production
14:23 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: our research arm
14:23 ClaudiaU_ +1 I am happy to provide complementary mentoring... to define projects, but most of the mentoring is technical
14:24 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> +1 Equal that Claudia, support to define projects and ideas.
14:24 walterbender ClaudiaU_: yes... it tends to be technical, but having your input/feedback has been useful in the past
14:24 josemiguel: some project ideas would be great.
14:25 ClaudiaU_ walterbender: I am happy to participate in the same capacity
14:25 walterbender seems we have consensus
14:25 I'll prepare the application today (while I am not shoveling snow) and circulate it
14:25 #agreed GSoC application
14:25 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> *Ok
14:26 walterbender #action walter to prepare the draft application
14:26 OK...
14:26 I have another somewhat related topic, if it is OK
14:26 ClaudiaU_ ok
14:27 walterbender #topic Sugar Camp
14:27 This is an idea that tch__ came up with about a month ago: to have a regional summit of the youth hackers
14:27 perhaps in Caacupe?
14:28 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, uy can be a good palce too
14:28 walterbender We have so many contributors form the region, whom like sdanielf_ cannot participate in the google programs because of age
14:28 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, flavio danesse wanted to do something similar with the python joven group
14:28 walterbender .ar might work too... I hear prices are good right now :P
14:29 gonzalo_odiard yes, for prices .ar would be better
14:29 walterbender we could try to bring a few kinds from other regions in as well... at least jorge from el salvador
14:29 sdanielf_ how many atendees do you estimate?
14:29 walterbender I think would be great and a good message about our mission: the kids take responsibility for the project
14:30 I am thinking maybe 12
14:30 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> It is good idea .*ar Think that can result simpler for the region.
14:30 walterbender so some real work can get done
14:30 ClaudiaU_ i wish we could do other regions... i.e. Africa
14:30 walterbender maybe a long weekend
14:30 ClaudiaU_: let's pilot where we know it will work
14:30 and then look to more places
14:31 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, i think i can look at the logistics if is done in .ar (can ask manuq too)
14:31 walterbender We can use some Trip Advisor funds for this and maybe some of the money google just gave us to pay for it
14:31 and maybe get ceibal to help
14:31 sdanielf_ I'm worried about that 12 atendees is too few for an international summit
14:31 walterbender sdanielf_: I guess it depends on what we are trying to accomplish
14:31 gonzalo_odiard maybe "at least 12" :)
14:32 ClaudiaU_ walterbender: agree
14:32 walterbender a coding sprint gets bogged down with too many
14:32 but a more formal program can support more
14:32 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> To what refer  with 12?
14:32 walterbender but I was going to task you sdanielf_ ) to think about what would be good to accomplish
14:33 josemiguel: i was thinking 12 kids doing a code sprint
14:33 but maybe we want a broader set of topics and a bigger program for more kids
14:33 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> *Ok.
14:34 sdanielf_ I'm not sure about what to accomplish
14:34 walterbender maybe a conference run for/by kids
14:34 gonzalo_odiard i think a sugarcamp would be more a hands on experience
14:35 walterbender sdanielf_: in my narrow view of the world, I always think about engineering, but we could use this as a way to tell the experience of being a youth Sugar developer to the world (and to other kids)
14:35 and draw in a component of pedagogy as well
14:35 maybe draft a manifesto about the future of education in the region
14:36 to present to MoE in the various countries from which we solicit our participants
14:36 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> Very good idea
14:36 walterbender yes... shoot higher than just a code sprint
14:36 and let's get lots of kids
14:36 sdanielf_ maybe we need a space for code sprint and a place for talks and discussion
14:37 walterbender if you are all agreeable, then we can take the discussion to email and move it forward?
14:37 gonzalo_odiard +1
14:37 walterbender sdanielf_: in my experience, it is hard to do the two in parallel
14:37 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> +1 to walterbender and sdanielf_
14:37 walterbender maybe a code sprint before?
14:38 gonzalo_odiard have two topics to talk later
14:38 walterbender and the results can be one of the presentations?
14:38 sdanielf_ not in parallel, of course
14:38 walterbender so just to see if we have consensus to pursue this
14:38 +1 from me
14:38 sdanielf_ +1
14:38 ClaudiaU_ + 1
14:38 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> A space of talk and discussion can summon to more people that interest , so that they add  @en el futuro.
14:38 walterbender great
14:39 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> +1
14:39 walterbender #agreed to pursue a youth summit in the south
14:39 #action sdanielf_ and walter to make some proposals
14:39 gonzalo_odiard: you want to jump in with your topics?
14:39 gonzalo_odiard ok
14:40 first topic: we was discussing make a contest for sugar wallpapers
14:40 with sugar 0.100 you can change the background of your home view
14:40 prasoon2211_ has quit IRC
14:41 gonzalo_odiard we think is a good opportunity to help to our kid artists and promote sugar
14:41 and make more people participate (not only coders)
14:41 sdanielf_ +1 then!
14:42 gonzalo_odiard the start of the discussion is here https://gist.github.com/manuq/[…]0126fbacd4c3e313e
14:42 walterbender +1 on this
14:42 will be fun
14:42 decause walterbender: wallpaper contest sounds amazing
14:43 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> +1 This can excite to other boys, no only programming.
14:43 gonzalo_odiard we need agree in implementation details, as how send the images or the prizes
14:43 decause can students from RIT HFOSS course submit?
14:43 gonzalo_odiard manuq, who is a designer, agreed in be a judge
14:43 walterbender decause: should be open to all
14:44 no agism at SL :)
14:44 ClaudiaU_ and the girls?
14:44 gonzalo_odiard maybe we can put a max age to compensate :)
14:44 walterbender we'll let those old uni stundents join
14:44 gonzalo_odiard ClaudiaU_, why not girls?
14:44 decause github has worked wel for things like this we've done
14:45 ClaudiaU_ I am just reacting to JoseMIguel's comment.... I do hope girls participate as well
14:45 decause adds to syllabus
14:46 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> This gives possibility of girls, and of many others more artists. No only of *code lives the man! ;)
14:46 ClaudiaU_ ;)
14:46 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> And it can engage also to teachers...
14:46 gonzalo_odiard would be great have more feedback on the proposal if you agree in make the contest
14:46 walterbender just poured another cup of Colombian coffee... thx ClaudiaU_
14:47 gonzalo_odiard: do you have the URL from manuq's doc?
14:47 never mind.. I see it ^^
14:47 gonzalo_odiard :)
14:47 walterbender better get yet another cup of coffee
14:47 ClaudiaU_ walterbender: you are very welcome
14:48 walterbender we should also think about how we publicize the contest
14:49 gonzalo_odiard yes
14:49 walterbender to make sure we reach far and wide
14:49 gonzalo_odiard and maybe is a opportunity to get sponsors
14:49 walterbender ClaudiaU_: maybe SEED can help?
14:49 gonzalo_odiard and promote a activity in the deployments
14:49 decause walterbender: i'll volunteer to post to opensource.com once details are finalized
14:49 ClaudiaU_ walterbender: I can propose
14:50 gonzalo_odiard decause, thanks
14:50 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: seems we have consensus...
14:50 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, would we vote?
14:51 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> +1
14:51 ClaudiaU_ +1
14:51 walterbender +1
14:52 gonzalo_odiard +1 (obviously :)
14:52 walterbender #agreed to hold a background image contest
14:52 gonzalo_odiard good, next topic
14:52 walterbender #action everyone to comment on https://gist.github.com/manuq/[…]0126fbacd4c3e313e
14:52 #action contact SEED and other potential vehicles for outreach
14:53 gonzalo_odiard: you had another topic, yes?
14:53 ClaudiaU_ I only have a few min
14:53 gonzalo_odiard in our last travel to montevideo, in the ceibal event, a teacher who works with kids with disabilities, contacted to a guy from unesco france
14:53 walterbender ClaudiaU_: could you give an update before you go?
14:53 ClaudiaU_ yes
14:54 decause #action decause post wallpaper contest details on opensource.com
14:54 gonzalo_odiard he said, unesco can finance work on accesibility support in sugar, if we present a project
14:55 i never presented a project to a institution like unesco
14:55 anybody knows how to do it?
14:55 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: the butia team and I have been discussing a project that may be relevant
14:55 gonzalo_odiard: I can help with that
14:55 ClaudiaU_ I have my quick update
14:56 decause is interested in staying in the loop too
14:56 ClaudiaU_ I have receive confirmation from several people about the chats
14:56 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, ok, but you already have a lot of work....
14:56 walterbender FYI, there is a Berkeley professor who is working on a proposal with NiH on nutrition with Sugar and the .NI deployment
14:56 gonzalo_odiard: I'll help.. but not be the lead
14:56 ClaudiaU_: please continue
14:56 gonzalo_odiard decause, help is welcomed
14:57 thanks!
14:57 ClaudiaU_ I am still waiting for Costa Rica, but Colombia, Nicaragua, La Rioja.. all welcome the idea of getting together again
14:57 walterbender yeah
14:57 gonzalo_odiard ClaudiaU_, .uy?
14:58 walterbender .py
14:58 .pe
14:58 decause gonzalo_odiard: email me details plz, I'll discuss with my director
14:58 ClaudiaU_ Only Nicaragua suggested Monday... the rest of the people suggested to keep wednesdays
14:58 gonzalo_odiard decause, ok
14:58 ClaudiaU_ sorry.. Paraguay, of course
14:59 I am not contacting technical people yet... but please send educators
14:59 I only sent email to Martin Perez.. I need to send email to other names suggested
15:00 I would like to get names of people involve directly with deployments..
15:00 walterbender the first meeting of the SE Asia group is this week (tomorrow, I think) but at an odd hour: 1:30 AM for me
15:00 ClaudiaU_ yes, walterbender
15:01 walterbender ClaudiaU_: you think the first meeting might be in a couple of weeks?
15:01 ClaudiaU_ gonzalo_odiard sent me contacts of people in the community... which I have not invite yet
15:01 walterbender be great to use it to solicit feedback on the training app (/me says selfishly)
15:02 ClaudiaU_ walterbender: yes!! I was thinking we open the first meeting with that... I need to give you feedback and translate
15:03 JoseMihguel.. can you help us find the contact info for the educators in Ceibal?
15:03 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> If, I will be tomorrow there. But I need more data of the meeting (am treating to put me to the day)
15:05 ClaudiaU_ learning-technical chat organized by us, once per month
15:06 gonzalo_odiard that is synthesis power :)
15:06 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> *Ok. Technician on computer or on educators?
15:06 walterbender both
15:06 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> *Ok.
15:07 ClaudiaU_ both for the invite, but I am sending personal emails to educators
15:07 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> *OK.
15:09 gonzalo_odiard idea: would be good have a page in the wiki with ongoing slobs projects
15:10 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: yeah.. beyond the meeting notes that no one looks at
15:10 gonzalo_odiard exactly :)
15:10 walterbender anyway... anything else for today?
15:10 decause libreplanet?
15:10 walterbender I apologize on behalf of freenode that we could not meet on Monday
15:10 and I appreciate everyone accommodating the change in the schediule
15:11 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, libreplanet was in the topics list
15:11 walterbender oh yeah
15:11 just a quick heads up that Claudia and I are doing a panel at LibrePlanet on the future of FOSS in elementary education
15:12 and the dangerous trend of "Disneyification" of education
15:12 decause congrats!
15:12 walterbender needs to remember to contact Bahktiar
15:12 ClaudiaU_ sorry.. I had to start a call...
15:12 walterbender We should wrap up for today
15:13 don't be shy about communicating between meetings on the list
15:13 thanks all
15:13 5
15:13 gonzalo_odiard 4
15:13 decause 3
15:13 sdanielf_ 2
15:14 meeting <JoseMiguel_UY-es> 1?
15:14 walterbender #endmeeting
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