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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-12-02 14:08:14

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14:08 meeting Meeting started Mon Dec  2 14:08:14 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:08 walterbender hello all
14:08 thanks for attending the meeting
14:08 did everyone see the list of topics I posted?
14:09 GeraldA yes
14:09 CanoeBerry Be safe Gerald on your little NYC North choo-choo train ;)
14:09 walterbender oy
14:09 GeraldA thanks, CanoeBerry
14:09 CanoeBerry Link to topics?
14:09 walterbender maybe we can start with a discussion of how to get educator/developer discussions going again?
14:10 Claudia_: could you lead this discussion?
14:10 Claudia_ walterbender: sure
14:10 walterbender CanoeBerry:  (1) summary of GCI (2) election (3) ambassadors (4) tech/learning meetups
14:11 #topic tech/learning meetups
14:11 Claudia_ While in Uy a dew weeks ago, I proposed to have regular meeting with deployments
14:11 CanoeBerry Thanks. Backlog for latecomers: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2013-12-02
14:11 Claudia_: are you still running weekly irc meetings with teachers & similar?
14:12 walterbender .UY seems so long ago :)
14:12 Claudia_ the idea is to invite an educators as well as a technical person from each of the deployments...
14:12 walterbender: 6 weeks ago
14:12 gonzalo_odiard__ hello all
14:12 walterbender but Malaysia and Brazil intervened :P
14:12 hi gonzalo_odiard__
14:12 Claudia_ CanoeBerry: no, I stopped hosting the meetings in April... since I left OLPC
14:13 CanoeBerry O dear, gotcha.
14:13 Claudia_ We had some meeting about TA day, but those are over
14:13 walterbender I brought up the idea at the Malacca summit, and there was lots of enthusiasm for the idea
14:14 Claudia_ once a month, perhaps?
14:14 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, do you plan do it English or Spanish?
14:15 Claudia_ it would be a sugar meeting with the participation of some of us... tech and ed people
14:15 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: there are a couple of other dimensions as well, most notably timezone
14:15 Claudia_ walterbender: agree!
14:15 gonzalo_odiard__ true
14:15 GeraldA Do we have any way of reaching educators are not involved in deployments?
14:15 Claudia_ so every other month, so we can have more than one meeting
14:16 we have to define the goal of the meetings first... GeraldA
14:17 GeraldA Claudia, of course
14:17 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, +1
14:17 walterbender I think we need to do some outreach to get people to attend... but if past experience is any indicator, they will find the meetings of value
14:17 Claudia_ I used the OLPC meetings for a number of purposes... discuss best practices, promote theory/background, inform deployments about latest news from OLCP/Sugar, find out about their prpgress...
14:18 I don't think we can do all that... it was like a full time job
14:18 tch__ <tch__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:19 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, in your experience, what could be our first objective? (may be thinking in 6 months lapse)
14:19 Claudia_ but we can start getting the group established with tech and ed people from deployments...
14:20 getting the group establish... people want to know about the organization (Sugar/OLPC), but they also want to know about each other
14:21 so getting people together, giving an update and getting then to say where they are... that would be step one
14:21 gonzalo_odiard__ what you think about starting a survey, about people interested to participate, needs, prefered language, tz and so?
14:22 Claudia_ based on that, we could prepare couple of talks/presentations
14:22 walterbender we had identified a few important themes last spring: literacy, programming, assessment
14:22 not sure we cannot start with those and invite more topics rather than conducting a new survey
14:22 Claudia_ gonzalo_odiard__: I think we know people would say yes to this type of gathering, we know their language, etc
14:23 gonzalo_odiard__ ok
14:23 walterbender a discussion focused on literacy would be a big draw
14:23 Claudia_ my recommendations is to start with deployments...
14:23 gonzalo_odiard__ do we have contacts in all the deployments?
14:24 Claudia_ I do have the people in this region
14:24 that would be one meeting..
14:24 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, america south/center/north, right?
14:25 Claudia_ walterbender: can we gather everyone in the English speaking group in a second meeting?
14:25 walterbender the folks at UWCSEA offered to run a meeting in South East Asia
14:25 Claudia_ gonzalo_odiard__: yes
14:25 walterbender that would be 12 hours shifted in time and in English
14:25 gonzalo_odiard__ have a lot of sense
14:26 walterbender but it would touch on deployments from AU, ZH, etc
14:26 Claudia_ Africa
14:26 walterbender We seem to have a gap in our coverage in Africa
14:26 be nice to get them included some how
14:26 Claudia_ there is also Charlotte
14:26 NC, Canada
14:26 walterbender yes
14:27 I think Spanish made it hard for them
14:27 not for Jennifer :P
14:27 Claudia_ Canada = Jennifer Martino speaks Spanish very well
14:27 exactly
14:28 gonzalo_odiard__ is good have people who can make a bridge between the two groups
14:28 Claudia_ perhaps a survey can help, after all
14:28 walterbender shall we set a date or set up a doodle?
14:29 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, your meeting had already a schedule, right?
14:29 Claudia_ I think it would be great to have people run their own meetings, but it would be nice to be present somehow to distribute information and get information as well
14:30 gonzalo_odiard__: yes, it used to be wednesday morning (for 3 years)
14:30 we have not define the goal of the meeting
14:30 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, yes, a objective would be improve communication between Sugarlabs and the deployments
14:31 Claudia_ if run by Sugarlabs, what do you think the goal should be?
14:31 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, maybe the best is try to continue using that time for the Spanish, America meeting
14:32 PabloBaques <PabloBaques!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:32 Claudia_ thanks gonzalo_odiard__ ! Do others have other ideas?
14:32 do people will be willing to run some of those sessions?
14:33 GeraldA I don't speak Spanish, but would be willing to run some of those sessions
14:33 walterbender I will try to join the UWCSEA sessions
14:33 and be a fly on the wall in the .es sessions
14:34 Claudia_ once per month?
14:34 walterbender let's try that
14:34 Claudia_ ok
14:34 GeraldA +1
14:35 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, i can attend the Spanish meeting if you like
14:35 Claudia_ I think more than two people should attend the meetings
14:35 walterbender I'll be there so that is > 2 :)
14:35 Claudia_ perhaps the same Educator & Technical couple should be represented
14:36 walterbender ?
14:37 Claudia_ if we are inviting educators and technical people from deployments (as we discussed initially), we should have an educator and a technical person from SugarLabs in the meetings
14:37 an idea...
14:38 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, a good one :)
14:38 lead by example
14:38 Claudia_ yes
14:38 walterbender these days, we have both :)
14:38 maybe GeraldA can join me at the Asia meetings?
14:39 GeraldA walterbender, Sure.
14:40 gonzalo_odiard__ nice, we have the start of a plan :)
14:40 walterbender so, in terms of specific actions, I can work with Jeff at USWSEA to get those meetings off the ground
14:40 and perhaps Claudia_ can start by contacting the original learning team members?
14:41 Claudia_ I will contact heads of deployments, so we can recruit technical people as well
14:41 but yes, I will send some emails
14:41 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, Ceibal guys said they want participate
14:42 Claudia_ they have always been invited
14:42 walterbender OK... anything else to discuss on this topic?
14:43 gonzalo_odiard__ walterbender, would be good have a definition of what is the objective of these meetings
14:43 Claudia_ we should continue the conversation out of the meeting, so we can discuss other things, but  I will reach out to you, gonzalo_odiard__ and GeraldA
14:43 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: +1
14:43 gonzalo_odiard__ Claudia_, ok
14:43 GeraldA Clauda, Good. I look forward to it.
14:43 Claudia_ for now... improve communication between SugarLabs and Deployments
14:44 and create community
14:44 gonzalo_odiard__ +1
14:44 walterbender To me, there have always been 2 main objectives (already aired by Claudia and a result of improved communication): sharing best practice, ensuring we are heading in the right direction
14:45 Claudia_ thanks walterbender
14:45 I will take note
14:46 walterbender next topic?
14:46 gonzalo_odiard__ i think these meetings are a best way to start to accomplish the objective than my previous "ambassadors" proposal, then at least now, is not needed
14:47 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: I am not sure, but I agree, let's table it for now
14:47 #topic GCI
14:48 just a quick update
14:48 lots of activity > 40 tasks completed in < 2 weeks
14:48 and may more in play
14:49 the biggest issue has been that not all of the features that the kids are working on have consensus among the design/devel teams
14:49 so it has resulted in some good work that won't ever land.
14:50 not sure that is such a bad thing but I do think I've put an unnecessary burden on the reviewers
14:51 gonzalo_odiard__ walterbender, how can we suggest the students to be more communicative? they take a task and return with the work done, usually without too much interaction
14:51 walterbender one other observation: the coding projects generally have gone well. the design and documentation projects, less well
14:51 gonzalo_odiard__: maybe... I have lots of interactions with some of them
14:52 I do try to encourage them to use irc more.
14:52 some find me on gchat
14:52 some just use the melange interface
14:53 I am going to be adding more tasks soon: bugs mostly
14:54 I probably should have started there and then done features
14:54 gonzalo_odiard__ walterbender, about design tasks, i have look at the journal/activities list task, but probably is too much ask to a student to produce something with the conditions to be used in sugar
14:55 we have a high bar for the design
14:55 PabloBaques has quit IRC
14:55 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: with the design tasks, it was more to solicit ideas, not to implement something
14:56 but the ideas have not been very creative
14:56 everything looks like something from Windows98
14:58 in any case, if you have ideas for tasks, speak up.
14:58 one last topic
14:58 #topic elections
14:59 luke has gone silent. I'll ping him again, but otherwise, we may need to find someone else to run the election
14:59 suggestions welcome :P
14:59 GeraldA I have contacted Anna from Birmingham. She is considering running.
15:00 walterbender maybe a gci task :P
15:00 Claudia_ walterbender: +1
15:00 We need to contact Jose Miguel about running also for candidate
15:01 * running to become a member
15:01 walterbender yes... that is another point: we should try to find good candidates
15:01 gonzalo_odiard__ +1
15:02 walterbender OK.
15:02 I'll report back if I don't hear from Luke.
15:02 Claudia_ ok.
15:03 gonzalo_odiard__ walterbender, do we have a deadline for the elections?
15:03 walterbender we meet again same time, same place, same channel on the 6th of January
15:03 I'll be in India. Hopefully no issues getting on line
15:03 Claudia_ what is the deadline for elections?
15:03 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: the elections should really be held this calendar year.
15:03 but if it slips, it slips
15:04 Claudia_ ok
15:04 I will contact Jose MIguel..
15:04 walterbender And I will contact Luke
15:05 anything else for today?
15:05 GeraldA not for me.
15:05 Claudia_ not for me
15:05 walterbender OK. Please send me email with topics for the next meeting.
15:05 thanks all
15:05 CanoeBerry I should be working with CJL on Haitian Creole translation FYI.
15:06 Claudia_ thank you
15:06 walterbender 5
15:06 GeraldA 4
15:06 CanoeBerry 3
15:06 Claudia_ 2
15:06 gonzalo_odiard__ 2
15:06 1
15:06 walterbender #end-meeting
15:06 meeting Meeting ended Mon Dec  2 15:06:23 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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