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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-09-06 17:45:25

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17:45 meeting Meeting started Fri Sep  6 17:45:25 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:46 DAWacker so a team and i over the summer developed badges for XO activites and got these badges working with two of the activites that FOSS@RIT developed, Lemonade Stand and SkyTime
17:46 walterbender DAWacker: say more...
17:46 DAWacker at this point, we figure badges can be awarded to any activity that has a badges/ directory filled with images as well as the badges/ library that I wrote
17:47 we orginally developed badges for Lemonade Stand but wrote a library that was imported into SkyTime and badges can be awarded there as well
17:47 walterbender DAWacker: where do the badges show up?
17:48 DAWacker Sash is an activity that is used to read any information on the XO about badges and displays the badge image in a Gtk window with tooltip text about the badge (name, date received, activity awarded from, and a short description about the badge)
17:49 walterbender DAWacker: have you thought about adding the badges to the Journal too?
17:49 gonzalo_odiard_ DAWacker, are you using the mozilla/fedora insfrestructure for the badges?
17:49 decause walterbender: badges are using the journal, yes :)
17:49 walterbender decause: they are stored as metadata?
17:49 DAWacker walterbender: yes we are using the journal for badges but it doesn't specifically say in the journal when a badge is awarded
17:50 decause gonzalo_odiard_: we have done some research into Mozilla Open Badges integration, but as of right now, there is no way to upload to the backpack without using a browser/javascript
17:50 DAWacker walterbender: we are using a DS object to store the metadata about badges
17:50 tch__ we could show them at the friends view ;)
17:50 walterbender DAWacker: be worth considering writing a Journal extension to show the badges in the detail view
17:51 DAWacker walterbender: that would be awesome actually, it would be awesome if when you got a badge it displayed the badge image with the description there.  I will look into that
17:51 walterbender DAWacker: an object for the badges or the badges as part of each object
17:51 DAWacker walterbender: I guess you could say Sash does something similar to that
17:51 decause I will *definitely* be pitching this one in my HFOSS course, and I think there will be a number of students interested (95% of the class is Game Design & Development Majors)
17:51 walterbender should be pretty easy to modify the Journal expandedentry view
17:51 gonzalo_odiard_ looks like something we can look for sugar 102
17:51 walterbender +1
17:51 decause and since DAWacker is my TA, I think the upstream mentor will be highly available ;)
17:52 DAWacker walterbender: each activity that supports badges creates a DS object and Sash queries those objects to retrieve information
17:52 walterbender decause: I have also always wanted a standard way of displaying 'high scores'
17:52 gonzalo_odiard_ decause, DAWacker, should be good if you can discuss more openly the plan, in sugar-devel and/or prepare a feture page in sugarlabs wiki
17:52 walterbender decause: right now, some of my activities export scores to Chart
17:53 DAWacker walterbender: Chart?
17:53 walterbender but your students could do something more fun, like the Wii does, for example
17:53 Chart is a simple activity for plotting data
17:53 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, what do the wii?
17:53 decause gonzalo_odiard_: duely noted. is there a regular meeting in #sug-devel we should aim for?
17:53 DAWacker walterbender: cool
17:53 walterbender decause: good projects for this fall
17:53 and timely for 102
17:54 gonzalo_odiard_ decause, not right now, sugar-devel mailing list is the best optyion
17:54 decause gonzalo_odiard_: kk
17:54 I'll ping the sash/lemonadestand team, see if we can't get some cycles to update the wiki
17:54 walterbender decause: writing up a feature page in the wiki is also good
17:54 gonzalo_odiard_ decause, is the best way to be sure we have something we can include in the main distribution
17:54 DAWacker decause: noted.
17:55 walterbender: i plan on writing up a page for Sash
17:55 decause this is our first time doing something bigger than "just a game" for sugar, so let me know what the standard procedure is for doing "feature" level stuff and we'll observe protocol :)
17:56 walterbender decause: there are lots of examples at wiki.sl.o/go/Featrures
17:56 decause walterbender: kk
17:56 walterbender Features
17:56 decause DAWacker: ^^^
17:56 DAWacker decause: got it
17:56 walterbender something like this would want a design review early in the process
17:56 gonzalo_odiard_ decause, you can look here for the procedure http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Policy
17:56 DAWacker walterbender: do you mind posting a direct link?
17:57 decause gonzalo_odiard++
17:57 gonzalo_odiard_ here for a template http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]/Feature_Template
17:57 DAWacker gonzalo_odiard_: awesome, thanks!
17:57 gonzalo_odiard_ and here for examples: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features
17:58 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: we should find a place to put features that have landed... this page is very cluttered
17:58 decause DAWacker: we'll be adding all of this to the course website too, so don't be afraid to make some tickets on the repo
17:58 hflossk repo, that is
17:58 DAWacker decause: understood
17:59 walterbender DAWacker: thanks for sharing :)
17:59 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, is true
17:59 walterbender should lead to good things
17:59 surajgillespie <surajgillespie!~suraj@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:59 DAWacker walterbender: no problem! thanks for the awesome suggestions and the next steps in development :)
18:00 walterbender: its my first time doing anything at this level so it's very exciting
18:01 walterbender OK... anyone else?
18:01 3
18:01 2
18:01 1
18:01 #end-meeting
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