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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-08-23 17:07:54

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17:07 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 23 17:07:54 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:08 walterbender surajgillespie: wanna get us started?
17:08 surajgillespie walterbender,  okay, here it goes :
17:08 As i mentioned in my mail to the group last week, I was blocked on an Object Chooser signal issue.
17:09 Thanks to timely help from Daniel and Lionel i got over it.
17:09 So currently i can get the journal box to open in the web activity,
17:09 with a list preview of the contents,
17:09 we can interact with it(close it, select object, apply filter  and stuff)
17:10 When we select an object in it, it'll send the object id to the web activity.
17:11 Now what I need to do is to use the current datastore api in web activity and try and extract the contents using the object id
17:11 and fill the page with the selected content.
17:11 Then, I'll publishing the markdown activity after this meeting,
17:12 btw, just wondering where will the .tar.gz file be generated after we do python ./setup.py dist_source ?
17:13 walterbender it ends up in dist/
17:13 surajgillespie walterbender, ah.ok
17:14 by the end of next week I'll be putting up my second blog
17:14 walterbender same with the .xo file from setup.py dist_xo
17:14 surajgillespie walterbender, yep. found 'em
17:14 well, that's pretty much it from my side.
17:14 walterbender any questions for surajgillespie ?
17:17 axitkhurana: next?
17:17 axitkhurana walterbender: sure
17:18 I've added two buttons to the large cloud
17:18 one for hiding the cloud
17:18 and another for pausing the auto-rotate between posts
17:19 walterbender is there a screen shot?
17:19 axitkhurana walterbender: yes, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]leScreenshot6.gif
17:20 So, the x is for hiding the large cloud, (goes back to the smaller cloud)
17:21 and pause icon converts to play when paused and vice versa
17:21 walterbender does the pause button only appear if there are multiple messages
17:22 axitkhurana walterbender: ah, I missed that, I'll apply that check
17:22 walterbender or maybe "insensitive"
17:23 axitkhurana yes, grayed insensitive would be better for the layout
17:23 Other than that, I've been tinkering with the favorites layout to allocate enough space for the buddy with large cloud.
17:24 Sometimes, if the buddy is on edges, the large cloud icon, pushes it out of the grid
17:24 *near the edges
17:25 walterbender sounds good
17:25 any questions for axitkhurana ?
17:25 mzepf: wanna update us?
17:26 mzepf walterbender: Sure.
17:26 This week was devoted to huge changes in the background.
17:27 Eventually, they will make things simpler and more modular, but at the moment (almost) everything is broken.
17:27 That's why I started a new branch, type-system.
17:27 walterbender cannot fix it if you don't break it
17:28 mzepf Ok, so the first change was to pass arguments to Primitive objects without calling the arguments.
17:28 This will enable me to define proper Primitive objects for 'while' and 'until'.
17:29 This change is still in the primitive-class branch, since it didn't break things.
17:29 Then I started adding a type system for the Primitive objects.
17:29 This will make all the block-specific type conversion code obsolete.
17:30 It goes along with a new way of defining the arguments of Primitives,
17:31 which broke everything because I now have to re-write all Primitives.
17:32 That's it from me.
17:32 walterbender broke some things this week too :)
17:32 thanks mzepf
17:33 boredomist: next?
17:33 boredomist walterbender: sure
17:34 This week, I added a new translation backend, using freetranslation. It seems to work pretty well, but has some issues with unicode that I want to look into
17:34 I added the ability to use SSL to the standalone server, which doesn't require much setup at all
17:35 I also added some more options to the standalone server executable, so it could be configured mostly on the command line
17:35 And finally, I updated the documentation where lionaneesh pointed out some bits that needed clarification
17:36 Unfortunately, this will likely be the last weekly meeting that I will be able to attend regularly, as I'm heading back to school starting next week. I'll of course try to be present, but I can't guarantee it
17:36 walterbender sounds like a good wee
17:36 week
17:37 boredomist: please send updates by email to the group before the meetings
17:37 boredomist Sure
17:37 aneesh-andro walterbender: He has been sending me daily updates via email.
17:38 walterbender aneesh-andro: good to hear.. but the rest of us need to know what he is doing as well
17:38 aneesh-andro walterbender: Sure!
17:38 walterbender boredomist: we are about to engage with a project that has extensive intralingua dictionaries....
17:38 inter
17:38 might be a good resource for you to tap into
17:38 will let you know
17:39 boredomist Okay, great
17:39 walterbender good coverage for many African languages that don't usually have good coverage in the usual places
17:39 who else is here today?
17:40 CDeLorme walterbender: i am
17:40 iamaregee2 walterbender:me too
17:42 walterbender CDeLorme: next?
17:42 CDeLorme Gladly
17:42 Last week I had mentioned problems with non-sugar environments without an existing jabber account (such as fedora or debian).
17:42 I built a UI for the non-sugar version that allows jabber account selection.
17:43 I have it populating a list of accounts, and integrating selection logic is almost finished.
17:43 It was not originally in my plans so I may have to leave it incomplete as far as account creation goes (for now).
17:43 Jenn Kotler created some great new icons that I have updated the toolbars with. She has been supplying things for multiple teams with FOSS@RIT this summer.
17:43 walterbender nice
17:44 CDeLorme I am tidying up some of the network stack logic, which I hope will resolve issues with updating the contact-list.
17:44 I plan to switch gears on Tuesday and begin farstream integration.  With the time remaining I will try to have video working.
17:44 I am also preparing to create a number of new issues for planned (incomplete) features with details in case I run out of time.
17:45 Remy has told me he wants to pencil-down a week before the 17th to tidy up documentation.
17:45 I created documentation on a daily basis, but not really organized.  So I'll spend the last week turning that into some useful.
17:45 walterbender +1 to something useful
17:46 any questions for Casey?
17:47 iamaregee2: wanna report?
17:47 iamaregee2 Sure
17:47 I have been developing JavaScript based front end for consuming the RESTful apis
17:48 I am using AngularJs , things have been working fine
17:48 But I had some session management and user authentication problems with the Webapp
17:50 it turns out that the user authentication part of my APIs use basic HTTP authentication , where we had to supply user credentials in the headers
17:50 walterbender ah
17:50 have you discussed this with manuq?
17:51 iamaregee2 What I did , i extended the Authentication resource in my apis to accept login and logut end points use HTTP post and get
17:51 not yet , I wanted to give it another try
17:51 walterbender ok... but he may have some general schema in mind too
17:51 iamaregee2 even surajgillespie suggested me the same thing
17:52 but I had some help from a friend who has been using AngularJS at Mozilla
17:52 walterbender please send an email to sugar-devel so people know what issues you are encountering... we'll all need to address these issues
17:52 iamaregee2 I will try that and tonight and discuss the same with manuq
17:53 I will , but I have been busy with making some structural changes with the project
17:53 When I first started with Webapp , it resided inside of my django project
17:54 to put it simply the front end app and the restful web server were on same domain
17:54 Most people suggested using a session based authentication for that ..
17:55 Then I decided to develop the front end as a standalone web app and use API_keys based authentication over the https
17:56 walterbender iamaregee2: seems logical, but I am no expert in this area
17:56 iamaregee2 I will mail an update and my questions on the mailing list
17:57 walterbender thx
17:57 anything else for today?
17:58 thanks all
17:58 3
17:58 2
17:58 1
17:58 #end-meeting
17:58 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 23 17:58:24 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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