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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-08-16 17:06:12

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17:06 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug 16 17:06:12 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:06 walterbender CDeLorme: let's begin with your update today...
17:07 CDeLorme walterbender: Sure, so the past two meetings I've missed, events were happening
17:07 Two fridays ago the Undergraduate Research Symposium where I presented my project with a bunch of students from colleges in Rochester
17:07 Last week I was gone for 5 days at the Fedora Developers conference (Flock)
17:08 walterbender how was Flock?
17:08 CDeLorme walterbender: it was fantastic, getting the perspective of people from all over the world and learning a lot about a variety of technologies I was interested in
17:08 Looking forward to AArch64 ARM processors, and there was a lot of cool new infratructure being discussed.
17:09 I talked at a birds of a feather for sugar and olpc, but we had a small turnout due to competing talks.
17:09 The audio is pretty poor but you can find it on youtube: Call from Keith, expected anytime past 10AM, up to 1:30PM (dang time overlaps).
17:10 ah woops
17:10 can't get paste working
17:10 Youtube "Sugar Flock" and you'll find it.
17:11 As for project status, I had last been struggling with accounts for jabber and selecting one from a list
17:11 For the cross platform edition especially since Sugar sets up an account, other systems not so much
17:11 so I began working on an account management GUI, and am getting that setup.
17:11 I tested sending messages, but hadn't gotten the receiving up due to broken dev environment and jabber account issues.
17:12 During flock I installed Fedora and setup a fresh dev environment, and the past two days I've been hashing out the details for the management screen
17:12 I hope to have working network communication mid next week and can start on Farstream
17:12 That's where I stand currently.
17:14 I didn't get cut off, did I?
17:14 walterbender nope
17:16 is your struggle with Jabber or the GUI?
17:16 CDeLorme to be honest I don't exactly know, I had various issues getting jabber connected, but it couldhave been caused by other things
17:16 walterbender but it is working now?
17:17 CDeLorme Yes, I have two separate accounts working with Fedora
17:17 but if there is no account, or 2 accounts on the same system
17:17 The user has no way of specifying which to use, or creating one, hence the management screen I am working on
17:21 walterbender should be a Sugar way around this
17:21 let's talk afterwards
17:21 CDeLorme Alright
17:21 walterbender mzepf: wanna go next?
17:21 mzepf walterbender: Sure.
17:22 Last Friday, I started writing a Color class to make type-conversion easier for colors.
17:22 And I also spend most of the week on type conversion issues.
17:23 I added Primitives for the blocks for getting and setting boxes, and
17:23 for the blocks for defining and calling action stacks.
17:23 That part was surprisingly easy.
17:24 The numeric operators were not that easy because they all require a lot of type conversion.
17:24 E.g., for comparison, strings of length 1 are treated as characters and converted to their ASCII value,
17:25 but for addition, they are treated as strings.
17:25 So, 'a' < 'b' because 97 < 98, but 'a' + 'b' = 'ab', not 97+98.
17:26 Things get even more complicated when mixing several types, e.g., Colors and characters.
17:26 walterbender and I worked out a solution to this problem today.
17:27 The general idea is that Primitives will need to know what type they return.
17:27 Then we know what type conversion we need to apply in each case.
17:28 That's what I'll be working on next week.
17:29 walterbender thx. any questions?
17:29 axitkhurana: wanna go next?
17:30 axitkhurana sure!
17:30 I spent most of the week adding support for multiple services
17:30 Now, the content in the cloud cycles infinitely, until its hidden
17:31 Had to create multiple mock services to test the same.
17:31 walterbender hurrah for unit tests :)
17:31 axitkhurana :)
17:32 You can see how it looks here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/imag[…]leScreenshot5.gif
17:32 The timings might be a bit off, its actually set to about 5 seconds between post to allow the user to read.
17:33 walterbender what fun
17:33 axitkhurana :)
17:34 gonzalo_odiard_ axitkhurana, may be you can add a little "next" button?
17:34 if there are more than one msg?
17:34 axitkhurana gonzalo_odiard_: from the same service?
17:34 gonzalo_odiard_: currently it fetches the latest post from each service and cycles between them automatically
17:35 gonzalo_odiard_ axitkhurana, to avoid have the message changing before the kid finish reading
17:35 remember we will have kids reading at different speeds, some very slow, other like adults
17:36 axitkhurana gonzalo_odiard_: right, we could do that.
17:36 gonzalo_odiard_ is difficult get a timing useful for all
17:36 that can help in the case of long messages too
17:37 axitkhurana gonzalo_odiard_: I'll discuss this with tch__ about his thoughts as well.
17:37 gonzalo_odiard_ good, is a suggestion only
17:37 axitkhurana Right, current format limits the message to about 140 chars
17:38 gonzalo_odiard_: thanks, buttons shouldn't be difficult to implement.
17:41 walterbender boredomist: wanna report?
17:41 boredomist Sure
17:43 Not much of interest happened in the last week. I moved the startup process for the translate into the background (so it shows up on the screen quicker) as well as a few other small tweaks to the UI and functionality
17:43 walterbender apologies for not doing a review of your app yet
17:43 boredomist I went through the documentation some more and corrected some mistakes and clarified a few things I had left vague before
17:43 No problem
17:44 That's about it. I'm waiting on some feedback from lionaneesh (anyone seen him recently? he hasn't answered my emails), and that will decide how I allocate the next week
17:45 walterbender boredomist: haven't seen him around this week.
17:45 maybe resend to the list? and some of the rest of us maybe able to help
17:46 boredomist Good idea, I'll forward my questions there
17:46 To be clear, you mean sugar-gsoc on google groups? or lists.sugarlabs.org?
17:46 walterbender maybe both sugar-gsoc and sugar-devel
17:47 boredomist Okay, will do
17:47 walterbender suraj is not here today. anyone seen kalpa?
17:48 whom else am I forgetting?
17:48 gonzalo_odiard_ i didn't see kalpa
17:49 but is doing progress in support l10n on help
17:49 (Help activity content)
17:50 walterbender well, in all, seems like some good progress.
17:50 CDeLorme: maybe we can talk about jabber accounts for a few minutes in #sugar?
17:50 CDeLorme walterbender: sure thing
17:51 walterbender OK. thanks all
17:51 #end-meeting
17:51 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug 16 17:51:11 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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