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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-08-02 17:29:13

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17:29 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  2 17:29:13 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:29 walterbender_ quick thanks to all for submitting midterm evals
17:30 mzepf: wanna start things off?
17:30 mzepf walterbender_: Sure.
17:30 I devoted this week to lots of small things.
17:31 I made turtle art's internal execution engine usable for the exported code.
17:31 This fixes a problem I had with infinite loops.
17:31 walterbender_ mzepf is good at undertatement
17:31 mzepf Now the user can watch the python code execute.
17:32 When there is an error in the code, it shows the type and message in the status bar,
17:32 and prints the stack trace to stderr.
17:33 I also worked on handling errors that occur during the export.
17:33 When a block is not setup to be exportable, it gets highlighted and a message appears in the status bar.
17:34 I also wrote a Primitive object for the 'clean' block, thereby making it exportable.
17:34 I will spend most of the coming weeks writing more Primitve objects, I think.
17:35 Does anyone have comments, suggestions, or questions?
17:36 walterbender_ mzepf: maybe I can get some of the TA hackers to start experimenting with your code
17:36 mzepf walterbender_: That would be nice.
17:37 walterbender_ any other questions for mzepf ?
17:39 callkalpa: wanna go next?
17:39 callkalpa sure
17:40 this week I have been adjusting the modifications in a more formal way
17:41 with the instructions of gonzalo_odiard__ I have made the help file link shipped with help rather than with sugar core
17:41 that way it will be easy to maintain
17:41 further I have made some modifications to the help viewer
17:42 so that it displays as a dialog, stays always on top of the activity window and all that
17:43 that's all for now, couldn't do much work this week, yet got a very good feedback from gonzalo_odiard__ for the work done so far
17:45 walterbender_ gonzalo_odiard__: anything to add?
17:45 callkalpa: what is next?
17:46 callkalpa there are two things
17:46 one is to send the current content to pootle to be translated
17:46 that I have halfway discussed with chris
17:47 the other thing is to display translated content according to the current language
17:47 that also I have already implemented, but I have to test further
17:48 gonzalo_odiard__ walterbender_, no, all is on track
17:49 walterbender_ surajgillespie: next?
17:50 surajgillespie Okay :)
17:50 Managed to patch up the bugs in my Markdown activity.
17:50 Went a bit offtrack while working on the Object Chooser in web activity.
17:51 In fact I went about designing my own UI for the Object chooser dialogue box,
17:51 which was never really needed.
17:52 Realized my folly after meeting with Lionel on Tue and he pointed I only had to make the sugar calls and reimplementing it wasn't really necessary.
17:52 walterbender_ the markdown activity is almost all we need for Write
17:53 surajgillespie walterbender_: will try to publish it asap :)
17:53 Then earlier today, with help from dnarvaez , got the initial bits of the Object chooser working.
17:54 walterbender_ great
17:54 surajgillespie: this is integrated into your latest bits o github?
17:54 surajgillespie walterbender_: not yet.
17:55 walterbender_ surajgillespie: let us know when so we can take a look
17:55 surajgillespie need to refine the way it chooses objects and little bit of other stuffs pending
17:55 walterbender_: sure.
17:56 walterbender_ thx
17:56 surajgillespie About the preview field, chalked out a plan to do that,
17:56 #link take a snapshot of the webkit using http://webkitgtk.org/reference[…]view-get-snapshot
17:56 and put it in the metadata.
17:57 That's pretty much it for now.
17:57 walterbender_ seems to be on track
17:57 may use some of these bits for the TA HTML code
17:58 surajgillespie would be more than willing to help out walterbender_  with that
17:58 :)
17:58 walterbender_ any other questions?
17:58 axitkhurana: wanna go next?
17:58 axitkhurana Sure.
17:59 I created a mock service based on the WebServices' directory structure with additional methods/classes as required by miniprofiles.
17:59 Also, Documented on Wiki: Simple instructions to test the current state of profiles
18:00 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ect/Documentation
18:00 I'm currently working on the hiding of the large clouds on clicking outside them, was looking at how palettes are hidden.
18:01 walterbender_ axitkhurana: be good to hang your documentation off of http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/WebServices
18:02 .show and .hide are your friend :)
18:03 axitkhurana walterbender_ , is there any event fired on clicking outside a GTK object? I need call .hide in such case.
18:03 walterbender_ axitkhurana:  there is a focus out event
18:04 CDeLorme: wanna queue up if axitkhurana is finished?
18:05 axitkhurana walterbender_: I'm not sure if it is availble for Gtk.Eventbox
18:05 walterbender_ axitkhurana: let's follow up after the meeting
18:05 axitkhurana Frames can grab focus / detect that event, but I'll try it out.
18:05 sure.
18:07 Jenneh_mobile Cdeoorme  told me to say to check for a blur event
18:08 walterbender_ axitkhurana: and eventbox is a widget and widgets have focus events
18:08 axitkhurana walterbender_: thanks for looking into it, I'll try it out.
18:09 walterbender_ CDeLorme: next?
18:09 boredomist: ?
18:09 we can end with Jenneh_mobile
18:10 Jenneh_mobile Cdelorme says he doesn't have access to a machine right now
18:10 boredomist Hi, sorry, stepped out for a minute
18:10 Jenneh_mobile He will get back to u
18:10 walterbender_ boredomist: why don't you go ahead
18:10 boredomist alright
18:12 so this week was focused on getting the server and client as close to complete as possible. I fixed some redundancies in the API, made some more useful information accessible through the api, and then updated the client to reflect these changes
18:12 so for instance the client will split up data it knows to be too big for the server into multiple requests, that kind of thing
18:13 As usual, a lot of all around fixes, documentation, tests, and small bits of functionality
18:13 I started looking into creating a sugar activity
18:13 walterbender_ boredomist: answers the question I was about to ask: what is the plan vis-a-vis integrating this into the Sugar UI?
18:13 boredomist I don't really have much of anything to show for it yet, just a skeleton repository so far
18:14 Yeah, that's what I'm going to be working on going forward
18:14 walterbender_ boredomist: lots of help on writing activities on #sugar
18:14 so don't let yourself get blocked
18:15 boredomist yeah, i'll pester everyone for answers as much as possible ;)
18:15 walterbender_ good
18:15 any questions for boredomist ?
18:15 Jenneh_mobile: wanna tell us about DC?
18:16 Jenneh_mobile It was pretty awesome!
18:16 walterbender_ Jenneh_mobile: Sugar instead of standardized testing in schools? would be sweet
18:17 gonzalo_odiard__ ? :)
18:17 Jenneh_mobile I met a programmer from Gambia who had seen a small deployment in his elementary school which I thought was awesome
18:17 Sorry I didn't pets took subbing gamificaton for standardized tests
18:17 Lol auto complete
18:18 Push*
18:19 walterbender_ Jenneh_mobile: anything we should know from your visit? have we stemmed the tide of overemphasis on STEM? :)
18:20 Jenneh_mobile Lol yes now all the rage is in telling time using themed games about th sky
18:20 walterbender_ nice
18:20 Jenneh_mobile No more stem just sun clocks
18:20 When I pulled out an xo at the bar afterwards everyone came runnin over
18:21 walterbender_ we should prob. end the formal meeting so people can go, but it would be nice to hear more.
18:21 Jenneh_mobile People randomly stared taking pictures of it
18:21 And pokin it
18:21 walterbender_ anyone else have any final words of wisdom?
18:22 thanks all for the updates
18:22 #end-meeting
18:22 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug  2 18:22:15 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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