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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-06-21 17:13:11

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17:13 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 21 17:13:11 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:13 walterbender callkalpa: wanna start things off?
17:14 callkalpa sure
17:14 I am currently developing a python script to convert html doc to mallard
17:15 pandoc can be used to convert rst or markdown to html and from html, it will be converted to mallard
17:15 decause <decause!~decause@fedora/decause> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:15 callkalpa the basic functionality is set up and I am adding html tags and their mallard counterparts to the script
17:16 walterbender callkalpa: any roadblocks?
17:16 callkalpa not at the moment walte
17:16 * walter
17:17 DAWacker <DAWacker!~David@yacht.rit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:17 walterbender callkalpa: curious how you plan to deal with i18n
17:17 is there a standard mallard solution?
17:17 callkalpa and writing help for Measure is also in progress
17:17 walterbender any way to leverage the existing po files?
17:18 callkalpa yes there is a way with mallard, it adhere to xml standards and I am reading on that too
17:18 lionaneesh <lionaneesh!~aneeshdog@unaffiliated/lionaneesh> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:18 walterbender good to hear
17:18 callkalpa It seems that it can be easily achievable with the existing tools
17:19 lionaneesh pulls out a chair and sits in quietly.
17:19 callkalpa anyway I have not come to a conclusion with that regard yet, still reading on the possible options :-)
17:19 walterbender callkalpa: would be good to repurpose strings for toolbars, etc we have translated for the activities themselves
17:19 (that was the approach I was taking when I made a mallard version of the TA docs)
17:19 callkalpa yeah sure
17:20 btw, walterbender what does TA stand for?
17:20 walterbender Turtle Art
17:20 callkalpa got it :-)
17:21 walterbender CDeLorme: you wanna go next?
17:21 callkalpa That's all from me for the moment
17:21 mzepf <mzepf!~marion@stgt-4d024638.pool.mediaWays.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:21 CDeLorme walterbenter: sure, thank you
17:22 My laptop was in the shop this week, got a call to pickup a replacement this morning.
17:22 I worked on wire-frames for cross platform, and experimented with some Gtk3 things, like hotkeys.
17:22 I also spent some time reading the GStreamer documentation, hoping to begin diagramming that next week and finish up the UI work
17:22 decause tell em about the patch CDeLorme ;)
17:23 CDeLorme Right, I want to submit a patch to the Terminal activity for new tab and go-to-tab hotkeys
17:23 walterbender needs a gstreamer consult when CDeLorme is up to speed
17:24 CDeLorme: you can make a pull request
17:24 CDeLorme I am working on some hefty documentation for GStreamer as I experiment, I will be sure to share the whole thing when it is closer to useful.
17:24 tch__ <tch__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:24 walterbender CDeLorme: I think Terminal is still hosted on gitorious, so it would be a Merge request
17:25 CDeLorme as soon as I finish testing the changes on an XO I will submit a merge request, I did find the repo so that won't be a problem.
17:25 walterbender is not sure who is the current maintainer
17:26 CDeLorme Oh, some concerns I had about the GStreamer performance, not sure if it is tied to CPU limitations or the webcam, but FPS is still not too great above 20FPS it bogs down
17:26 I am looking into ways to build the buffer ahead of time to see if that might fix it
17:27 walterbender CDeLorme: on the XO?
17:27 CDeLorme and plan to test a USB web cam to see if that works any better
17:27 walterbender CDeLorme: dsd did some optimizations for Record
17:27 CDeLorme Yes, the XO 1.75, latest model, anything over 20FPS and it goes too slow for frames.
17:27 walterbender seems certain sizes play better with the hardware
17:27 so maybe look at the latest record bits
17:27 CDeLorme dsd?  if possible I want to know more about that.
17:28 walterbender (may only be relevant for XO 4... not sure)
17:28 dsd is Daniel Drake
17:28 CDeLorme alright, I will get in touch with Daniel then.  Thanks
17:29 walterbender surajgillespie: next?
17:29 surajgillespie Sure
17:30 Trying to get the subtoolbar of Sugar into the HTML5 framework
17:30 Manuel's idea is something like,
17:30 # link http://sugarlabs.github.io/sug[…]ples/palette.html
17:31 An activity palette drops down when we click the activity icon.
17:31 decause surajgillespie: nice work
17:31 surajgillespie decause: Actually manual was one who did that :)
17:32 I'm trying to get it synched up with the datastore
17:32 to display activity name, description, etc.
17:33 walterbender surajgillespie: what is the general status of the js interface to the datastore?
17:33 surajgillespie My work on checkboxes and radio buttons were merged into sugar-web a few days back
17:33 walterbender saw that commit :)
17:34 surajgillespie walterbender: it is working fine. I'm working on an activity too. managed to add datastore capability to it using the current framework
17:35 it is still a very basic activity though
17:35 and that's what I've been upto last week. Thanks :)
17:36 walterbender thanks for the update
17:36 boredomist: ready?
17:36 boredomist yep!
17:37 this week, I built off the basic server components I started last week
17:37 I added some more functionality to the API endpoints, added a web translation service backend (http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/[…]tium_web_service), fleshed out the plugin system some more, and added more unit tests.
17:37 Also added a couple of miscellaneous things as well, like more configuration options and some rate limiting for the api service
17:37 An incredibly simple example: http://home.erikprice.net:5000[…]ld&callback=jsonp
17:38 walterbender Hello World is the place to start :P
17:39 decause boredomist++
17:39 boredomist I'm planning on finalizing the API and plugin specification this weekend. I already have it mostly set, but I just want to document it completely
17:39 walterbender seems to work: jsonp({"to": "es", "from": "en", "result": "adi\u0e23\u0e13s"})
17:40 boredomist this is the part where everything explodes spectacularly in my face :P
17:40 walterbender we'll see how it all scales up
17:41 boredomist yeah, i haven't done any kind of benchmarking of it yet
17:42 walterbender seems like good progress
17:43 maybe rgs can help with the scaling the time comes
17:43 tch__ boredomist: cool!
17:44 walterbender axitkhurana: ?
17:44 axitkhurana Sure.
17:44 I read about pygtk, gobject and gconf, so the code makes a lot more sense now.
17:44 I am able to display social_ids (added to buddy's data earlier) in group/network view (via buddy updated callbacks)
17:45 Have to read social_ids from where webservices will store other services data like tokens, currently hard coded.
17:46 walterbender axitkhurana: the Sugar webservices bits finally landed upstream, so you should be able use that frame now
17:46 axitkhurana great, I'll pull it and update my code.
17:48 Fortnight <Fortnight!~Fortnight@yacht.rit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:48 walterbender any issues?
17:49 axitkhurana no, tch__ helped with the problems.
17:49 Thengrad <Thengrad!~Thengrad@yacht.rit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:50 walterbender thanks tch__
17:50 mzepf: wanna report?
17:50 decause walterbender: can you link to repo?
17:50 mzepf Sure.
17:50 walterbender decause: it is in mainline Sugar on github
17:50 mzepf I manually translated two TurtleArt sample projects to python
17:51 decause walterbender: kk
17:51 walterbender decause: https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar
17:51 mzepf: well, more than that...
17:51 mzepf to see whether there would be problems with 'real code, but everything worked fine.
17:52 I also moved the code for setting up the window etc. to an extra module.
17:52 walterbender mzepf: you had to make a couple of patches to Turtle Art along the way :P
17:52 mzepf Yes, I submitted two patches.
17:53 I also found a way to automatically find the TA installation directory in the PYTHONPATH.
17:54 walterbender the code is starting to look vaguely like Python now...
17:55 mzepf I'm constantly considering the tradeoff between keeping it readable for learners and making it as similar to TA as possible.
17:55 walterbender the good news is that we can change TA if necessary :P
17:56 will hopefully have time to look into the turtle-centric model we discussed a few weeks ago
17:57 iamaregee2 <iamaregee2!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:57 mzepf That's it from me.
17:57 walterbender once we add blocks for web programming, eveyone can write their GSoC projects in Turtle Art
17:57 thanks mzepf
17:57 iamaregee2: just in time... what's up?
17:58 iamaregee2 hello everyone
17:58 CDeLorme iamaregee2 hello
17:58 walterbender maybe we just need a wget block
17:58 that'd accomplish a lot :)
17:59 iamaregee2 over the week i have implemented user profile management , friendship / follow model
17:59 and a basic project upload and download model in my project .
18:00 Right now everything *just works*
18:00 walterbender iamaregee2: is there a link we can look at?
18:00 iamaregee2 https://github.com/aregee/moksaya
18:01 I would update my wiki and I right now i am working on user profiles , hope to push the code on github by tonight
18:02 walterbender iamaregee2: let us know when you have something you want us to review
18:02 iamaregee2 I have already asked tch__ to review my work
18:03 plus I have been trying to stage this project on redhat's openshift platform
18:03 tch__ iamaregee2: I will give it a try this weekend :)
18:04 walterbender: got some ws-plugins to finish hehe
18:04 iamaregee2 but there is some problem as they don't officially support python 2.7 with django 1.4+
18:06 tch__ iamaregee2: the website says " version 2.6.5 or higher",
18:06 iamaregee2: are you having specific problems?
18:06 iamaregee2 they support 2.7 python as well
18:07 walterbender hard to believe 2.7 would be an issue
18:07 iamaregee2 but the problem is there is no official support for django 1.4+
18:08 tch__ iamaregee2: you mean the packaging?
18:10 walterbender anyone I missed?
18:11 we haven't heard about Music Painter
18:11 otherwise I think we are done for today...
18:11 iamaregee2 tch__: actually the paths have changed in openshift from 2.6 to 2.7 , so I guess that's creating some problem
18:11 walterbender thanks for the updates
18:12 mentors: can you stick around for a moment>
18:12 iamaregee2 I have figured out a workaround using https://github.com/ehazlett/op[…]t-diy-py27-django approach
18:13 tch__ iamaregee2: I see angry unicorns...github is having a hard time
18:14 iamaregee2 tch__  works for me
18:14 walterbender tch__: the bits must be havign a hard time crossing the Andes. works for me too
18:14 decause walterbender: can do
18:15 walterbender let's end meeting
18:15 #endmeeting
18:15 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 21 18:15:14 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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