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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-06-14 17:12:23

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17:12 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 14 17:12:23 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:12 walterbender maybe a quick run through what everyone has been working on?
17:12 mzepf: wanna start?
17:13 axitkhurana <axitkhurana!~ubuntu@edciitr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:13 mzepf I've been working on getting the sample output code to run.
17:13 That is, sample output from the Python export tool for TurtleArt.
17:14 And I've been successful insofar as I have an example that opens a window and draws a red square.
17:14 I'll have more examples ready next week.
17:15 I also set up a wiki page to track my progress:
17:15 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]on_export_project
17:15 lionaneesh <lionaneesh!~aneesh@unaffiliated/lionaneesh> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:15 mzepf So much from me.
17:16 walterbender #action everyone else should also set up their pages in the wiki
17:16 thanks mzepf
17:16 lionaneesh Sorry for being late. Was having dinner.
17:16 walterbender boredomist: wanna chime in?
17:17 boredomist Sure, this week I worked on getting the main framework of the server set up
17:17 So trying to work out the structure of the code, how I'm going to handle plugins, and some other small choices like that
17:18 I added an apertium backend last night
17:18 More of a test than anything, but it seems to work okay
17:19 That's effectively it, using a lot of placeholder data right now
17:19 walterbender knows nothing about apertium
17:20 boredomist iirc, it's used by the meeting bot
17:20 walterbender sounds like a decent place to start
17:21 axitkhurana: was have you been up to?
17:21 lionaneesh Just wanna put it out there: I am very impressed by boredomist's progress.
17:22 axitkhurana I've added social ids to BuddyModel, still working on integration to access them in group view.
17:22 walterbender lionaneesh: I am pleased with mzepf's progress too :)
17:22 mzepf walterbender: Thanks. :)
17:22 lionaneesh We have very good students this season :)
17:22 walterbender axitkhurana: can you give an overview of your approach?
17:22 axitkhurana sure, social ids will be used to access posts from other platforms in mini profiles
17:23 BuddyModel's have properties like color/nick available in group views
17:24 Adding social ids (unique ids on other platforms) to the buddy will allow us to create mini profiles
17:26 these ids will be collected when accounts are added in webservices
17:26 walterbender seems sensible
17:26 any roadblocks?
17:27 axitkhurana yeah, I'm still figuring out how the buddy_added / buddy_updated callbacks work
17:27 and reading up on GObjects, GTK
17:28 walterbender iamaregee2: next?
17:28 axitkhurana BTW, I've also set up a wiki page to track progress: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ial_Sugar_project :)
17:29 walterbender axitkhurana: thx for setting up the wiki page
17:29 looks
17:30 FWIW, I am very close to having the webservices code upstreamed (finally)
17:30 axitkhurana walterbender: great, I'm trying work over it.
17:30 iamaregee2 has quit IRC
17:30 walterbender looks like we lost iamaregee
17:31 who else is here?
17:31 callkalpa I'm here :-)
17:31 walterbender surajgillespie_: ?
17:31 surajgillespie_ hi
17:31 walterbender callkalpa: ?
17:31 callkalpa surajgillespie_, first :-)
17:31 walterbender feel free to chime in :)
17:32 surajgillespie_ Working with Manuel on the Sugar UI for the HTML5 framework
17:33 got the radiobutton and checboxes done. he suggested a few changes. will fix them and send a pull request soon
17:33 walterbender cool
17:33 surajgillespie_ been playing around with the current framework and managed to write a web activity of my own
17:34 walterbender that work is moving fast
17:34 surajgillespie_ #link here it is https://github.com/surajgillespie/myactivity
17:34 not too elegant though, I'm planning to add lots more stuffs to my activity
17:35 walterbender will try it
17:35 surajgillespie_ then Lionel had asked me to try and expose a sugar api through the framework
17:36 working on that. and he also asked me port the GridPaint activity to the current framework
17:36 walterbender that is a nice activity... be a good test case
17:36 surajgillespie_ regarding our wiki page,
17:36 walterbender: thanks :)
17:37 #link it is already there http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/HTML5_activities
17:37 Lionel said he'd be updating it soon.
17:37 that's all from my side.
17:38 walterbender callkalpa: your turn...
17:38 thanks surajgillespie_
17:38 callkalpa Thanks walterbender
17:38 I've set up the wiki page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/inde[…]/2013/MallardHelp
17:39 I used pandoc to convert existing rst content of the Help activity to Markdown
17:39 so the developers can wither use rst or md as the source markup
17:40 btw, dnarvaez preferred to have md :-)
17:40 walterbender in your notes, you mention using mallard as an intermediary between md and html?
17:40 why?
17:41 callkalpa nope, I was looking at the options to convert md to mallard
17:41 walterbender just as another output format
17:41 callkalpa there I noticed that since mallard itself is xml, if we can have another xml on the other side, we can use tools like xslt to easily convert
17:42 But I am still looking at the feasibility of doing so
17:42 That is why I have mentioned about html
17:42 html -> mallard would be easy (I'm still experimenting with this)
17:43 if this is successful, it is for the good, the developers has three options, rst, md or html
17:43 walterbender +1 to including html
17:44 callkalpa I'm currently working with regard to that matter
17:44 apart from that I am working on writing help for Measure
17:45 actually I am working on converting the stuff in the wiki to rst
17:45 walterbender callkalpa: let me see the Measure help (as I am the maintainer :) )
17:46 anyone else here?
17:46 callkalpa http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Measure This is the wiki I am following, will notify you once it is over
17:46 walterbender we didn't hear from anna or casey
17:47 callkalpa: OK. I am familiar with that page :)
17:47 callkalpa :-)
17:49 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: do you know if anna is around?
17:50 I know tch__ has been working with Rahul
17:50 have all the mentors been meeting with their students?
17:50 any students looking for more help/support from their mentors?
17:53 well, maybe that is all for today
17:54 I do have a request of the mentors: please let me know if you are interested in attending the mentor summit in Oct. we can send two people
17:54 also, I would like confirmation that the student who were not here today are on track.
17:55 finally, to everyone, the triage session last week was helpful. can we do another one next week?
17:55 any other comments/concerns/ideas???
17:55 mzepf I would like to propose that everyone put a link to their wiki page on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2013
17:55 walterbender +1
17:56 more than propose: require
17:56 mzepf +1 re another triage session
17:56 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, anna is axitkhurana
17:57 walterbender gonzalo_odiard:yes... sorry. my mistake
17:57 axitkhurana Akshit is axitkhurana
17:57 walterbender (that is what I thought, because axitkhurana described ashit's project :)
17:57 so maybe it wasn't my mistake :)
17:57 axitkhurana :)
17:58 gonzalo_odiard_ hmm, today i can't get one nick ok :)
17:58 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: maybe you can check in with anna and have her report to the list
17:58 I'll send a link to the log to the list as well.
17:58 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes
17:59 walterbender thanks all... time to get back to hacking python (and javascript)
17:59 #end-meeting
17:59 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 14 17:59:21 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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