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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-05-06 22:39:38

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22:39 meeting Meeting started Mon May  6 22:39:38 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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22:39 walterbender welcome oversight board :)
22:40 gonzalo_odiard_ hi all!
22:40 walterbender we've not managed to meet in a while
22:40 I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on a few topics
22:40 #topic GSoC
22:40 As I think you all know, we are participating in Google Summer of Code
22:41 we had 37 applications... quite a few good ones... on a nice range of topics
22:41 we should know by the end of the week how many slots we get.
22:42 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:42 walterbender I think the applications are public: http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
22:42 hi adam
22:42 CanoeBerry ciao
22:43 walterbender Once we get our slot assignments, we'll meet as a group -- the mentors and anyone fro SLOB who wants to chime in
22:43 the goal is to pick students/projects that will bring the most value to the program.
22:43 any questions? concerns? ideas?
22:44 CanoeBerry: we are discussing Google Summer of Code
22:44 CanoeBerry i'm not getting access to http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
22:44 walterbender hmm.
22:44 I will try to find the public link
22:44 gerald: did you ever figure out how to applu to be a SL mentor?
22:44 JT4sugar unable to access Sugar Labs stuff although I signed up through mentor link on GSOC landing page
22:45 walterbender seems to recall approving your application
22:45 GeraldA walterbender, no. I am working on it now
22:45 walterbender JT4sugar: seems you and gerald have the same problem
22:45 and for some reason gonzalo_odiard_ doesn't have access to the admin stuff??
22:46 I find the UI unintuitive, but I just figured it was me.
22:46 GeraldA when I signed up as a mentor yesterday, there was no place to indicate an affiliation with SugarLabs
22:47 walterbender GeraldA: maybe ask on #gsoc
22:47 well, meanwhile...
22:47 #topic turtleart day
22:47 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, i don't see admin options
22:48 walterbender ClaudiaU and I have been helping a group from the learning team organize Turtle Art Day
22:48 re GSoC, let's sort these issues out after the meeting
22:48 it is tentatively scheduled for October 5 (or 12).
22:49 it will be a collection of local events around the world, with a main venue in Paraguay
22:49 (probably ANU, but maybe in Caacupe)
22:49 I've got a lead on some possible funding for travel. will keep you in the loop
22:50 gonzalo_odiard_ nice
22:50 GeraldA This is so great.
22:51 walterbender spent most of the day working on a new TA feature request from .UY
22:51 it will be cool: saving stacks as macros to be reused in new sessions.
22:51 lots of corner cases to sort out :P
22:52 ClaudiaU: any thing to add re TA Day?
22:52 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, like name procedures?
22:52 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: yes.
22:52 gonzalo_odiard_: you can make named procedures already, but they are only part of a single instance.
22:53 now you can same them and you get an extra palette with your collection to use in any instance
22:53 ^same^save
22:54 more power to the people :)
22:54 gonzalo_odiard_ :)
22:54 walterbender a few more quick updates...
22:55 #topic sugar
22:55 not sure if you have been seeing the discussion in #sugar and on devel, but the html5/javascript work is really moving quickly
22:56 dnarvaez, manuq, lionel laske at al. are doing a great job
22:57 I'm pretty excited in general about the pace we are setting with the new release
22:57 setting the background has landed :)
22:57 sdanielf <sdanielf!~dfrancis@r186-49-50-9.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 walterbender we are debating how best to implement multiple home views
22:57 sdanielf walterbender: I appeared in the best time
22:58 walterbender sdanielf: :)
22:58 gonzalo_odiard_ hi sdanielf :)
22:58 walterbender sdanielf: we need to convince gonzalo_odiard_ of our approach :P
22:58 gonzalo_odiard_ ha ha
22:58 sdanielf need to read again the discussion, but I don't like the design too
22:59 walterbender lots of little things too, such as the keyboard section no longer crashes sugar :)
22:59 had the updater working again, but it crashes again (I suspect a problem on ASLO actually)
23:00 in any case, the devel team is doing a great job...
23:00 sdanielf I didn't see GSoC projects to enhance ASLO
23:00 gonzalo_odiard_ i have a little announcement too, we have a help activity with updated content
23:00 walterbender sdanielf: yes... would have been a good theme
23:01 sdanielf walterbender: and... soon or late somebody will have to do it
23:01 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: yes. very nice
23:01 gonzalo_odiard_ i wanted to share because a lot of people worked on that, at different times
23:01 sdanielf gonzalo_odiard_: congrats
23:01 gonzalo_odiard_ ClaudiaU, julia reynolds
23:01 and the group of volunteers the last year
23:02 sdanielf now we just need to keep the documentation up-to-date
23:02 gonzalo_odiard_ there are content needing a update, but is a big improvement compared with the previous version
23:02 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: thanks! got a canonical link?
23:03 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, wait
23:03 walterbender CanoeBerry: are you using xo 4.0s in Haiti yet?
23:03 CanoeBerry Not yet
23:03 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4051
23:05 i created a repository to the content too, and is written in a easy markup
23:05 and is possible create html, epub, pdf...
23:05 walterbender CanoeBerry: when you do, touch base, because we have a lot of work on activities for touch that are not yet in the official builds
23:05 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: Right, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Help is too stale to be of much use, got it.
23:06 walterbender: awesome, what's the timeline for integrating these into 13.2.0 ideally?
23:06 walterbender I wanted to make one more point re sugar devel: it seems that we are picking up a few new developers... a good sign
23:06 ClaudiaU hello
23:06 walterbender but we always need more :)
23:07 for example, I put some of Steve Jacob's students in touch with the Charolette NC deployment and they are working together on some new activities
23:07 good stuff
23:07 sdanielf will need to research about packaging help for activities and using the help activity to load help for all the activities which include it... that would be a way to update the help together with it's activity
23:08 walterbender sdanielf: we do have a GSoC project on help
23:08 sdanielf: please be a "shadow" mentor for that project
23:08 sdanielf walterbender: true
23:09 walterbender sdanielf: seems like there are a few new students of Flavio too
23:09 they are contacting me for help :P
23:10 gonzalo_odiard_ we need involve them before they have a girlfriend :D
23:10 sdanielf gonzalo_odiard_: really true
23:10 or we need to involve their girlfriends :P
23:11 gonzalo_odiard_ that should be better :)
23:11 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: just updated http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Manuals & http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Help_%28activity%29 so more ppl find yr work
23:12 walterbender sdanielf: seriously... how do we get them involved
23:12 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, thanks!
23:12 ClaudiaU walterbender: the only other update I have on TA day is that the team is creating a series of videos to promote best practices...
23:13 walterbender, gonzalo_odiard_ I found email from you in this account I don't use much
23:14 gonzalo_odiard_ ClaudiaU, what email is better?
23:14 ClaudiaU, walterbender, you have material ready to promote replication of TA day?
23:14 ClaudiaU callaurrea@gmail.com
23:14 gonzalo_odiard_ ok
23:14 ClaudiaU I think walterbender used currea@slb.com
23:15 about summer code 2013 :(
23:16 need to get up to date on that
23:18 gonzalo_odiard_: we will get an update from the team working on the material to promote TA
23:18 we are also planning to create a guide to help people organize an international event
23:18 gonzalo_odiard_ i would like to contact here the people from conectar igualdad
23:18 ClaudiaU I will keep you posted
23:19 gonzalo_odiard_ thanks
23:19 walterbender anything else today?
23:19 ClaudiaU gonzalo_odiard_: to invite them to organize an event? or to come to the main event?
23:20 gonzalo_odiard_ to organize a local event
23:20 ClaudiaU great
23:20 we are advacing.. we'll let you know
23:20 GeraldA ClaudiaU, I very much want to participate in planning TA Day.
23:20 ClaudiaU GeraldA: we are getting together on Wed at 11 am
23:21 I will pass the info, in case you can join
23:21 GeraldA Great. I will try to join.
23:21 CanoeBerry Schoolserver Community Edition sprint happening right outside Toronto starting Wedn: http://schoolserver.org (May 8-13)
23:21 Our dream is a "v0.3" that will increasingly run well on all XOs, x86 and RPi..next week we'll know how close we get to the dreams :)
23:22 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, great work
23:23 ClaudiaU GeraldA: it would be great
23:25 walterbender GeraldA: you should be in (GSioC)
23:26 GeraldA walterbender: I will check
23:29 walterbender GeraldA: you show up on the list now as a member of SL
23:29 maybe you can let ClaudiaU and CanoeBerry what you did
23:29 GeraldA walterbender: I see it now
23:29 Thanks
23:29 ClaudiaU and CanoeBerry: have you applied as a mentor yet?
23:32 This page was really helpful: http://en.flossmanuals.net/mel[…]fter-the-program/
23:33 ClaudiaU GeraldA: I just found the email
23:34 GeraldA: thanks
23:34 I registered last year
23:35 GeraldA This helped with the second piece, which was applying to be a mentor for a specific organization, say, SugarLabs.
23:37 ClaudiaU me looking!!
23:38 useful already
23:38 JT4sugar walterbender, Followed Geralds floss page and I just submitted request to mentor for Sugar Labs am I showing up on your list?
23:42 walterbender looks
23:43 JT4sugar: you should be in
23:45 ClaudiaU walterbender: I also registered
23:46 walterbender ClaudiaU: I am not sure if I have yours yet... loking
23:46 CanoeBerry: your's arrive...
23:47 CanoeBerry I registered as a GSOC13 mentor..and requested a "connection" w/ Sugar Labs..proposals page no longer blocked, but remains blank: http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
23:49 walterbender CanoeBerry: I just approved you, but you are not on the SL list :P
23:52 GeraldA I am going to have to jump off. Do we have any other business?
23:53 ClaudiaU walterbender: did you see mine?
23:53 walterbender GeraldA: I think we are done
23:53 ClaudiaU: not yet :(
23:53 let's end the meeting and then poke around with melange
23:54 #end-meeting
23:54 meeting Meeting ended Mon May  6 23:54:06 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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