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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-04-19 17:20:35

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17:20 meeting Meeting started Fri Apr 19 17:20:35 2013 UTC. The chair is SeanDaly. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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17:20 nategargiulo Likewise, thanks for taking the time to chat.
17:21 christianmarcsch for reference, here is a link to the original designs: http://christianmarcschmidt.co[…]ojects/sugarlabs/
17:21 SeanDaly Nate - i issued the meeting command this helps us log & locate log for later reference
17:22 I'd like to welcome Nate... we need all the hands we can find!
17:22 nategargiulo Thanks. I appreciate all of your help.
17:23 christianmarcsch thanks nate for heading this up, it will be good to finally update the site!
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17:24 SeanDaly christianmarcsch: thanks for link
17:24 nategargiulo So, I guess my first question, is there a set timeline of objectives that everyone is looking to have done on the website?
17:24 christianmarcsch john and i were working on this about a year ago, trying to get support from the community to generate content for the site
17:24 the design is basically done (i may still make a few tweaks)
17:25 there is no real timeline as of now
17:25 but once we do have the content, it will be another 3-4 weeks of development time to launch
17:26 SeanDaly nategargiulo: key issue is content: finding images for which we have rights, and writing copy
17:26 nategargiulo How well does the community generate content?
17:26 Do we need to ask them for content again or should i start digging?
17:26 JT4sugar nategargiulo, You and Sean have conversed please give us an idea of what direction you believe we should be going in. As Christian said we have made two separate attempts to gather content from community and have been unsuccessful
17:26 SeanDaly copy normally not a big issue (images harder to come by)
17:27 the problem is, even if we ask for specific images, nobody or almost nobody points to anything; and what is submitted we have no rights for
17:28 i worked with the SFC recently and we now have a vetted rights form; I used this for the Google Code-In winners photos on last press release
17:29 walterbender mentioned in last Sugar Digest that he really likes OLPC Australia site but haven't had debrief on what he likes in particular
17:29 nategargiulo How have the attempts been made in the past to obtain content? General emails?
17:29 Do we have any type of database where people can simply store info in?
17:29 So, could the vetted rights form be explained to the community to utilize and encourage sharing information with us?
17:29 SeanDaly #link https://www.laptop.org.au/
17:29 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Do we need to set up process that they digitally sign rights so Sugar Labs can use as part of the new website when they upload to us?
17:30 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: it looks clean, colorful
17:30 SeanDaly nategargiulo: yes indeed we need to explain rights issue (very important when children in images)
17:31 i haven't uploaded the rights form to wiki yet since i had lost pwd but will do that asap this weekend
17:31 nategargiulo: no database per se, generally members upload to SL wiki
17:32 JT4sugar nategargiulo, Past attempts have been pretty specific emails to the lists. Two students from RIT made a 3 month attempt along with emails from myself, Sean, and Christian.
17:32 nategargiulo I agree with setting up a process for digitally signing rights for images with Sean and JT. I think if we don't have an easy process set up in place, people get too busy and then forget about sharing content. If we made it simple, I think people would perhaps share info.
17:32 SeanDaly but as often as not its just on their blog, etc
17:32 SFC explicitly told me only electronic version possible is scan of a signed form
17:33 the other alternative is to schedule photo shoots
17:33 perhaps this approach could work better, asking community members to
17:33 bring forms with them next time they will snap photos
17:35 i have e-mailed release form to you
17:36 perhaps a possible approach is for form to be prefilled out online while uploading images? then easy to send back to member for printout & sigs?
17:36 JT4sugar SeanDaly, We have no easy way for them to do it and if they did where would they ever see it, I think that is why lack of motivation, on their own blog they know they have visibility. Sounds like we need to start with a Website collection page to ask for what we want with built in processes.
17:37 nategargiulo I think that scheduling photo shoots makes sense, we could have a universal calendar where we sign people up. but we need a webpage that explains the process to people in simple steps. I think my worry about emailing people is often emails get lost or not referenced.
17:37 SeanDaly bernie and the infrastructure team may be able to assist us (remembering they aren't numerous :-)
17:37 christianmarcsch JT4sugar That reminds me that we had put together a form a while back--worth sending out?
17:38 SeanDaly christianmarcsch: form?
17:38 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: We had a word document for eliciting content from folks, I can dig it up and send out
17:39 SeanDaly christianmarcsch: sounds good but i suggest PDF instead not everyone comfortable with doc
17:40 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: yes, agreed
17:40 SeanDaly in term of timeline, earlier this year we had been talking about creating excitement around v1 of Sugar, however
17:40 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, I would need to see it again, but I think Nates approach of pushing them to a web page that walks them through the process might work better. If we can set up an easy container/page that would allow them to upload photos, videos, stories, etc. And then either sign there or get emailed forms we would need for release.
17:40 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: yes, 100% agree that would be better than sending around a word doc
17:42 SeanDaly "v1" is iffy, Sugar numbering is iffy, decision was taken on sugar-devel list to push back date "until it's ready", but it's not even clear how it would be a "v1", so they decided to call it v0.100 for now
17:42 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: i'll send it out regardless, simply as a point of reference
17:42 nategargiulo I would concur with PDF.
17:42 I guess my approach is making it a one stop shop for explaining what we need, steps needed, and gives us the ability to upload all content would make it compact, rather than having things spread out, through emails from all different people sending in things or trying to find things on blogs and etc.
17:43 SeanDaly nategargiulo: i really like idea of upload page; we could encourage contributions & explain need for rights clearance
17:44 by the way we need that content for a second project: a brochure for soliciting donations; we have an arts school class ready to do that for us
17:44 christianmarcsch sending the word form now--please do take a look at it, we can leverage the same structure for an online form
17:44 SeanDaly bernie ping?
17:45 realizes that today is a lousy day for Bostonians...
17:45 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Continue your thought on timeline if they go to version .100 how do we at some point soon then jump to version 1.0?
17:47 SeanDaly JT4sugar: my position is that Sugar numbering 0.96/97, 0.98/99, 0.100/101 (even numbers releases, odd numbers development is hopelessly inappropriate for marketing
17:48 I tried to explain this to devs over & over in 2009/2010, never got anywhere since devs don't understand the marketing imperatives
17:49 My suggestion had been to keep those nums for internal use (dev) but to attach them to version numbers we could communicate on
17:50 to worsen the problem, OLPC has their own OLPC-OS numbering system totally unrelated to Sugar Labs version num. Actual version of that is I believe v13.2.0
17:51 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Daniel who is now heading up the efforts seems open to ideas, I think sending a post that explains the Marketing approach would seem appropriate. Will have to leave that one at the moment.
17:52 nategargiulo, Do you think you could work with Chritian to get an upload page in place?
17:52 christianmarcsch JT4sugar, nategargiulo: happy to help with design/structure, but the development part may be a bit involved. would be good to get a developer to help with that
17:53 SeanDaly i'd strongly advise to cc infrastructure team for suggestions, they can't help if we dump something in their lap, on the other hand they may have something available already
17:54 christianmarcsch JT4sugar, nategargiulo: Or even better, we could see if there is an existing online tool we can leverage for this
17:54 SeanDaly: that would make sense
17:54 nategargiulo I agree with Sean about marketing imperative, I have worked in communications and it is so critical to have a streamlined process that the general public understands.
17:54 Would be happy to help with design/structure, agree with development part however.
17:54 Anything else I can help with? I have to take off, but I can meet again next week.
17:54 SeanDaly #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Infrastructure_Team
17:54 nategargiulo I would be happy to email infrastructure team.
17:55 SeanDaly by the way, I had sidestepped the numbering problem for Sugar on a Stick back in 2009 by dressing it up as v1
17:56 JT4sugar nategargiulo, I think if you can spell out what we are looking for-Infra team can explain what might be in place. Then I think its getting the user interfcae designed and coded to connect the two
17:56 SeanDaly and my opinion is that presenting Sugar as v1 anything at this point would be bizarre, since it has been deployed in production for like 6 years now already
17:56 me too need to go; for action i will try to convert docx to an editable PDF
17:57 would be great if we could meet next week
17:57 christianmarcsch next week works for me
17:57 this time is generally good
17:57 SeanDaly good for me too
17:57 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I think its time to make that case. I'm a little confused even if this version isn't perfect with GTK3 plus touch why wouldn't we take opportunity to call V1
17:57 nategargiulo Does it work for everyone, if I email the infrastructure team and cc everyone about what we have talked about?
17:58 JT4sugar Works for me
17:58 nategargiulo Next Friday at this time works for me too.
17:58 SeanDaly JT4sugar: i think most people would assume the version that first went out on 200,000 XOs was "v1"
17:58 nategargiulo Thanks everyone, I will draft an email to send out.
17:58 SeanDaly anything else requires some explaining i think...
17:58 christianmarcsch Thanks--talk to you next week
17:59 SeanDaly nategargiulo: sounds great thanks!!
17:59 have you guys been following Android discussions, future of Sugar etc.?
17:59 nategargiulo Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help.
17:59 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: not really—can you fill us in?
17:59 SeanDaly very interesting
17:59 JT4sugar SeanDaly, You willing to take another stab at making the explanation would like to see a numbering system in place that makes sense to possible funders
18:00 SeanDaly can't really brief now need to go but i will point to lists in a marketing list post
18:00 JT4sugar: yes I have ideas but needs reflection from others
18:00 christianmarcsch SeanDaly: could you add me back to the marketing list? i don't think i am getting the messages
18:01 SeanDaly christianmarcsch: e-mail me the address you want to use
18:01 christianmarcsch SeanDaly will do, thanks
18:01 SeanDaly ok anyting else for now?
18:01 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Think Android discussion has been excellent and anything that moves us towards being able to run on many devices is good
18:01 SeanDaly nategargiulo thanks again for coming in
18:01 JT4sugar Thanks Nate and All!
18:02 christianmarcsch thanks everyone! signing off now, as well. talk to you next week!
18:02 SeanDaly countdown going once...
18:02 christianmarcsch has left #sugar-meeting
18:02 SeanDaly going twice....
18:02 thrice
18:02 #endmeeting
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