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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-03-21 22:08:55

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22:08 meeting Meeting started Thu Mar 21 22:08:55 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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22:08 walterbender hello everyone
22:09 thanks for joining us
22:09 gonzalo_ walterbender, may be we can discuss if is not better have a sugar 0.100 instead of 1.0 now
22:09 walterbender I am hoping cjl will be able to join us too
22:09 gonzalo_: had not thought about that as an option.
22:09 gonzalo_ walterbender, 1.0 usually have a special meaning
22:10 walterbender, i think is a option to discuss
22:10 walterbender well, I think that we could make this a very special release, but I suspect it may be later than our usual releases (regardless of whether it is special or not)
22:10 just because we are starting the process late
22:11 GeraldA_ Is there something(s) in 1.0 that make it really different than the most current release?
22:11 walterbender I think the patches you just reviewed, along with the 2nd iteration of the touch support, plus webservices would make this a significant achievmement
22:11 gonzalo_ yes, we are late, have less hands available.... not a good moment for 1.0
22:12 walterbender GeraldA_: 1.0 is suggesting we are finally out of beta... time to take us seriously :)
22:12 GeraldA_ walterbender: this makes sense. Thanks.
22:12 walterbender it is just a name/number, but it has marketing potential
22:12 cjb +1 on 1.0 :)
22:12 walterbender gonzalo_: maybe we can sit down with manuq and see where we are
22:13 gonzalo_ hi cjb :)
22:13 cjb ti's kind of ridiculous to have a system used by millions of kids with a pre-1.0 version number, now I think about it
22:13 walterbender schedule and resource-wise
22:13 cjb: I agree
22:13 ClaudiaU agree
22:13 GeraldA_ agree
22:13 walterbender (I also would love to finally use the Cloudberry name for Sugar on a Stick)
22:14 with web services, we have an excuse
22:14 JT4sugar Sugar 1.0 sometime this year plus touch features may give us chance to land on multiple devices for CES show next year
22:14 walterbender we seem to #agree on 1.0 but maybe the #action is for gonzalo and I to follow up with manuq
22:15 there are some GNU/Linux tablets out there
22:15 and someone(s) in India porting Sugar to them
22:15 plus we could boot a Chromebook to run Sugar
22:15 all of this is good fodder for Sean for a press release :)
22:15 gonzalo_ ok, i agree in doing 1.0 this year, may be before the end of the year
22:16 walterbender anything else we should discuss on this topic now?
22:16 gonzalo_ but we should discuss with amnuq and simon
22:16 walterbender gonzalo_: agreed. we need to be in sync with the release manager(s)
22:17 switching topics then?
22:18 #topic GSoC
22:18 I have prepared most of an application
22:18 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/GSoC/2013/Applicaton
22:18 oops... missing an i in Application
22:19 where I think we need more work is on our list of projects and mentors
22:20 gonzalo_ can you check the link?
22:20 walterbender I know there are lots of things that need doing (some mundane such as conversion to Python 3)
22:20 but we need to list them
22:20 gonzalo_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/2013/Application
22:20 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2013
22:21 walterbender thanks
22:21 I guess the redirect only works for the Summer of Code page itself
22:22 JZA what I did in OpenOffice was consulting the bugzilla and promote the most popular request for enhacements and bugs as proposals for devs to oversee.
22:22 walterbender JZA: good idea
22:22 JZA is a quick way to promote ideas and improvements.
22:23 walterbender we certainly have plenty of outstanding bugs
22:23 gonzalo_ yes
22:23 walterbender gonzalo_: think you could scour g.sl.o for interesting bugs?
22:24 gonzalo_ yes, i can look at a bugs in activities and propose a few task
22:24 walterbender plus, there are a few general deficiencies in our offering, most notably, a decent video editing environment (IMHO)
22:24 gonzalo_ yes, but is not a task for 3 months
22:25 walterbender gonzalo_: too easy or too hard :P
22:25 gonzalo_ too hard :)
22:25 walterbender gonzalo_: the expectation is that the student work would not have to shippable, but it should advance the project and hopefully result in new contributors
22:26 if each of us adds/solicits a few more projects, I think we will be in good shape.
22:26 gonzalo_ ok, but i prefer get something usable and not a lot of half working things
22:27 walterbender I need to wrap this up by the 29th, so we need to act soon
22:27 gonzalo_: well, I think it is ultimately up to the quality of the people we find
22:27 I don't mind an ambitious project as long as we can stage it in deliverable chunks
22:27 gonzalo_ can we propose create activities for specific areas where we don't have good offers? may be maps, geography, use the camera for experiments...
22:28 walterbender Harriet and I are helping to supervice a QR mapping project in India FWIW
22:28 but more map projects would be very welcome
22:29 there are some tangible project ideas from the Learning Team as well... ClaudiaU ?
22:29 ClaudiaU what about creating modules, so it is toward a bigger tast
22:30 too complicatedÇ
22:30 ?
22:30 walterbender ClaudiaU: generally, that is good practice
22:30 gonzalo_ modules?
22:30 ClaudiaU I was refering to the previous topic.. code
22:30 JZA I think that the video eidtor could be broken down into layers, and get the students to complete set tasks.
22:30 walterbender gonzalo_: breaking the project up into digestable pieces
22:31 ClaudiaU gonzalo_: you said it is best one useful thing...
22:31 walterbender JZA: +1
22:31 ClaudiaU thanjs walterbender!
22:31 gonzalo_ yes
22:31 JZA pitivi was done in pygtk AFAIK
22:31 ClaudiaU so it is couple of big useful projects... broken in modules.. you can all prepare that ground
22:32 walterbender yes... it is mostly a matter of sorting out dependencies and making it work with the Journal and Sugar style
22:32 gonzalo_ yes, the issue is found the way to cut :)
22:32 JZA I imagine that it uses that multimedia relies on gstreamer
22:32 walterbender thinking about what is really essential
22:32 JZA which is also at the core of pitivi as well.
22:33 ClaudiaU gonzalo_: your job... who said it was easy? ;)
22:33 JT4sugar walterbender, Could John Kim's report from Dec 2012 on Porting Sugar to Android be turned into a project? Believe this came out of Google Code In Task
22:33 gonzalo_ ;)
22:33 JZA remember students could be doctorated or masters, so is not only pre-grad students.
22:33 walterbender JZA: I was going to look into that... we have some great graduate students out there.... very capable
22:33 is thinking Butia/robotics
22:34 JZA JT4sugar: wow I see this as a huge project, specially when you want to define what is going to be ported, or do you just want the look and feel of sugar on the Adroid API.
22:34 walterbender JZA: sketching out the Sugar Journal on Android could be one task
22:34 JZA: sketching out Sugar collaboration another task
22:34 gonzalo_ creating a launcher, another
22:35 walterbender we should write these up
22:35 and recruit dnarvaez to be a mentor :)
22:35 speaking of which, we need two organization admins.
22:36 JT4sugar JZA, The hope would be to get some work going in Android direction to build on-An Activity or Journal like Walter suggests to start
22:36 walterbender I am willing to be one of the two, but I cannot be both
22:36 volunteers? or anyone you want to suggest/draft?
22:37 gonzalo_ walterbender, what are the task the admins should do?
22:38 walterbender gonzalo_: mostly help with getting things organized at the beginning and to check on progress to make sure no mentors or students are abandoned.
22:38 gonzalo_: not a big time commitment
22:38 mostly just a matter of being around
22:39 ClaudiaU what about two people sharing the responsability?
22:40 what are the dates?
22:40 walterbender looks
22:41 mid June to mid September
22:41 #link http://www.google-melange.com/[…]s/google/gsoc2013
22:41 ClaudiaU: we can have 2+ org adms, I suppose. the application asks for at least two names
22:42 gonzalo_ i think i can help, better if we found anybody else to collaborate too
22:42 ClaudiaU gonzalo_, do you want to share the responsability?
22:42 walterbender gonzalo_, ClaudiaU: the three of us?
22:42 ClaudiaU sure
22:42 walterbender I think you both already have accounts on the google system from GCI
22:43 ClaudiaU i do
22:43 walterbender so I can handle the rest of the application
22:43 gonzalo_ good!
22:43 JZA I would want to promote the OOo4Kids to get more integrated to the Sugar environment, I could get behind that as a mentor. But I lack some
22:43 technical knowledge, maybe I can get eric interested in the project (the creator of OOo4Kids). If he say yes, I could be more confident on doing this.
22:43 walterbender if you have any suggestions/changes to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/2013/Application please make edits
22:44 JZA: will OO apply on its own too?
22:44 JZA: but feel free to add a project to our bid
22:44 JZA It will apply under the Apache flag
22:44 as a sub project
22:45 walterbender JZA: you and eric can be listed as the mentors
22:45 satellit: might be interesting to get some Raspberry PI projects going too
22:45 outofindia: any projects come to mind that you and Salil could be involved with?
22:46 GeraldA_: anything on your wish list?
22:46 meanwhile, I know that ClaudiaU has to leave early and she had a topic to bring up
22:47 GeraldA_ Actually, I have been waiting for a video editor for a while.
22:47 walterbender can we #agree to all help flesh out the project list over the next few days?
22:47 gonzalo_ +1
22:47 walterbender ClaudiaU: do you have time to discuss Turtle Blocks Day?
22:48 outofindia walter is it too premature to add the QR Codes project ?
22:48 walterbender outofindia: that's a fine project to add
22:48 outofindia It will be a wikipedia volunteers project in India but I want to explore how  kids can use Sugar Activities to add to the wikipages with the help of their teachers and then use it as an offline wiki resource...not sure its relevant here.
22:48 ClaudiaU video editor: +1
22:49 I am happy to report about progress we made with TA day
22:49 walterbender outofindia: we (gonzalo) have offline wiki snapshots in Sugar so this is a nice fit.
22:49 ClaudiaU and other related activities that involve curriculum development (math and literacy)
22:49 gonzalo_ outofindia, manuq did experiments with a local wikipedia activity in uy
22:50 walterbender so a quick topic switch, as time runs out
22:50 #topic Turtle Blocks (Art) Day
22:50 ClaudiaU we created teams among the educators and we have a good number of people interested in international TA day
22:50 walterbender Jeff Elkner want us to settle on one name or the other :P
22:50 ClaudiaU Turtle Blocks (Art) day
22:50 I like Art
22:50 GeraldA_ Is it scheduled?
22:51 ClaudiaU no.. so far we have a team of people interested in organizing
22:51 We have talked about PY being the central site
22:51 but we need funding, so we'll see
22:52 outofindia Will this be a physical location in the USA?
22:52 ClaudiaU I set up a wiki page, and irc chat for the team
22:52 outofindia: we thought it would be fun to do the central event in Paraguay (PY)
22:52 GeraldA_ Is there a possibility of participating remotely. I have students who would love to participate from New York.
22:52 ClaudiaU but expecting many more around the worls
22:52 world
22:53 I think that if people organize other events, we can facilitate ways to bring people together virtually
22:53 walterbender has an idea of where to get some funding... a long shot, but I think I may have some luck
22:54 need to get Jeff Elkner's students involved too
22:54 gonzalo_ now you know where Santa Claus lives :)
22:54 ClaudiaU the TA day may take many forms... but connecting with the central event should be key
22:54 gonzalo_: he knows many
22:54 GeraldA_ I could help coordinate US student/teacher participation
22:55 walterbender gonzalo_: :)
22:55 gonzalo_ ClaudiaU, if there are material / talks / ideas for teachers, we can call to participate in other places
22:56 may be we should ask by example to lego for sponsorship
22:56 outofindia What is the scale of the funding/sponsorship to do a TB Art day. What  cost heads?
22:56 gonzalo_ if they can provide kits to work....
22:56 ClaudiaU gonzalo_: it is exactly how I imagine
22:56 calling for everyone to organize their own day, so it becomes an international TA celebration day
22:57 outofindia We can get a team from India to participate remotely to the main event.
22:57 ClaudiaU outofindia: we don't know yet... it depends on what the local tean can provide
22:57 sdanielf <sdanielf!~user@r186-49-47-134.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 walterbender outofindia: there may be some local costs and there would be some marketing costs but I think it is import too to get some critical mass of people in one place so some travel costs
22:57 gonzalo_ i think designing the event to be replicated is a very good idea
22:58 ClaudiaU for example, if Paraguay has a place to host the event, and finds no so expensive housing options.. we are in a good shape
22:58 walterbender but I think I *may* have an angle on a travel budget... will investigate next week with a friend
22:59 ClaudiaU gonzalo_: yes.. we need to call for events, but make sure we provide a few scenarios for different needs and interests
22:59 sdanielf got confused with timezones, says sorry
22:59 gonzalo_ hi sdanielf!
22:59 ClaudiaU I will keep you posted about progress
22:59 sdanielf hi gonzalo_, walterbender, ClaudiaU, all...
22:59 walterbender sdanielf: this time of year, everyone in the States gets confused
22:59 ClaudiaU hi sdanielf!!!
23:00 walterbender (well, we are confused other times of the year too)
23:00 GeraldA_ hi sdanielf!
23:00 ClaudiaU the team has to propose some dates and explore if the community to make sure we can have max participation.. in central event, and in many other locations
23:03 walterbender ClaudiaU: any specific actions you need from us sooner than later?
23:04 ClaudiaU not at the moment
23:04 walterbender OK... but don't be shy
23:04 ClaudiaU walter, we have your involvement, but if other join the team, it would be great
23:04 let me know if you are interested.. for example, GeraldA_??
23:05 outofindia If you avoid Aug and Sept. I can help from India.
23:05 GeraldA_ ClaudiaU: I am definitely interested. Count me in.
23:05 gonzalo_ the new linux distribution in the computers of "conectar igualdad" in ARG include TurtleArt in gnome. may be we can contact them
23:05 ClaudiaU super
23:05 this is beyond olpc
23:06 I may have more info after next week, when the team gets together
23:06 walterbender gonzalo_: cool... didn't know about that.
23:07 ClaudiaU walterbender: the TA projet site is needed!!!!
23:07 walterbender needs to pay more attention to the GNOME version
23:07 sdanielf I can also contact TA users in Uruguay, the butia team have worked a lot showing TA to teachers and students
23:08 walterbender bernie: we need to discuss this ^^ bit of infrastructure
23:08 ClaudiaU FB is cool, but the idea of having all those projects in one place where you can see and explore...
23:08 walterbender sdanielf: thanks
23:08 ClaudiaU sdanielf: +1
23:08 we will have the call for TA events
23:09 gonzalo_ we should have a TA site before the event....
23:09 GeraldA_ ClaudiaU: let me know when you want to schedule a project meeting
23:09 ClaudiaU thanks GeraldA_, I will cc u in the emails
23:10 i have to go
23:10 walterbender gonzalo_: we should talk about adding it to our web services :P
23:10 me too
23:10 thanks ClaudiaU
23:10 thanks all
23:10 ClaudiaU thanks everyone
23:10 cjl wanders in late
23:10 ClaudiaU see you next week
23:10 walterbender I'll send email to schedule the next meeting
23:10 gonzalo_ next meeting?
23:11 walterbender, yes, please, we need organize better
23:11 ClaudiaU ok
23:11 walterbender I have some travel coming up so my calendar is a bit uncertain
23:11 OZ and Finland
23:11 outofindia Ok thanks. Bye all
23:12 sdanielf see you!
23:12 walterbender gonzalo_: the Monday schedule was working for a while...
23:12 any other suggestions?
23:13 sdanielf walterbender: I can't on Mondays since the summertime has end for .Uy
23:13 tch___ has quit IRC
23:14 walterbender sdanielf: what works for you?
23:15 sdanielf any other day of the week at 22:00 UTC
23:16 gonzalo_ has quit IRC
23:16 walterbender anyone else with day of the week constaints?
23:17 ^constraints^
23:17 GeraldA_ I cannot do Tuesdays
23:17 walterbender let's try Wednesdays?
23:17 ClaudiaU Wed no good for me
23:17 walterbender Thursdays?
23:17 ClaudiaU yes
23:17 GeraldA_ Thursdays are fine for me
23:17 walterbender OK... same time next week then?
23:18 GeraldA_ Sure
23:18 ClaudiaU yes
23:18 sdanielf +1
23:18 walterbender OK. I'll send an email out
23:18 next week works for me... the following two weeks don't... but it is what it is.
23:19 so... ending the meeting... gonzalo said 5
23:19 4
23:19 GeraldA_ 3
23:19 ClaudiaU 2
23:19 sdanielf 1
23:19 walterbender #end-meeting
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