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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-02-25 23:15:58

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23:15 meeting Meeting started Mon Feb 25 23:15:58 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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23:16 walterbender for the offical record, thx to alsroot (and bernie) for getting the new git server running
23:16 huge performance improvement
23:16 ClaudiaU +1
23:17 walterbender #topic sugar advisors
23:17 GeraldA_ +1
23:17 walterbender this is something that has come up in the past...
23:18 it is usual to have advsors
23:18 but also, it is useful to be able to have an official role when trying to promote Sugar
23:18 ClaudiaU yes
23:19 walterbender (I am thinking, for example, of Harriet in India, where having a title would help her in opening doors and being taken more seriously)
23:21 sdanielf walterbender: +1
23:21 ClaudiaU any concrete ideas?
23:21 walterbender it is also a way to recognize contributors
23:21 well, two
23:21 ClaudiaU do you mean you want to give people, through a title, some recognition for what they do?
23:22 walterbender one, to decide to do it (or not)
23:22 and two: to come up with names
23:22 I have a few ideas
23:22 ClaudiaU not only a title, but recognize what is already happening and encouraging others?
23:22 I like it
23:22 walterbender yes
23:22 GeraldA_ I like it, too.
23:23 ClaudiaU i like it a lot, actually
23:24 i.e. Rosamel... would be another candidate?
23:24 walterbender yes
23:24 ClaudiaU Sugar educator?
23:25 JT4sugar Good idea-When thnking of names first analyze the audience you hope for them to influence then create name options that would resonate with the auidience
23:25 walterbender maybe we can come up with a short list of titles, but maybe just leave it as Sugar advisor
23:27 ClaudiaU I like to differenciate..
23:27 GeraldA_ I think the more specific titles, like "Sugar Educator" have some oomph
23:27 ClaudiaU +1
23:28 educator, friend, adviser
23:28 walterbender no more than 3 types
23:28 but I like those 3
23:29 and then we need a process... nominations from anyone in the community and a slob vote?
23:30 sdanielf I don't know how is it managed in other projects
23:30 ClaudiaU Yes
23:30 nominamte candidates and then vote
23:30 walterbender sdanielf: I don't think it is done in many other FOSS projects
23:30 ClaudiaU no?
23:31 sdanielf walterbender: other projects have community-representative people, like the Mozilla Reps
23:31 walterbender sdanielf: that is true... and I am a GNOME advisor
23:32 I think that there are two classes:
23:33 ClaudiaU educator and adviser
23:33 advisor
23:33 walterbender representatives of major constituencies (the GNOME model)
23:33 and people whom we lean on for help and advice
23:33 I guess a third model would be more geared towards fundraising
23:34 but I am thinking at the moment the "lean on for help and advice" category
23:34 ClaudiaU those I  thought would be like friends
23:34 JT4sugar You may want to think of multiple roles under each, possibly thinking about a badge type system that rewards your personal specialty, you could use firends category as fundraising path
23:34 ClaudiaU if you donate or help raise funds...
23:34 JT4sugar friends
23:36 ClaudiaU short and explicit definitions would help.. I don't like the word reward, but recognition for something you be doing already.. and encouragement to other to do it
23:36 you are doing already (sorry)
23:37 JT4sugar probably wrong word choice-identifies your area of specialization
23:37 walterbender let's make some suggestions via email over the next week?
23:38 one question of logistics: do we ask people before we recommend them? I think we probably should.
23:38 but maybe before we ask, we feel the temperature of the water?
23:38 GeraldA_ I imagine this process: someone is nominated; we ask them; they agree; slobs vote.
23:38 ClaudiaU JT4sugar: I am sure... I am making a suggestion for a more appropriate word in the context of learning.. nothing more
23:39 walterbender GeraldA_: +1
23:39 ClaudiaU walterbender: probably
23:39 GeraldA_: +1
23:39 walterbender anything else on this topic today?
23:39 ClaudiaU not really..
23:40 we have not been able to discuss TA in the chat
23:40 but I am thinking we should approach people directly
23:40 walterbender then lets' make a #action to think up some candidates
23:40 ClaudiaU for example.. Nic, Py, CR...
23:40 walterbender ClaudiaU: sure.
23:41 ClaudiaU they are all candidates to promote and to host TA international day, but most of them are starting new schools.. super budy
23:41 walterbender for context, we have been discussing having a turtle art day
23:41 ClaudiaU walterbender: we should draft a letter and send it to a few people....
23:42 walterbender ClaudiaU: maybe we do that together tomorrow at twine
23:42 ClaudiaU walterbender: +1
23:42 walterbender a new topic
23:42 #topic GSoC
23:42 I think we should apply to Google Summer of Code
23:43 even though we didn't have much luck the past two years, there is no reason not to try again
23:43 and I think the GCI experience was a good one for us
23:44 GeraldA_ walterbender: agreed
23:44 ClaudiaU I like the idea
23:44 in preparation, we can inform countries, so more students can benefit from it
23:44 walterbender some of the GCI students (none of whom are eligible for GSoC) could be mentors
23:44 ClaudiaU from other countries
23:44 sdanielf walterbender: as I said before, I'll read the terms and conditions to check the possibility of become a mentor
23:45 walterbender a nice twist: the secondary school kids mentoring the university kids
23:45 sdanielf: I think it is pretty wide open
23:46 sdanielf the main reason is because I can't be a student until I finish my time in the SLOBs
23:46 walterbender sdanielf: GSoC is only for university students :P
23:46 you are too young :)
23:46 but not too young to be a mentor!!!
23:47 sdanielf walterbender: I'm talking about GSoC and GCI
23:48 JT4sugar Presenting a case for Sugar to Android projects/tasks as a portion of application might help
23:49 walterbender JT4sugar: we need to solicit projects and mentors
23:49 I'll start that process as long as SLOBs is OK with our applying
23:50 GeraldA_ +1 for application
23:50 ClaudiaU +1
23:50 walterbender +1
23:51 sdanielf: any opinion?
23:52 sdanielf +1
23:52 walterbender OK... I'll start kicking that can down the road
23:52 is full of bad metaphors tonight
23:53 ClaudiaU :)
23:53 GeraldA_ :)
23:53 walterbender anything else pressing?
23:53 ClaudiaU not on my end
23:53 Only that I am looking forward to test FB plugin
23:53 ;)
23:53 walterbender I've been flat out (along with the devel team) trying to take care of some of the rough edges for the XO4 release
23:54 I have a few ideas for Sugar 1.0 about how to deal with landscape vs portrait mode, for example
23:55 that I am experimenting with in a few of my activities
23:55 but that is maybe not a SLOBs detail
23:56 JT4sugar walterbender, ClaudiaU The SugarJam for Teachers idea is the thinking of linking that to TA International Day or is it on the back burner for now?
23:56 walterbender meanwhile, FYI, we should have a Twitter plugin similar to the Facebook plugin coming from the community soon. And someone is working on a Google+ plugin
23:56 JT4sugar: not sure if they should be the same...
23:56 sdanielf walterbender: I can explore the Twitter plugin
23:56 walterbender sdanielf: tincho (who is in Montevideo this week) has been working on it
23:57 JT4sugar walterbender, Not sure either...
23:57 ClaudiaU JT4sugar: not sure.. I was thinking The SugarJam for Teachers is mre broad
23:58 not about TA, but about SUgar i general
23:58 JT4sugar ClaudiaU, That makes sense
23:58 ClaudiaU I think we should have less ideas we know we can concentrate and make happen... that many good ideas we end up with nothing
23:59 walterbender focus!!!
23:59 ClaudiaU perhaps TA internation day will give us enough insite to move to SUgarJam...
23:59 yes, walterbender... Focus!!
23:59 GeraldA_ and, again, focus!
00:00 ClaudiaU I propose to work on TA day and from there move to SugarJam
00:00 walterbender JT4sugar: ClaudiaU and I will try to get a good TA plan in place soon
00:01 JT4sugar Sounds very good!
00:01 walterbender OK... so we have a plan
00:01 ClaudiaU yes!
00:02 I have to go now..
00:02 walterbender #action everyone will think of people to become SL advisors/friends/educators
00:02 ClaudiaU yes
00:02 walterbender #action ClaudiaU and walterbender will work on TA Day
00:02 #action walterbender will kick off the GSoC application process
00:02 ClaudiaU yes
00:02 walterbender thanks all for joining us tongiht
00:02 ClaudiaU good to connect with all of you again!
00:02 walterbender 4
00:02 ClaudiaU 3
00:02 GeraldA_ 2
00:03 sdanielf 1
00:03 walterbender #end-meeting
00:03 meeting Meeting ended Tue Feb 26 00:03:17 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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