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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2013-01-07 23:06:56

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23:06 meeting Meeting started Mon Jan  7 23:06:56 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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23:07 walterbender welcome all to the first SLOB meeting of 2013
23:07 and welcome to our new board members
23:08 ClaudiaU Thanks.. happy to be part of it!
23:08 danielf_ <danielf_!~danielf@r186-49-46-152.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:08 walterbender before we begin, I'd like to ACK cjb, alsroot and icarito for all their contributions
23:08 sdanielf has quit IRC
23:08 walterbender also, a tip of the hat to Luke for running the elections.
23:08 danielf_ is now known as sdanielf
23:09 sdanielf walterbender, +1
23:09 walterbender so, a bit of business first, and then I would like to have a general discussion about SLOBs, Sugar Labs, Sugar, et al.
23:09 ClaudiaU +1
23:09 walterbender I got a finance report from Robert Fadel today for 2012
23:10 GeraldA +1
23:10 walterbender I'll post it on the wiki, but in brief, we spent $6872.25 last year
23:10 and we brought in $154.45
23:11 but I am not too worried, as we have a budget surplus of almost $20K
23:11 we spent money on servers and on travel for developers.
23:11 both worthwhile
23:12 any questions about finances?
23:12 GeraldA What is the source of the revenue?
23:12 ClaudiaU ok. We may want to think about ways to bring more money...
23:13 grants, etc... so we can do things like programmers (TA) day, etc.
23:13 walterbender the money in the bank is from a variety of sources... the bulk of it is still from a grant that Caroline and I wrote for Sugar on a Stick projects.
23:13 GeraldA ok. thanks.
23:13 walterbender And a fair number of individual donations
23:14 but I agree with Claudia that we may want to raise more money... but first, we need to discuss what we want to do with money... then we can target our fund-raising efforts
23:14 has in mind a global Sugar meeting for 2013
23:15 ClaudiaU walterbender: +1
23:15 walterbender and more Sugar Camps (with some travel subsidies for developers and teachers)
23:15 I can try to raise some money towards those goals... but are there others?
23:15 made a New Years resolution to do more grant writing and less Python coding
23:16 ClaudiaU kids should be present too... not only the developers, but other children
23:16 walterbender worse than trying to diet :P
23:16 ClaudiaU walterbender: haha..
23:16 walterbender ClaudiaU: good point
23:16 GeraldA ClaudiaU: good point
23:17 walterbender we are going to have a Sugar Camp early next month in the Bay Area...
23:17 Raul is hosting
23:17 it will be small and focused... I think on cloud integration, but the theme is not completely firm
23:18 ClaudiaU I think we should also spend some money promoting sugar with educators...
23:18 walterbender but so far I don't think we need SL $ for the event... maybe we will get some corporate sponsorship
23:19 GeraldA ClaudiaU: I agree
23:19 walterbender ClaudiaU: yes... since Sean, we have had zero promotion and marketing
23:19 maybe I can entice him back or at least have him help us recruit someone new
23:19 ClaudiaU sounds good
23:20 I think online chats can be one way to build community with teachers...
23:21 walterbender how do we get them to come o the chats?
23:21 teachers don't use IRC :p
23:21 the Amazonas FB page is great... but that came as a consequence of a workshop
23:21 sdanielf walterbender, teachers don't use computers if they don't need them
23:21 ClaudiaU we can ask our educators in countries to invite at least one teacher....
23:22 GeraldA I can invite some teachers as well.
23:22 walterbender sdanielf: I disagree... but it could be my sample is skewed
23:22 ClaudiaU and perhaps the money is spend supporting some connectivity... so they can for sure participate in their own time
23:22 walterbender sdanielf: but they may not use computers for learning... that I agree
23:23 sdanielf walterbender, they use them because they are useful
23:23 walterbender sdanielf: but teachers are social, let everyone else :)
23:24 sdanielf: this actually brings me to a related topic
23:24 ClaudiaU we need to make it a fun experience as well as useful
23:24 and I agree with walterbender... teachers are social too
23:24 walterbender I am wondering if we cannot take advantage of the wealth of Sugar hackers in .UY to start a bottom-up shake up of the use of computers in the schools
23:25 if each hacker identified a couple of willing teachers, we could make a lot happen
23:25 sdanielf walterbender, +1
23:25 walterbender for example, Christofer is working with Rosamel
23:25 but I think that is not a usual example
23:26 but it is powerful
23:26 sdanielf: maybe you can help with this?
23:26 sdanielf: and maybe we get Flavio involved?
23:26 sdanielf walterbender, yes and no
23:27 we "have" Flavio involved, but he doesn't speak English and he doesn't like using translators
23:27 walterbender sdanielf: I think of this effort as being in the local language (Spanish)
23:28 kids and teachers driving change in a way that Ceibal cannot
23:28 BTW, there was a great article about the president of .UY in the NY Times this week.
23:28 ClaudiaU can you send the link>
23:29 ?
23:29 walterbender will look
23:30 http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01[…]gewanted=all&_r=0
23:30 ClaudiaU thanks
23:30 sdanielf walterbender, Ceibal is a deployment a bit separated of Sugar Labs. A contribution or bugfix to the Sugar environment can be included in a Uruguayan build two years after it's released. It results frustrating for local efforts
23:30 walterbender sdanielf: maybe you and I can discuss the details (in English) and then you can approach Flavio (and a few others) in Spanish
23:31 ClaudiaU walterbender: I started the conversation about promoting sugar with the teacher community as additional efforts that may require money... I wonder if there are others, before we continue to talk about how to get some of these ideas going...
23:31 walterbender sdanielf: I understand that frustration too... but I am interested in the use of the computers...
23:31 making it more interesting and more fun...
23:31 despite the more mundane uses advocated by Ceibal
23:32 sdanielf sounds great
23:32 walterbender ClaudiaU bring some concrete plans to the forum and we can discuss how to raise the money...
23:32 e.g., Turtle Art Day :)
23:33 ClaudiaU TA day would be great
23:33 walterbender aside to GeraldA : no more memory leaks ?
23:33 ClaudiaU a programming FUN course would be great too
23:34 walterbender I really feel like we have all this great FUN stuff and even the teachers who have Sugar are not using it...
23:34 ClaudiaU walterbender: agree!
23:34 walterbender at least not enough
23:34 sdanielf just an idea, let's follow a Turtle Art Day from all the countries
23:34 walterbender had dinner with the former MoE from Peru and had lots of fun with Sugar
23:35 sdanielf: +1
23:35 ClaudiaU I think TA would be one way to have fun.... 1) thinking about how to support (materials, online chat, local workshops, etc) and 2) how to show everyone's work...
23:36 walterbender ClaudiaU that is related to the cloud integration theme I want to explore at Sugar Camp in Feb.
23:36 ClaudiaU walterbender: great.. want to hear more
23:36 walterbender the problem will be, how to get the bits we create into the hands of the teachers :P
23:37 ClaudiaU with our community of educators
23:37 walterbender rgs already has a first pass at a FB plugin... would like to make it integrated directly into the Journal
23:37 (as a plugin so you could choose your favorite social media site)
23:38 our Wednesday community is able and willing... and we should start with them
23:38 ClaudiaU OLPC promoted the nickelodeon competition... and in a very short time people participated...
23:39 we need more time to make it better, but people like the idea of feeling part of a bigger movement
23:39 walterbender ClaudiaU but we have this chicken and egg problem... while Amazonas has made great use of social media, it is not well integrated into their everyday use of Sugar
23:40 to do that means loading new software which can be difficult (as per sdanielf 's earlier comment)
23:40 ClaudiaU let's start the chat of 2013 with a concrete proposal in the chat... we may recruit people and start small and grow
23:40 walterbender I agree it is a good place to start
23:41 ClaudiaU I hope to have something for them to try the first week of Feb. Can I have the slot on the 6th?
23:41 GeraldA_ <GeraldA_!~quassel@ool-4a59b1ff.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:41 ClaudiaU all yours!!!
23:41 walterbender are there other big themes we should be discussing?
23:42 In May, we will be releasing Sugar 1.0
23:42 maybe some event around that release?
23:42 ClaudiaU sounds good
23:42 GeraldA_ I agree.
23:43 sdanielf +1
23:43 ClaudiaU I have one more...
23:43 evaluation... for lack of a better word
23:44 walterbender anything specific?
23:44 ClaudiaU walterbender: we should share our paper on making learning visible within sugar
23:45 GeraldA_ aside to walterbender: no more memory leaks. Thanks.
23:45 walterbender ClaudiaU are we allowed to share it?
23:45 ClaudiaU in small groups yes... we can send to a list via email
23:45 walterbender OK... great. let's start with SLOBs
23:45 GeraldA has quit IRC
23:45 ClaudiaU we can not reproduce it or include the link in a website
23:45 I will send it later
23:46 tonyf ClaudiaU, mee too paper please Tony Forster
23:46 JT4sugar walterbender, Could you supply me a copy I would be interested
23:46 walterbender will do...
23:47 wished he had an electronic copy of his book...
23:47 maybe I can transcribe the Sugar chapter at least
23:47 ClaudiaU I would like to promote the tools we have in Sugar to understand learning
23:48 GeraldA_ ClaudiaU: What tools are you referring to?
23:48 ClaudiaU and use the same experiences to improve them and perhaps create others...
23:48 for example.. portfolio
23:48 Chart.. to analyze journal
23:49 walterbender analyze journal is just scratching the surface...
23:49 GeraldA_ ClaudiaU: So you are saying using tools within Sugar for the students to show their learning?
23:49 walterbender also, I would like to better integrate alsroot's efforts
23:49 ClaudiaU I think we have a wonderful group of educators... (including you, GeraldA_) and we should work with them to promote those types of efforts
23:49 walterbender GeraldA_: exactly
23:49 ClaudiaU show and understand....
23:50 walterbender be interested to get sdanielf 's POV
23:50 GeraldA_ ClaudiaA: I agree. And thanks.
23:50 ClaudiaU we may end up with a great collection of studies... worth a larger publication
23:50 sdanielf walterbender, What do you mean with POV (not very good with abbreviations)
23:50 ?
23:51 tonyf pov point of view
23:52 walterbender sdanielf: I am guessing you never used Portfolio in school
23:52 sdanielf I agree with you all. I think that activities which allow the creativity of children can have lots of usages and advantages
23:53 walterbender we are getting close to the end of our hour... I'd like to run through a few bureaucratic topics as well
23:53 ClaudiaU ok
23:53 sdanielf walterbender, True, portfolio wasn't in the build when I was in school
23:53 ClaudiaU already one hour... great conversation...
23:53 walterbender sdanielf: I wonder if it is in the .UY build even today...
23:54 ClaudiaU sdanielf: you could be of great support at the local level... great to have you in this group
23:54 walterbender quickly, a few things for the new comers:
23:54 ClaudiaU walterbender: doubt it
23:54 perhaps Martin Perez wants to finish the protocol and we can translate to Spanish
23:55 walterbender (1) we have a private mailing list for slobs but the convention is to CC iaep unless there is a reason for privacy... it is more a convenience and archive than backchannel
23:55 (2) I log all the meeting notes in the wiki (as well as in the meeting logger)
23:56 (3) there is some paperwork we need to take care of with the SFC
23:56 @ sdanielf : we need to discuss with bradley the specifics of your signing stuff
23:57 sdanielf walterbender, sure
23:57 walterbender (4) we tend to meet both on a regular schedule and on demand... but early in the year, it is good to meet more often
23:57 (5) please do not be shy about bringing up topics, asking questions, challenging assumptions and the status quo
23:58 shall we plan to meet again next week again... to follow up on today's discussion?
23:58 ClaudiaU ok to all
23:59 GeraldA_ ok to all as well
00:00 sdanielf ok to all
00:00 walterbender OK... I'll sort out the details over email and also follow up re the various #actions above
00:00 ClaudiaU +1
00:00 walterbender apologies for not adding tags to the meeting log
00:01 OK... thanks all for joining the meeting today.
00:01 ClaudiaU thank you!
00:01 GeraldA_ walterbender: thanks!
00:01 ClaudiaU good night to all
00:01 sdanielf walterbender, thanks for scheduling this meeting
00:01 walterbender one last thing: one more week of Google Code In...
00:01 let me know if you have any last minute projects you want posted...
00:02 ok... counting down
00:02 4
00:02 sdanielf 3
00:02 ClaudiaU 2
00:02 GeraldA_ 1
00:03 walterbender #end-meeting
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