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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2012-08-14 19:11:11

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19:11 meeting Meeting started Tue Aug 14 19:11:11 2012 UTC. The chair is pflores__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:11 pflores__ should we talk in English or Spanish?
19:11 cjl is around, so I guess English will be best
19:11 rafael_ pflores__, maybe english as cjl is here also.
19:12 +1
19:12 cjl :-)
19:12 pflores__ #topic TamTam porting
19:12 gonzalo_ IIRC a time ago we talked abt it and you were to make some analysis
19:12 to see if your team could take it
19:13 could you make some progress on it?
19:13 (just to state where we're standing)
19:13 gonzalo_ pflores__, yes, as i ponted you by mail, i don't think will be possible for me do the port this cycle
19:14 is a lot of work, and i needed set priorities
19:14 pflores__ gonzalo_ ok, did you talk abt it with Langhoff?
19:14 gonzalo_ pflores__, yes, he know it
19:14 pflores__ as I think he had it as a very important activity to show off for XO-duo
19:14 gonzalo_ pflores__, yes, i agree
19:15 pflores__ gonzalo_ so should we just delay it to the next dev cycle?
19:15 rafael_ gonzalo_, pflores__  we have flavio as resource to work on it.
19:15 gonzalo_ pflores__, yes
19:15 rafael_ gonzalo_, btw when is your next dev cycle ?
19:16 pflores__ rafael_ Yes, but looking at the schedule, I'm afraid we won't be able to apply the HIG to all the activities we have in hands + do TamTam porting
19:16 gonzalo_ rafael_, i think flavio already looked at it , and agreed is difficult for him
19:16 rafael_ gonzalo_, yes, i was thinking more as a coordinate effort.
19:16 between 2 devs for example.
19:16 pflores__ yes, it's a matter of time, it would probably take him a whole month or more
19:17 rafael_ pflores__, +1.
19:17 gonzalo_ rafael_, november approx
19:17 rafael_ pflores__, there is no problem in delaing this, but we should agree in someway/sometime to handle it.
19:18 gonzalo_, thx.
19:18 cjl And best if only one person bugs Flipo for info on old code
19:18 gonzalo_ rafael_, pflores__ aside of tamtam, should be good if we have the already ported activities published in aslo to start the test asap
19:19 pflores__ gonzalo_ do you think we could do a joint effort (probably since January)?
19:19 rafael_ gonzalo_, yes agree.
19:19 gonzalo_ rafael_, pflores__ i am publish our activities as sugar 0.98 - 0.98 to not disturb normal users
19:19 pflores__, yes, january sounds ok
19:19 rafael_ gonzalo_, we are doing the same.
19:19 pflores__ gonzalo_ we're doing some testing internally, including a broad set of test cases
19:20 rafael_ gonzalo_, regarding aslo versioning.
19:20 cjl pflores__: Do you guys have access to h/w for touch testing?
19:20 pflores__ gonzalo_ so I guess we should coordinate QA efforts
19:20 rafael_ cjl yes.
19:20 cjl ok
19:20 gonzalo_ pflores__, it's ok, but remember in the part at times there are problems in activities related to artwork/toolkit bugs/fixes
19:21 pflores__ cjl we have 2 in UY, 1 in CO, 1 in IN, 1 in ES :)
19:21 gonzalo_ pflores__, then we need all the help posible to test
19:22 pflores__, rafael_ we are filling porting bugs with the gtk3 keyword
19:22 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ne&keywords=~gtk3
19:22 rafael_ gonzalo_, noted.
19:22 pflores__ gonzalo_ we've put priority in the activities we have on our side, but we can review available resources for helping your testing
19:23 cjl On TamTam and touch, it is obviously an ideal time to add an 88-key piano keyboard, is that in the plans?
19:23 gonzalo_ pflores__, perfect, i am looking at the missing parts in toolkit/artwork, then, as soon we have reported the problems, better
19:24 cjl, yes, we only need clone a developer :/
19:24 cjl :-)
19:24 pflores__ :)
19:24 gonzalo_ we are not short of ideas, only of hands
19:24 cjl That is somethin gt oping Flipo about, he did other touch work.
19:24 he may have some useful ideas
19:25 or some reusable code
19:25 pflores__ gonzalo_ so when should we schedule to start working on TamTam?
19:25 rafael_ gonzalo_, that development ideas is what we have to coordinate.for instance are we going to change actual csound for a posterior version?. etc.
19:25 pflores__ it would be good to plan it ahead
19:25 gonzalo_ pflores__, at the start of the next olpc cycle
19:26 pflores__ gonzalo_ that's december, right?
19:26 cjl If CSound bogs you down, let me know, barry Vercoe owes me for maori work I'm doing.
19:26 pflores__ gonzalo_ doesn't seem to be the best moment for us...
19:26 gonzalo_ pflores, this is our schedule http://wiki.laptop.org/go/12.2.0/Release_plan
19:26 rafael_ cjl +1.
19:27 gonzalo_ pflores__, final release Dec 6
19:27 cjl Although ther eis also tah Python sound engine to consider, /me blanks on name now)
19:27 pflores__ so if you mean right after, it would be Decembre
19:28 gonzalo_ pflores__, rafael_ cjl , i can't do too much planning now , but we need:
19:28 pflores__ I guess December will be very busy for us
19:28 rafael_ cjl, yeah I have the same consideration on my list..
19:28 gonzalo_ * port to gtk3
19:28 * update the UI
19:28 rafael_ pflores__, +1
19:28 gonzalo_ * check the backend csound /etc
19:28 pflores__ and January will probably be problematic because of vacations
19:28 cjl Beware of overplanning December (holidays will cost you more than you think)
19:29 pflores__ gonzalo_ are you including adding a piano keyboard to 'update the UI'?
19:29 gonzalo_ pflores__, you really need define this now?
19:29 pflores__, yes
19:29 pflores__ gonzalo_ not to define, but would like to have an overall idea to propose to Sridhar
19:30 as OLPC-AU will be the affected onesz
19:30 ones
19:31 gonzalo_ let's keep this preliminary plan, is good enough for me
19:32 rafael_ pflores__, as gonzalo_ said we need to clone a developer :/.
19:32 pflores__, but overall is pretty the close/better thing we can do for now..is to delay the porting.
19:33 pflores__ cjl I think in December/January we'll be able to work on a plan, and then we can see whose help we may need...
19:33 cjl rafael_: Somene senior-ish talking to Flipo about possible new devs might be worth a try (he may know some people)
19:33 pflores__ rafael_ +1
19:34 cjl Start taslking t opFlipo now about recruting someone ne wand you may have them in December
19:34 gonzalo_ pflores__, rafael_ we need continue working with all the other issues we have, and improve our communication / coordination
19:34 rafael_ cjl ok that's a good idea also.
19:34 pflores__ cjl of course, if you could find the developer to do it, it would be great :)
19:35 gonzalo_ rafael_ some other thing you wanted to discuss now?
19:35 cjl I'm not sure if I'm the right recruiter, but I'd be game to try, who wants to be CC'edc on tha conversation?
19:35 rafael_ pflores__, no.
19:36 cjl I can state tah AC aned OLPC are officially collaborating on a ne wtamTam (port, touch, etc.) and we'd love input from prior devs or people they suggest?
19:36 gonzalo_ rafael_, if you can complete http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Acti[…]ies/PortingToGtk3 , great
19:36 rafael_ cjl all the present on this meeting, I guess.
19:36 pflores__ rafael_ +1
19:36 cjl ok
19:37 rafael_ gonzalo_, I'l update some info there.
19:37 l*
19:37 gonzalo_ rafael_, thanks
19:37 pflores__ ok, thanks guys!
19:37 4
19:37 gonzalo_ rafael_, are you reviewing flavio work?
19:37 rafael_ gonzalo_, indeed.
19:37 gonzalo_, he has improved a lot.
19:38 3
19:38 gonzalo_ 2
19:38 rafael_ 1
19:38 pflores__ #endmeeting
19:38 meeting Meeting ended Tue Aug 14 19:38:24 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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