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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2012-07-18 15:00:17

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15:00 meeting_ Meeting started Wed Jul 18 15:00:17 2012 UTC. The chair is garycmartin. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:00 garycmartin Hi folks!
15:00 aguz :)
15:01 m_anish garycmartin, hola!
15:01 :-)
15:01 manuq hello everyone!
15:01 m_anish manuq, hi!
15:01 aguz manuq: hi!
15:01 tch_ hello
15:01 garycmartin Any one else here?
15:01 walterbender hi
15:01 garycmartin hey walterbender glad you could make it as well
15:01 ajay Hi!!
15:01 danielf <danielf!~danielf@r186-49-44-40.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 garycmartin OK, so lets get going then :)
15:03 My hope is that we can do most of the discussion via mail-list, wiki, and bugs.SL.org tickets, and use realtime meeting to all stay in the loop.
15:04 ajay garycmartin: +1
15:04 m_anish garycmartin, +1
15:04 aguz garycmartin: +1
15:04 garycmartin Lets start with what I hope is an easier one ;)
15:04 #topic Standard Help icon and toolbar position
15:04 m_anish garycmartin, link? :)
15:05 garycmartin #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]-July/038407.html
15:05 m_anish okay
15:05 aguz_ <aguz_!~androirc@r190-132-204-161.dialup.mobile.ancel.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:06 danielf I think the help icon is important, if it can be next to the exit button, it would have to be next to the activity button
15:06 garycmartin This was a thread I started a couple of weeks ago hoping to get more formal agreement on the positioning of the Help features as they get added into activities.
15:06 danielf: can or can't ?
15:07 danielf can't I'm sorry
15:07 m_anish garycmartin, is there a need for this in many activities? (i mean whether activity devs have expressed the need for it)?
15:07 garycmartin, i assume it would have to be added per activity by the activity dev?
15:08 garycmartin danielf: Help is an optional feature, many activities won't have it (ideally 'good' activities should not need help, they should be clear enough to use without reading text help)
15:08 danielf I don't agree to move the button, but let's understand the bug, it needs an strategic position
15:08 manuq m_anish: yes, it's not global
15:08 m_anish manuq, ok
15:09 quidam I agree with the proposal, help button being at the right of the icon group
15:09 manuq sorry I didn't answered the thread
15:09 walterbender I agree with Danielf that we should agree on a standard position for when it is there.
15:09 quidam as in most graphical applications outside sugar
15:09 manuq I agree with not having any other button next to the stop one, when possible (toolbar not cluttered)
15:10 quidam manuq: +1
15:10 garycmartin danielf: The proposal is to have help (if present) as the last of the activity toolbar items prior to Stop, just not right aligned next ti it. Help and Stop have nothing to do with each other and Stop is a critical UI element to keep clear.
15:10 m_anish walterbender, garycmartin, one concern could be that some activities alreaady have their main toolbar space quite constrained... would it make sense to move it to activitybuttontoolbar (i,e, where the share and write to journal features are present)?
15:10 garycmartin Activity [Edit] [View] [Custom1, Custom2 .. CustomN] [Help] _______________ Stop
15:10 aguz garycmartin, manuq: I moved the Stop icon in chart
15:11 garycmartin, manuq: Can you try it?
15:11 manuq aguz as the rightmost icon in the toolbar? great
15:11 danielf aguz: It's already applied in Turtle Art
15:11 aguz :)
15:12 garycmartin m_anish: I thing the Activity secondary palette is too far away for someone who needs that first little help in getting started (initially that toolbar is hidden).
15:12 manuq this boys are faster than us
15:12 garycmartin :)
15:12 aguz haha :)
15:13 m_anish garycmartin, hmm, makes sense.
15:13 manuq I can push the help icon to sugar-artwork, hoping that erikos agrees,
15:13 aguz manuq: +1
15:13 garycmartin manuq: Yes that was my next question :)
15:14 manuq or maybe is better to have his ACK first..
15:14 garycmartin manuq: We can wait for his ACK next week.
15:14 manuq ok!
15:14 aguz now is aguz_
15:14 manuq I will have the ticket number around
15:14 walterbender is frustrated by the fact that since the icon won't be on old systems, I need to bundle it with my activities anyway :P
15:15 garycmartin manuq: If we agree here on moving forward we/I can follow up on that email as to the decision.
15:15 manuq garycmartin: yep
15:15 danielf about the toolbar organization purposed by Gary, -1, it doesn't look strategic
15:16 manuq so +1 from my side
15:16 garycmartin walterbender: Yes. It's good to get that icon in as soon as possible, with the understanding many will need to bundle it in their activities just now.
15:16 walterbender is there any reason not to push the icon?
15:16 garycmartin walterbender: At least having it in a standard place we shouldn't end up with the 2-3 different version we have just now ;)
15:17 (the icon file in a standard place)
15:17 walterbender seems we are generally agreed... shall we move to the next topic?
15:17 m_anish ya, i think so too
15:18 tch_ +1 following ;)
15:18 garycmartin The only other solution might be to go with the following Activity [Edit] [View] [Help] [Custom1, Custom2 .. CustomN] _______________ Stop
15:19 aguz has quit IRC
15:19 quidam -1
15:19 danielf garycmartin: I like it more, specially if there are too few custom items in the toolbar
15:19 garycmartin but that moves existing icons around quite a bit with no obvious benifit.
15:19 m_anish garycmartin, that would be more confusing imo
15:19 manuq I prefer this slight change instead of adding it between current buttons
15:19 m_anish garycmartin, yep!
15:20 garycmartin OK so lets here a vote on this for the record.
15:20 Activity [Edit] [View] [Custom1, Custom2 .. CustomN] [Help] _______________ Stop
15:20 +1
15:20 m_anish +1
15:20 quidam +1
15:20 manuq +1
15:21 garycmartin Some abstainers huh! ;)
15:21 tch_ +1
15:21 manuq walterbender: about not pushing now, I prefer to have erikos ack, waiting till tuesday if no one else is in hurry
15:22 garycmartin #agreed Activity [Edit] [View] [Custom1, Custom2 .. CustomN] [Help] _______________ Stop
15:23 OK, I'll follow up on the email thread and see if we get any more +/- to the mail thread.
15:23 walterbender manuq: I think we agreed to push, but not when to push... that is up to you and erikos
15:23 manuq walterbender: understood
15:23 garycmartin manuq: yes agreed to push, up to you and erikos as to when (yes as walterbender said) :)
15:24 m_anish garycmartin, should we move to the next topic?
15:24 :)
15:24 garycmartin #topic Simple messages notification system
15:24 manuq garycmartin: I think we should have a decent wiki page with this standarisations
15:24 garycmartin manuq: Yes
15:24 m_anish #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ages_Notification Simple messages notification system
15:24 tch_ m_anish: nice ;)
15:24 m_anish tch_, glad you're here :P
15:24 garycmartin #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ages_Notification
15:25 Do folks need time to look or have you looked through this already?
15:25 So a couple of questions from me...
15:26 What is the square [?!] icon in the device frame, is it part of the actually implemented feature?
15:26 humitos garycmartin: I'm taking a look... but I'm not sure about the benefits
15:26 garycmartin humitos: Sure yes.
15:26 m_anish garycmartin, its implemented in dx, but its not related to this at all...
15:26 garycmartin, that's a separate feedback submission feature
15:27 garycmartin m_anish: Thanks, good. That's one less change to worry with here.
15:27 danielf The icon doesn't describe it very well. And I would not use it next to the activities
15:27 humitos I'm asking myself: "does a kid need this kind of message?"
15:27 garycmartin danielf: Yes, in my notes I have "It it really an Activity related notification?"
15:27 m_anish danielf, humitos i think its designed more for system level messages
15:27 atleast that's how we use it in dx
15:28 humitos m_anish: what kind of message do you put on it? are they useful for kids?
15:28 m_anish I can give a couple of examples of how it's being used currently (since the last >1 yr in Py, Uy) if that helps
15:28 garycmartin humitos: yes  "does a kid need this kind of message?" was one reason why this wasn't pushed hard for in a previous cycle.
15:28 quidam humitos: sometimes the kid will need to be informed about things, maybe a system reboot is not a good example, I would avoid showing that
15:28 walterbender has quit IRC
15:29 humitos quidam: yes, but that is the example on the wiki :P
15:29 garycmartin I was hoping we would have more concrete examples of use other than "reboot you machine an update just completed"
15:29 quidam a better example could be the collaboration system
15:29 m_anish (1) it is used by uy to show the kinds many types of notifications/news that the edu/administrations wants the kids to know about
15:29 humitos so, how are we going to prevent "useful" message using this feature...
15:29 quidam as you can have somebody joining an activity you are sharing but it is not focused
15:29 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@2001:4830:2446:ff01:5a94:6bff:fe7a:4694> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:29 m_anish (2) and as the screenshot shows, the reboot notification...
15:30 walterbender has a laptop that keeps overheating and shutting down :P
15:30 m_anish but the point i'm trying to make is that its not for activities related things
15:30 cjl blinks his eyes and realizes he's in the middle of the Design Team meeting in his pajamas.  Thought it was jsut a dream. . .
15:30 m_anish tch_, correct me if i'm wrong :P :-)
15:30 cjl, haha
15:30 walterbender, you need bip :P
15:30 quidam I would move the icon to the right
15:31 garycmartin quidam: 'somebody joining an activity you are sharing but not focused' is this actually implemented?
15:31 humitos m_anish: yes, I understand the purpose (not activity message)
15:31 tch_ m_anish: you are correct, it comes from these kind of situations where just images notifications where not enought.
15:31 danielf quidam: +1
15:31 humitos quidam: +1, but I'm not sure that I like this button :D
15:31 garycmartin cjl: it is just a dream, go back to sleep, you'll be fine ;)
15:31 danielf cjl: You would say there isn't right and left
15:31 humitos I mean, the position is better on the right
15:32 m_anish humitos, in the first example we gave, uy actually developed a system around it to give notifications and want it enhanced in certain ways, like prioritizing some messages, etc. but the larger point is that it is a useful feature for deployment
15:32 quidam the icon is a bit scary, yes
15:32 I would prefer it being called "information" than "alert"
15:32 m_anish quidam, i agree, we need either a 'softer' icon or more icons than one
15:33 humitos m_anish: you have a point (a big point)... it was requested by the community and it's being used
15:33 danielf m_anish: As I know, there is also a Ceibal Notifica for UY. Are they an organization or a newspaper? They have too many notifications systems
15:33 quidam garycmartin: the collaboration example was just the first thing that came to my mind, but I think it is implemented
15:34 garycmartin FWIW, the top right corner is reserved for buddy notifications (and is not yet implemented yet)
15:34 cjl danielf: Yes, how this placement standard plays out in an RTL lang is important, but standardization is probably more important than actual placement.
15:34 tch_ denielf; the difference is that we couldn't expect either force the users to open an activity to recieve these messages...
15:34 m_anish danielf, perhaps those notifications are serving some purpose, i'm not the best person to comment on that, to be frank
15:34 aguz_ has quit IRC
15:35 AndroUser <AndroUser!~androirc@r190-132-204-161.dialup.mobile.ancel.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:35 m_anish okay, can we identify areas for discussion/improvement here (1) better icon or a set of icons (2) placement ... any more?
15:36 quidam garycmartin: link to the buddy notifications design? I think this two features should work together
15:36 humitos m_anish: I think we need (3) more information about this feature
15:36 danielf It has to appear like the clipboard notifications ;)
15:36 tch_ we can continue with these details on the ml right? But I think is important to also have your feedback on the behaviour of it
15:36 manuq garycmartin: it is implemented, when other user invites you to join an activity, the activity icon appears at the top left corner
15:36 humitos how is it being used? what is the main purpose? what kind of message (real life message) are being shown?
15:36 manuq if I rememer well
15:37 garycmartin would like to see some of the real use cases, and if other deployments want it. I'm not yet convinced this is very beneficial.
15:37 humitos real examples
15:37 m_anish humitos, fwiw here is a reply from Daniel Castelo, who works for Ceibal ... http://www.mail-archive.com/su[…]org/msg27836.html
15:37 garycmartin quidam: buddy notifications are about buddies arriving and leaving (right Frame edge), and possible in Activity bubble chat.
15:37 quidam manuq: btw, if you receive a collab invite and you don't have the activity installed, the default icon is shown (and it doesn't work)
15:38 manuq m_anish: do they need that to replace, for example, blog posts readable by Browse?
15:38 garycmartin manuq: yes sure activity invitations is already implemented and works fine, that's not the same as these notifications.
15:39 m_anish manuq, probably not, feel free to continue that thread further.. i'm sure he can answer questions abt usability atleast in uy context.
15:39 manuq goes for his xos
15:39 tch_ it is also useful in paraguay, where they use it for software/system updates messages...
15:40 tch_ has left #sugar-meeting
15:40 tch_ <tch_!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:40 danielf The Sugar Control Panel has a section for updates, Is not better modify the Software Update section?
15:41 quidam garycmartin: so buddy notifications should appear in the right edge, not the top one, right?
15:41 garycmartin manuq: Object transfers also use the top left notification area and add a transfer notification to the top Frame edge (Journal send to --> friend feature)
15:41 m_anish danielf, that is again a dx specific feature... dx does automatic rpm updates for packages like sugar in the background, and those need system level notifications.
15:41 quidam garycmartin: nevermind, I just understood what you meant
15:42 m_anish i guess one issue to address is that sugar doesnt really _have_ a notification system
15:42 cjl wonders how long it is before some kid with an XO figures out how to use such a feature to "whisper" and pass notes during classes. . .
15:42 garycmartin quidam: Currently there are no buddy notifications, but when we do add/implement them, the top right corner is where you should see them blink :)
15:42 m_anish for system level users
15:42 s/users/ /
15:43 garycmartin cjl: That's called teamwork, anywhere outside of formal education structures ;)
15:44 ajay garycmartin, :P
15:44 quidam garycmartin: so we have different kinds of notifications in the different corners, and we have the bottom right one free
15:44 tch___ <tch___!~tch@169.Red-88-7-67.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:44 garycmartin OK, lets take this back to the mail list, clearly we need more information! Real world use case example, how frequently is it used etc.
15:44 m_anish garycmartin, so, in a nutshell we've received positive response from Uy, Py, ... AU has just started using dx3 so they dont have a response yet... it hasnt been tried elsewhere and it address a pressing need
15:44 tch___ back~
15:44 cjl garycmartin: Not saying it is a bad thing, agree it is an example of ingenuity.  Generations of kids have been doing thsi with paper airplanes, but I wouldn't have told the Wreight brottyhers to slwo down :-)
15:44 quidam I'm not sure I like the idea of having the notifications happening this way
15:45 tch_ has quit IRC
15:45 garycmartin Actually, can any one edit that wiki page to point to a current DX release I can flash on an XO to look a little closer?
15:45 m_anish garycmartin, sure, i'll do that
15:45 humitos garycmartin: good point!
15:46 kaametza_ <kaametza_!~icarito@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:46 m_anish #action m_anish add dx3 build links to the notification feature page for folks to try it out.
15:46 garycmartin #action m_anish add dx3 build links to the notification feature page for folks to try it out.
15:46 quidam m_anish: btw, design wise I don't like the feedback button being shown there, it is not a device
15:46 garycmartin (think the bot needs me to make the action items)
15:46 quidam m_anish: it should be in the control panel, you don't need that in the frame
15:47 m_anish quidam, its not (for AU, UY)... its more for in the dev process ...
15:47 AndroUser What do you think about a button in the frame that show a palette with allí the notifications?
15:47 m_anish quidam, but thats a different discussion :P
15:47 quidam m_anish: yup
15:47 cjl m_anish I think that garycmartin has touched on a good point about presenting your patches for upstreaming.  You guys know they work, No betterway to show them than in a DX build.
15:47 danielf If there are system messages to notify, would be good an XO icon, and the XO Home options also in that palette
15:48 m_anish cjl, +1
15:48 garycmartin quidam: bottom right is for device notifications, but is again currently un implemented (e.g. battery low warning, charging, Network connection, network lost etc).
15:48 quidam garycmartin: I see. again, I'm not sure having notifications coming from all 4 corners is a good idea overall
15:49 danielf quidam: +1, the bottom right can have a button for the 'Computer' device
15:50 garycmartin AndroUser: A device frame icon with notifications was one of the original suggestion (I might have even made a mockup image or two when this all  first started), I believe that placement then got used for System warnings, and the notification feature was moved up to the Activity top Frame.
15:50 AndroUser are androuser
15:50 Sorry
15:51 garycmartin OK moving on.
15:51 #topic Database support for 3G modem configuration
15:51 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]/Database_Support
15:51 AndroUser has quit IRC
15:52 danielf +1 to that design
15:53 garycmartin Looks good from a UI/UX point of view (much better than existing design), needs code review and perhaps a little closer look to double check strings and behaviour.
15:53 m_anish this is again a "more useful than expected" feature :-)
15:53 garycmartin, yep. i think the patch would need porting to current mainline, but if the design is okay, we can go ahead on that
15:53 humitos about the drop-down box... I have a question about that
15:53 cjl m_anish: What si the "database" abckend?
15:54 humitos (I see the same problem on the keyboard and language configuration)
15:54 aguz <aguz!~androirc@r190-132-204-161.dialup.mobile.ancel.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:54 humitos the list is REALLY big and it's difficult to scroll and find what are you looking for
15:54 is there a way to do the same but with "autocompletion" feature?
15:54 m_anish humitos, just for the country one i think
15:54 manuq this is really needed indeed, I have a few questions
15:55 aguz I like the combo
15:55 m_anish humitos, and these settings persist
15:55 manuq oh sorry, wrong topic, I was confused
15:55 :)
15:55 humitos manuq: ;)
15:55 danielf humitos: +1 Here in Uruguay there are only 3 companies but i suppose in other countries
15:55 m_anish cjl, the db is already there (a part of the system)... we don't need to do anything extra... perhaps tch___ can answer that... i forget the exact pkg name
15:56 quidam cjl: talking from what we have in trisquel/ubuntu, and guessing it is the same thing, an xml file
15:56 tch___ m_anish: is the same one nm-applet uses.
15:56 cjl humitos has a good point about the lists being long, and autocompletion being cool, but m_anish is also correct that the average user doesn't change these settings much.
15:56 quidam cjl: in debian systems the package is mobile-broadband-provider-info
15:56 m_anish danielf, fwiw, india has the most number of cellphone companies in the world and that number is 14, in most countries that number is on average, 6, so not a very big list
15:56 cjl So autocompletion is reall yuseful to testers, but wouldn't be as impt to users (I am guessing)
15:56 garycmartin 5min warning before meeting over run ;)
15:56 ajay cjl: I believe something on the lines of http://computerbank.googlecode[…]viceproviders.xml
15:57 quidam: +1
15:57 quidam ajay: that's the same file, I think
15:57 ajay quidam: me too :)
15:57 danielf m_anish, humitos: So, Is humitos talking about the Countries list?
15:58 tch___ I guess is important to point out that the feature has been widely used in uruguay and paraguay already ;)
15:58 m_anish humitos, probably, but you wont be changing that very often, unless you switch countries often ;)
15:58 fwiw, this design mimics the gnome design
15:58 humitos danielf: yes, in this case "Country" list... and in Sugar Panel -> keyboard layout and Language
15:58 tch___ is there a widget for combo-autocompletion?
15:59 aguz But the system can know about the country
15:59 manuq m_anish: yes, and I like that it mimics it
15:59 m_anish i think doing more fancy things here would be complicating things... its a simple clean design right now ;) IMHO
15:59 quidam aguz: yes, that should be possible to extract from the device, I think GNOME does that
16:00 ajay aguz: yes.. probably. but this is a one-time configuration, so probably keeping things simple might be appropriate :)
16:00 quidam ajay: true
16:00 ajay m_anish: you beat me on that :)
16:00 cjl I would put autopcompletion down as a low-priority enhancement request given tha tthese setting menus are not revisited much by users.  Although I would love i tfor language testing.
16:01 m_anish garycmartin, can we have a vote on this... if we seem to generally agree on the design?
16:02 garycmartin Do we agree this is a big improvement over the current implementation?
16:02 m_anish +1
16:02 cjl +1
16:02 garycmartin +1
16:02 ajay +1
16:02 tch___ +1
16:02 manuq +1
16:02 danielf +1
16:02 quidam +1
16:02 humitos +1
16:02 aguz +1
16:03 garycmartin OK so it seems like, as is from a visual design point of view this feature is good :)
16:03 tch___ I need to take screenshots of this!
16:03 m_anish garycmartin, +1, now onto the coding aspect
16:03 :-)
16:03 ajay if this is the case .. I would be happy to port to NM 0.9
16:03 garycmartin m_anish: So this now need a code review.
16:03 m_anish garycmartin, +1
16:03 garycmartin Cool :)
16:03 m_anish ajay, tht would be great!
16:04 cjl garycmartin: Before you close is there time for a brief teaser of an item for a future meeting?
16:04 manuq remember that the shell which includes control panel is being ported to gtk+3 right now..
16:05 tch___ cjl, garycmartin: same call here :)
16:05 ajay manuq: ahh ...
16:05 garycmartin Would folks like to wrap up now (we are just over our 1hr mark)
16:05 m_anish garycmartin, ah! and also the next one is going to be on 1430 UTC, Monday right!?
16:05 ajay garycmartin: batch-select, plz .. :)
16:05 tch___ ajay: +1 ;)
16:05 ajay manuq: anyhow,, i will port on the latest available OLPC image, and carry over from there i guess.
16:06 garycmartin 1430 UTC, Monday, yep that's what I plan for the announcement email.
16:06 m_anish garycmartin, ok
16:06 manuq ajay: sure, no problem, just a reminder
16:06 garycmartin #topic Meeting wrap up
16:06 ajay manuq: thanks ... It's a big help :) .. good to keep future things in mind :)
16:07 cjl will briefly mention his future item post-meeting.
16:07 garycmartin OK so we didn't get to "Journal multi-select" (a rather useful feature if we can land it safely)
16:08 manuq yeah very useful
16:08 tch___ agreed.
16:08 humitos great meeting!
16:08 m_anish garycmartin, i didn't realize how useful it is until i was presenting xo's to some guys over in India. it really cut time for me doing things
16:08 garycmartin And also "Touch hardware support" which is a rather wide subject touching (no pun intended) many design areas
16:08 m_anish :-)
16:08 garycmartin, +1
16:08 humitos see you guys
16:08 garycmartin tch___: Did you have an agenda item to add for next week?
16:09 cjl I did
16:09 Future agenda item: We now have text-to-spech everywhere via e-speak, before we get to far into speech engine technology "lock-in" we should assess festival (or other options) and in particular, we need to think about how we can improve upstream voices to cover more of our langs.  I'll post my thoughts about it to Sugar devel.
16:09 garycmartin cjl: What was your future teaser meeting item?
16:09 m_anish will continue creating more feature pages from dx... there are many!
16:09 aguz I think that Will be fine to have a button in the toolbar
16:09 tch___ garycmartin: yes. Walter and I dicussed the idea of adding "examples" support for activities. Guess I should write the idea better and send it to the ML.
16:09 garycmartin cant type, read, and think fast enough. Needs an upgrade :)
16:10 aguz That enable/disable multiselection
16:10 garycmartin tch___: AAAhhhhhaaa yes. Know it well :)
16:10 m_anish cjl, +1 that's a very valid point!
16:10 cjl BTW, the sppech and voice thing is on the OLPC_OZ ragar.
16:11 s/ragar/radar/
16:11 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:11 aguz And the user clicks in the objects that wants to select
16:11 cjl sridhar is very interested in having a voice tha tsounds mor elike Paul Hogan :-)
16:11 danielf aguz: A possible agenda item would be a better UI for the Journal multi-select, but I'll not be here on Mondays
16:12 garycmartin OK, I'll email out the logs & minutes for this meeting. Please do follow up on the various [Design] threads if you have more to add, and the next meeting will be on Monday 1430 UTC (An email will go out in the next day or so).
16:12 m_anish danielf, you can participate in the ML discussion... btw. some background on this... this feature was originally brought up in EDUJam 2011, i think, where it was discussed between, walter, tch___ gonzalo, and others
16:13 garycmartin I'll pick up the extra agenda items and include them for Monday.
16:13 m_anish manuq, might have been in that discussion to, i dont remembre
16:13 manuq aguz: we are not going to discuss the topic right now, we are wrapping up
16:13 tch___ garycmartin: thanks
16:13 ajay garycmartin: thanks !!
16:13 garycmartin Time for countdown...
16:13 5
16:13 m_anish the idea was to follow the gmail design... or that's what i had heard
16:13 4
16:13 ajay 3
16:13 danielf 3
16:13 aguz 3
16:13 2
16:13 quidam 1
16:13 garycmartin #endmeeting
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