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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2012-06-05 15:05:10

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15:05 meeting Meeting started Tue Jun  5 15:05:10 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:05 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:05 erikos who is around for the devmeeting?
15:05 garycmartin waves
15:05 humitos I'm here
15:05 m_anish present
15:05 erikos hi garycmartin!
15:05 manuq sees m_anish, humitos, gonzalo_
15:05 erikos welcome humitos
15:05 hello everyone!
15:05 thanks for making it
15:05 silbe waves
15:05 garycmartin Afternoon erikos! :)
15:06 gonzalo_ welcome jakeP too :)
15:06 jakeP Hello everyone :)
15:06 erikos ohh, hi jakeP!
15:06 let's start with our first topic then:
15:07 pbrobinson <pbrobinson!~pbrobinso@dozer.roving-it.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:07 erikos #topic introducing new contributors
15:07 jakeP: do you want to say a few words about yourself?
15:07 interests, skills,...
15:08 garycmartin favourite colour, beverage ;)
15:08 erikos garycmartin: right!
15:08 jakeP Yes, 1st year computing student, Gnu/Linux user, FSFE member, Coffee ...
15:09 erikos that sounds just about right :)
15:09 jakeP Been studying Python all year, looking for ways to help out
15:09 manuq great!
15:09 erikos thinks it gets better with every line ;p
15:09 garycmartin Oh no, not another Coffee drinker ;)
15:10 erikos garycmartin: he is british though, afaik
15:10 bernie: around?
15:10 garycmartin jakeP: Hi, and welcome!
15:11 silbe jakeP: how did you become interested in Sugar? What aspects of it interest you (most)?
15:11 m_anish jakeP, welcome :)
15:11 silbe garycmartin: more tea for us then ;)
15:12 garycmartin silbe: :)
15:12 erikos do we have any new contributor here?
15:12 (not to overload jakeP with questions)
15:13 silbe erikos: I guess you mean any *other* new contributor?
15:13 jakeP Well I first Looked at the Sugar Platform around a year ago when I put it on my Daughters computer, I love the concept and I think its a worthy cause, I'm strongly opposed to propriety software in education...And it's developed in Python
15:13 erikos silbe: activities and server, I put him as well in contact with bernie
15:14 silbe jakeP: ah, so you even have a tester of your own, great. :)
15:14 humitos erikos: I'm not sure if I am a contributor... but I'm new :)
15:14 erikos: (at least)
15:14 jakeP Yes, 2 little testers. Oh yes, I'm interested in a little server admin action too
15:14 erikos humitos: great, I know you of course, but please introduce yourself
15:15 gonzalo_ jakeP, we have a lot of work to do in activities area, i can point you to tasks if you want
15:15 humitos erikos: ok
15:15 gonzalo_ jakeP, alsroot can be a good contact for server work probably
15:16 or dirakx ^
15:16 jakeP gonzalo_, Great :)
15:16 dirakx jakeP: welcome
15:16 alsroot jakeP: bernie is infra team coordinator, better to ping him at first or email to http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/systems ML
15:16 silbe jakeP: you'll have no scarcity of options what to help with, we can use help in every corner. Just choose whatever you like best.
15:16 humitos I'm Manuel Kaufmann, a Python Developer with a couple of years of experience. I knew Sugar (and the OLPC project) some years ago, with the first prototype. I like to juggle with clubs and balls, play the guitar and take photos
15:17 I prefer to drink Mate (an Argentinian drink)
15:17 erikos alsroot: thanks, I put both in contact already
15:17 humitos: :) and we have seen a lot of patches floating around from you already
15:17 humitos I belong to the Python Argentina community that helped me A LOT on my Python's learning process
15:17 erikos humitos: great to have you on board
15:18 ok, anyone else, that wants to intriduce himself to the crowd?
15:18 silbe humitos: where are you from? Your name sounds German (no offense intended ;) ), but ISTR that you speak Spanish rather than German?
15:18 jakeP humitos: Hi
15:19 humitos silbe: yes, my surname is German... but I lost the roots. Actually, I have more contact with my mother's family who is Italian. I'm from Argentina
15:19 cjb humitos: just like Martin Langhoff, then
15:19 erikos Sugar Labs stays international it looks like
15:19 humitos silbe: I would like how to speak German, I like it
15:20 I would like to know*
15:20 silbe erikos: don't worry, I may have another German joining us soon. <g>
15:20 humitos cjb: yes, and manuq and gonzalo_
15:20 erikos ok, we seem to be all cozy now, let's hop on to the next item
15:20 #topic celebrating 0.96 release, what is left to do?, where we do need help?
15:21 cjb humitos: I meant the Spanish-speaking with German last name :-)
15:21 erikos 0.96 itself has been released, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.96/Notes
15:21 bernie jakeP: sorry, i haven't gotten around to reply to erikos' email yet.
15:21 jakeP: and now i'm at work so it's not a very good time for me to chat
15:21 erikos bernie: np, you are still in a reasonable time frame ;p
15:21 bernie: ttyl, sorry for the interruption
15:21 humitos erikos: I've already made the list of translated activities (http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]nslatedBuildOs12). I have some screnshoots to upload, but I couldn't do it yet
15:22 manuq erikos: hurray!
15:22 bernie erikos: no, thanks for introducing me to jake!
15:22 erikos manuq: you are right, we should take a moment of silence and pride!
15:22 please applaude to  yourself for a minute!
15:23 bernie jakeP: meanwhile, have you seen http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Infrastructure_Team ?
15:23 jakeP: and, in particular, the join page: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/I[…]/Getting_Involved
15:23 erikos ok done :)
15:23 manuq hehe
15:23 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
15:24 we just have/had another bugfix release une 1 Sucrose 0.96.2 Bugfix Release
15:24 manuq s/une/June
15:25 erikos I am waiting for humitos results now to see if there are more activities broken in translations other than Words and Physics
15:25 manuq: thanks
15:25 m_anish erikos, and everyone. 0.96 based builds are surprisingly stable :-) thanks for the awesome work!
15:25 humitos erikos: I've just sent it to you
15:25 erikos m_anish: of course they are! :)
15:25 humitos: yes, great
15:25 dirakx wow ..there is now more translations issues ?. bad.
15:25 jakeP bernie: no that looks great, I'll read through tonight.
15:26 bernie jakeP: pootle is something we could use some help with
15:26 garycmartin erikos: Clock as well, if is that fixed by your work?
15:26 erikos humitos: I am waiting to release sugar with possibly a fix for SL #3654, the physics issue
15:26 manuq great humitos, I can test with the patched sugar, erikos work for #3654
15:26 erikos garycmartin: no, clock is another issue, the po/pot files are borked
15:27 manuq ok, lets stand a bit on this one
15:27 garycmartin erikos: weird then how it still works on old builds...
15:27 dirakx garycmartin: also it seems that there could be an issue with gst..that's why clock is not speaking properly.
15:27 erikos garycmartin: there was a release in between ;p
15:27 manuq cjl: what do you think is the proper fix? change the code?
15:27 humitos manuq: erikos I've tested it some minutes ago, and I could make it work
15:28 manuq humitos: changing the es.po and building again?
15:28 humitos manuq: what?
15:28 garycmartin erikos: who made the Closk relese?
15:28 (Clock)
15:29 erikos humitos: great work http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]anslatedBuildOs12 that will help us moving forward
15:29 garycmartin: that I don't know ;p
15:29 manuq:  gonzalo_ ^
15:29 humitos erikos: there are missing some screenshots that show the correct missing text (I will upload them after the meeting)
15:29 manuq hmm, I see a Clock 9 in ASLO but is 8 in latest git
15:29 humitos erikos: greate
15:30 jakeP bernie: Yes that was mentioned to me, I had a little read up on it and see it's Django based. So happens, I brought the big Django book a couple of weeks ago and I've been fiddling about with it
15:30 gonzalo_ garycmartin, i supposed you release clock, right?
15:30 manuq no, sorry, I see Clock 8 in ASLO
15:30 erikos humitos: thanks
15:30 garycmartin Yep Clock-8 is my last release. Is there some other floating around??
15:31 dirakx I only have Clock-8.
15:31 garycmartin (Posted on ASLO and source to downloads.sl.org)
15:31 bernie jakeP: very cool. none of us has much experience with django. hey, we should probably move to #sugar or postpone this topic.
15:31 erikos garycmartin: no, I used version 8
15:31 garycmartin: if you look at the po files, there are parts commented
15:32 garycmartin: which is the issue here
15:32 manuq yes
15:32 dirakx also if translations are wrong it affects SL#3453
15:33 manuq I would like to create a new ticket for the Clock pot bug
15:33 erikos ok, let's not byte on this one for too long and coordinate on the topic in #sugar after the meeting
15:33 so we get an overview of the situation here first
15:34 manuq ok
15:34 garycmartin erikos: Well.. for the record I am sitting here with that exact build of Clock-8, running in Spanish just fine, speaking the time...
15:34 erikos manuq: sounds good
15:34 garycmartin erikos: But just not on 12.1.0 builds...
15:34 erikos garycmartin: ok, interesting, we'll figure it out
15:34 garycmartin er
15:35 gonzalo_ garycmartin, probably is related to the the change in sugar-activity to separate gtk2/gtk32 code
15:35 erikos gonzalo_: no, not from my testing
15:35 gonzalo_ erikos, i supposed by the patches in sugar-devel
15:36 erikos gonzalo_: no
15:36 gonzalo_ erikos, but this is the issue with physics?
15:36 erikos gonzalo_: yes
15:36 garycmartin erikos: pootle issues seem to be a side issue not affecting the bug as far as I can tell. I test my builds on multiple official OLPC builds, and all previous official releases translate just fine for Clock-8 and Physics-9, except the Dev builds of 12.1.0
15:36 gonzalo_ ok
15:37 erikos manuq: can you rephrase your test results here for everybody, please ? ;p
15:37 manuq erikos: yes
15:37 so, es.po file is wrong, I tried uncommenting and building again and it works
15:38 erikos manuq: in Clock, correct?
15:38 manuq yes erikos, in Clock activity
15:38 erikos ok, great - let's go into the details then after the meting
15:38 dirakx manuq: but still it mangles the speaking..i.e it says son las ocho and the the rest seems in another LANG.
15:38 erikos meeting
15:39 so about 0.96, a big issue seem to be translations in activities
15:39 let's make this a topic!
15:39 any other major issues encountered?
15:39 gonzalo_ manuq, but this does not explain why clock l10n works in older sugar releases ....
15:40 erikos we have the list of bugs at: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ds&milestone=0.96
15:40 manuq gonzalo_: I haven't tested it
15:41 erikos ok, action items for 0.96 then
15:41 who is fixing Clock for us?
15:41 garycmartin erikos: Is the Browse primary toolbar height fixed yet? (last time I tested it was still shorter than the Frame).
15:41 erikos said in his announcement that we will do more action items ;p
15:41 garycmartin: no, not fixed
15:42 garycmartin erikos: fixing Clock, I will, but it's not broken ;)
15:42 gonzalo_ :)
15:43 erikos #ACTION garycmartin to proove that Clock is not broken
15:43 manuq erikos: I will take it
15:43 ok
15:43 garycmartin garycmartin: However I can't read spanish, so if you guys are telling me the text is not all in the correct language I need to fix that with a Spanish speakers help!
15:44 (aka broken in pootle)
15:44 erikos manuq: can you lead the part of looking at the list of actviities that are not translated that humitos did?
15:44 manuq garycmartin: just check is other than english :)
15:44 erikos garycmartin: haha
15:44 manuq erikos: yes
15:44 garycmartin manuq: I check Spanish, French, English!
15:44 manuq cool
15:44 erikos #ACTION manuq follow up on humitos list of non-translated activities
15:45 anything else on the 0.96 track?
15:45 gonzalo_ erikos, you want  distribute the tickets?
15:45 erikos btw, if you file bugs and think it should be fixed in 0.96, please add the milestone
15:46 (be reasonable, as we are already in bug-fix, only regressions mode though)
15:46 manuq garycmartin: I've attached a patch for #3361, can you test and if works, apply?
15:46 erikos in case of doubt, add it, and I can move it out if I don't agree
15:47 gonzalo_: yeah, help is welcome there
15:47 garycmartin manuq: That breaks old, current, deployed releases of Sugar...
15:47 gonzalo_ erikos, i will look at #3407
15:47 erikos might make sense to walk through the list and identify items that has no clear owner to work on
15:48 gonzalo_: great, I will asign to you then
15:48 gonzalo_ done
15:48 erikos gonzalo_: :)
15:48 gonzalo_: easiest to see is in Read, bookmarks dialog
15:49 garycmartin manuq: Physics currently works with every OLPC sugar build release, the first few do not have box2d as a build dependancy.
15:49 erikos gonzalo_: the last I have attached
15:50 gonzalo_ dirakx, alsroot can you help with new releases of Stopwatch and Speak to fix #3525 ?
15:50 manuq garycmartin: ok I will check a bit more
15:50 alsroot gonzalo_: not sure who maintains Stopwatch. for Speak, sure
15:52 erikos humitos: can you look at the patch posted in #3605?
15:52 humitos: it is rebased on master now
15:52 dirakx gonzalo_: don't think so.
15:52 humitos erikos: yes
15:53 erikos humitos: thanks
15:53 garycmartin manuq: I have been working on the Physics issue, I have two almost working patches (but failed one way or another in previous builds) am hoping to land one soon.
15:53 dirakx alsroot: ok if you can spin out a new version of speak.
15:53 humitos erikos: but why there are a lot of patches?
15:53 gonzalo_ dirakx, you maintain Speak, right?
15:53 humitos erikos: ah, ok... all of them are identical it says
15:53 erikos: no problem
15:54 erikos manuq: you already followed up on browse plugins/upload, thanks for that
15:54 manuq garycmartin: great, you can attach them to the ticket so we can take a look
15:54 erikos humitos: :)
15:54 gonzalo_ dirakx, sorry, you maintain Stopwatch, right?
15:54 erikos manuq: let's see what dsd says now
15:54 manuq erikos: he already answered :)
15:54 dirakx gonzalo_: yes.
15:54 erikos manuq: ahh, to quick for me ;p
15:54 gonzalo_: "#3525 Add DescriptionItem to activities with custom toolbars"
15:55 gonzalo_: did your final testing?
15:55 manuq erikos: so I will test again based on his comments
15:55 gonzalo_ dirakx, any problem with realease a nerw version of Stopwatch with the descritionitem?
15:55 erikos just sees http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3525#comment:5
15:55 gonzalo_: all fine ^^
15:55 dirakx gonzalo_: as always is time.
15:55 garycmartin manuq: I don't like attaching known broken patches to tickets! But I can email you off list later if you are interested. I was hoping to have this fixed already (but we have a public holiday here are the moment Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues).
15:56 dirakx gonzalo_: a release is due for this week with that fix.
15:56 gonzalo_ thanks
15:56 erikos garycmartin: those royalists
15:56 garycmartin erikos: any excuse for a holiday ;)
15:56 silbe garycmartin: holidays are good, you can work all day on Sugar then :-P
15:57 gonzalo_ silbe, :)
15:57 garycmartin silbe: I'm here aren't I! ;)
15:57 silbe garycmartin: fair enough :)
15:57 manuq garycmartin: a raw patch to keep the rhythm would'n hurt, but good to know you are working on it
15:57 erikos garycmartin: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3406 there are screenshots at the bottom, with the result of manuel's patch
15:57 garycmartin: if you get a chance, see if you are happy
15:58 (please see... ^ :)
15:59 garycmartin erikos: Ooh yes, looking good! :)
15:59 erikos: width seems a little reduced as well (but will need to measure to check).
16:00 erikos manuq: ^^^^^^
16:00 manuq garycmartin: would be better to have black circle white background while pressed, but I'm afraid that would require adding svgs
16:00 erikos manuq: feel the proud ;p
16:00 manuq garycmartin: you mean width of the entry, or buttons?
16:01 garycmartin manuq: The total width of the SpinButton widget, the earlier screen shots were even wider that the new default gtk3 version.
16:01 manuq erikos: do you think I can invest time in working svgs for the buttons?
16:02 garycmartin: got it
16:02 erikos manuq: I wonder if it is worth it
16:03 manuq: as we will likely replace them anyhow
16:03 garycmartin manuq: I think the active state looks OK as is, not sure back icon with white background is worth it.
16:03 erikos garycmartin: agreed
16:03 manuq erikos: that's what I was thinking, rapid patch
16:03 erikos manuq: yes
16:03 great, so let's do it
16:04 garycmartin manuq: And we don't change icon colours elsewhere in Sugar, other than grey for the inactive state.
16:04 manuq erikos: please clarify, let's do it, with the svgs, or let's left it as is?
16:05 erikos manuq: ok :) let's leave as is with the simple solution
16:05 manuq garycmartin: we do in gtk2 spinbuttons, they change white bg black fg while being pressed
16:06 garycmartin looks
16:07 jakeP I'm afraid I have to go to another meeting IRL, but thanks for the welcome...Im' excited to be involved and I'll be back in touch V. shortly
16:07 manuq jakeP: thanks for attending and welcome!
16:07 humitos jakeP: see you :)
16:07 garycmartin manuq: OK, true, but those are standard GTK spin buttons, not using our +/- sugar svgs
16:08 manuq garycmartin: ok!  do you think they should not change while being pressed then?
16:08 jakeP has quit IRC
16:08 erikos jakeP: thanks for joinin gin and see you around
16:09 manuq garycmartin: or change to light grey, like the scrollbars being pressed?
16:09 erikos manuq: light greay sounds interesting
16:10 gonzalo_ think this can be discussed later....
16:10 manuq yes, we are loosing other people :)
16:10 garycmartin manuq: re:light grey, do you mean the icons, or the background?
16:10 manuq garycmartin: background
16:11 (is the only we can change without svg intervention)
16:11 erikos gonzalo_: yes, lets move on
16:11 garycmartin manuq: black background has more contrast than using light grey.
16:12 manuq garycmartin: and light grey is being used for the inactive state too :-/
16:12 ok, erikos, push as is :)
16:12 lets move on
16:12 erikos hehe
16:12 gonzalo_ erikos, manuq, i think #3388 can be related to #3407, i can look at this too
16:14 i have tested it in os12 and continue present
16:14 erikos gonzalo_: you rock!
16:14 #3561 Read bookmark entry/edit Details area lacks border around text entry area
16:14 that one we have a patch ^
16:14 I just need to follow up
16:15 manuq erikos: I can take a look too
16:16 gonzalo_ erikos, but the patch was for Read and we decided solve this in sugar-aretwork
16:16 erikos moved http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3565#comment:1 out
16:16 gonzalo_: yes
16:16 manuq: be careful, I might say yes ;p
16:17 manuq: please do, so I can spend more time on the shell port
16:17 manuq erikos: perfect!
16:17 erikos: was in my list by the way :)
16:17 erikos #ACTION Gonzalo will have a look at #3407 #3388
16:18 #ACTION Manuel will have a look at #3561 to do in the theme
16:18 manuq before we loose more people, I want to say thanks to erikos for this:
16:18 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]elopment_Fedora17
16:19 erikos #ACTION humitos will have a look at the patches at #3605
16:19 #ACTION erikos to review and push #3406
16:20 if we get all those done we are good and can asign us new tickets :)
16:20 bertf since the meeting is running late already, I guess I shouldn't bring up Etoys?
16:20 erikos bertf: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]fo?taskID=4129526
16:21 gonzalo_ erikos, wow :)
16:21 erikos pbrobinson: etoys-5 build all fine, right?
16:21 s/build/built
16:21 bertf looks good :) pbrobinson: thanks!
16:21 gonzalo_ pbrobinson, hero!
16:21 :)
16:23 bertf we still need to discuss the locale files, but mailing list is fine for me
16:23 pbrobinson will be an update soon
16:23 erikos bertf: yes, email should be fine
16:24 pbrobinson: bertf unless you guys want to discuss anything now of course
16:24 we have a few minutes :)
16:24 actually, would be great to have a volunteer for testing the rpm
16:24 gonzalo_ erikos, we need talk aboput development env
16:24 erikos gonzalo_: yes
16:25 humitos: fancy, exploring etoys? ;p
16:25 bertf: would be great if you could verify the intended things did make it well, as well
16:26 humitos erikos: I didn't understand you
16:26 erikos humitos: sorry :)
16:26 manuq humitos: it's worth learning it, you will see how great etoys is :)
16:26 humitos erikos: ahh... about test etoys
16:26 erikos humitos: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]fo?taskID=4129526 <--- yes
16:27 humitos erikos: yes, give the worst task for you, no problem... I have a metal heart
16:27 pbrobinson humitos: will be in the updates-testing repo tomorrow
16:27 humitos give me*
16:27 erikos humitos: :) you rock
16:28 humitos erikos: what are the steps that I have to follow? look for the rpm in that webpage, download, install it and then? how I do to run it?
16:28 gonzalo_ is downloading it singing a happy  song :)
16:28 humitos, i can help you
16:28 lets continue
16:28 erikos gonzalo_: thanks!
16:28 sooooo, dev envs
16:29 #topic environments for development: jhbuild on F17, activity development with F17+Sugar installed
16:29 humitos gonzalo_: ok, thanks
16:29 erikos did everybody read the items in the announcment mail, to know what is the topic?
16:30 takes silence as a yes
16:30 humitos erikos: yes, I did it and I suffered it as well
16:30 :)
16:31 manuq erikos: yes
16:31 silbe checking again
16:31 erikos :)
16:31 m_anish AFAICT: cross your fingers and say a prayer... or yell on #sugar... whatever works (re: dev env ;-) )
16:31 erikos so, I would like to improve the situation for deveopment environments
16:31 silbe d'oh, due to the long quotes I missed the actual text on the second mail.
16:31 erikos the easiest entry point for an activity developer is using the system installation on Fedora 17
16:32 humitos erikos: the wiki that you did is a good approach
16:32 erikos (if he does not have an XO)
16:32 humitos erikos: jhbuild is only necessary if you want to work on sugar itself
16:32 erikos: but, I think that WE need a better docs about that process
16:32 erikos as humitos said: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]elopment_Fedora17
16:32 I put it on a wiki ^
16:33 humitos erikos: I was about to add how to send the patch to those steps (at the bottom)
16:33 erikos humitos: right jhbuild you only need when you want to develop on the sugar*
16:33 silbe humitos: +1, jhbuild is only intended for people working either on Glucose or doing testing on bleeding-edge Glucose. Everybody else should just use distro packages.
16:33 humitos erikos: I mean, after doing those things... "I want to send my patch. So, what I have to do?" that's I was about to add
16:34 silbe: yes... but "distro packages" are *only* (not only but really updated) just on Fedora, Am I wrong?
16:34 erikos humitos: yes, I guess we can just reference the 'code review' page here
16:34 pbrobinson Can people add appropriate karma to this once they've tested it https://admin.fedoraproject.or[…]s-5.0.2406-1.fc17
16:34 erikos pbrobinson: good point
16:34 humitos erikos: that's right! I was thinking about Code_Guidelines... but I couldn't remember the Code_Review wiki
16:35 gonzalo_ erikos, silbe , may be we should remove the activities included in sugar-jhbuild?
16:35 pbrobinson, yes, i will add points after test
16:35 erikos gonzalo_: you mean to not be misleading?
16:36 pbrobinson gonzalo_: exactly, yes please
16:36 silbe humitos: yes, but at least partially that's due to users not showing interest in having Sugar natively in their favourite distro.
16:36 gonzalo_ erikos, and to do easier maintain sugar-kjhbuild
16:36 bertf pbrobinson: I just tested it, works fine, but can I add karma?
16:36 gonzalo_ bertf, if you have a fedora user, yes
16:36 pbrobinson bertf: yes, if you have a FAS account please do
16:37 erikos gonzalo_: but are the activities the real issue in jhbuild?
16:37 bertf pbrobinson: I don't. I think.
16:37 humitos erikos: silbe there are two tickets that I opened related with jhbuild that are still there (about missing packages)
16:37 erikos gonzalo_: and you need something to test the toolkit with
16:37 silbe humitos: right now, I'm the only one maintaining sugar-jhbuild, whereas there's at least one maintainer per distro. It's easy to figure out what scales better. :)
16:37 gonzalo_: why should we (remove Activities from sugar-jhbuild)?
16:38 gonzalo_ silbe, to do easier maintain a small sugar-jhbuild, activities development should be done out of sugar-jhbuyild anyway
16:38 m_anish silbe, btw, any point in running buildbot.sl.o again? (re: supporting different distros)
16:38 silbe humitos: has anything figured out by now what packages exactly are missing and what parts of Sugar require them?
16:38 humitos erikos: silbe I agree with gonzalo_ about removing activities
16:39 erikos: silbe maybe we can have another script to download activities
16:39 erikos hmm, I disagree
16:39 silbe gonzalo_: the Activities in sugar-jhbuild haven't caused any workload in a long time.
16:39 erikos we never failed on the activities itself
16:39 humitos it's modularization :)
16:39 gonzalo_ by example, activities have other dependencies webkit, evince,
16:39 erikos, maybe you have not coimpiled activities;)
16:39 silbe the problems are Glucose and its dependencies, especially things like Telepathy.
16:40 humitos silbe: SL#
16:40 erikos gonzalo_: we had a few issues during transitions like with evince
16:40 humitos silbe: SL# 3542 and SL# 3559
16:40 erikos gonzalo_: but solving this outside of jhbuild would not have been easier
16:41 gonzalo_ erikos, ok
16:41 erikos silbe: you are running jhbuild on debian, right?
16:42 silbe erikos: yes, I am. Debian Wheezy on a) my desktop (inside a chroot) and b) my XO-1.75.
16:43 humitos erikos: me too, but right now I'm on Fedora
16:43 erikos silbe: ok, I think at the moment the fedora part is a bit unmaintained
16:44 but most of the developers are on Fedora (afaik)
16:44 we have to even that out somehow
16:44 silbe humitos: re. SL#3559, do you know what part of xorg-x11-apps is needed?
16:45 humitos silbe: not sure... it's to generate the cursor icons
16:45 silbe erikos: yes, it is. As well as on most other distros. As I said before, help is always welcome.
16:45 humitos silbe: there is a command on that package that it's needed
16:46 m_anish for distros other than fedora, debian, would it make sense to have a VM image? just plug-n-play and it would work?
16:47 silbe erikos: and if someone shows they're up to the job (by regularly posting good patches) I'd even be happy to pass on maintainership to somebody else. But so far, nobody has done so.
16:47 erikos ok, I have been posting patches at some places (email threads) for F17, I should post them again
16:47 silbe erikos: Patchwork links?
16:48 erikos silbe: was in email threads, I will post after the meeting to the ml, so you get them
16:48 silbe: I have commit access, so I only need your review
16:49 silbe erikos: thanks. (for going to post the Patchwork links)
16:49 erikos: pushing isn't the bottleneck. :)
16:50 erikos silbe: ;p
16:50 gonzalo_ erikos, i will try running soas in a vm, to see if is a possible option to devel env
16:50 erikos humitos: gonzalo_ manuq I don't think any of you have experience with something like jhbuild
16:51 manuq doesn't
16:51 gonzalo_ erikos, yes, crying when does not work :)
16:51 erikos I will see if I can sort out the situation for us in F17
16:51 manuq hehe
16:51 erikos gonzalo_: :)
16:51 humitos erikos: I have a month of experience FIGHTING against it when I was trying to compile it on Debian :)
16:51 erikos humitos: but that, silbe should being able to help you with ;p
16:51 humitos erikos: the good part is that... I wan! :D
16:51 won*
16:51 erikos humitos: in any case, I thin kit makes sense to have it running well in Fedora
16:52 gonzalo_ erikos, +1
16:52 humitos erikos: I can help silbe with jhbuild if you want
16:52 erikos silbe: for my shell-port work I need to add pygobject, gobject-introspection, glib
16:52 silbe: but maybe I should do that in a clone for now
16:53 actually already has one
16:53 gonzalo_: yes, that is great
16:53 gonzalo_: (about soas)
16:53 gonzalo_ erikos, good
16:53 silbe FWIW, I'm started to get experience fighting with F17 :-/ Even trying to install it is a PITA.
16:54 erikos gonzalo_: if you do take notes, screenshots etc so that we can get something togther like http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]elopment_Fedora17
16:54 gonzalo_ silbe, Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association?
16:54 erikos adds a 'please' ^^
16:54 gonzalo_ erikos, yes
16:55 erikos gonzalo_: (for screenshots when using the gnome shell you can set a timer for the screenshot tool, just in case)
16:55 silbe erikos: if you need a custom version of glib/GTK, you're probably better off either using Gnome jhbuild or building distro packages. I've tried building it inside sugar-jhbuild before and failed. You need to build the entire stack or it will fail in some more and some less subtle ways.
16:56 gonzalo_: Pain In The backside
16:56 gonzalo_ silbe, :)
16:56 humitos silbe: backside-hole :)
16:56 erikos silbe: I have it running ok at the moment
16:56 silbe: but yeah, using the GNOME jhbuild is an option as well
16:56 ok
16:57 silbe: what is the package situation on debian/ubuntu?
16:57 silbe erikos: good luck, and remember my warning when you chase some mysterious bug. :)
16:58 erikos: Jonas has updated to 0.96 recently (in time for the freeze), but I haven't gotten around to test it yet. Help welcome!
16:58 gonzalo_ need run...
16:58 erikos silbe: and debian has all the gtk3/gobject-introspection/pygobject bits needed?
16:59 gonzalo_: thanks - ttyl
16:59 gonzalo_ erikos, a last note, i will try to update Develop activity in the weekend
16:59 more in the next week meeting
16:59 erikos has always requests from people that want to develop on ubuntu
16:59 humitos erikos: It seems like we should jump to the next topic and discuss this later, Am I right?
17:00 erikos gonzalo_: :)
17:00 humitos: the debian/ubuntu one?
17:00 humitos erikos: the jhbuild in general, I think
17:00 silbe erikos: AFAICT. At least Read seems to work fine, and IIRC Browse starts up as well.
17:00 garycmartin needs to run also...
17:01 erikos ok, point taken
17:01 humitos erikos: maybe we should re-mark what we decided to do about this topic
17:01 erikos let's continue next week
17:01 it is laaaate already
17:01 manuq no action items for the dev env?
17:01 erikos manuq: humitos yo uguys are good!
17:01 humitos erikos: what I did, now?
17:01 erikos #ACTION gonzalo look at soas
17:02 #ACTION gonzalo look at soas for development of actviities
17:02 #ACTION erikos posting his fedora-jhbuild patches
17:02 #ACTION erikos working on Fedora 17 jhbuild
17:02 anything else?
17:02 silbe pbrobinson: does the latest SoaS still use the fragile overlay method?
17:03 pbrobinson silbe: yep because no one has developed an alternative
17:03 silbe anyone willing to take an action item on testing native Sugar 0.96 in Debian?
17:03 humitos erikos: what about the ticket that I mentioned to silbe related with jhbuild?
17:04 erikos: #3542 and #3559
17:04 silbe pbrobinson, erikos: ok. we should be careful about recommended SoaS for development then. At the very least we should mention how large the overlay needs to be to prevent data loss from occuring.
17:04 (same size as the base file system)
17:05 erikos silbe: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3542 that one seems for you, a general jhbuild issue
17:05 humitos silbe: I think that I'm the right one to do that... we are the only Debian users I guess
17:05 silbe humitos: I'm trying to set up an F17 VM now to check what exactly we're missing.
17:05 humitos silbe: great
17:06 pbrobinson silbe: recommending it to who, there's other means of dealing with it
17:06 silbe pbrobinson: that was re. "#ACTION gonzalo look at soas for development of actviities"
17:06 humitos silbe: so, the test would be: "install sugar from repositories and check that I can login with a Sugar session or run it as sugar-emulator¿"
17:06 garycmartin Thanks folks! Running away now. erikos you Activity_Development_Fedora17 wiki page looks good, will give it a run though when I have the time!
17:07 garycmartin has left #sugar-meeting
17:07 pbrobinson silbe: ultimately if you're going to be using it for development it's recommended you use it as a means of installing SoaS either on a local machine or in a VM at which point the overlay ceases to exist
17:08 silbe pbrobinson: ok, then we should mention that wherever we recommend SoaS for Activities development. Thanks for the clarification.
17:08 erikos ok, let's finalize here
17:08 thanks everyone for attending
17:08 5
17:08 we have another week
17:08 silbe humitos: and checking that the Fructose Activities start up and have basic functionality working, yep.
17:09 erikos 4
17:09 silbe 4
17:09 humitos silbe: ok, can you point me to the Fructose Activities... because I don't know what they are
17:09 erikos 3
17:09 silbe humitos: Read, Browse, Chat, etc.
17:09 humitos erikos: shoulnd't that be an action?
17:09 erikos humitos: which one?
17:09 humitos erikos: I'm not sure what an ACTION means, but just in case
17:10 erikos: testing Sugar on Debian from the repositories and its activities
17:10 :)
17:10 silbe humitos: #action = homework ;)
17:10 humitos silbe: yes, but I mean... it seems to be like a command
17:11 silbe humitos: yes, it will end up in the meeting minutes rather than just the logs
17:11 erikos humitos: let's avoid that for now, you already have a lot on your plate
17:11 humitos silbe: erikos ok
17:11 erikos humitos: hopefully someone else steps up
17:11 2
17:11 manuq 1
17:11 silbe humitos: testing Sugar in Debian would still be appreciated, they're freezing soon.
17:12 erikos 0
17:12 #endmeeting
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