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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2012-04-01 01:32:07

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01:32 meeting Meeting started Sun Apr  1 01:32:07 2012 UTC. The chair is bernie. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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01:32 cjl Spanish in #sugar-meeting-es is good
01:32 walterbender does #sugar-meeting-es still work?
01:32 bernie kaametza: fine, i can read spanish quite well, but i'm not very good at writing
01:32 meeting <cjl-es> *wawalter *yes
01:32 bernie walterbender: looks like it does, but the translation is terrible
01:33 neyder ok, lets go to #sugar-meeting-es
01:33 kaametza bernie, we all learning all the time
01:33 meeting <kaametza-es> Good nights for all
01:33 <icarito-es> hello All
01:33 <cjl-es> hello
01:33 bernie so, who would like to speak first?
01:34 meeting <KaiXo-es> First serious  see *cuales are fear it to treat
01:34 bernie ok
01:35 meeting <neyder-es> +1
01:35 bernie #topic discussion of the budget
01:36 cjl income first, then expenses?
01:36 icarito translate is not working right
01:36 meeting <kaametza-es> *asi Is *Neyder
01:36 bernie #link https://docs.google.com/a/goog[…]OENyb3FWVkE#gid=4
01:37 meeting <kaametza-es> *Hexoquinasa Arises like an answer to the latent need of the Peruvian government of potential the use of the *XO distributed in terrain
01:37 bernie has everyone already reviewed this document?
01:37 meeting <neyder-es> bernie, if
01:39 walterbender there are many groups that are trying to answer the same question in different regions
01:39 meeting <neyder-es> Although it was shared with us, do not work in the (in reality almost at all).
01:39 bernie Looks like about $2000 out of $2211 were allocated to reimburse travels to Bogotá. what is the connection between this location and Hexoquinasa?
01:39 meeting <KaiXo-es> The serious question *cual is the aim of the project *HEXOQUINASA
01:40 <neyder-es> KaiXo, first we are with the budget
01:40 <kaametza-es> The aim is to improve the use of the *XO articulating to attain this aim the resources of the state
01:40 <kaametza-es> [They turned off the lights?]
01:40 kiko__ (i had not seen this yet... )
01:41 bernie kiko__: what, the budget?
01:41 meeting <KaiXo-es> I keep  the question of bernie
01:42 <kaametza-es> We can not be still in the culture of the shortage, there are resources, has confirmed it to us the Ministry
01:42 <kaametza-es> We do not have to litigate by money
01:42 kiko__ (not that 100k + budget ... reading for the first time)
01:42 meeting <kaametza-es> "no es digno del guerrero" *diria the *Aymara
01:43 kiko__ (but i was also not so focused or copied, sorry...)
01:43 meeting <KaiXo-es> Then of it has to to pay the previous shortage, think that *HEXOQUINASA  *nacio *despues of the *SUGARCAMP LIMA 2011
01:44 bernie kiko__: which one? i've seen a spreadsheet with a budget for escuelab puno a couple of months ago (i don't have a link handy, anyone?)
01:44 icarito kiko__, we are speaking in #sugar-meeting-es
01:44 kiko__ ok , moving to sugra-meeting-es
01:44 bernie icarito: what you say in #sugar-meeting gets relayed to #sugar-meeting-es and vice-versa
01:45 kiko__ has quit IRC
01:45 meeting <KaiXo-es> The question   has not been answered
01:46 bernie icarito, kaametza: since your names are on those trips to Bogotá, could you please explain what is the connection between them and the project in Puno and Hexoquinasa?
01:47 meeting * kiko__-es has joined
01:47 cjl bernie look in #sugar-meeting-es as well, not all strings are being shared
01:47 bernie cjl: yes, i noticed
01:48 cjl: this doesn't help good communication, i'd rather have you do all the talking in spanish :-(
01:48 meeting <kaametza-es> *Bernie Already answer the question
01:48 icarito bernie, we saw an opportunity in Peru and devised a plan when we were in Bogota
01:49 the plan's execution required our presence in Peru and access to a car.
01:49 so we drove down here
01:49 bernie icarito: ah so the trips were from bogota to lima? but don't you live in lima now?
01:49 icarito held the first meeting in Lima to plan Sugar Camp Lima
01:49 meeting <KaiXo-es> But this trip form part of his project "MALLA" and no of *hexoquinasa
01:49 bernie kaixo: what's Malla?
01:49 meeting <icarito-es> I'm sorry that I went me to write in groins is that I do not see the messages of bernie
01:50 <bernie-es> icarito: if *parese that the robot of *traducione does not walk, go to test to write only in *espanol
01:50 <bernie-es> Say me  does not comprise
01:50 <KaiXo-es> A project that  Laura and Sebastian  realised  in *Puno, in  which us *visiaron
01:50 <icarito-es> #link http://somosazucar.org/2010/05[…]n-proyecto-malla/
01:50 <kaametza-es> Mesh is the main project of the team Somosazucar.org and has like aim connect to the users of *sugar in network.
01:51 <KaiXo-es> This is a different project of  *HEXOQUINASA
01:51 bernie everyone agrees that the donation should be used also for the project Malla?
01:52 meeting <neyder-es> No
01:52 <KaiXo-es> No
01:52 <kaametza-es> David, *Hexoquinasa and *Sugar *Network were created to give support to the Project Mesh
01:52 <kaametza-es> We initiate our trip in 2009
01:53 <KaiXo-es> That is a work of you and with a budget that *ustes  used
01:53 <kaametza-es> We go through *Arequipa and remain us in *Puno
01:53 <kiko__-es> *hmmmmmm,, no... In mesh? 2009?
01:53 <KaiXo-es> But this  no this inside the project *HEXOQUINASA
01:53 <neyder-es> kaametza, *osea in reality all work without knowing it for MESH
01:53 <kaametza-es> Clear
01:53 <kiko__-es> ?
01:54 bernie I had never heard of project Malla before, therefore i'm pretty sure it's not what I was directing my donation to.
01:54 meeting <KaiXo-es> ?????
01:54 <kaametza-es> Mesh this above all we
01:54 <kiko__-es> ?
01:55 <neyder-es> Have it said before, already  of where you are lead them of ALL the projects
01:55 <icarito-es> During years have tried to have an impact *sistémico on the deployment
01:55 <kaametza-es> You bought me a *torta to the exit
01:55 <quidam-es> kaametza: when it was this?
01:55 <icarito-es> Mesh is a design of articulation of a network of support
01:55 <kaametza-es> They were glory, *giovanna, rose..
01:56 <KaiXo-es> But this does not have at all that see  with the *donacion that bernie  realised  for the project *HEXOQUINASA in *Puno
01:56 <kaametza-es> quidam 4 June 2009
01:56 <neyder-es> In 2012
01:56 <cjl-es> http://pe.sugarlabs.org/wiki/i[…]la&action=history
01:56 <icarito-es> KaiXo, you refer you to http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/pro[…]iloto_hexoquinasa ?
01:56 <kaametza-es> David understand
01:56 <kaametza-es> We can *desautoriarlo if necessary
01:56 <kaametza-es> No *habria problem
01:57 <neyder-es> We are not asking this
01:57 <neyder-es> In *realida *dno are asking at all
01:57 <kaametza-es> It understands that I support the need of sustainability that face the *Escuelabs
01:57 <kiko__-es> ?
01:58 <bernie-es> That it is *Ancon?
01:58 <KaiXo-es> You do not mix the things,  *Escuelab *Puno  this being sustained by David, *Neyder, Ruben , *Eleazar *Pacho
01:58 <kaametza-es> icarito and I
01:59 bernie kaixo: could you please send us a link to the budget you wrote about 3 months ago for Escuelab Puno?
01:59 meeting <kaametza-es> *aqui Have *hosteado the *sugar *camps that have given  with *Aleksey, Juan Camilo and Alfredo in the advance of the project *Hexoquinasa
01:59 <KaiXo-es> *okey
02:00 <neyder-es> It is of very bad taste and lack of respect to our community, use the idea of *escuelab to mention that it is any private place
02:00 <KaiXo-es> This *prepuesto  is what work in a first moment  https://docs.google.com/spread[…]zhpncu5rn3c#gid=0
02:00 <kaametza-es> *Neyder, is not of bad taste that the goods are common
02:00 walterbender sugarlabs funded the travel for aleksey (and ruben)
02:00 meeting <kaametza-es> You same *querian rent a house for *escuelab *puno
02:01 <neyder-es> And we did it, we do not ask that they rent us for us the venue in which now we are,
02:01 <kaametza-es> That it is what need?
02:02 <neyder-es> It was very annoying
02:02 <KaiXo-es> We define the things, the *donacion that   *recibio of bernie this paying costs  of past things  that no *estan in the *proyecgto *hexoquinasa
02:03 <KaiXo-es> That is the problem  and  think that  all are seeing it
02:03 <neyder-es> But now we do not ask neither a cent thus, and help us a lot that *aleksey paid this month for hire
02:03 <icarito-es> *Hexoquinasa Did not begin after *Sugar *Camp
02:03 <icarito-es> *Sugar *Camp Was done to initiate the development of *Hexoquinasa
02:03 <kaametza-es> Have *cientos of "papelitos" of expenses that have invested of our pocket
02:04 <icarito-es> Which is a success
02:04 <kaametza-es> Since we were to *Puno for example
02:04 bernie walterbender: sugar labs paid the ticket from Paraguay to Lima, I paid aleksey's flight from Lima to Puno, then I was told that someone else had to pay his hotel in Puno and his flight back to Lima.
02:04 meeting <kaametza-es> Demand them if necessary
02:05 <icarito-es> neyder "Inventores, artistas, educadores y ciudadanos
02:05 <icarito-es> We will gather us with the purpose to make between all an up to date image"
02:05 <neyder-es> We are not speaking of *escuelab *puno, are speaking of *hexoquinasa
02:06 <KaiXo-es> bernie, the money that  *donaste  was for the payments of  passages *bogota file  of the project MESH
02:06 walterbender bernie: sl had offered to pay for alsroot's expenses. not sure why this didn't happen
02:07 meeting <KaiXo-es> Then the one who *aprobo the assume these expenses  of passages
02:08 <quidam-es> That date are these passages?
02:08 <neyder-es> As this clearly mentioned in pe.sugarlabs.org: "SomosAZUCAR es un equipo de Investigaci
02:08 <bernie-es> KaiXo: no, my *donacion was *intesa by *Puno and *Hexoquinasa
02:08 cjl walterbender: I do not believe that the trip to Puno was planned at the time of the original Sugar labs request for travel funding.
02:08 meeting <KaiXo-es> Well then   no *deberia of  *cuibrir this  expenses
02:08 alfredo Kametsa says: <kaametza> Nos enamoramos al instante y me dsafió a ayudarlo a hacer de ésto una "empresa" sostenible
02:08 meeting <bernie-es> KaiXo: it was *allocated* by *Puno and *Hexoquinasa
02:09 alfredo People, this is important. Dont forget both channels
02:09 meeting <icarito-es> bernie, and it is being invested in *Hexoquinasa
02:09 <KaiXo-es> bernie, that do they  already decided it
02:09 <KaiXo-es> bernie, like time that is the problem
02:09 <kaametza-es> All the capital that goes in is *reinvertido in *Hexoquinasa
02:09 <quidam-es> kaametza: that date are these expenses?
02:09 <bernie-es> icarito: but $2000 from $2100 they were *esborsadas by this *projecto Mesh, truth?
02:10 <kaametza-es> *Bernie: No, they were *reembolsados inside the *Proeycto *Hexoquinasa
02:10 <kaametza-es> See budget
02:10 <icarito-es> #link https://docs.google.com/a/somo[…]oenyb3fwvke#gid=2
02:11 <icarito-es> Here it is documented all what think that we go to need
02:11 <icarito-es> Some things have needed them already
02:11 <kaametza-es> And it goes  discounting in the budgetary games what goes  executing
02:11 <quidam-es> But those $100*k of where go out?
02:12 <icarito-es> quidam, we move us to Lima around the middle of August 2011
02:12 <icarito-es> quidam maybe this link is more notable
02:12 <icarito-es> http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/pro[…]iloto_hexoquinasa
02:12 <kaametza-es> David, the concept does not matter in reality
02:13 <kaametza-es> Can happen you a bill by *honorarios if necessary
02:13 <quidam-es> I have *leido the distinct leaves of calculate, but no me whole very well
02:13 <icarito-es> quidam, the key think that is the title: "Proyecto Piloto" *Hexoquinasa
02:13 <kaametza-es> *Escuelab *Puno Has his budget and Somosazucar.org has his budget
02:13 <icarito-es> The idea is to deploy in terrain the image *Hexoquinasa
02:14 <icarito-es> And obtain metric of use
02:14 <quidam-es> We go to centre us in clearing the subject of budgets
02:14 <KaiXo-es> That is not the point now but  to  see the subject of the *donacion
02:14 <quidam-es> To simplify, the bottom of money that there is are some 2000 of bernie and some 2000 of *google?
02:14 <quidam-es> It is correct?
02:14 <bernie-es> kaametza, KaiXo: that step with the *municipalidad of *Puno?
02:15 <bernie-es> quidam: no, $2500 + $2500
02:15 <quidam-es> *ok
02:15 <quidam-es> But the 100.000 are a budget, is not that this money exist, no?
02:15 <kaametza-es> 2211 for  exact
02:16 <bernie-es> quidam: but a *fondacion in USES volume 5% by *trasferir the money in *Peru, and the bankings took a bit but
02:16 <kaametza-es> quidam: the *pesupuestos exist to measure that go  executing
02:16 <KaiXo-es> bernie, we  *aqui in  *puno  are managing the agreement for his *aprobacion,  have a *reunion with the councillors the *dia Monday to the 9 *am
02:16 <quidam-es> kaametza: there is 100.000 $ in an account in some part?
02:17 <quidam-es> *ok
02:17 <quidam-es> Then we go to forget, to effects of this *reunion, this leaf of calculate
02:17 <quidam-es> And centre us in the >5000 $ existent
02:17 <kiko__-es> (I repeat that it is the first time that see it, when did  THIS leaf?)
02:17 <quidam-es> And in that they have spent , that understand that it is the *raiz of the *discusion
02:17 <KaiXo-es> bernie, quidam, if  but as they see   I use  in paying things that no *estan inside the project *hexoquinasa
02:18 <bernie-es> KaiXo: the *proximo Monday? (Abril 2?)
02:18 <quidam-es> KaiXo: little by little
02:18 <KaiXo-es> If  correct
02:18 <neyder-es> No to personal accounts
02:18 <kiko__-es> It is not some *kaameza
02:19 <icarito-es> neyder, with the one who agreed this?
02:19 * Koke-es has joined
02:19 <kiko__-es> I said you quidam *ue *podia be by less than 5000
02:19 <kaametza-es> *Bernie Was to the so much
02:19 <kiko__-es> I said you *kaameza that *podia be by any mount
02:19 <kiko__-es> But that no *ibamos to open an account by 5000, but cheques to name of the one who appeared in the agreement
02:19 <Koke-es> Good nights excuse the *tardanza
02:19 <neyder-es> kaametza, your did not want to give a cent to escuelab.org from the *sugarcamp file!
02:20 <icarito-es> hello *koke
02:20 <KaiXo-es> But the problem  in that  things used    the *donacion that arrive
02:20 <quidam-es> well, we go I go through step
02:20 <kaametza-es> It is not a problem David, is a right
02:21 <quidam-es> This bottom of something less than 5000 use  partially, and part even exists, is *asi?
02:21 <kaametza-es> We carry 5 months working complete time in *Hexoquinasa
02:21 <KaiXo-es> Only in you (Sebastian and Laura)  do not ask this money but this was what bother us,  that  all decide it arbitrarily
02:21 <KaiXo-es> In spite of the indications of bernie
02:21 <KaiXo-es> Only
02:21 <kaametza-es> Your have another work in which you receive income (*Aleksey, Sebastian and I no)
02:21 <kiko__-es> ?
02:21 <kaametza-es> I have asked them from 6 January that say us what need
02:21 <bernie-es> kaametza: but it seems that the expenses that see are for the trips of before the donation. *qual Were the exact dates?
02:22 <KaiXo-es> Claro *nosotris work in *Puno  and  sustain *ESCUELAB *PUNO, to be able to receive  and manage  the projects
02:22 <neyder-es> Like *hexoquinasa
02:22 <kaametza-es> I have reserved the money of Google expecting the answer of David
02:22 <kaametza-es> I seat that they do not read my emails
02:22 <icarito-es> Koke, lamentably the *log of the *discusion in Spanish is not  carrying in meeting.sugarlabs.org - finish you to send the register
02:23 <icarito-es> Koke, by email
02:23 <kaametza-es> In other words we have costs! The same that all the world
02:23 <Koke-es> thank you
02:23 <kaametza-es> We have devoted us to take out this project forward
02:23 <kiko__-es> kaametza, like this all
02:23 <kaametza-es> Koke :or)
02:23 <KaiXo-es> That dates travelled
02:23 <bernie-es> kaametza: you already *esplico' this in an email?
02:24 <icarito-es> bernie, we came around the middle of August and almost 6 months *despues won  the *visa and returned  some days to Bogota
02:24 <icarito-es> * In February
02:24 <kaametza-es> I have asked them to all help to document in the *wiki, write in the Blog, etc
02:25 <neyder-es> his repayments are by the trips of August!
02:25 <KaiXo-es> We are not speaking of this  now
02:25 <kaametza-es> But maybe no *estan devoting sufficient time to the project
02:25 <quidam-es> kaametza: we do not go in in this, the subject of the *reunion right now is income and expenses
02:25 <kaametza-es> I want to speak of this now
02:26 <kaametza-es> *Bernie Propose to speak of results
02:26 <quidam-es> kaametza: it seems me well, but when it close  this subject
02:26 <KaiXo-es> Clear the previous first entry  and expenses?
02:26 <kaametza-es> thank you quidam
02:26 <quidam-es> They are independent things
02:26 <neyder-es> *brb, need to breathe
02:26 walterbender wonder why neyder's messages don't appear in this channel
02:26 meeting <kaametza-es> We clear, the one who did  charge of the budget of *Sugar *Camp Lima 2011?
02:27 <icarito-es> http://openetherpad.org/ep/pad[…]/sugarcamp/latest It is the documentation of the first *reunion sustained in *sept 2011 on *sugar *camp file
02:27 <bernie-es> icarito, kaametza: I understand It, but I do not think that his trips to Colombia have to be covered by the donation for the Peru. I propose that we delete these entrances of the expenses.
02:27 <bernie-es> *oops, for *Puno
02:27 <quidam-es> We can list that expenses there has been in total, imputed to the donations?
02:28 cjl It is very confusing that documents are scattered on openetherpad and google docs when there is a perfectly good wiki available
02:28 meeting <KaiXo-es> kaametza, those are his expenses, do not mix the things
02:29 <kaametza-es> Already they were deleted David
02:29 <bernie-es> icarito, kaametza: and also because the trips *sucediaron before *Sugar *Camp Lima and before my donation.
02:30 <bernie-es> I expect that my *espnol is quite comprehensible...
02:30 <kaametza-es> They are repayments *Bernie
02:30 <kaametza-es> From the 2009
02:31 <KaiXo-es> And therefore  they are *SOMOAZUCAR
02:31 <KaiXo-es> I say *SOMOSAZUCAR
02:31 neyder why are my messages not translated?
02:31 meeting <quidam-es> kaametza: it criticises it *aqui is not (or no of the all) so that it uses  the money, if no that no  this deciding of form publishes *cual is his use
02:32 cjl neyder I do not know, everyone is watching bot hchannels
02:32 meeting <icarito-es> bernie, your intention was *donar for projects related of the community *Sugar, or for a region of *perú?
02:32 <kiko__-es> : /
02:32 <icarito-es> bernie, if the intention was to help to *Sugar *Labs Peru, exists a board
02:32 <KaiXo-es> kaametza,  in this  bernie  was  very clear
02:33 <icarito-es> That is in capacity to decide publicly
02:33 <quidam-es> kaametza: I think that this is unfair to bernie, is the one who receives the *donacion the one who holds responsible to do a good use
02:33 <icarito-es> quidam, fault that between the second half of the money - presumably will have of KaiXo and neyder some plan or budget to execute it
02:34 <icarito-es> quidam, however here it is  demanding when it is not  working and this is a problem
02:34 <icarito-es> And in this ask him clarity to bernie
02:34 <quidam-es> icarito: the first is to create a board of expenses, that decide  the use of the bottoms between varied and of form publishes
02:34 <bernie-es> icarito: My understanding was that *Sugar *Labs Peru was working with *Escuelab Lima and *Escuelab *Puno by the conversion of *Sugar in *Quechua and *Aymara. This is what want to *donar.
02:34 <icarito-es> We can postpone our repayments but there is not another proposal to use these bottoms
02:35 <quidam-es> icarito: I understand this complaint, but are separate things, the efficiency of the project can argue  afterwards
02:35 <kiko__-es> ?
02:35 <icarito-es> bernie, the relation with *escuelab is similar to the *relacion of *sugarlabs with *sfc
02:35 <icarito-es> *escuelab Is a *sponsor
02:35 <KaiXo-es> That?????????
02:35 <kiko__-es> ?
02:35 <bernie-es> icarito: you understand *Escuelab Lima?
02:35 <icarito-es> kiko__, KaiXo , if it calls  *sponsor fiscal, *uds offer his *personería *juridica
02:36 <bernie-es> kiko__: you can comment please?
02:36 <KaiXo-es> kiko__, it defines please, the open spaces that  *estan creating  from *ESCUELAB LIMA
02:36 walterbender it would be nice to see a diagram explaining all the various organizations in Peru... from the outside, it is very confusing :P
02:37 meeting <kiko__-es> To see,, TIE offered  like "institucion perceptora" if it is that there was an agreement with a plan with the money. The model of *cointrato commanded it in January and never arrive the full agreement... *alli TIES lost the thread of the *donacion
02:37 <KaiXo-es> walterbender, it is very simple the money  *donado  by  bernie that in a principle  was for project  *hexoquinasa in *puno, this being used to pay the accounts
02:38 <bernie-es> kiko__, KaiXo, neyder, icarito, kaametza: All agree in deciding that *Escuelab Lima (*aka TIES) administer the budget?
02:38 <icarito-es> kiko__, we are speaking of the concept of "proyecto incubado"
02:38 <KaiXo-es> Of agreement
02:38 <kaametza-es> I do not agree
02:38 walterbender kaixo, I was asking a more general question... not one specific to this budget
02:38 meeting <neyder-es> bernie, if!
02:38 <icarito-es> bernie, -1
02:38 <KaiXo-es> *ademas That generates  *presedente  of the donations *entrantes in future
02:39 <kaametza-es> It is not appropriate to interfere in this way
02:39 neyder walterbender, will be more easy if we stop to talk about *Azucar, and all in Peru feels represented by SugarLabs Peru
02:40 meeting <icarito-es> neyder, we agree and in fact like this it has documented
02:40 <quidam-es> kaametza: the one who this right now to the charge of the finances?
02:40 <icarito-es> *somosazucar Is a team of *sugar *labs
02:40 <bernie-es> icarito: To save the administrative tax of 5% of TIES?
02:40 <kaametza-es> quidam I am to charge
02:40 <neyder-es> icarito, pe.sugarlabs.org this full of **azucar
02:40 <quidam-es> kaametza: there is not a commission, does not participate anybody but in the decisions?
02:40 <icarito-es> neyder, it is a *wiki, can contribute to him from time to time
02:41 <neyder-es> But it is his wish of you as they show it in ALL the documents, do not go to happen me the life correcting something that do not wish to correct
02:41 <KaiXo-es> bernie, then  it defines this  your by that your are the one who  does the *donacion in this moment
02:42 <quidam-es> kaametza: that is to say that a general assembly *decidio assign the expenses of these trips?
02:42 cjl Where are teh minutes or noted of the meeting that approved the expenses?
02:42 meeting <bernie-es> kaametza: Who are the members of this board, and how choose ?
02:42 <icarito-es> bernie, http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/malla
02:43 <icarito-es> It is composed of the people that offered  in the *asamble to of December, that fulfilled with the agreed requirements
02:43 <quidam-es> icarito: the control of the bottoms *donados by bernie was assigned to the board of a project that the did not know until today?
02:43 <kaametza-es> This has been agreed directly with Jorge *Villacorta
02:44 <icarito-es> quidam, in reality bernie it left it to our criterion and we have seen to well share this responsibility with this board
02:44 cjl Where are the minutes or notes of the meeting that approved the expenses?
02:44 meeting <kaametza-es> *Bernie There are 6 members at present: Sebastian, Laura, Koke, Alfredo, Juan Camilo and *Yannick *Warnier
02:44 cjl I do not see any notice on http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/somosazucar/
02:45 meeting <bernie-es> kaametza: ah, if... It is 7%, I remember me
02:45 <kiko__-es> It TIES it has offered to receive and administer bottoms for *somosazucar with a percentage between 7% and 5%. But this time has received  to us the money by this *via
02:45 <KaiXo-es> *aqui  Have  to one of the members of  this  board to  alfredo
02:45 <icarito-es> cjl, we have not documented officially but we have appointed to Juan Camilo like Executive Director with power to approve budgets
02:45 <KaiXo-es> alfredo, when they decided to approve these  expenses
02:46 <icarito-es> #link http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/recursos_financieros
02:46 <kiko__-es> This I neither the wise,, *juan *camilo can approve alone budgets?
02:46 <KaiXo-es> Koke,  your  *tambien participated of this *reunion to approve these expenses
02:47 <icarito-es> KaiXo, there was not such *reunion, as I said, Juan Camilo was appointed Executive Director
02:47 <kiko__-es> No kaametza, every time that you ask me institutional help we are *dispouestos
02:47 <KaiXo-es> Koke, alfredo  ????????
02:47 <kaametza-es> Therefore we have assigned him this faculty
02:47 <quidam-es> *ok, think that have to correct his *organizacion and his transparency, do not see at all bad in assigning  bottoms for an expense done by one same, but to do it has to have consensus and advertising
02:47 <kaametza-es> We trust fully in his criterion
02:47 <neyder-es> It is a board, but only decides a person, *alucinante!
02:47 <cjl-es> "Una vez aprobadas formalmente las partidas presupuestarias y se ha fijado el rango de fechas esperado para los reembolsos, el solicitante puede proceder a ejecutar las actividades,"
02:48 <kiko__-es> This is not some kaametza <*kaametza> Juan Camilo has funded the greater part of our activities so much the ones of *Escuelab like the ones of *Sugar *Labs Peru
02:48 <alfredo-es> I neither wise of the expenses that *habian been carried until the moment
02:48 <KaiXo-es> *aqui See his transparency
02:48 <kaametza-es> Juan Camilo decides as long as have my seen well preliminary, based in the availability of the flow of Box
02:49 <KaiXo-es> kaametza, Juan Camilo depends on  you  for any *decision
02:49 <alfredo-es> Up to now my contributions have treated always to keep  to the margin of any monetary subject
02:49 <icarito-es> Like team of *Sugar *Labs, cost us by http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/principios and therefore we are *aqui conversing on the budget of our projects
02:49 <quidam-es> I *elegiria the organisational structure but high (*sugarlabs *peru?) And *crearia a board *alli, that do not do at all without *minutas, and that no of powers to *ningun individual
02:49 <quidam-es> Of this form will be able to collaborate
02:49 neyder yup! i got the mail fron bernie about sharing the donation: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/909584/
02:49 meeting <bernie-es> alfredo: what think of the idea to leave *Escuelab management of the bottoms?
02:50 <kaametza-es> No with *escuelab
02:50 <neyder-es> But up to now it ties it does not participate?
02:50 <icarito-es> neyder, it has not been necessary, neither there is an agreement of *exclusividad
02:50 <alfredo-es> And they know that? This is not the first time that see to a community with difficulties to go on down these questions
02:50 <KaiXo-es> It TIES/ *ESCUELAB  are the same, can manage    of one to to the another
02:50 <alfredo-es> Sink to the bottom
02:51 <quidam-es> *cual Is the organisational group that *engloba to all the participants?
02:51 <bernie-es> neyder: I Suppose that my sentence was the Apple of the Discord :-(
02:51 <KaiXo-es> This  type of actions  are those that  bother,  and  was the *razon that we withdraw us
02:51 <kiko__-es> *Escuelab Can not receive donations, TIES if, and TIES Wants to collaborate with all this
02:51 neyder bernie, it was not you, it's a matter of people and their personalities
02:51 meeting <icarito-es> quidam, there is not such - neither neyder neither KaiXo are members of *sugar *labs global, requirement to be member of *Sugar *Labs Peru
02:51 <kiko__-es> *Escuelab In Lima
02:51 <kiko__-es> I say
02:52 <KaiXo-es> bernie,   we do not look for the  money, will assume it of our pockets
02:52 <quidam-es> icarito: well, but this can fix
02:52 <icarito-es> quidam, it would be good!
02:52 <kaametza-es> Anybody to at least asked like downloading the *release!
02:52 <quidam-es> *deberian All you to participate, from his local groups, *escuelabs, etc, in a structure *comun
02:53 <kiko__-es> (The one who are *quidam?)
02:53 <kiko__-es> (*sorry)
02:53 <neyder-es> kiko__, it is *ruben of *trisquel!
02:53 <quidam-es> kiko__: *ruben, the one of *trisquel
02:53 <kiko__-es> *ok!
02:53 <quidam-es> The lawyer of the devil, prefer that they anger  with me, that am far :)
02:53 <alfredo-es> It wanted to know if the parts suit in that the way to treat us has to to return to the initial point
02:53 <KaiXo-es> *jajajaajajajja
02:53 <neyder-es> *lol
02:53 <kiko__-es> *jjjjjjjjjjjjjj
02:53 <bernie-es> KaiXo: have a list of the already sustained expenses?>
02:53 <icarito-es> quidam, until the formal foundation of *Sugar *Labs Peru on 21 December 2011, no *habia *organizacion open *disnpoible for such thing
02:54 <quidam-es> I think that *sugarlabs *peru is the correct place to centralise the *gestion
02:54 <kaametza-es> We can not be litigating by budget when it goes out in the news that in the regions remained 4.185 millions of the 2011 of suns of the mining grantings
02:54 <kiko__-es> +1kaametza.
02:54 <kiko__-es> This is true!
02:55 <KaiXo-es> bernie, we  have spent  what to *escuelab *consierne, since the team of *traduccion in *puno  *perdio his *lider, but try to keep the contacts  to finish the translations
02:55 walterbender yes... demonstrating that you can work together to solve problems will carry you a long way when the regions create their budgets
02:55 meeting <KaiXo-es> bernie, that is one of the priorities
02:55 <cjl-es> thank you KaiXo
02:56 <alfredo-es> At last we understand us. As it is that you were treated?
02:56 <quidam-es> If there have been errors, in place to separate , by that they do not join  in *sugarlabs *peru, form boards, and take decisions between varied?
02:56 <kiko__-es> It TIES it has not been consulted to present such budget. I think that before presenting a big budget, corresponds to argue it, no?
02:56 <bernie-es> kiko__: it Is well that TIES goes to *gestir the bottoms?  (*is *it *ok *for *you *to *let TIES *manage *the *funds?)
02:57 <kiko__-es> It TIES it has not evaluated the budget
02:57 <kiko__-es> But it TIES can
02:57 <kiko__-es> If it is that we do the things *ordenadamente
02:57 <KaiXo-es> That only  it bases  in the *SUGARNETWORK that  develop  alsroot, forgetting the aim  that is the *eduacion and that *SUGAR  help to this end but in case only it can not  needs of the people that make it possible
02:57 <kaametza-es> *kiko The budget was prepared with Juan Camilo
02:57 <kiko__-es> It TIES it has not seen this budget
02:58 <kiko__-es> Already it was presented to the ministry?
02:58 <KaiXo-es> If
02:58 <KaiXo-es> Already it was presented
02:58 <kaametza-es> *kiko There is *algun problem?
02:58 <kiko__-es> I can not answer I only by TIES
02:58 <kiko__-es> We have not reviewed
02:59 <neyder-es> In process but already presented, hallucinate!
02:59 <kiko__-es> I no it *conocia
02:59 <icarito-es> neyder and also she remained  until the 11 of the night by call with KaiXo *ayudandole to prepare the budget that *Escuelab *Puno presented in the *Municipalidad
02:59 <kaametza-es> *Kiko Was shared with Sandro *Marcone
02:59 <kiko__-es> *ok
02:59 <kiko__-es> well The same it can  always review and converse
02:59 <kaametza-es> The this doing his recommendations
02:59 <quidam-es> They remember me you to the groups of free software in *galicia, there is four in each village, each one wants to do the things to his way... And never it does  at all
03:00 <kiko__-es> But serious well that TIES was knowledgeable
03:00 <kiko__-es> well, it does years that are knowledgeable of the intention
03:00 <KaiXo-es> icarito, kaametza we appreciate but  we are not saying that we did it we alone,
03:00 <kaametza-es> Although I understand that these of head in the of *FITEL
03:00 <kiko__-es> ?
03:00 <kiko__-es> Of head?
03:00 <icarito-es> =Very busy
03:01 <kiko__-es> They assume, boys
03:01 <kaametza-es> oh
03:01 <kaametza-es> *jajajaja
03:01 <bernie-es> kiko__, kaametza: no this sure that *comprendi' all the one who  *dicio'... But *parese that have a *mayoria in favour of *trasferir the *fundos to TIES?
03:01 <kiko__-es> : )
03:01 <KaiXo-es> bernie, if  we follow *asi  go *atacrnos but  serious well define this point, we present our annoyances and  the reasons for the retreat of  this exclusive project
03:01 <neyder-es> **Hexoquinas
03:02 <kaametza-es> *asi Is David, officially do not do part of the team *Hexoquinasa
03:02 <KaiXo-es> bernie, *seguieremos *trajando from  *puno with cjl in  the translations  *quechua and *aimara
03:02 <icarito-es> *aqui There is the first reference to *Hexoquinasa http://git.sugarlabs.org/hexokinase
03:03 <KaiXo-es> bernie, the project  is of them  and for them,   do not wish  to do  May conflict
03:03 <kaametza-es> This all documented
03:03 <KaiXo-es> bernie, greater conflict
03:03 <icarito-es> If
03:04 <icarito-es> http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/principios
03:04 <icarito-es> We regret that they have withdrawn
03:04 <icarito-es> But we have to go on with the project
03:04 <icarito-es> alsroot it has developed a very beautiful platform and engaged us with him to execute a pilot and go it to do
03:04 <kaametza-es> We will do *Sugar *Camp *Puno 2012
03:04 <quidam-es> That think to associate  all to *sugarlabs *peru and create a board for the management of bottoms and budgets?
03:04 <KaiXo-es> bernie, we will finish  what  begin *aqui in *Puno,  know that *estan observing our  work in *Puno with or without  resources   *hara
03:05 <quidam-es> So that they do not take  decisions of unilateral form
03:05 <alfredo-es> From now on I suggest to differentiate resources and money, that ARE DIFFERENT
03:06 <icarito-es> KaiXo, only I ask them that *porfavor distinguish the name of his project if it is that it is different of http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/pro[…]iloto_hexoquinasa
03:06 <kaametza-es> *Potencializar The use of the *XO
03:06 <icarito-es> neyder, it is alone to avoid confusion, there are not patents of by half, but marks
03:06 <quidam-es> neyder: if all participate in the same *organizacion and form boards of *decision, this is not a problem
03:07 <KaiXo-es> You do not concern you this you already have it covered, do not need of us
03:07 <quidam-es> The problem *aqui, is that there are individual people taking important decisions, that *deberian to be approved by a board
03:07 <icarito-es> KaiXo, like kaametza it said, his contribution always is very received
03:07 <quidam-es> In these together *deberia to have representatives of each local group
03:07 bernie #link http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/909584/
03:08 meeting <quidam-es> It gives the same that group was, while all the local groups *esten represented
03:08 <KaiXo-es> quidam, have  a lot of *razon  but   does not do , but   *hara???????????
03:08 <quidam-es> It is very *facil!
03:08 <quidam-es> Only it is necessary to do it, the register is free, choose a group in which all can participate
03:09 <quidam-es> I suggest *sugarlabs *peru, but can be any one
03:09 <Koke-es> To us in Commas interests us the subject of *Hexoquinasa
03:09 <alfredo-es> Until today
03:09 <icarito-es> We think that this pilot would be less costly and can retort the conditions of necessary disconnection for *pilotear *Hexoquinasa / *Sugar *Network and *Harmonic *Distribution
03:09 <KaiXo-es> bernie, these *ahi
03:09 <Koke-es> It is the starting point to start with to move the subject of the image and his *implicancias pedagogical, of investigation and development
03:10 <icarito-es> Koke, exact for this is *Sugar *Network
03:10 <icarito-es> *Hexoquinasa Is not a program of qualification
03:10 <KaiXo-es> Koke, this is the work in which *creiamos be participating in  *HEXOQUINASA
03:10 <KaiXo-es> Koke, *ahi is the challenge, not  doing but software with the apologies to alsroot
03:11 <Koke-es> In Commas go to aim in the work with networks, educational *AIP, *DAT and volunteers. We think that without the support of social networks do not walk to any place}
03:11 <alfredo-es> I expect that the citizens of the future read all this *algun *dia and  *rian of us
03:11 <Koke-es> If that was the fetter in the national vision of deployment
03:11 <neyder-es> alfredo, very *porbablente until us
03:11 <kaametza-es> alfredo, you are the voice
03:11 <icarito-es> alfredo, +1 !
03:11 <bernie-es> quidam: I'm sorry, my *espanl is not the sufficiently good to follow this conversation. It could call to a *votacion in the idea to transfer the bottoms to TIE and go *Escuelab Lima assign the bottoms to *Puno and other projects?...
03:11 <Koke-es> In an intervention *focalizada like the zonal 12 of *collique the things have to turn around the networks of educational
03:11 <Koke-es> *fisicas And virtual
03:11 <KaiXo-es> *ahi  Did not say them *hernan *pachas  that is the aim , but not doing but software
03:12 <quidam-es> neyder: there is *algun community in which all the groups of local work can participate and feel *comodos? It is preferable that do *borron and new account to that separate  and leave to collaborate
03:12 <kiko__-es> bernie, technically IT TIES it can receive donation, the problem is that it does not know how do in this case as they generate  a lot of conflicts... Which is the money of the that are speaking? Transfer which money?
03:12 <icarito-es> KaiXo, *pucha but the same this is the community *Sugar and is something that know to do and that it can help to a lot of users
03:12 <Koke-es> It does while that come  laughing the boys of us... Neither account have given us
03:13 <alfredo-es> Koke: +1
03:13 <Koke-es> I think that it has written  a lot. It is necessary to close the conversation with two or three central ideas.
03:13 <icarito-es> Koke, kiko__ we have developed the platform that *siemper wanted to
03:13 <kiko__-es> It TIES it can receive and distribute if it is that it is clear who has to receive the money *despues
03:13 <icarito-es> The one of the *chaskis
03:14 <cjl-es> Koke: +1
03:14 <icarito-es> alsroot and I will do a *release in the next hours of the *version 0.1
03:14 <KaiXo-es> bernie, the *votacion  and close the subject    of money,
03:14 <quidam-es> neyder: well, then they have to reorganise, but divide does not go to help
03:14 <icarito-es> Of agreement to the *cronograma, and will be smart for *pilotear on 1 June
03:14 <Koke-es> How in all democratic order, was popular or liberal: it is time to to vote
03:15 <Koke-es> Universal vote, opened and free
03:15 <kiko__-es> Eye!
03:15 <kiko__-es> It TIES no *recibira
03:15 <neyder-es> On the bottoms handled by TIE, already vote
03:15 <kiko__-es> *dienro If it is that no
03:15 <icarito-es> neyder, the one who voted?
03:15 <kiko__-es> It knows to the one who goes
03:15 cjl Aymara and Quechua need work to be ready by June
03:15 meeting <neyder-es> All, your voted "No"
03:15 <icarito-es> neyder, this was not a *votacion
03:16 <quidam-es> neyder: no all, there is two us and two *sis, create
03:16 <kaametza-es> There are rules
03:16 <neyder-es> Voucher
03:16 <kiko__-es> (I lost me the *votacion)
03:16 <alfredo-es> That it remain clear that any future attempt of some part to transform our *horizontallidad in *verticalidad has to be reported
03:16 <Koke-es> We are more organic (question of order). We go to the regulation
03:16 <quidam-es> They vote again, or they propose another organism to handle the bottoms
03:17 <icarito-es> bernie, quidam, we would agree that it TIES receive the bottoms if it is that it agrees  that the board of supervision of *Sugar *Labs Peru decides on them
03:17 <icarito-es> This would satisfy the *req of *kiko
03:17 <icarito-es> I create
03:17 <alfredo-es> icarito: +1
03:17 <cjl-es> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/fiscal_sponsorship
03:17 <kaametza-es> icarito: +1
03:17 <bernie-es> kiko__: I refer me to the $2211 that now *estan in the account *bancartia  of icarito, and *tambien the $2211 additional that go to *trasferir *proximamente
03:17 <quidam-es> It seems me well if all do  partners of *sugarlabs *perú (as it has to be) and at least one of each local group participates in the board
03:17 <KaiXo-es>   It does not treat  to  remain  well if you do not feel it  gave *simplemete that no
03:18 <kiko__-es> bernie, but those are little money, better distribute them from *alolí as it decide
03:18 <kiko__-es> From there...
03:18 <quidam-es> kiko__: it is better to do it well although they are $5, not to seat precedents
03:18 <kiko__-es> *ok
03:19 <Koke-es> We have to define with precision the decision. Now it is this figure, afterwards will be others. It is necessary to look to forward.
03:19 <icarito-es> quidam, kiko__, bernie anyway we also are had to operate of agreement to what decide the board
03:19 <alfredo-es> *Quidam: +1
03:19 <neyder-es> And give him
03:19 <kiko__-es> More than costly is *trabajoso
03:19 <icarito-es> If as
03:19 <kaametza-es> There is not problem for us in depositing the bottoms where was required by the Board, as it mentioned them the *reemboslo of Irma already was deposited
03:20 <Koke-es> They excuse, but with it TIES it is very *engorroso, bureaucratic would say I...
03:20 <kiko__-es> If, *tambien is it,, by a mount small is works
03:20 <neyder-es> Koke, but it is that donations for projects go to personal accounts
03:20 <neyder-es> *Worse is
03:20 <quidam-es> Koke: receive donations of out is *engorroso, can not  avoid
03:20 <bernie-es> kaametza: *parese that no *teniemos agreement *sovra the Board of *Spervision, therefore it can be that *Escuelab Lima constitutes a neutral part.
03:20 <quidam-es> And they are *montos small now
03:20 <icarito-es> neyder, having transparency *cual is the problem?
03:21 <Koke-es> They employ an account *mancomunda
03:21 <neyder-es> By that the project presents  to the state
03:21 <Koke-es> I do not know there are several modalities
03:21 <kaametza-es> Koke, that is this *Koke?
03:21 <Koke-es> In the market
03:21 <neyder-es> There is *burrocracia that *lastimosamente it is necessary to fulfil
03:21 <neyder-es> But not generating, ( like the one of repayments)
03:22 <icarito-es> neyder, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/finance
03:22 <Koke-es> I think that after reading several times the texts, conclude that the subject is that it does not define  in where it deposits  the money
03:22 <quidam-es> kaametza: I do not think that this have to vote , *deberia to be *informacion publishes
03:22 <kaametza-es> It is necessary to collaborate with the central government if we want scalar to national level
03:22 <quidam-es> well, as I am the one of out and no vote, do the proposal
03:22 <icarito-es> We have to carry follow-up of the resources if we have to be effective in the achievement of ours put
03:22 <icarito-es> neyder, +1
03:23 <kaametza-es> *aqui The important are the people
03:23 <neyder-es> Therefore it is that the donations arrive to people *juridicas, the *APCI asks this
03:23 <Koke-es> For the concrete, consider that it TIES is not the most recommended.
03:23 <kaametza-es> I was I the one who  *comprometio to present him (in less than 24 *hrs) a budget "coherente" of the project
03:23 <Koke-es> Then where it goes the money?
03:23 <Koke-es> To a private account?
03:23 <Koke-es> Better consider that it go to an account *mancumanado
03:24 <neyder-es> *auditoria
03:24 <quidam-es> That think that the money administer it TIE, under the *direccion of the board of *Sugarlabs *Peru, and that the presents *empiezen to participate in *sugarlabs *peru?
03:24 cjl wishes that more important discussions would occur on the somosazucar list and fewer with a limited distribution list for the sake of transparency.
03:24 meeting <icarito-es> neyder well there are organisations that loan this service to projects like us
03:24 <kiko__-es> They listen
03:24 <Koke-es> Speech *Mayorga
03:24 <neyder-es> Therefore I said it TIES. If there are others, no under a vertical control, well.
03:25 <alfredo-es> cjl: +1
03:25 <kiko__-es> No
03:25 <Koke-es> This sounds more logical in the context
03:25 <kaametza-es> kiko__, ?
03:25 <KaiXo-es> *somoazucar And the board of supervisors  of *sugarlabs *peru  are the same  thing
03:26 <KaiXo-es> There is not community *ahi
03:26 <Koke-es> *Hey David... If that there is *comuidad
03:26 <Koke-es> Community
03:26 <KaiXo-es> Koke, your participated in all these *desiciones that's why we say this
03:26 <alfredo-es> *Analogia: General assembly and Managerial Board
03:26 <kaametza-es> It is thanks to the community that had *Sugar *Camp Lima 2011
03:27 <alfredo-es> If there is community
03:27 <Koke-es> Clear that there is comunidad.la *analogía is healthy
03:27 <KaiXo-es> Koke, alfredo your participated in all these *desiciones that's why we say this,  but only decides an alone personal
03:27 <bernie-es> kaametza, icarito, neyder, KaiXo, kiko__: I *have *to *go, *sorry. *For *the *time *being, *ok *to *transfer *the *funds ($2211) *to TIES *then?  -- Have to go me. *Intonces This well to all of *trasferir all the *fundos ($2211) to TIE / *Escuelab Lima?
03:27 <KaiXo-es> If
03:27 <kaametza-es> David, *confia
03:27 <bernie-es> I vote +1
03:27 <Koke-es> The subject is that build community is not at all simple. Less if we have not been formed to work in community.
03:27 <KaiXo-es> I  *voyo +1
03:28 <alfredo-es> *Bernie: +1
03:28 <kaametza-es> +1 *Kiko
03:28 <Koke-es> Afterwards of all the read and reread is the best option +1
03:28 <kiko__-es> (Speaking with *jorge *villacorta)
03:28 cjl A community does not exist because a person declares it, a community arises from a shared vision and mutual trust.
03:29 meeting <Koke-es> In this are
03:29 walterbender +1
03:29 meeting <alfredo-es> +1
03:29 <Koke-es> (What says *Villacorta?)
03:29 <kaametza-es> *faltaria See that it says Juan Camilo, by that somebody goes to have to assume this financial cost
03:29 <quidam-es> I do not have vote *aqui, but suggest them that it was the one who was the depository of the bottoms, the decisions take them a board in which there is a representative of each local group, at least
03:29 <KaiXo-es> We appreciate  to bernie by    everything and the annoyances caused, but we like *Escuelab *Puno are not asking money
03:30 <Koke-es> It explains a *poquitín this Laura
03:30 <Koke-es> *Hey That happens? They will not be asking... But it needs !!!
03:30 <alfredo-es> Koke: +1
03:30 <Koke-es> It explains +
03:31 <kaametza-es> That they are the 2211 available of Google
03:31 <Koke-es> It follows
03:31 <bernie-es> kiko__: I can not *esprimirme well in *espanol, *intonses: *i *expect *Escuelab *to *make *this *decision *autonomously, *taking *into *account *my original *intention *to *direct *the *donation *to "sustain the project in Puno, but also help any related projects in Lima"
03:31 <bernie-es> kiko__: *see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/909584/ *for *the *context
03:32 <kiko__-es> *ok bernie, *thanks...
03:32 <kiko__-es> *i *just *dont *really *know *yet
03:32 <KaiXo-es> well Clearing is us that we despise  the money is always necessary
03:33 <kiko__-es> *ok Then, in what will spend  the donation? Or still they have to decide it?
03:33 <KaiXo-es> Our problem   has not been the money, but the forms of as it handles   everything  of  *sugarlabs *peru
03:33 cjl It sounds like people need to talk to other people before a truly final answer is possible.  Should we consider meeting again?
03:34 meeting <quidam-es> cjl: +1
03:34 <KaiXo-es> cjl, +1
03:34 <kiko__-es> cjl, +1
03:34 <kaametza-es> cjl, +1
03:34 <Koke-es> cjl: +1
03:35 cjl How many days are needed for kiko to talk to ata and kaametza to talk ot Juan Camillo (or whoever).
03:35 meeting <Koke-es> *hey... That happens *Neyder
03:36 <icarito-es> neyder you can *enrolarte in *Sugar *Labs and automatically would be of the board
03:36 <neyder-es> Koke, we do not feel us *representador in *SugarLabs *Peru, the idea of quidam is good, but insists  in keeping the things as they were before this *reunion
03:36 <icarito-es> A place remained vacant because there were not more members
03:36 <kaametza-es> Juan Camilo this in Santiago of Chile by these *dias, took a bit
03:36 <quidam-es> neyder: this is something to correct, then
03:36 <quidam-es> Achieve that *sugarlabs *peru represent to all the groups
03:36 <alfredo-es> icarito: +1
03:36 <neyder-es> It is not something, like having a place in the board
03:37 <icarito-es> That think the others members of the board *persentes, Koke alfredo *kaametza?
03:37 bernie kiko__: I'm not asking Escuelab to make a sudden decision today. You can take a reasonable amount of time and use your best judgment. In the end someone has to manage this money, and Escuelab seems to be an impartial entity for everyone.
03:37 meeting <neyder-es> Koke, alfredo, *confio in you,
03:37 <kaametza-es> That think *Neyder and David
03:37 <quidam-es> neyder: it is that each group have at least to somebody in the board, and that do not exist individual people with capacity of *decision own
03:37 <bernie-es> *intonses Go to do one another *reunion another *dia?
03:38 <quidam-es> *sugarlabs *peru Finishes to be born, if it is necessary to correct things, the moment is now
03:38 <neyder-es> Or second is but to what aim (personally)
03:38 <Koke-es> We can use audio
03:38 cjl Meet again in one week?
03:38 meeting <Koke-es> Or a live meeting
03:38 <Koke-es> ?
03:38 <Koke-es> Before the chat
03:38 <alfredo-es> neyder: +1
03:38 <KaiXo-es> I propose  that  it form   a board  but but on top of the *sugar *peru,  that  was of *interes of use of the Tics, *educacion
03:38 <kaametza-es> David, *Neyder, that *sigieren you to define the 7*mo member of the Board
03:39 <kiko__-es> : ) *ok bernie, go it to decide afterwards of a bit but of reflection and *comunicacion
03:39 <KaiXo-es> *q No east  in *sugar but  each one of the organisations was part of her
03:39 <icarito-es> KaiXo, in *Sugar *Labs?
03:39 <KaiXo-es> No
03:39 <icarito-es> *ahi Have a place in the board :-)
03:39 <icarito-es> 2 explaining to alsroot
03:39 <icarito-es> :-)
03:40 <KaiXo-es> The  subject of money this decide, happen to another point
03:40 <neyder-es> I do not want a place, what do not want that only some decide by all!
03:40 <neyder-es> In the board
03:40 walterbender has quit IRC
03:40 meeting <bernie-es> Koke: us others are remote and many have *dificoltad to *comprendir *espanol spoken. *intonses Prefer *IRC if possible.
03:41 <kaametza-es> We go to groins ?
03:41 <bernie-es> kaametza: *ok
03:41 <quidam-es> neyder: maybe *deberias to participate in boards although it do not like you ;)
03:41 <bernie-es> kaametza: *but *i *have *to *leave
03:41 neyder so here we are
03:41 meeting <kaametza-es> Sandro has requested support of our part
03:42 <kaametza-es> And we *neesitamos yours
03:42 <bernie-es> kaametza: *how *about *we *find *another give you *for to *second *meeting?
03:42 <cjl-es> *Meet *again *in *one *week?
03:42 cjl Meet again in one week?
03:42 meeting <quidam-es> *ok, I go me to sleep (5:42am!), greetings to all :)
03:42 <kaametza-es> bernie, it seems me a good idea
03:42 <bernie-es> kaametza: I *have no *time *during *the *work *week, *therefore *if *it'*s *ok *for *everyone *we *could *do *it *next *Saturday *at  *the *same *time
03:43 <quidam-es> :D
03:43 <cjl-es> bernie +1
03:43 alfredo cjl: +1
03:43 meeting <icarito-es> * Anyway if *algun *escuelab has a vacant place in his boards, some of us could be interested...
03:43 <kaametza-es> I *think *next *Saturday *is to *Saint *Day
03:43 <neyder-es> *escuelab Is not a board :)
03:43 <icarito-es> neyder, *escuelab is not democratic
03:43 <icarito-es> Neither open
03:43 <kaametza-es> neyder it is well that learn but on *escuelab all
03:44 <neyder-es> Each *escuelab is independent, share the *espiritu, but are independent,
03:44 <kiko__-es> +1neyder.
03:44 <kaametza-es> Like researcher associated from 2009, am a firm believer of the need of the existence of a *escpacio open for the development of *Tecnologia
03:44 <kiko__-es> *escuelab Is diverse and flexible
03:45 <kiko__-es> Each *escuelabx can explore his own model
03:45 cjl good night
03:45 meeting <icarito-es> Never I want to *desmerecer all the support received of *escuelab like researcher associated
03:45 <icarito-es> And to the people behind *escuelab
03:46 <kaametza-es> All the work that do the researchers associated is *acreditable *for *dfecto to the concept of *escuelab
03:46 <icarito-es> Good night for *tí also cjl, thank you by your time!
03:47 callkalpa <callkalpa!~callkalpa@> has joined #sugar-meeting
03:47 meeting <KaiXo-es> thank you By the *alclaraciones, but  receives us  *ironicamente
03:48 bernie icarito: this may sound a little bad, but when it comes to manage a budget I don't think it's important to implement real democracy or other principles of justice. What really matters in the end is what results get produced, so that you can use them to ask for more funds
03:49 meeting <icarito-es> bernie, +1 by a criterion by results
03:50 <icarito-es> bernie, http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/pro[…]iloto_hexoquinasa it is in execution now  delivering version 0.1 for *testing
03:50 <KaiXo-es> bernie, appreciate you  all  the support  and apology that put you in this *aprietos, open the doors to kiko__ , bernie, quidam,cjl can supervise the work in *Puno
03:50 <KaiXo-es> When *asi wish it
03:50 <KaiXo-es> kiko__,  thank you
03:51 icarito bernie, and we will pilot
03:51 alfredo KaiXo: +1
03:51 bernie thanks to everyone, i really must go now!
03:51 meeting <kiko__-es> thank you *bernie!
03:51 <icarito-es> thank you bernie
03:52 callkalpa has quit IRC
03:52 meeting <icarito-es> I keep on being candidate to his boards :-)
03:52 alfredo thank you bernie!
03:52 meeting <bernie-es> kaametza: oh, *one *last *thing: *maybe *you *could *write *an email *to *everyone *to *set to *new give you *for *the *next *meeting? *any *day *after 8*pm *would *work *for me
03:52 <KaiXo-es> I am not  I  but the people  that  forms part of *escuelab *puno
03:53 bernie <bernie> kaametza: oh, one last thing: maybe you could write an email to everyone to set a new date for the next meeting? any day after 8pm would work for me
03:53 meeting <icarito-es> I want that all are attentive to the *RELEASE that will do *aleksey
03:54 <icarito-es> It is the 0.1 of the developed for the pilot of the network of support
03:54 bernie icarito: aleksey rocks
03:54 meeting <kaametza-es> And *tambien is us necessary resolve the subject of contents
03:54 icarito bernie, he built an awesome toy foru s
03:54 *for us
03:54 bernie, we need to refund him too
03:55 meeting <icarito-es> * I'm sorry for writing in groins
03:55 bernie icarito: how much money are we talking about?
03:55 meeting <quidam-es> icarito: and they do not forget  of *toast! In brief will have *version new, but me *gustaria follow working with you so that it was a project *util and with use
03:55 <icarito-es> I said: alsroot it did an excellent toy for us - need *reembolsarle to him also
03:56 * kiko__ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
03:56 <icarito-es> quidam, excellent, have smart packages for *Trisquel
03:56 <kaametza-es> *Bernie *will *do
03:56 <quidam-es> icarito: *genial, already know that if they want to *algun change accept  suggestions :)
03:56 <icarito-es> quidam, I am very excited with what has done *aleksey
03:57 <kaametza-es> quidam you are a very good *moderador ;or)
03:57 <quidam-es> *jajaj
03:57 <icarito-es> quidam, +1!
03:57 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
03:57 meeting <quidam-es> And this that are the 6, if you saw me awake...
03:57 <quidam-es> :D
03:58 <kaametza-es> We finish the *reu then?
03:58 <icarito-es> bernie #endmeeting *then?
03:58 <kaametza-es> There is a lot for doing
03:58 <icarito-es> kaametza, +1
03:59 bernie icarito: yes
03:59 #endmeeting
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