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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2012-02-07 15:01:30

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15:01 meeting Meeting started Tue Feb  7 15:01:30 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:01 erikos who is around for the dev meeting?
15:01 silbe is there
15:01 walterbender hi
15:02 hoboprimate_ <hoboprimate_!~jobezone@bl14-71-8.dsl.telepac.pt> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 erikos walterbender: silbe hi
15:03 manuq hi everybody
15:04 gonzalo__ hello walterbender silbe erikos manuq and all
15:04 erikos hey manuq and gonzalo__
15:04 looks like we can start
15:05 #topic status of the GTK3 port
15:05 news on this one please!
15:06 walterbender manuq: aside: thanks for the patch for Yupana :)
15:06 benzea <benzea!benjamin@he.sipsolutions.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:06 m_anish hi
15:06 manuq walterbender: you are welcome :)
15:06 erikos * last week we have released 0.95.4 with a new toolkit and a new artwork
15:06 benzea hello
15:06 erikos hi m_anish and benzea
15:06 we just started, with the GTK3 port topic
15:07 manuq: we should do a new browse release today to give out our latest work
15:07 manuq erikos: perfect
15:08 erikos our current blocker in Browse is to provide a customized filechooser
15:08 but we are working with upstream to extend the API in webkitgtk to solve this
15:08 knocks on wood
15:09 walterbender: what is the status for TA and Abacus?
15:09 manuq yes, I will try to patch webkit, and talk with upstream
15:10 erikos walterbender: are they cairo-based now?
15:10 manuq: yes
15:12 walterbender yes
15:12 erikos walterbender: and ported as wll to gtk3?
15:12 walterbender erikos: all of my activities are cairo based
15:13 erikos: but I only ported Abacus so far
15:13 the port is relatively straight forward
15:13 I was wanted to make sure that Abacus was OK before propogating the changes to the other activities
15:14 also, we never settle the issue of whether or not to adopt cscott's approach: backward compatibnility to gtk-2
15:14 although as I recall, it was not looked upon too favorably
15:14 erikos walterbender: ok
15:14 gonzalo__ erikos, and we agreed no start porting activities now....
15:15 if not needed
15:15 right?
15:16 walterbender once I have the green light, I think it will go quickly
15:17 erikos gonzalo__: well, if walter has time now he can
15:17 gonzalo__: but there is no pressure, was just wondering
15:17 walterbender erikos: I anticipate time in the first couple of weeks in March. (I am traveling the next two weeks :P )
15:18 gonzalo__ erikos, may be we can try to look at the state of the activities this week, i have not updated the matrix yet
15:19 erikos walterbender: ok
15:19 gonzalo__: state of which activities exactly?
15:19 cjl has quit IRC
15:20 gonzalo__ erikos, using drawables and other changes needed before porting to gtk3
15:21 erikos gonzalo__: schedule wise, this is only of interest if we need to do upstream work on that
15:21 gonzalo__: upstream as in toolkit or gtk3*
15:22 gonzalo__ walterbender, you have said will write a proposal to the metadata in activities needed by the learning team
15:22 erikos benzea: did you have anything you wanted to discuss on the gtk3 topic?
15:22 gonzalo__ walterbender, i lost it or is not published?
15:23 erikos anything on the gtk3 topic?
15:24 there is still work todo in the toolkit and artwork, if people want to help I can give them concrete items to work on
15:24 gonzalo__ erikos, there are a list?
15:25 erikos gonzalo__: not yet
15:25 should really do that
15:26 hints over to the next item
15:26 gonzalo__ erikos, i can work this week a little on this (after finish Read work)
15:26 erikos gonzalo__: yes, I will do the list and then we can coordinate
15:26 gonzalo__: thanks!
15:26 benzea erikos: nope, I don't have anything
15:26 erikos benzea: ok
15:27 #topic current status of the development cycle
15:27 walterbender gonzalo__: aside: the learning team has been working with me on a metadata model...
15:27 erikos so last week we have released 0.95.4
15:27 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
15:28 API/Feature freeze is in place now
15:28 * http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]lobalTextToSpeech has been merged
15:28 Ariel_Calzada has quit IRC
15:28 manuq benzea: do you know if we can style the spin button to be out of the slider, so it looks like the previous? http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]k2_2011-12-08.png
15:28 erikos (Gonzalo should finish updating his Feature page)
15:29 gonzalo__ ok
15:29 erikos * http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]o_journal_anytime has been merged
15:29 (Walter should update the page to the current state as well)
15:30 * http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]oxy_configuration is still too unmature, so I would defer to 0.98
15:30 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:30 benzea manuq: spinbutton -> slider knob?
15:30 manuq benzea: yes
15:31 benzea ah, just draw the slider smaller than it really is
15:31 erikos leaves some room for the slider discussion
15:31 benzea we could also move it to a private query, or #sugar :-)
15:32 manuq benzea: how can I draw the slider smaller? with padding?
15:32 benzea: ok, better
15:32 erikos benzea: no, this is what the meeting is for :)
15:32 silbe erikos: I'm currently reworking the proxy patch and hope to have it ready by the end of the day. If it's good enough for you (as I hope), we can still get it in. At least it'll be in a better shape than the text-to-speech panel ;)
15:33 benzea manuq: hm, not sure about that; but simply drawing it smaller is what the GTK+ 2 theme does
15:33 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:33 benzea manuq: adding padding on all sides seems like the right thing to do it
15:33 (unless that makes the knob smaller)
15:34 manuq benzea: yes, that does the knob smaller
15:35 benzea manuq: hm, not good, might require engine intervention then
15:35 manuq benzea, erikos, maybe we let the meeting continue and we can talk later
15:35 silbe erikos: if you still consider it too late for 0.98 (as I might myself ;) ), we should branch off sucrose-0.98 this week and land the patch in master (as agreed during Sugar Camp Paris 2011).
15:35 gonzalo__ don't understand silbe jokes
15:35 benzea manuq: you could also ask Company on #gtk+ or #gnome-design; he will know
15:35 manuq benzea: I've seen adwaita theme does it
15:35 silbe (after review, of course)
15:35 manuq benzea: ok, thanks!
15:36 benzea manuq: good point that the adwaita theme does something like that for the trough
15:38 ok, I don't think there is much more to discuss about the slider for now
15:38 manuq erikos: please go on
15:39 erikos silbe: how was the text-to-speech panel in a bad shape?
15:39 silbe erikos: see my previous reviews
15:40 erikos silbe: just because you are nitpicky does not mean something is in a bad shape
15:41 gonzalo__ silbe, can you point to a _single_ problem with the text to speech feature? your comments are rreally annoying to me now
15:42 silbe erikos: I'm not saying it's in a bad shape (that was your choice of words), but I consider the new proxy settings to be at least in equally good shape.
15:42 gonzalo__ silbe, and really, you can't compare the state of one patch and the other
15:44 silbe gonzalo__: off the top of my head, one thing that still isn't done is listening for gconf updates.
15:44 gonzalo__ silbe, yeah, but you know no other conf in sugar is doing it
15:45 silbe, nd i don't see a kid using gconftool-2
15:45 silbe, then, do not have use
15:45 silbe gonzalo__: but let's leave it at that, the patch is in and I don't see anyone working on it in the near future, so all we're going to do is fight.
15:46 gonzalo__ silbe, then try to have a constructive tone
15:46 m_anish silbe, gonzalo__ I dont have a background on the patch/work, but making a generic statement. Various deployments consider better interoperability between gnome and sugar an important goal
15:47 gonzalo__ m_anish, i agree, but we are not talking about that
15:47 m_anish gonzalo__, ok
15:47 silbe gonzalo__: re-reading my original comment, it might be seen as unconstructive. I apologise.
15:47 gonzalo__ silbe, thanks
15:47 erikos ok, let's move on
15:48 about the proxy setting, I think it is a bit late landing it
15:49 because it naturally will take a few more days to sort things out
15:50 gonzalo__ is a very good feature to have, is sad we did not have more interaction before
15:51 erikos gonzalo__: yes, I agree completely
15:52 it is a duty of the Feature owner to drive the integration process
15:52 and that have not been the case here
15:52 silbe erikos: no problem, we can land it in master then.
15:53 erikos silbe: yes, I think it is better at this stage
15:53 for testing all the new goodies we will have an olpc build soon
15:54 we should as well encourage testers now to give feedback
15:54 once we have the build we can encurage the olpc-testers mailing list
15:54 others welcome
15:55 if someone is interested in organizing testing days or similar would be a big win as well
15:55 there is some room for people to shine :)
15:56 apart from that:
15:56 keep the schedule in mind: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
15:57 next freeze is UI/String freeze at the end of this month
15:57 (and this is a short month :)
15:57 comments, questions?
15:58 gonzalo__ erikos, we should talk with cjl to try to improve coordination with translatords
15:58 erikos gonzalo__: yes, very good point
15:59 gonzalo__: and get the fixes in he asked for
15:59 gonzalo__ yes
15:59 erikos silbe: you have been looking at those patches, right?
16:00 silbe erikos: which patches exactly are you talking about right now?
16:00 erikos silbe: the traslation fixes
16:00 looks for the names
16:00 "Localization fixes."
16:01 http://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/1134/
16:02 silbe: ^
16:02 silbe erikos: yes, I have. Some are good enough and should be pushed (after some tweaking of the description), but for a few others I'm not sure Sugar is the right place to fix it and I'm waiting for feedback.
16:03 erikos silbe: ok, I can have a look and give feedback then
16:03 hoboprimate_ has quit IRC
16:03 erikos anything else?
16:03 silbe erikos: thanks!
16:05 erikos starts the countdown then
16:05 5
16:05 manuq 4
16:05 gonzalo__ go erikos, go
16:05 erikos 3
16:06 gonzalo__ 2
16:06 erikos 1
16:06 #endmeeting
16:06 meeting Meeting ended Tue Feb  7 16:06:27 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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