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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-11-22 14:57:04

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14:57 meeting Meeting started Tue Nov 22 14:57:04 2011 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:57 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:57 walterbender is writing a response to gary's email
14:57 erikos ...3 minutes to go for the #sugar-meeting
14:59 dsd_ <dsd_!~dsd@gentoo/developer/dsd> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:00 erikos dooooong!
15:00 manuq prepares a liquified of banana and strawberries before the meeting
15:00 erikos who is here for the sugar developer meeting?
15:00 manuq so, meeting time
15:00 erikos roll call, please!
15:01 garycmartin here!
15:01 manuq garycmartin: nice you join us!
15:01 erikos "Roll calls are used in places such as classrooms, the military, prisons, law enforcement, camps, and Model United Nations."
15:01 wonders where we fit in...
15:02 has seen walterbender silbe and gonzalo around as well
15:03 garycmartin manuq: hi
15:03 bertf <bertf!~quassel@static-ip-62-75-165-16.inaddr.ip-pool.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:03 dirakx here reading.
15:03 manuq garycmartin: hi!
15:03 erikos let's start!
15:03 * status of the GTK3 port
15:04 m_anish here :)
15:04 erikos we worked a lot on Feature proposal and such this last week
15:04 so not too much changes on this end
15:04 silbe: has reviewed most of the gtk3-hackfest-toolkit patches
15:04 so we advanced here
15:05 http://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar[…]e-rework-20111122
15:05 silbe erikos: more reworked than reviewed, but once they are all reworked the review shouldn't take long
15:06 erikos silbe: aha, ok
15:06 anything else people want to bring up on that topic?
15:06 dsd_ its hard to see what was reworked on that branch
15:06 gonzalo hello all
15:06 manuq erikos: I'm manufacturing patches for Browse, reworking in Daniel's work
15:07 erikos dsd_: I think only descriptions
15:07 dsd_: and merging of commits
15:07 silbe: correct?
15:07 silbe we should mention that the GTK3 work will go into a separate repository sugar-toolkit-gtk3, so the current sugar-toolkit repo will stay at GTK2.
15:08 erikos silbe: that we already did last week, iirc
15:08 silbe erikos: exactly. There should be no functional code changes, only some syntactic ones.
15:08 erikos silbe: synctatcic ones?
15:08 silbe: you changed syntax?
15:08 silbe erikos: once the rework is done (i.e. after the palette work has been completed in erikos' branch), we can do a diff between both trees to make sure of that.
15:09 erikos: some line breaks etc.
15:11 anything else on the GTK3 topic?
15:11 erikos so, I am wondering about API changes
15:12 in the gtk-3 toolkit
15:12 e.g. removing the old activity toolbar
15:12 I guess we can do this *only* in the gtk3-toolkit without any bigger issue
15:13 gonzalo erikos, +1
15:13 silbe erikos: +1
15:13 garycmartin erikos: +1
15:13 erikos and the activities that are ported just need to take that into account
15:13 great
15:15 silbe This is a good opportunity for removing old cruft. But we should be careful not to do (a lot of) other unrelated API changes. The GTK3 porting work is going to be enough work already without muddying the waters.
15:15 erikos manuq: re browse, we created the sugar-0.96 branch there for the new development
15:15 manuq erikos: yes
15:15 erikos ^^ more to others ;p
15:15 manuq and you commited first patch removing old toolbars usage
15:15 erikos silbe: sure
15:16 silbe erikos: speaking of sugar-toolkit only. I have other arguments against the sugar changes. ;)
15:16 erikos silbe: you mean feature wise?
15:16 silbe erikos: yup
15:17 erikos ok, let's go into that topic then
15:17 unless someone speaks up...
15:17 5
15:17 4
15:17 3
15:17 1
15:17 gonzalo erikos, before continue, who will work on gtk3 port?
15:17 erikos clocks are fast today :)
15:17 m_anish gonzalo, is faster!
15:17 gonzalo ;)
15:17 erikos gonzalo: ok, good question!
15:18 dirakx has quit IRC
15:18 gonzalo erikos, i am worried about how push it
15:18 erikos so, I decided today to only work on gtk3-introspection this cycle
15:18 I moved my feature proposals to 0.98 today
15:18 gonzalo erikos, i was looking at theme code, but I need a little help to start :(
15:18 dsd_ sounds very sensible
15:19 erikos gonzalo: sure, we can get you started
15:19 gonzalo anybody else.... ?
15:19 erikos dsd_: yeah, they were items I wanted to work on for a while, but I don't think we make it otherwise
15:19 gonzalo: manuq will work on Browse
15:19 m_anish erikos, for 0.96 there are a couple of proposals we'd like to contribute (Network proxy, Stats) most of the stuff would be coded, but a design/code review would be needed
15:20 erikos gonzalo: and you read (which should be mostly done I figured)
15:20 gonzalo erikos, yes, no problems with read
15:20 erikos m_anish: let's stay on the gtk3 point for a bit more (seen your proposals)
15:20 m_anish erikos, sorry, pl cont
15:20 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:21 erikos so besides the toolkit, another big area is the theme as Gonzalo pointed out
15:22 do we have anyone else working on gtk3 stuff besides manuq/gonzalo and me?
15:22 manuq walterbender?
15:22 walterbender just from the activity POV
15:22 gonzalo dsd_, ? :)
15:23 walterbender rgs as well
15:23 cscott too
15:23 we could help focus all of these efforts
15:24 gonzalo walterbender, worried they are not in theses meetings...
15:24 walterbender plus I have been looking into recruiting some GNOME hackers recommended to me by J5
15:24 gonzalo: yes...
15:24 erikos walterbender: I think those are additional helpers
15:25 walterbender gonzalo: but dsd and rgs both helped organize the Prague meeting...
15:25 they are very dedicated
15:25 silbe is crossing fingers (re. finding Gnome hackers to help with the GTK3 port)
15:25 erikos walterbender: sure, but they won't drive that work, I think
15:25 walterbender: as they are volunteers
15:26 gonzalo i am a little sad, because we have a very nice list of features, but not so much time, and we NEED finish the gtk3 port
15:26 and all the nice features are optional
15:26 silbe gonzalo: no need to be sad. What doesn't get into 0.96 can get into 0.98.
15:27 walterbender except for write to journal anytime :)
15:27 gonzalo silbe, yes, but is bad don't have the resources needed
15:27 erikos ok, maybe we can summarize the last minutes as: a lot work to do on the gtk3 end, not as many people working on it
15:28 garycmartin gonzalo: nothing new there...
15:28 silbe gonzalo: It's been this way for years. We always need more devs.
15:28 gonzalo garycmartin, old news,  is not better :)
15:28 garycmartin :)
15:28 erikos gonzalo: :)
15:29 so I have been thinking over this a lot in the last days, and I have concluded to drop my other Features for this cycle
15:30 because even if we manage to get the basics (toolkit/theme/must-activities) done
15:30 I prefer to work on porting the shell and other activities (after no hippo + switch to cairo)
15:30 now, as we are already working on it
15:31 walterbender can help with those efforts
15:31 erikos so, all this to say:
15:32 thanks for all the Feature proposals :)
15:32 but i guess we should look at the list and maybe focus on less items
15:32 silbe erikos: are we at the Feature topic now? (if so, please remember #topic) or still at GTK3?
15:33 erikos silbe: don't interrupt my bridge ;p
15:33 dirakx1 has quit IRC
15:33 erikos #topic 0.96 Features
15:33 m_anish heh
15:33 erikos #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.96
15:33 silbe erikos: sorry, thought that was an end-of-frame gap ;)
15:34 erikos that is the list I created from the proposals (if any is missing please let me know)
15:34 (I did not put the one from James Simons there asit has no owner (yet))
15:35 that one: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]s_As_Hierarchical
15:35 walterbender what about the backlight button feature?
15:36 erikos walterbender: that was an addition to the display device one, if I understood Paul correctly
15:36 gonzalo erikos, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]s/Multi_selection is misssing but I already was thinking in move it to 0.98
15:36 erikos walterbender: which was my Feature, but I dropped it
15:36 walterbender ok...
15:36 erikos gonzalo: ahh great - let me add it for now
15:37 gonzalo or add a table with the moved features
15:37 erikos gonzalo: we could do that yes
15:38 while I am doing this:
15:38 walterbender a Deferred table
15:38 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.96/Roadmap
15:38 this is our roadmap - Feature Freeze is end of January
15:38 walterbender two months...
15:38 erikos Feature accepance, Dez 05
15:39 walterbender: yes, with christmas in between
15:39 walterbender we are doing well with our planning this go-around
15:39 gonzalo erikos, then today we will do a first triage?
15:39 erikos gonzalo: sure, if we fins agreement on some items, we can (we should just give the people not in the meting as well a chance to comment)
15:40 gonzalo: or at least let them know, so they can scream
15:40 m_anish has to run :(
15:40 erikos as some have pointed out before: if a Feature does not make 0.96 - there will be a 0.98
15:41 I roughtly drafted that today: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.98/Roadmap
15:42 walterbender erikos: it seems we have two classes of features: things we know we want if we have time and things we don't know if we want. Would it make sense to put things into those two bins to start?
15:42 silbe walterbender: sounds like a useful first iteration of filtering.
15:42 erikos walterbender: yes, sounds good
15:43 * Global Text to Speech When the user press Alt+Shift+S the currently selected text should be said by the computer.
15:43 (I will just add a tag and alter the table later)
15:43 walterbender seems like a "things we want if we have time"
15:43 manuq and is already coded
15:43 garycmartin +1
15:43 manuq gonzalo: ^
15:44 silbe with serious design considerations at least - this sounds like something that should live in the clipboard instead...
15:44 erikos manuq: yes we have code, but we should discuss the approach
15:44 gonzalo erikos, i think is very isolated, and almost ready (C)
15:44 erikos manuq: but looks good yes
15:44 manuq erikos: of course
15:45 gonzalo then?
15:45 erikos ok, anyone objects against that one?
15:45 marks it yes for now
15:45 Walter Bender || [[Features/Write_to_journal_anytime]] || Replacement for the Naming Alert that lets you write to the Journal at any time while working on an activity.
15:46 walterbender sent a reply to Gary's email just before the meeting
15:46 manuq +1
15:46 silbe BTW, as a general observation, I loved seeing so many ideas proposed, but the timing could be better. Most of them were proposed right on the deadline. This increases the risk of hitting resource limits. Remember that both the Design Team and reviewers are still a scarce resource...
15:46 erikos gets a plus one from me as we already invested a lot in that (3 cycles?)
15:46 walterbender we need to agree on how, not if
15:47 gonzalo +1
15:47 garycmartin +1
15:47 erikos silbe: the deadline today is about poposing
15:47 silbe: we have until the 5th of december to decide inclusion
15:47 silbe erikos: that's not a lot of time to decide on so many proposals.
15:47 walterbender erikos: huh? what are we saying +1 to?
15:47 erikos walterbender: sure the how is important, but we have to see where to invest ;p
15:48 silbe FWIW, a clear +1 on trying to get this one finished this cycle.
15:48 erikos silbe: we can increase next time, if you look at the last cycles we already are doing way way better
15:48 marks it yes
15:49 silbe erikos: make sure you reload the page before doing any editing; you seem to have an old copy still open.
15:50 erikos: I'm arguing against sudden rushes of activity, not against the schedule. I don't mind having "just" two weeks to decide over the last _few_ proposals.
15:50 manuq garycmartin: just read your email on that feature, great
15:51 erikos silbe: hmm not sure, I understand the exact issue
15:51 walterbender silbe: I thought we were just trying to cull the obvious yeses (and even those need some discussion)
15:51 erikos walterbender: yes, I understood that too
15:52 silbe walterbender: sorry for distracting from the topic at hand. Please go on.
15:52 erikos * Gonzalo OdiardJournal data tagged private or public Provide a way to identify Journal entries as private for the owner or public.
15:52 what about this one?
15:53 walterbender garycmartin raised some good points that need further discussion
15:53 erikos (there is an interesting comment from Gary on this one in his last mail)
15:53 silbe interesting proposal, but should be made more general first.
15:53 garycmartin Yes, I don't see a path forward on this one yet.
15:53 silbe in particular, extending the existing tags support to support this use case sounds like a good plan.
15:54 walterbender silbe: I think we need a more general look at the tagging (similar to what was proposed in Montevideo) for which this could be then leveraged
15:54 silbe walterbender: got a link for the proposal from Montevideo?
15:54 walterbender gonzalo: ^^
15:55 gonzalo erikos, i have read gary comments, we need discuss it. the learning team need it, not only to save backup space, but to enable them to make evaluations without have problems with private data
15:55 silbe, yes, in the feature there are links
15:56 walterbender gonzalo: maybe we can discuss this further at tomorrow's meeting
15:56 silbe gonzalo: a link to the proposal, not links in the proposal :)
15:56 erikos gonzalo: so maybe it has to be done the other way around then, everything is private by default, and you tag what can be evaluated
15:56 silbe gonzalo: I wasn't in Montevideo so I don't know what you are talking about.
15:57 gonzalo erikos, that is not a good option to evaluators obviously
15:58 erikos gonzalo: of course ;p
15:58 gonzalo: but privacy...
15:58 silbe gonzalo: and FWIW, users can already set tags in the details view. Adding a "school" tag would address at least some parts, though the workflow could be improved.
15:58 walterbender silbe: it was an extension of http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]Proposals/Journal
15:58 garycmartin gonzalo: are evaluators needing to look at data, or metadata about usage?
15:59 walterbender garycmartin: depends on the activity
15:59 gonzalo silbe, of course, but the problme we arer trying to solve is , in the actual implementaion nobody use tags, because is not clear, tot useful
15:59 erikos walterbender: can you give an example?
15:59 silbe gonzalo: as discussed with garycmartin during SugarCamp Paris 2011, we could record quite some interesting data to make tagging more automatic. E.g. being connected to the school AP might give a hint...
15:59 gonzalo silbe, yes, if you have a school ap :)
15:59 walterbender erikos: in TA, the evaluators are interested in what types of blocks were used to solve a problem
16:00 gonzalo but abyway, the objective of this meeting is not dicuss this feature
16:00 walterbender erikos: and they are interested in how many iterations the learning made in solving the problem
16:00 erikos walterbender: ok, I thought this was part of the other Feature
16:00 gonzalo: right
16:00 gonzalo erikos, i think is a important  feature,but need more analysis
16:00 walterbender erikos:  the former is data; the later is metadata about usage
16:00 erikos ok
16:01 yes, let's move on
16:01 does not tag that for now (as to above discussion)
16:01 silbe +1, both this one and the data collection one are not ready for upstream inclusion yet IMO
16:01 walterbender erikos:  I was just answering your question... but I don't think it is relevant to the private/public debate...
16:01 or rather, it is orthogona;
16:01 erikos walterbender: ok
16:01 silbe that shouldn't preclude anyone from working on it, quite the contrary...
16:02 walterbender silbe: I agree that this one needs more discussion.
16:02 erikos * Walter BenderMultiple Home Views Option to have different collections of activities on the Home View for formal (classroom) and informal (home) use.
16:02 silbe this is very similar :)
16:02 gonzalo silbe, but is not the same
16:02 walterbender I made some additional comments on the feature page this morning
16:02 silbe a tagged Home View would be great, but it needs more work first.
16:03 walterbender silbe: this is a more simple idea
16:03 gonzalo walterbender, should not be better modify the home view after we remove hippo and port to gtk3?
16:03 walterbender silbe: the most simple form would be to see either starred or unstarred activities in the homeview
16:03 silbe walterbender: to me, it's almost the same. A boolean tag for filtering the Journal vs. a boolean tag for filtering the Home View.
16:03 erikos gonzalo: I was thinking that, yes :/
16:04 walterbender silbe: in that sense, similar
16:04 silbe: but for very different use cases
16:04 silbe walterbender: in both cases we should try to generalise it to arbitrary tags, rather than a single boolean.
16:04 walterbender silbe: not sure I agree
16:04 silbe walterbender: I thought both were about marking stuff as "used in school" vs. "used at home"?
16:04 gonzalo silbe, hmmm
16:04 walterbender maybe in the code, but not in the UI
16:04 erikos gonzalo: it is of course easier if the shell is not that much of a moving target
16:05 walterbender silbe: that was the cover story
16:05 gonzalo: if we did this, we'd only do it for the new version (gtk-3)
16:06 erikos gonzalo: but the same is actually to the other features like the write to journal
16:06 silbe walterbender: there's no GTK3 version of sugar yet, only of sugar-toolkit and that one is still incomplete.
16:06 erikos walterbender: but how would that look like schedule wise?
16:06 gonzalo walterbender, we will have only one version of the shell
16:06 garycmartin here's me wishing we could ditch the home list view, an now we're talking about the favourite home view growing even more limbs! ;)
16:07 erikos garycmartin: haha
16:07 walterbender erikos: I could do the starred/unstarred version pretty quickly... maybe I will so people can get a feel for it.
16:07 erikos walterbender: no, what I meant is, how does that interact with the shell moving to gtk3
16:08 walterbender garycmartin: we've talked about both the views and the journal being fungible
16:08 erikos: it doesn
16:08 silbe erikos: I don't see sugar ("the shell" as you call it) moving to GTK3 this cycle TBH.
16:08 walterbender 't impact how the homeview interacts with the shell
16:08 erikos remembered that some people argued that we should freeze the repos while doing the porting work
16:09 silbe: well, if we would focus on it
16:09 walterbender erikos: ^^ then we have nothing to discuss today....
16:10 gonzalo walterbender, if the change is have two list of "favorites" instead of one, is not very invasive
16:10 erikos walterbender: I am just thinking out loud
16:10 gonzalo i am not sure about design
16:10 walterbender gonzalo: I think it is even more simple
16:10 gonzalo: you could make it just a view starred vs view unstarred
16:11 gonzalo walterbender, hmm, but then you have all or favorites?
16:11 walterbender well, this is obviously not in the consensus camp...
16:11 I'll work on it on the side but we seem to be deferring
16:14 manuq I can see home view getting more filters other than the name... activity tags, etc, in the future
16:14 silbe walterbender: you might want to have a look at the Firefox tab grouping feature
16:14 erikos ok, do we have items in the list that people particularly care about? that are non-controversial?
16:15 walterbender erikos: I care about all the ones I proposed :P
16:15 erikos walterbender: :)
16:16 silbe erikos: Proxy configuration is at least orthogonal to everything else
16:16 erikos silbe: and self contained
16:16 silbe erikos: exactly
16:16 gonzalo walterbender, i think "thumbs view in journal" is a more invassive change....
16:16 garycmartin erikos: storing more automatic metadata seems like something that could potentially land.
16:16 erikos gonzalo: yeah, don't want to do that now
16:16 walterbender silbe: but as was pointed out in the email discussion, it needs to be done in a way that doesn't mess up the customization proxy systems in use in the field
16:17 erikos gonzalo: it already ate up nearly one cycle and in the end we had nothing
16:17 walterbender: yes
16:17 walterbender garycmartin: at least we can agree on the internal mechanism?
16:17 so activity authors can get started
16:18 gonzalo walterbender, +1
16:18 and the data will be available
16:18 (and we can create a portfolio like activity if needed in the intermediatiate time)
16:18 garycmartin walterbender: well I think you were raising something extra, over and above storing extra metadata. You were also proposing an API for and activity to hard
16:19 erikos garycmartin: yes, agreed - that looks like something doable
16:19 garycmartin …for an activity to mark the display of it in the Journal details view.
16:19 gonzalo garycmartin, just only agree about how to save the metadata
16:19 silbe walterbender: +1, let's discuss that on sugar-devel. Sorry for still not having writting the guide on custom metadata (using bundle_id as a prefix and all that).
16:19 walterbender but I think that I may try to write a Journal activity to incorporate these new Journal features outside of Sugar...
16:20 that way we can get some experience but not have to make a lot of changes this cycle
16:20 silbe walterbender: +1, custom Journal activities are a very good way to experiment with new features.
16:20 garycmartin walterbender: OK, well perhaps this is a -1 for this feature as well.
16:21 walterbender garycmartin: I really think it is important to land a mechanism this go around...
16:21 garycmartin: whether or not we land a UI
16:21 garycmartin (was hoping we could at least gather activity wide data like number of resumes)
16:21 gonzalo walterbender, +1
16:21 walterbender seems like we have consensus on that point
16:22 erikos tries to summarize:
16:22 * Proxy configuration
16:22 - yes, the author should make sure it does not break with existing configurations
16:23 sounds good?
16:23 silbe +1 for now
16:23 erikos silbe: (yes always for now)
16:23 walterbender +1
16:23 silbe k
16:23 gonzalo +1
16:24 manuq +1
16:24 erikos * Activity specific metadata in Journal
16:25 - gather activity wide data, no UI for now
16:25 manuq yeah
16:25 walterbender +1 (walter will write a Journal activity)
16:25 silbe => no changes in Sugar required, purely activity work
16:25 gonzalo +1
16:26 erikos only custom ds-metadata I guess
16:26 gonzalo and agree/document a way to save the meatadata
16:26 erikos gonzalo: good point
16:26 garycmartin silbe: Hmmm. No, this is a sugar change, keeping track of e.g. resumes of an entry
16:27 walterbender garycmartin: not in the short term :P... activities will have to do that themselves.
16:27 gonzalo walterbender, can be a good idea
16:28 garycmartin walterbender: Hmmm2, well then this is of close to zero benefit in most cases :(
16:28 erikos looks like we still differ here
16:28 silbe garycmartin: that would be a workaround for the lack of a data store with version support (that I really need to work on including in 0.98). It's easy enough to add to an activity.
16:28 gonzalo :)
16:28 walterbender garycmartin: I agree... but it seems we have to come up with the internal design first
16:28 garycmartin silbe: 'It's easy enough to add to an activity.' but almost no one will.
16:29 walterbender garycmartin: and also, we still need more feedback from the learning team as to what *every* activity should record
16:29 manuq maybe sugar can output the automatic metadata in the logs as a first approach?
16:29 gonzalo silbe, if was no done yet, i don't see why will be done in 0.98
16:29 walterbender presumed that icarito's proposal was going to provide some insight here, but it is vague at the moment.
16:29 garycmartin walterbender: the data store is already keeping data for creation and modified date, why not resume count?
16:30 silbe gonzalo: I'm using a data store with version support every day (in fact even two different ones). The work I need to do is upstreaming it, not implementing it.
16:30 gonzalo manuq, no, the logs are cleared
16:30 manuq gonzalo: yes, not very useful, but can be a start
16:32 erikos ok, let's wrap that one up
16:32 gonzalo silbe, well, is only useful if is in the kids hands
16:32 walterbender garycmartin: it is trivial to add...
16:32 erikos I think this one needs more discussion, but people seem interested in it
16:33 walterbender erikos: can I propose that (1) we come up with the mechanism and (2) if we can come up with a definitive list of things to automatically include before the freeze date, we consider them?
16:33 but no display in the Journal this round
16:33 gonzalo walterbender, +1
16:33 garycmartin walterbender: +1
16:34 erikos walterbender: yes, for the inclusion for the cycle, that looks like enough ground
16:34 updated the list
16:35 we have 4 items now
16:35 walterbender how about journal volume extension?
16:36 gonzalo walterbender, +1 is a easy change
16:36 silbe walterbender: technically not possible without major changes
16:36 gonzalo silbe, ?
16:36 walterbender silbe: how so?
16:36 silbe walterbender: it might be once I finished (and upstreamed) my WebDAV work
16:37 gonzalo silbe, the proposed change is very simple
16:37 silbe walterbender: because we can't distinguish between multiple directories that are not gio mount points
16:37 gonzalo and only invlve the ObjectChooser
16:39 walterbender silbe: I guess I need to read up more on gio mount
16:39 gonzalo silbe, the idea is do the same we do with 'Documents' folder, but with a defined by the activity folder
16:40 erikos I like the idea from Gary (from a wrking point of view) to just invoke the objectchooser with a given directory
16:40 silbe walterbender: the problem is in the internals of the Journal, where we don't pass around the mount point, but derive it on the fly.
16:41 gonzalo: it works with the Documents folder because that's the only one that isn't a gio mount point.
16:41 gonzalo silbe, my god.....
16:43 silbe gonzalo: I've mostly finished fixing that up, but it's too late to propose for inclusion in 0.96.
16:44 gonzalo silbe, would be good, looks like a bug not a feature
16:44 silbe gonzalo: it's a rather invasive set of changes
16:44 gonzalo silbe, ok
16:45 erikos sooooo, shall we close the discussion here for now?
16:45 we are running largely overdue
16:45 silbe fortunately it barely touches the UI side, so should not clash with the GTK3 work.
16:45 erikos and I think we advanced quite wel
16:45 l
16:45 walterbender erikos: seems we must defer, but if we can land the staging -- silbe's patch -- it seems we should
16:46 erikos walterbender: which patch?
16:46 silbe: you are talking about your webdav support, right?
16:46 walterbender erikos: his almost completed patch to sort out mount points in the Journal ^^
16:47 silbe: I don't know where your webdav work is described,hosted.
16:47 silbe erikos: about WebDAV support and the fixes it required to the Journal internals.
16:47 gonzalo erikos, i supose we will not need webdav support to solve as design issue in the journal....
16:47 silbe walterbender: only on my XOs so far.
16:48 erikos gonzalo: I don't understand the implications fully, tbh
16:48 walterbender silbe: maybe you could write a summary description to devel?
16:48 silbe walterbender: if you remind me next Monday, I will.
16:49 walterbender silbe: will do...
16:51 erikos ok, I would like to wrap up here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.96
16:51 this is what we mostly agreed on
16:51 looks like still a sane list to me
16:51 walterbender erikos: one more we didn't discuss: homeview background image :)
16:51 erikos silbe: you will be as well available for feature review, right?
16:52 silbe erikos: in general or at a specific time? The former is an obvious yes.
16:52 erikos silbe: only in general
16:52 silbe (since this is what we've been doing the last hour or so)
16:53 erikos silbe: I meant code wise
16:53 silbe sure, I'll review as usual. Which is another reason I don't like sudden rushes of activity, as I'll be the bottleneck in that case.
16:54 erikos silbe: right, we two are the ones that have to review all that
16:54 silbe: that is why I was interested to have a smaller list of features
16:55 walterbender: I guess, you do not want to hear my esthatical conerns do you? ;p
16:55 silbe erikos: I'm also interested in reducing the number because I'm part of the Design
16:55 erikos silbe: yes
16:55 silbe erikos: I'm also interested in reducing the number because I'm part of the Design Team as well - another bottleneck. :-/
16:55 garycmartin erikos: don't worry, has to get past the design team first before you can block on it ;)
16:55 silbe erikos: many of the ideas were very interesting, though. Would love to see them followed up some time later.
16:55 erikos and better to do a few well done features, than many half broken ones
16:56 silbe erikos: +10
16:56 there are enough of the latter in Gnome 3
16:56 runs & hides
16:57 erikos silbe: yes, I am very happy about the response to the call for feautures
16:57 loves GNOME 3, even if it has some issues
16:57 garycmartin: :)
16:58 walterbender has pies to make for Thanksgiving...
16:58 erikos sees the 2 hours mark approaching
16:58 silbe walterbender: have fun!
16:58 erikos yeah, let's wrap up
16:58 walterbender I guess background image is a no go :P
16:58 erikos I think it was broductive
16:58 bro? productive
16:58 silbe walterbender: sounds like a great custom hack for your developers ;)
16:59 erikos hehe, yeah
16:59 you have to earn it!
16:59 silbe walterbender: young, even
17:00 ok, anything else to discuss to get past the two hour mark?
17:00 erikos no sounds good - thanks everyone for attending!
17:00 gonzalo bye all!
17:00 erikos #endmeeting
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