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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-11-01 15:54:34

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15:54 meeting Meeting started Tue Nov  1 15:54:34 2011 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:54 gonzalo_ ha ha
15:55 erikos branch name: sugar-0.94 or sucrose-0.94 ?
15:55 garycmartin it momentarily confused… next version of Sugar will still be GTK3+ compatible
15:56 walterbender garycmartin: that is the hope
15:56 garycmartin so should the branch name be sugar-0.96, the last working build?
15:57 or am I very confused.
15:58 manuq ok, I'll give +1 to sugar-0.94 as the convention name for an activitie's branch that works on GTK-2, as it's simpler from the devs point of view
15:58 cjl gasry name is for the gtk2 version remaining behind
15:59 gonzalo_ erikos, the plan is move sugar module to use instrospection in 0.96 cycle?
15:59 manuq garycmartin: we are voting the convention name for the branch of activities, not for sugar
16:00 erikos #action check if ASLO supports well having different activity versions, dotted versions and major versions
16:00 cjl garycmartin: The gtk3 version just becomes master (if branched at all)  the gtk2 branch will have a recommended naming standard
16:00 erikos garycmartin: you will work for gtk3 on the master branch, no forking needed
16:00 cjl thinks he got that right
16:00 erikos garycmartin: you can fork again for GTK4 :)
16:01 garycmartin isn't the activity branch for indicating the last gtk2 compatible sugar it will run on?
16:01 erikos gonzalo_: you mean, that we access GTK3 through introspection in the sugar-toolkit?
16:01 gonzalo_ erikos, yes
16:02 erikos gonzalo_: the new toolkit already does that, there are no static bindings anymore, so we have to :)
16:02 garycmartin: the 'sucrose-0.94' will be the gtk2 branch, master will be the future branch (new features GTK3)...
16:03 gonzalo_ erikos, yeah, but sugar module, need be ported to the new sugar-toolkit
16:03 the views, journal...
16:03 erikos gonzalo_: the shell? ok...
16:03 gonzalo_: if we have time, we do yes, otherwise the shell (sugar) accesses the old toolkit
16:04 garycmartin is now positive he's very confused about branches and naming.
16:04 erikos gonzalo_: lets see how fast we move on with the toolkit porting and with the activity work
16:04 gonzalo_ erikos, ok
16:05 erikos garycmartin: I can write it up in the porting guide and show you the example in the hello-world activity, is that fine?
16:05 garycmartin erikos: sure.
16:05 gonzalo_ erikos, i have another concern related to branches, and pootle specifically
16:05 erikos #action check which activities uses a drawable which has to be replaced by cairo calls
16:06 #action write up cairo porting guide (walter)
16:06 gonzalo_: shoot
16:07 gonzalo_ erikos, right now pootle is using projects related to branches, if we create a sugar-0.94 branch in every ported activity, we will need document the developer should report to pootle maintainers
16:08 erikos gonzalo_: yes
16:08 gonzalo_ and pootle mainteiners will need create a honey094 project
16:08 and add every activity
16:08 right?
16:08 cjl gonzalo I don't think I want to do that.  I think we keep Pootle focused on master
16:09 Id someone doesn't branch, it is still pointed at the right place.
16:09 erikos gonzalo_ yes I think focusing on master is ok
16:09 cjl If someone does (and wants t orelease a gtk2 backport), they can deal with pomerge themselves.
16:09 gonzalo_ cjl, we can agree in a "no string changes" in the old branch
16:09 erikos gonzalo_ we just should tell the activity author to not port back stuff with strings
16:09 right
16:10 cjl gonzalo_  Iwould say strign changes on gtk2 branch will nto be supported in Poolte.
16:10 erikos ok, let's wrap up, we are already over time
16:10 gonzalo_ cjl, the problem will be all the user in gtk2 we will have for a few years
16:10 erikos I will work on the porting instructions after the meeting, help welcome
16:10 espacially when there are questions that come up while following the guide
16:10 gonzalo_ we have users using sugar 0.84 now (and probably 0.82 too)
16:11 cjl gonzalo_ we can discuss more after meeting
16:11 erikos and I will send it for review etc of course
16:11 garycmartin erikos: So I guess as we move an activity over to GTK3, we can also strip out all the backwards compatibility tweaks for old Sugar toolbars and suck like as well.
16:11 erikos garycmartin: yes
16:11 garycmartin: we can do the bg cleanup
16:12 ok, as noted in the mail, this will be a weekly meeting, so we will see again next week
16:12 I ant to keep the meetings short so externals can easily plan and participate
16:12 if people want to chat more after the meeting, ok, and great
16:12 walterbender weekly or biweekly ? devel team meetings inbetween?
16:13 erikos walterbender: weekly, this is the devel team meeting
16:13 gonzalo_ ok
16:13 walterbender erikos: OK...
16:13 cjl walterbender: you asre thinking alternating desgn and activ ity team perhaps?
16:13 erikos thanks everyone for attending!
16:13 5
16:13 4
16:13 3
16:14 2
16:14 1
16:14 #endmeeting
16:14 meeting Meeting ended Tue Nov  1 16:14:12 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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