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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-09-30 15:15:10

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15:15 meeting Meeting started Fri Sep 30 15:15:10 2011 UTC. The chair is icarito. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:15 icarito note we don't have a quorum today present so we can discuss and if specifics come up we can vote over email
15:15 raffael: thank you for following up
15:16 raffael: how did are your efforts going? :-)
15:16 #topic SL Germany
15:16 garycmartin <garycmartin!~garycmart@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:16 raffael Unfortunately it is a bit frustrating: Simon was not available for discussion
15:17 means: no news.
15:17 icarito raffael: is this blocking your efforts?
15:17 raffael definitely
15:17 cjl Simon as in erikos?
15:17 icarito is there a workaround? cjl erikos=simon
15:18 raffael I will keep on trying
15:18 cjl Then I think you need to cut erikos a little slack, he is in the middle of a release
15:20 raffael O.K. I will try. Maybe I have something to report next week
15:20 icarito cjl: its not very nice when one's efforts are blocked by someone else - raffael sorry there is such a process atm
15:21 raffael: maybe over email this can be discussed, maybe write to him and cc slobs to see if we can help
15:21 cjl icarito: I'm jsut saying that it is important to take into account that erikos is understandably very busy releaseing Sugar 0.94 over thepast week
15:21 icarito cjl: absolutely, erikos's work is very important
15:22 raffael: but so is yours!
15:23 raffael Thanks. I will send him another email this weekend. Is there a timeline for his release?
15:23 cjl http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
15:23 icarito i think the release happened yesterday
15:24 cjl The tarballs are jsut rolling out
15:24 raffael Then chances are good for me this weekend. I will try.
15:24 wernerio <wernerio!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:25 icarito raffael: whatever you manage to agree may be a model for other regions where more than one SL might emerge
15:25 raffael Exactly this was my idea
15:26 icarito growing pains ;-)
15:27 looking at meeting agenda at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ght_Board/Minutes
15:27 ok lets discuss a bit peru then?
15:28 #topic peru strategy and sugar camp 2011
15:28 #info Sugar Camp 2011 scheduled for Nov 18th, 19th at Escuelab, Lima, Peru
15:29 acaire11 well, we are planning on building a new image for peru during the sugar camp
15:30 we need some help
15:31 alsroot acaire11: what kind of help, could you elaborate
15:33 acaire11 from sugarlabs we need technical assistance, we would like to assemble a team capable of this
15:33 wernerio icarito: Hola Sebastian, saludos desde Santiago.  Is there more info on the Peru's Sugar Camp?
15:34 acaire11 wernerio: https://sites.google.com/a/som[…]ucarcamplima2011/ this is a temporal site
15:35 icarito wernerio: wenas ;-)
15:35 acaire11 basically, there is a new government in perú
15:35 alsroot #link https://sites.google.com/a/som[…]ucarcamplima2011/
15:35 acaire11 alsroot: thx
15:36 basically, there is a new government in perú
15:36 and so the door is now open for the local lab for the first time
15:37 our proposal to them is to update machines before the next educational cycle starts
15:37 cjl acaire11: The idea is to produce a volunteer-developed image as an alternative to the OLPC Peru image?
15:37 acaire11 cjl yes
15:37 cjl Or are you working wit hOLCP Peru to get them to adopt some content, etc.
15:38 alsroot acaire11: you can contact w/ Pablo Flores to share his experience, he took part in Sugar Camp in Montevideo, I guess icarito should know how to contact
15:38 acaire11 there will also be an additional content element, we have named "digital citizenship"
15:38 icarito the ministry is a big institution and several departments have manifested interest to participate, especially the muticultural side
15:39 acaire11 alsroot: yes, we have
15:40 cjl Practical question: Will this image need to be signed by OLPC in order to be used?
15:40 I a mnot sure fo the locked/unlocked status of Peru's XO laptops
15:41 icarito cjl: laptops are locked but open for request of developer keys, so this is the workaround in case we don't get them to sign
15:41 cjl ok
15:41 acaire11 alsroot: he has join throw AC, still we need SL technical support
15:41 icarito now if we build a great image with support for native languages and in collaboration with the ministry, they will have good reason to sign it
15:41 cjl yes
15:42 Have you guys worked wit hOSBuilder at all?
15:43 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OS_Builder
15:43 icarito cjl: i will be in charge of the technical team, I havent worked with osbuilder yet, this is why I need help - i'm thinking of bernie_ / bernie, alsroot , tch , m_anish , I don't know who else can help with this
15:43 acaire11 this may be the initial step to build a solid relationship with the deployment heads in the government
15:43 cjl ok
15:43 icarito i need to figure this out in advance as I'd like to integrate an image with what the content, translation and dev teams produce continually during the event
15:44 cjl I have a sense that there have not always been great relationships between OLPC effort and volunteers, but showing value-added is a good way t oget taken seriously.
15:45 icarito we are working on the list of people we need to engage in these teams, of course you would be invaluable for the translations team cjl
15:46 cjl icarito: I commit to making preparations in advance on Poolte and weorking on glibc locales, absolutely. attendance in person is not 100% sure.
15:46 acaire11 also, we would appreciate some help from the marketing team
15:46 alsroot icarito: from tech pov, having a new image is not a problem (at least I didn't face problems for my own humble exp., and for sure, I can help w/ an image) -- but the main issue, I guess, is signing. I abs. duno how it works on org. level..
15:46 acaire11: did you contact w/ Marketing Team coordinator for that?
15:47 icarito #info most machines in peru still are with image 767 (remember the launch icons at the bottom...?) -
15:47 #info there is a partial update to an os860 based version called "sugar 8 peru" - based on sugar 0.84
15:47 bernie oops, slobs meeting now?
15:48 alsroot acaire11: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]tacts#Coordinator
15:48 bernie sorry, i hadn't read my personal mail yet
15:48 acaire11 alsroot: not yet, I needed you guys to be informed in advance, since we are looking for a 100% of SL support on a press release
15:48 icarito hi bernie! welcome ;-)
15:49 bernie icarito: i'm glad to help out with the osbuilder and its intricacies :)
15:49 icarito bernie maybe you can come help us in peru building a community produced image? its a great opportunity
15:49 alsroot acaire11: not sure for others, but for me it will be useful to have a list of, at least common, points how SL can help. so we can start particular doing
15:50 acaire11: could you prepare this list and share it?
15:50 bernie icarito: i don't have any vacation time at the moment, but maybe later in december?
15:50 icarito alsroot: I will work on this from the technical side, thank you for your help - a secondary goal would be to do a TOAST image with the same content/translations but the main goal is an image for the XOs
15:50 acaire11 alsroot: yes #action prepare list of point how SL can help
15:51 icarito bernie: maybe I can write to your ED to send you, I promise to have you online all the time ;-)
15:51 alsroot #action prepare list of point how SL can help
15:51 icarito bernie: he has helped us in the past
15:51 bernie: its a strategic point in time
15:52 meeting * kokecontreras-es has joined
15:52 alsroot icarito: having TOAST on a XO, that should be a challenge.., there are bunch of intrenal details in OLPS's image for fereoda
15:53 meeting <kokecontreras-es> Sebastian good morning!
15:53 <icarito-es> Hi kokecontreras - to go to the meeting where we all write "/join #sugar-meeting"
15:53 <icarito-es> this is the channel of self-translation
15:53 kokecontreras <kokecontreras!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:53 meeting <icarito-es> is a record of what we discussed in http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2011-09-30
15:54 cjl icarito: I will send a detailed plan for L10n preparations, including some questions that will need to be answered to somosazucar list.
15:54 icarito alsroot: not TOAST on XO but toast for all other cases not XO
15:54 cjl: thank you very much your efforts are very much appreciated, you are getting famous around here ;-)
15:54 cjl :-)
15:55 acaire11 cjl: will you be willing to coordinate the translation marathon?
15:55 alsroot icarito: ok, than it shouldn't be a problem. when it will become more clear (what sugar version, what pathces, etc), ping me, I can contact w/ quidam to coordinate this effort
15:55 icarito cjl: our past methodology has been doing translations on paper first but this time we are open with more time and preparation
15:55 cjl acaire11: remotely if not necessarily in person.
15:56 icarito: I will provide some options to choose
15:56 icarito also more infrastructure, a better location, etc
15:56 alsroot: yes would be nice to involve quidam in this process
15:57 cjl If you can instaal virtaal, it is my suggested off-line PO editor (internal translation memory)
15:57 icarito alsroot: are you back in russia or still in latam?
15:57 bernie icarito: using fedora on the xo and trisquel everywhere else seems like a very good idea
15:57 cjl but spreadsheets work fine too
15:57 alsroot icarito: will be back at Feb 1
15:57 icarito bernie: yes I'm excited :-D
15:57 bernie icarito: this way you leverage all the integration work already done by others
15:57 walterbender <walterbender!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:57 icarito alsroot: back to russia or back to latam?
15:57 cjl hello walterbender
15:58 walterbender sorry I missed the meeting... connection problems
15:58 alsroot icarito: nope to russia, until Feb, I'm in .py
15:58 bernie icarito: how long would i have to stay if i come? i can promise at most 10 days
15:58 cjl haven't missed it all yet
15:58 icarito hi walterbender! we started a discussion hope you don't mind, its at http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2011-09-30
15:58 kokecontreras Hello icarito y acaire11
15:58 acaire11 we would love to host you all here in perú
15:59 hello koke :o)
15:59 icarito bernie: the event itself is only two days but you are welcome to stay as long as you want!
15:59 walterbender icarito: glad the discussion wasn't block by my connection problem
15:59 icarito alsroot: from .py maybe we can hope to bring you as well?
15:59 bernie icarito: ah ok if it's shorter then i can certainly afford it
15:59 acaire11 we have accomodations in escuelab for 4
16:00 icarito #info escuelab are our home base, hosted international volunteers etc
16:00 kokecontreras I'm coordinating with the General Directorate of Intercultural Bilingual Education and rural
16:00 icarito #link http://escuelab.org/
16:00 kokecontreras to have a technical team for translation
16:01 icarito kokecontreras is one great part of the team, coordinating the methodology / education team for the event
16:01 cjl kokecontreras: I would like to talk to them about preparations for a L10n marathon, particulaly glibc locales
16:01 acaire11 koke is leading the relationships with the local government
16:02 cjl koke, we should chat a bit after the meeting (or by e-mail).
16:02 icarito cjl: your written spanish is very good, btw!
16:03 cjl icarito: lightly tweaked google
16:03 kokecontreras There are very good technical readiness of the DIGEIBIR
16:03 cjl My spoken Spansih is abysmal :-)
16:03 bernie icarito: yo estoy bastante analfabeta en español
16:03 kokecontreras ok let's talk after the meeting
16:03 icarito ok wrapping up the topic, SL Peru has requested assistance in assembling the technical team for the preparation of an os image and from marketing team for a press release
16:04 acaire11 you all can come and practice a little bit!
16:04 kokecontreras My English is sponsored by Google Translator, it is very easy and friendly :-)
16:04 icarito wrt to techincal efforts, I'm coordinating and help from bernie would be the absolute best, as well as alsroot who has requested a detailed list to start working
16:05 bernie icarito: nice! onr question: will we try to target other deployments as well, or just peru? (i'm ok either way, it's a resource decision after all)
16:05 icarito bernie: at the moment peru is the goal but its a good starting point
16:06 bernie icarito: ok. i have to return to work now, but i have a thousands questions to ask you
16:06 icarito: would you be online later?
16:06 cjl bernie  Ican tell you tha tthe prep for indig lang L10n will be applicable elsewhere.
16:07 kokecontreras Peru needs a display of urgent development. We need to sensitize the government
16:07 icarito great i will love working with you - if you want we can voice some time, that should clear things up
16:07 kokecontreras is urgent and necessary
16:07 icarito bernie: yes I will
16:07 be online
16:08 acaire11 kokecontreras: we are getting the technical help we need :o)
16:09 bernie icarito: i prefer written communication when discussing technical things, but we could talk on the phone to plan my trip there
16:09 icarito ok i think that's all for now on this topic, thanks cjl, bernie and alsroot for your commitment to help! .5 million children will appreciate it
16:10 bernie -> lunch
16:10 acaire11 there are other objectives for our local lab, but the sugarcamp is our main start point
16:11 thank you all
16:11 icarito walterbender: i think we already spent the 1hr we scheduled, do you want to take over if there are more topics? otherwise I think we can wrap up for now?
16:12 walterbender the workshop here needs my attention, so let's continue next week. I'll read the log
16:12 cjl http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ght_Board/Minutes  The uncovered items can carry forward
16:13 Further review of team reports (Bernie) and SLOB election 2011 (Walter, LFaraone)
16:13 icarito ok then, thanks kokecontreras acaire11 cjl wernerio bernie and walterbender !
16:13 3...
16:13 ...2...
16:13 1...
16:14 #endmeeting
16:14 meeting Meeting ended Fri Sep 30 16:14:00 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:14 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-30T15:15:10.html
16:14 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-09-30T15:15:10

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