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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-08-03 14:02:31

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14:02 meeting Meeting started Wed Aug  3 14:02:31 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:03 m_anish #topic dx-3 release
14:03 silbe, i think we're pretty close? we can release early next week maybe?
14:04 silbe m_anish: are we? The latest build didn't work at all. :-/
14:04 m_anish silbe, lol, but we know the fix
14:04 silbe m_anish: the sound mixer issue hasn't been resolved either and mesh is probably enabled as well.
14:05 m_anish silbe, oh man!, mesh :/ /me forgot
14:06 silbe, http://git.sugarlabs.org/dextr[…]d/disable_mesh.sh
14:06 silbe, ^ shouldn't this work? including the dextrose-platform rpm
14:06 hasn't checked whether its been included
14:07 silbe m_anish: I don't think we have dextrose-platform for DX-3 yet. And it looks like only one half of the work - we also need to disable mesh during boot.
14:08 m_anish silbe, the dextrose-platform contains only this file AFAIK, so including it shouldn't be a problem. But I agree, about disabling it at boot time, but wouldn't that be in the libertias code?
14:09 jvonau silbe: isn't mesh disable a gconf setting?
14:09 silbe BTW, if we intend to call it DX-3 *alpha*, we might get away with lots of bugs. So we could fix just the ones mentioned above, do the release and focus on feature work for the next two weeks so that we'll get e.g. WebDAV support into Sugar 0.94 before it freezes.
14:11 jvonau: you're probably thinking of ad-hoc rather than mesh.
14:11 m_anish silbe, +1, but just need to ensure the build works(like fixing the olpc-kbdshim), even if it has bugs
14:11 silbe m_anish: of course
14:12 icarito <icarito!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:12 jvonau silbe: yes I was.. sorry
14:12 tch <tch!~tch@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:13 silbe m_anish: the libertas driver and NetworkManager enable mesh by default. We need to explicitly disable it a) during boot and b) on resume. IIRC b) is only in case the wifi chip was powered off during suspend (=> device disappears and reappears).
14:14 m_anish: if it were a module parameter instead of a sysfs file, it would work even across suspend. But my patch to do that was rejected upstream.
14:14 m_anish silbe, so, I'll give dx3 a test run today on the xo-1,  dirakx had tested on a 1.5, if we don't find any big blockers, i think we can go ahead and release
14:15 silbe, AFAIK the curret script in dx-platform, works during boot and after suspend
14:15 silbe I should follow up on that patch some time so we get a permanent solution, but not now™.
14:16 m_anish: does it get called explicitly from some other script during boot? Because as the name suggests scripts in /etc/powerd/postresume.d will only be executed after resume.
14:16 tch m_anish: for the boot moment is a custom script during the building process, what is in dx-platform is only for powerd resume policy
14:18 m_anish: just check the example files in the dx os-builder
14:18 m_anish tch, but the mesh was disabled after boot as well, i'm positive :-), does that happen because of something else
14:18 tch, okay
14:18 tch m_anish: yes, and like i said that is being done with a script created with another custom script during image building process haha
14:18 m_anish tch, ah! ok :)
14:19 tch, (glad to hear frm you btw)
14:20 silbe, so, if we can get these fixed soon enough, dx-3-alpha should be good to go?
14:21 silbe m_anish: I'd say so - in the understanding that as an alpha release it's expected to be buggy.
14:21 m_anish silbe, +1
14:21 silbe (or at least OK if it is buggy)
14:21 m_anish okay, next topic...
14:21 #topic dx12 planning, roadmap
14:22 alsroot, silbe i sent the rough roadmap today, would like to know your thoughts (IRC, mail) :)
14:22 silbe m_anish: it would be nice if you could a) include other roadmaps (Sugar, OLPC) for comparison and b) include a plain text copy in the mail for easy overview.
14:22 alsroot m_anish: will see..
14:23 m_anish silbe, +1 exactly, that was my concern to, syncing with olpc/sugar
14:23 silbe (and easier replying as well)
14:24 m_anish: I guess so, but couldn't tell without the dates from the other roadmaps (and didn't get around to looking them up yet, just had a quick glance at your PDF).
14:24 m_anish #action m_anish send plain text email (for just development roadmap)
14:24 #action include olpc/sugar roadmaps in the spreadsheet
14:25 silbe, the idea behind spreadsheet was that everyone (platform, activity, community, QA) can look at it and knows what's happening, have all info in one place
14:25 but agree that, just for platform, should have plain text too
14:25 alsroot, thanks!
14:26 silbe, any immediate problems you see with it?
14:27 silbe m_anish: Not yet because I couldn't compare with other roadmaps yet.
14:27 m_anish silbe, ok
14:28 silbe m_anish: if you're already at it, it would be nice to have the SugarCamp Paris date listed as well. I'm considering arriving early / departing late to have a hacking session.
14:28 BTW, anyone else going to come?
14:29 m_anish silbe, ok, will add, do you have a link for its schedule?
14:29 alsroot, silbe, I had sent an email about the dx12-objectives too, we'll need to get to discussing that too, maybe early next week as well?
14:30 much of the objectives are driven by olpc.au and captured in their bug-tracker
14:30 silbe #link http://fr.amiando.com/olpcfran[…]ugarcamp2011.html SugarCamp Paris 2011 program and registration (free entrance, travel sponsorships available)
14:31 alsroot m_anish: btw, will dx3 use 0.9x?
14:31 m_anish alsroot, yep
14:31 silbe m_anish: FWIW it looked good at first sight. Do you know what priority connecting to networks with hidden SSIDs has for OLPC-AU (wasn't mentioned in your email)? jvonau?
14:31 christophd silbe: not sure whether you've seen my mail already but I'll stay 2 1/2 extra days in Paris. also want to do some relaxing but would definitely be up for a hacking, writing, working session with you and others on Monday
14:32 silbe christophd: yep, registered it with delight :)
14:32 m_anish silbe, ah, I added you as a watcher on the related ticket in the au bugtracker
14:33 jvonau silbe: I have a workaround for hidden SSID support.
14:33 m_anish silbe, we'll have to get to that when we're going through the au tracker :)
14:33 silbe we need to discuss meeting time, BTW - otherwise staying longer than for the weekend will be impossible for me.
14:33 (yeah, the implication isn't obvious, I can explain in private :) )
14:34 jvonau: ah, good, so it isn't that important for the December 2011 release?
14:35 jvonau It would be nice, we can work on that.. I'd have to explain how it works, and there really isn't a big change.
14:35 m_anish next topic... who wants to be patch manager for dx12 ;-)
14:35 christophd silbe: should we wait for bastien to return in a week or start discussing a post-camp hacking day on the lists asap?
14:35 m_anish i can do it if needed :)
14:37 silbe christophd: since your schedule is already fixed now (having booked your flight), we should start discussion on-list ASAP.
14:38 m_anish: if you handle the distro side, I can do the Sugar parts. That way we should be most efficient.
14:38 m_anish silbe, agree!
14:38 icarito read in backlog - question regarding deactivating mesh -> does ad-hoc replace this functionality transparently to the user?
14:39 m_anish #agreed m_anish patch manager for dx12 ( m_anish handle distro parts, silbe handle sugar side)
14:39 icarito or will "under the tree" work?
14:39 m_anish icarito, yes
14:39 icarito ah ok great
14:39 silbe icarito: More or less, yes. And only XO-1s have mesh at all. Both XO-1.5 and XO-1.75 (AFAIK) don't.
14:39 m_anish ok, next topic...
14:39 #topic status updates
14:39 silbe icarito: the UI for the default Ad-hoc "channels" is very similar to the UI for the mesh channels.
14:40 m_anish dirakx, start with you?
14:40 dirakx1 m_anish: ok
14:40 m_anish dirakx, :)
14:40 silbe icarito: it should work even better, including with non-XOs.
14:40 listens
14:40 icarito cool
14:41 dirakx1 has been working with AU and UY, stablishing workflows along with flavio and sebastian. doing pootle maint and some upstream work with activities.
14:41 it's the same, but cool.
14:41 that's it.
14:42 m_anish dirakx, ok
14:42 thanks
14:42 icarito, status update? :)
14:44 christophd silbe: okay, I'll send out a message :)
14:44 icarito ok I did some fixes for activities for olpcau - mostly screencast got a revamp in UI (to be released upstream) - and refactored most of the websdk into a separate package - also starting moving to flask python web framework especially because it comes with an excellent debugger
14:45 that's it also ready to start journey to peru next monday
14:46 m_anish icarito, nice :), thanks
14:46 alsroot, any updates from py?
14:46 icarito, travel safe! :)
14:47 alsroot m_anish: I'm workin on visa and will stay here for 6m to push sugar server to production here
14:47 needs to run
14:47 m_anish alsroot, ok,nice! chau
14:48 dirakx1 alsroot: bye...chao
14:48 m_anish silbe, status update?
14:48 silbe alsroot: have fun!
14:48 dirakx1 didn't know that alsroot was working with PY.
14:49 silbe m_anish: not much to announce today - did lots of "small" stuff (that took more time than I'd like) and catching up.
14:50 m_anish silbe, ok
14:51 silbe we might still have a licensing issue with our Dextrose "logo", BTW.
14:51 icarito thanks m_anish
14:51 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:52 m_anish from my side, I mailed a platform-team update to the team. I've been working on roadmap, planning, and related stuff. From my side, I hope to finalize the roadmap and maake it public by the next AC meeting
14:52 silbe, hmm, you'd need to raise it with david, IMHO
14:53 so i'd like feedback on the pdf/spreadsheet i emailed. also dirakx you'd probably need to coordinate the activity team activities around it, so please have a look at too :)
14:53 silbe m_anish: it should be more of a technical issue: we need to include the attribution in the build, not just in the source.
14:54 the Design Team is apparently going to meet here in ~5 minutes, so we better hurry up.
14:54 m_anish silbe, ah! are you talking about the 'by ActivityCentral' thing?
14:54 silbe, +1
14:54 silbe can we discuss meeting time?
14:54 m_anish #topic AC weekly meeting time
14:54 dirakx1 m_anish: will do thanks.
14:54 silbe m_anish: nop, the chemical structure picture
14:54 m_anish silbe, ah!
14:54 gonzalo <gonzalo!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:54 m_anish :)
14:54 okay, I'm okay with all days 0400-1600 UTC
14:54 except tuesday 14-15 UTC
14:55 silbe m_anish: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ugust/001332.html
14:55 dirakx1 I'm also o.k with that hours.
14:55 m_anish silbe, you wanted to move to friday or mnday?
14:55 silbe I'd prefer Monday since there's already another meeting I'm joining.
14:55 m_anish silbe, ok i'll see it after the meeting
14:55 jvonau FWIW my workaround for hidden SSID support was documented by Quozl at: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Wifi[…]y#Hidden_Networks All I do is have os-builder change plugin=keyfile
14:55 m_anish How about 13-14 UTC or 15-16 UTC?
14:56 #link http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ugust/001332.html
14:56 dirakx1 m_anish: we have dept meeting on monday.
14:56 m_anish #link http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Wifi[…]y#Hidden_Networks
14:56 dirakx1 14 UTC.
14:56 m_anish dirakx, yep, from 14-15
14:56 dirakx1 monday 15-16 should be o.k then.
14:56 m_anish so I was thinking before/after it?
14:57 jvonau any day is fine for me prefer 15-16 UTC
14:57 m_anish icarito, jvonau alsroot does that time work?
14:57 k
14:57 dirakx1 we have activities meeting bfore so after is better.
14:57 m_anish silbe, 15-16 UTC on monday work for you?
14:58 dirakx1 activiites meeting of AC that is.
14:58 icarito m_anish: yes 15-16 works better
14:58 we have team meeting at 13
14:58 m_anish ok, /me waiting for ACK from silbe :)
14:59 silbe m_anish: 15 UTC is a bit tight since the other meeting is at 14 UTC, but it would be better than meeting on another day.
14:59 dirakx1 icarito: yep from 13 to 14.
14:59 silbe: +1 on that.
14:59 m_anish ok, should we take this on #sugar and close the meeting here, we're out of time?
14:59 silbe dirakx1, icarito: would 16 UTC work for you? How about jvonau?
14:59 m_anish or 1530?
15:00 icarito dirakx1, m_anish  - maybe activity team meeting should happen after general team meeting?
15:00 jvonau works for me
15:00 Eli-5dce <Eli-5dce!~urk@71-211-53-142.clsp.qwest.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:00 icarito dirakx1: maybe we can still do 13-14 for general team meeting
15:00 dirakx1 silbe: works for me.
15:00 Eli-5dce has left #sugar-meeting
15:01 icarito dirakx1: we can have activity team meeting at 15
15:01 silbe ok, great. So let's say Mondays 16:00 UTC.
15:01 jvonau +1
15:01 m_anish ok, mondays 1530 would be preferred for me, can't we roll it back 30 mins ;-)?
15:01 dirakx1 icarito: yep that could work.
15:01 silbe FYI: we can continue here until manuq and garycmartin show up.
15:01 icarito +1 for 15
15:02 it would be nice to keep meetings at 1h
15:02 +1 for 13 actually
15:02 silbe m_anish: no problem, 1.5h should be enough for the other meeting.
15:03 as long as we don't overlap regularly, it isn't a problem.
15:03 icarito ok 15.30 works for me too
15:03 m_anish icarito, ok
15:03 dirakx1 +1 oen on 15:30
15:03 m_anish #agreed 1530UTC mondays AC weekly meeting
15:03 silbe thanks!
15:03 m_anish (before someone suggest some other time) :)
15:03 dirakx1 :)
15:03 jvonau lol..
15:03 m_anish silbe, yw
15:03 icarito :-)
15:04 m_anish ok, anything else left to discuss
15:04 ?
15:04 3
15:04 silbe who's going to work on what for a) DX-3 (alpha)
15:04 and b) DX-12 / DX-3 non-alpha?
15:05 m_anish for dx-3 alpha, i can testdrive on xo-1, and help with bugs...
15:05 silbe since feature freeze is soon, we need to start ASAP.
15:05 m_anish yep, +1
15:05 silbe m_anish: can you work on the mesh issue and do a new build?
15:05 icarito about roadmap seems feature freeze is pretty soon
15:05 m_anish silbe, i can try today, but i'm offline next 2-3 days :/
15:05 dirakx1 I can help with testing on xo-1.5
15:06 icarito m_anish: what kind of things can't be done after feature freeze?
15:06 silbe that would leave me free to work on WebDAV
15:06 jvonau I'll help test also
15:06 silbe jvonau: great, thanks!
15:06 m_anish actually it would be a good idea to run through the au tracker soon and incorporate any new features they have mentioned in tickets
15:06 #topic dx-3 alpha and dx-3 post-alpha work division
15:07 silbe BTW, anybody up to looking into the alsamixer issue? Firing up the OLPC release and checking if they have the same issue would be a good start.
15:07 m_anish icarito, the idea of feature freeze from platform pt. of view is that we settle on a kind of 'list' of what will go in the buuld
15:08 after that, we just code, fix issues, test, QA
15:08 silbe, afraid I can't do that, in the next 3 days atleast :/
15:08 icarito ok
15:08 silbe m_anish: for upstream (Glucose) feature freeze is the deadline for _landing_ the code. So we need to have it working and submitted for review before that date.
15:08 m_anish (alsamixer issue)
15:09 silbe anyone else with an XO-1? As mentioned, just checking the OLPC build for the same issue would help a lot.
15:09 m_anish silbe, ok, for us that would be 'Alpha-3' in the roadmap doc, IMHO
15:09 the sugar feature freeze is in 2 weeks, too soon for us..
15:10 jvonau what bug# is the alsamixer issue?
15:10 m_anish jvonau, you had some things you wanted to get upstreamed, that would be the date
15:10 silbe m_anish: would be good to spell that out in our Roadmap
15:10 jvonau m_anish: it's in the au tracker
15:10 m_anish mentioned it against 'alpha-3' notes, (which need to be more verbose) :)
15:11 silbe jvonau: not sure I've filed one yet. It's easy to recognise, though: If you start alsamixer, you'll see a _lot_ of different controls and only "weird" combinations of them enable actual output of sound.
15:11 icarito silbe, m_anish that's also how I understood feature freeze, but if its a list, sounds more flexible
15:11 silbe jvonau: whereas it should show just a few controls (master, PCM, DC mode, bias voltage).
15:12 jvonau I'll have a look at the OLPC build
15:12 silbe jvonau: great, thanks!
15:14 m_anish another point to consider would be how to integrate QA into all of this, /me and david are gonna be working on this
15:14 christophd has quit IRC
15:15 silbe m_anish: FWIW, I've been working (again) on replacing sugar-toolkits ancient copy of gnome-session with using upstream gnome-session directly. One advantage is that the accessibility helpers will get started, a necessary step towards automated UI testing.
15:16 m_anish silbe, nice!
15:16 dirakx1 m_anish: cool. QA is very important, if you came with a plan keep me in the loop.
15:16 m_anish dirakx1,  +1
15:17 dirakx1, i think activities are gonna be a significant part of it
15:17 silbe with walterbender and rgs hacking on Sugar to get rid of hippo-canvas, we might be able to resume work on automated UI tests soon. It won't happen in time for 0.94, of course, but still a good start.
15:18 m_anish ok, endmeeting?
15:18 silbe m_anish: activities should be testable even today. We "just" have no documentation on how to do it (and it isn't easy to figure out).
15:18 m_anish: +1
15:18 m_anish silbe, yep
15:18 #endmeeting
15:18 meeting Meeting ended Wed Aug  3 15:18:45 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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