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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-07-27 14:01:52

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14:01 meeting Meeting started Wed Jul 27 14:01:52 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:02 m_anish welcome all :-)
14:02 silbe is there, just still busy filling out the CP form :)
14:02 m_anish silbe, ah :)
14:02 silbe (for the XO-1.75)
14:03 m_anish First, lets start with a couple of updates...
14:04 (1) We settled on the way we'll handle .au support requests. all requests will be sent to support@activitycentral.com and cced to jvonau yama` and me or rafael. We expect that all AC devs will be subscribed to that list and anybody can answer the queries if they see a solution.
14:04 silbe, can you create a private mailing list with that id?
14:05 icarito <icarito!~urk@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:05 icarito hola
14:05 m_anish icarito, hi, just started
14:05 dirakx icarito: hola.
14:05 silbe m_anish: shouldn't we call it support-au, au-support or something like that?
14:06 icarito i'm having issues with internet, my wall voltage is I guess at 30% or so atm
14:06 m_anish silbe, hmm, yah, I agree
14:06 icarito_web_just <icarito_web_just!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 silbe m_anish: choose a name and I'll create the list.
14:07 m_anish silbe, great! i think yama` sent you a list of all email id's from au side that need to be subscribed , also subscribe ALL AC devs
14:08 icarito_web_just silbe, m_anish did you think maybe roundup could be a solution?
14:08 silbe m_anish: yup, apart from the name I have everything I need. I'll just cascade it with team@. That way we cannot forgot to add someone to the list.
14:08 icarito_web_just: No, I don't think so.
14:08 icarito_web_just http://roundup.sourceforge.net/docs/features.html
14:08 m_anish silbe, ok
14:08 silbe (overhead etc.)
14:08 dirakx m_anish: silbe my opinion is that for simplicity we should name only support, plus the idea is to have all @team there.
14:09 m_anish icarito_web_just, the mailing list soln, everybody's happy with :)
14:10 silbe dirakx: there are not just AC devs on it, but also OLPC-AU members. If we get contracted by a different deployment, we probably wouldn't want OLPC-AU to get all the support mails, but rather just their own ones.
14:10 m_anish silbe, dirakx i'm ok with either, we might need separate lists if we were to provide these services to more deployments in the future
14:11 dirakx silbe: hmm right.
14:11 ok better support-au then.
14:11 silbe m_anish: separating the lists is easy, just a few lines of config. Changing the name is much harder because it needs to be changed on a lot of systems and heads.
14:12 m_anish silbe, ok, in that case, lets go with support-au@activitycentral.com as per dirakx suggestion
14:13 silbe it might turn out that I need to duplicate the memberships right away if Mailman doesn't play nice, but I'll see that once I try.
14:13 m_anish: ok
14:13 icarito_web_just +1
14:13 dirakx +1.
14:13 m_anish (although , au-support will be better in terms of text-autocomplete) ;-)
14:13 silbe #action silbe to create ML support-au@ with team@ + OLPC-AU members listed in yama`s email
14:14 m_anish ok, i'll leave silbe to chose :)
14:14 icarito_web_just i still think a solution like roundup could help with these workflows
14:15 silbe icarito_web_just: I'm wary of throwing another web service at it. If we have trouble doing it by email, we might look at possible tools, but for now it just increases the overhead of a) the people responding to support requests and b) the infra team.
14:16 m_anish next (2) me, rafael had a meeting with Daniel (uy) on tuesday, and we settled on basic ticket workflow, which is quite similar to .au . FWIW, they use redmime as well
14:16 dirakx, do you have anything to add to that?
14:16 icarito_web_just i'm concerned it hurts the ability of non-devs to trace issues
14:16 silbe and if we go for a web service, a second instance of Trac might be better than yet another service that needs to be maintained.
14:16 dirakx m_anish: nope o.k.
14:17 icarito_web_just silbe: sorry to go on with this but roundup is not just a web service but an email management tool like rt and mailman
14:17 it creates a mailing list per issue acording to rules
14:17 silbe BTW, what's the exact purpose of au-support in comparison with dev.laptop.org.au?
14:17 icarito_web_just it just happens to have an ability to trace from the web, like you do with mailman archives
14:18 only friendlier
14:18 dirakx m_anish: only that we will be having also accounts for our devs also in that redmine.
14:18 m_anish dirakx, ahh, could you remind daniel for creating the accounts?
14:18 dirakx silbe: au-support will be used by support on-site people of AU.
14:18 m_anish: sure. :)
14:18 silbe icarito_web_just: of which we already have both and I can't even administer RT. :)
14:19 icarito_web_just yes rt is a disaster but roundup is supposed to be meant to replace it
14:20 ok that was my last push sorry to bog the meeting down
14:20 silbe icarito_web_just: I'm not saying we shouldn't even try it, just that the infra team is already too busy to have set up the OLPC-AU mirror in time.
14:20 dirakx #action dirakx to remind daniel about dev accounts creation on UY's readmine.
14:21 m_anish icarito_web_just, silbe , for .au atleast we'll be using mailing lists for now (since AU-AC has agreed to that)... we might consider these options for future deployments or when we look at it again in a couple of months
14:21 silbe icarito_web_just: and FWIW I don't really like the Roundup web interface either (some other project uses it for issue tracking, though I don't remember which one).
14:21 icarito sure whatever works is best :-)
14:21 silbe m_anish: +1
14:22 dirakx yep, for now mailing lists are o.k but we should revisit in terms of scalability.
14:22 silbe I haven't really understood the difference between the ML and the OLPC-AU bug tracker, though. In which case would you use one or the other?
14:22 m_anish silbe, ah! ok, let me explain...
14:23 silbe, this mailing list is _only_ for support requests/queries from .au team. They just rolled out 10.1.3-au in field and this mailing list is meant to handle support requests for that...
14:24 dirakx +1.
14:24 m_anish silbe, for these requests, yama`  and jvonau would be having answers, however, if they don't we'd handle them
14:24 silbe m_anish: but why not file tickets on dev.laptop.org.au for those requests? Different audience? Reduced overhead?
14:25 m_anish silbe, for everything else development wise the .au tracker will be used.
14:25 silbe (I'm not suggesting to file tickets for everything, just trying to figure out what to use each channel for)
14:26 m_anish silbe, yep, different audience, and reduced overhead. we don't need redmime complexity for answering queries (or that's what we think) :)
14:26 silbe m_anish: let's phrase it differently: What's special about the requests that come in via the list?
14:26 m_anish: ok
14:26 m_anish silbe, so the mailing list would be for support queries w.r.t their 10.1.3-au . they typically won't require us to code anything, or submit any sort of patches etc...
14:27 silbe, the tracker would be used while developing dx12, fixing bugs/enhancements
14:27 silbe ok, makes sense now, thx!
14:27 m_anish silbe, yw :)
14:28 ok, moving on...
14:29 #topic porting, upstreaming and dx3-release
14:29 icarito_web_just thinking maybe we can take advantage of redmine itself https://we.riseup.net/cgdev/us[…]mail-with-redmine
14:30 m_anish silbe, I'm looking into the patches you told me to port, also managed to download latest build for xo-1, will let you know how the tests go
14:30 silbe, any roadblocks or anywhere we could help re: upstreaming.
14:30 silbe m_anish: which patches? I thought I had ported everything to DX3.
14:31 m_anish: or do you mean distro level patches (e.g. mesh) rather than Sugar?
14:31 m_anish silbe, you had told me a couple.. mesh
14:31 silbe, yah
14:31 silbe ah, ok.
14:32 m_anish #action m_anish ping esteban/uy re: accessibility patches
14:32 silbe m_anish: the focus is on releasing DX-3 right now, no upstreaming work.
14:32 m_anish #action m_anish port disable-mesh patch
14:33 silbe, ok
14:33 dirakx has quit IRC
14:33 silbe It's ok to ping esteban, of course :)
14:33 dirakx1 has quit IRC
14:33 m_anish :-)
14:34 silbe But we've delayed the release for more than a week now, we should really get it finished.
14:34 m_anish silbe, yah, agree!
14:34 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:34 silbe This release was meant for synchronising with the OLPC schedule. We're not exactly good on that front. :-/
14:35 especially considering how few DX3 specific work has been done.
14:36 m_anish silbe, yep, i was offline for a major part of dx-3 (1.5 months), so I couldn't follow the development much
14:36 silbe m_anish: no offense meant
14:36 I'm grateful that you're helping now.
14:36 m_anish silbe, none taken :)
14:38 silbe BTW, dirakx have you got around to testing DX3? Found anything yet?
14:39 #link http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]rose/testing/dx3/ download location for DX3 builds
14:39 dirakx silbe: not yet..I've been busy on other stuff. but I'm going to test it today. I'll report any issues to you then.
14:39 silbe: or maybe bug-track it ?.
14:40 silbe #info latest builds are dx3ng024 for XO-1 and dx3ng025 for XO-1.5
14:41 dirakx: filing tickets on bugs.sl.o is preferred, but posting to dextrose@ is fine as well.
14:41 dirakx silbe: o.k
14:42 icarito silbe: is there a way I can try dx3 sugar branch in my regular system?
14:42 dirakx #action dirakx to test dx3 latest build.
14:43 icarito do I select a branch in git sugar-jhbuild or something? my connections is weak
14:43 s/connections/connection/
14:44 silbe #link https://people.sugarlabs.org/~[…]xtrose/patchsets/ Dextrose 3 patch set tarballs
14:45 icarito: just import the latest patch set from ^ using git am. It's based on the mainline sucrose-0.92 branches.
14:45 icarito_web_just cool will try it I think I need to update sjhbuild ^ :-)
14:46 silbe icarito: you might need to drop a small number of patches that fix differences between the git repo and the release tarballs, but otherwise the patches should apply cleanly.
14:46 icarito: careful with updating jhbuild, they (upstream=Gnome) broke activity installation and I haven't got around to fix it yet. :-/
14:47 I know roughly what needs to be done, but right now getting DX3 out is my #1 priority.
14:47 icarito_web_just sure, dont let me interfere
14:47 :-)
14:48 silbe icarito_web_just: you don't :)
14:50 m_anish Ok, I don't know if anyone wants to do status updates considering the last meeting wasn't too long ago (sat). If anyone has anything to share or ask, please do.
14:51 dirakx is o.k on updates. :).
14:51 icarito no, still same, working on bugs by au and adding collaboration to websdk tunnelling http over stream tubes
14:52 found an example of tunnelling ssh with share-term by ben shwartz so now i'm stealing that implementation
14:52 share-term-activity transparently shares a terminal session using ssh and screen
14:52 s/stealing/being inspired by/g
14:53 silbe still needs to try ShareTerm :-/
14:53 dirakx icarito: btw don't forget to track your time in redmine for whaterver action you made regarding bugs.
14:53 m_anish hasn't heard of ShareTerm before :/
14:54 icarito dirakx: ok its best to do it in redmine, otherwise its doing tracking twice
14:54 dirakx icarito +1.
14:56 m_anish ok, closing in 3...
14:56 2..
14:56 1.
14:57 #endmeeting
14:57 meeting Meeting ended Wed Jul 27 14:57:00 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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