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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-07-16 14:01:39

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14:01 meeting Meeting started Sat Jul 16 14:01:39 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:02 m_anish anyone want to raise any points they consider of importance before we start status updates?
14:03 alsroot m_anish: do we have a plan for this meeting?
14:05 m_anish alsroot, I have a few points in mind, dx3 release (silbe), jvonau might have points
14:05 ...on the meeting we had earlier in the week.
14:05 Also, I want to move this meeting to a weekday if its not a blocker to anyone.
14:06 dirakx we can say that we are starting to make a workflow with jvonau and yama. (we still need to define the next meeting time) (just info).
14:06 silbe sorry, got to catch a train and my shiny new UMTS doesn't want to work right now. I'll try to tune in ASAP.
14:06 m_anish dirakx, yep (and hi ;-) )
14:06 silbe, ok, catch you later
14:06 jvonau weekdays are much better for me
14:08 dirakx m_anish: are we talking about the general AC meeting ?. (btw hi). I'm up for weekdays.
14:08 alsroot doesn't have preferences but icarito had
14:08 m_anish dirakx, yep, this one
14:08 icarito alsroot my preference was about the hour, this time is good for me
14:09 m_anish icarito, is moving to a weekday okay for you? IIRC we had to choose of a weekend because of smparrish and bernie
14:10 silbe has quit IRC
14:11 icarito i have no problem
14:11 m_anish icarito, ok, great
14:11 #action m_anish follow up on email: reschedule AC weekly meeting to a weekday.
14:12 ok moving on, jvonau is there anything specific you want to discuss (reflecting on the meeting earlier)?
14:13 jvonau think proxy support for yum is at the top for me.
14:14 m_anish jvonau and yama` have started to assign tickets to me, dirakx  from the AU bugtracker to look up on. Until we have a 'cc' field in the bugtracker, i'll be keeping alsroot for dx-platform ones i come across.
14:14 jvonau, ok
14:15 dirakx m_anish: sounds good. thanks.
14:15 m_anish jvonau, there was a patch somewhere for the proxy support in the au build that needs to be ported to dx, right?
14:16 jvonau Yes, the proxy settings are stored as users setting in gconf while yum wants you have the info in the .conf file
14:18 The idea I'm running with is to have sugar and gnome read the .conf settings of the olpc user account and then populate an external file that is referenced by yum.conf with an include statement..
14:19 m_anish jvonau, yup makes sense
14:19 #info dx12 would be having gnome, so we'd be working towards making gnome and sugar work together better.
14:20 icarito +1
14:20 jvonau +1
14:20 icarito i know silbe was working on that a bit
14:21 i'm using sugar on machine and the lack of integration is a bit painful sometimes
14:21 m_anish icarito, +1
14:22 for dx2, gnome-sugar integration didn't receive much, if at all any, attention since py was not interested in putting gnome in their builds
14:22 icarito i even tried to implement startup notification and associate window to sugar shell in a wrapper script but failed miserably
14:23 dirakx :).
14:23 m_anish ok, good that this is seen as a pain point :)
14:24 moving on, status updates :)
14:26 dirakx m_anish: still we need to define next time meeting with jvonau
14:26 bfore we continue.
14:27 m_anish dirakx, right
14:27 jvonau whatever time you can come up with is fine with me.
14:27 m_anish i guess jvonau dirakx icarito are in similar time zone :) me and yama` are in vastly different ones
14:28 dirakx we can try monday a little earlier..
14:28 m_anish hmm, i already woke up 6:30 am, a little earlier would be a little harder
14:28 dirakx m_anish: ups.
14:28 :)
14:29 silbe <silbe!~silbe@cl-425.cgn-01.de.sixxs.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:29 m_anish i'm fine with the previous meeting time, a little later would be ok as well
14:29 silbe, hey, welcome back!
14:29 dirakx the thing is trying to coordinate all this diferent TZ, I think we can leave it as it's now.
14:30 m_anish dirakx, +1 from me
14:30 jvonau seems fine to me
14:30 dirakx o.k.
14:31 m_anish #agreed next AC-au skype meeting on the same time as last week's
14:31 dirakx nice.
14:31 jvonau +1
14:31 m_anish #action settle on meeting times for subsequent AC-au skype meetings
14:31 dirakx, continuing with your status update now :)
14:32 dirakx m_anish: o.k nothing special to say.I did mostly the same as last week. and will continue this week in doing so.
14:32 that's it. :).
14:33 m_anish dirakx, ok, nice!
14:34 #topic silbe status update
14:34 silbe ok, in a bus now, not sure how well the connection will work
14:35 I've worked on WebDAV this week
14:35 hacked GVFS to support reading arbitrary properties from WebDAV
14:35 (no writing yet)
14:35 fixed a bug in journal2webdav discovered during gvfs tests
14:36 hacked a WIP patch for the Journal to access WebDAV. Local read-only access working again, WebDAV listing worked but was buggy (as expected).
14:37 m_anish silbe, ok, by when do you expect webDAV to be relatively stable?
14:38 silbe bought a UMTS stick to test the 3G support in Sugar
14:38 "interesting" adventure into the buggy world of GSM/UMTS.
14:38 m_anish :)
14:38 silbe but as you can see I got it working :)
14:39 icarito silbe: welcome to my buggy internet life
14:39 m_anish icarito, haha
14:39 silbe I hope by next week, depending on how much I'm going to work on other things
14:39 IIRC there are some patches in the q that need reviewing
14:39 m_anish silbe, ok
14:39 silbe, posted on sugar-devel?
14:40 silbe the microformat updater patch should be tested, too
14:40 m_anish: yep
14:40 m_anish doesn't follow sugar-devel very closely these days
14:40 silbe, yah, I can't seem to find a working xo1.5, I have 3 and all have some different problems :(. I got my hands on a xo-1 today that works
14:41 silbe m_anish: I can try to upload an XO-1 tomorrow
14:41 *XO-1 build
14:41 icarito needs a some XOs as well
14:41 m_anish silbe, that'd be helpful
14:41 silbe hmm, wait, not sure that'll help you - it doesn't have the patch...
14:42 m_anish icarito, ok, i/we can talk with david about this, or perhaps adam :)
14:42 silbe the patch is against mainline master, not dextrose-3 (which has your patch)
14:42 icarito yes actually I forgot to follow up with dfarning about this
14:43 m_anish #action m_anish follow up with dfarning re: xos for m_anish and icarito
14:43 silbe, ok. I'll try some h/w hacks on the 1.5's i have then, I have a serial cable as well...
14:44 silbe m_anish: ok. I'll try to be online tomorrow in case you need help
14:44 m_anish silbe, apart from the mf-updater, what other things do you see need to be done before releasing dx3
14:44 silbe m_anish: quite a lot :-/
14:45 m_anish silbe, okay, we should chat on IRC sometime then :)
14:45 silbe (sorry to be unspecific - I don't remember off the top of my head)
14:45 definitely. Will you be online tomorrow?
14:45 m_anish silbe, np, I do remember the mail you sent to dx-ml summing up various patches et al.
14:45 silbe, yep
14:47 #action m_anish silbe : need to chat about dx-3 release/roadmap
14:47 silbe, ok, anything else (for status update)?
14:48 silbe m_anish: nop
14:48 got to go now :-/
14:48 m_anish silbe, ok
14:48 silbe catch you tomorrow
14:48 m_anish silbe, catch you later, thanks!
14:48 #topic alsroot status update
14:49 alsroot does the same, still on the same TODO
14:52 silbe has quit IRC
14:52 m_anish alsroot, ok, nice!, we need to gradually shift our focus to au-centric work, are you free tomorrow to discuss.
14:53 alsroot, also, I wanted to discuss on using sweets for dx-12 developent (like you did for dx2)
14:54 alsroot m_anish: sure, but it depends on what you mean for "our focus". my plans still the same, Aug 18, release of Sugar Server v1.0, followed 3m work on downstream solution and I'm in hope to interest pyeduca to work w/ me on that because .py is exactly the place for such stuff
14:55 m_anish: for sweets, I'm all time open for discussions as well
14:56 m_anish alsroot, ok, i'll ping you tomorrow re: both then :)
14:56 alsroot, anything else/specific you want to discuss
14:56 (today) ;-)
14:59 alsroot m_anish: nope
14:59 m_anish alsroot, ok
14:59 #topic icarito status update
15:00 icarito has quit IRC
15:01 icarito <icarito!~urk@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 icarito sorry my sugar just crashed
15:01 m_anish icarito, np, can you give us your status update :)
15:01 icarito ok so I've been reviewing some of the work that needs to be done reg'd some bugs for olpc-au
15:02 also I've added a WYSIWYG editor for templates to the WebSDK
15:02 next up I'll work on collaboration and saving the user session to the journal
15:03 also I still need to figure out an IPC mechanism for implementing an event system
15:03 especially to avoid a race condition where the browser starts up before the backend
15:03 that's it for this week from me technically
15:04 also we're planning to relocate to peru for a season
15:04 m_anish icarito, ok, great, thanks! :-)
15:04 icarito we're driving there from colombia
15:04 with baby and all :-)
15:04 m_anish icarito, :)
15:04 dirakx cool.
15:05 m_anish icarito, safe travels!
15:05 icarito thanks!
15:05 m_anish #topic m_anish status update
15:06 I was looking at some of the tickets in the au bugtracker marked for me and cced silbe and alsroot on some...
15:07 In the next few days need to figure out a working relationship on dx12-platform with au, since yama` is going to be unavailable soon
15:08 and follow up on the actions items from this meeting ;-)
15:08 that's it from me
15:08 #topic misc
15:09 anything else before we wind up this meeting ;-)
15:09 dirakx nope. :)
15:10 m_anish okay :), 3,
15:10 2
15:10 1
15:11 #endmeeting
15:11 meeting Meeting ended Sat Jul 16 15:11:00 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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