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#sugar-meeting meeting, 2011-06-25 14:29:41

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14:29 meeting Meeting started Sat Jun 25 14:29:41 2011 UTC. The chair is tch. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:30 tch #topic sync people
14:30 guess we can share what we have been doing lately to others and specially to anish,
14:30 someone wants to step in?
14:32 dirakx tch: to/with ?.
14:32 m_anish tch, yep, i've lost touch a bit.
14:33 tch dirakx: just mention what you been doing lately (in the context of sugar and AC) so anish can catch up
14:34 silbe m_anish: I've been doing major surgery on your microformat updater this week
14:34 dirakx I've been working directly on olpc-au bug tracker in order to fix activities issues for them. :)
14:35 m_anish silbe, ah! i read ur comment from logs about there not being one patch per feature. its a sin we committed because of lack of time :(
14:35 tch dirakx: nice :)
14:36 yama dirakx has been very helpful :)
14:36 thanks dirakx
14:36 icarito m_anish: i've been developing a framework for developing activities with HTML interface.
14:37 silbe m_anish: In the long run it's taking more time, but I fully understand the reasons. Part of the problem is that I'm still catching up with DX2, so we didn't have a real chance to fix this for DX3 (because there haven't been any patches targeted at DX3 yet).
14:37 dirakx yama: np, please bear with me.
14:37 ;)
14:37 m_anish silbe, agree, better workflow from our side (platform team) needed
14:38 icarito, cool!
14:38 silbe should we do this topic in turns so we can go into details a bit?
14:38 icarito :-) yes i'm excited about it
14:39 tch is learning about journal, trying to get a decent multi-selection design/implementation and also looking forward to the entry-level backup resource having a fully functional proof of concept
14:39 icarito m_anish: it will be a little while before releasing something, I need to balance my time with activity bugfixing and aslo, right dirakx ? :-)
14:40 silbe tch: we should chat a bit about that after the meeting :)
14:40 dirakx icarito: +1
14:40 50/50 ;).
14:42 tch silbe: sure, ill start a discussion on the ml anyway, i am trying to write down the things i've learn from magic-store
14:43 alsroot: ping
14:43 silbe tch: nice. Not sure when I'll be able to reply to emails again. Somehow my mail index got corrupted again; rebuilding takes several hours to days. :-/ But if you ping me on IRC, I can check the list archives.
14:43 alsroot tch: pong
14:44 dirakx tch: great work you are doing with the multiselection feature..
14:44 tch alsroot: can you explain a little bit what you been doing lately? :)
14:45 alsroot is working on the same TODO
14:45 tch alsroot: can you copy the link here? so anish can read it later? :)
14:45 m_anish alsroot, hola!
14:45 alsroot http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/The_Server/1/Todo
14:46 m_anish: hi
14:47 m_anish alsroot, thanks!
14:48 silbe BTW, As I already told tch I've been playing with WebDAV lately. So far it looks rather promising for sharing documents between different systems, both Sugar and non-Sugar ones. It can even store the Journal metadata natively, no hacks required like for storage devices or network file systems.
14:50 There's proof-of-concept code for exporting the Journal via WebDAV at git://git.silbe.org/journal2webdav . I'm currently working on factoring out the file system emulation code from datastore-fuse and turning it into generic code that can be shared by datastore-fuse and journal2webdav.
14:50 icarito silbe cool
14:50 is nautilus any good at webdav?
14:51 do you expect to use webdav on the server or could sugar export over webdav (for instance, locally)?
14:53 silbe Integrating WebDAV into the Journal (i.e. the client side) would easy in theory because there's already a gvfs module for WebDAV, but unfortunately it doesn't support custom properties (just a few hardcoded standard properties). We should either try to work with the Gnome people to include this capability in gvfs or use some WebDAV client library directly.
14:53 tch silbe: to store metadata properties you mean?
14:55 silbe icarito: I envision any combination. Sugar users exporting their Journal via WebDAV and servers providing space for sharing Journal objects and ("non-Sugar") documents. Both Sugar and Gnome users browsing others Journals and documents.
14:55 tch: yep, that's what I meant.
14:56 tch silbe: if we wanted to also have private storage space? would be possible with webdav? and if so, would require real system userS?
14:57 icarito i played with apache webdav once, you could have any auth apache supports
14:58 icaritox <icaritox!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:59 silbe tch: WebDAV is based on HTTP, so naturally it supports authentication. However for the first iteration I'd consider it out of scope. There's quite a lot we can do to integrate (private key based) authentication, but let's get the basics working first. The primary use case for now is sharing with the entire class.
14:59 dirakx nice.
15:01 silbe tch: I've chatted a bit with garycmartin about presenting remote "folders" (like WebDAV) in the UI, BTW. Check out the #sugar-meeting channel logs last Sunday if you're curious.
15:01 tch auth is one thing, but giving individual storage space to each user is another thing, which is what i am aiming too :)
15:01 silbe: any chance we can also consider that scenario?
15:02 icarito has quit IRC
15:02 silbe tch: ah, I see. Depending on your threat model, simple using a different URL might be enough short-term.
15:02 tch silbe: whatever it works and is secure enough
15:03 icaritox sounds tricky
15:04 tch ok, lets talk about it later :)
15:04 it will always depend on what others want too,
15:04 icarito <icarito!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:05 silbe tch: It's security by social means, not technical ones. For the second iteration we can add strong authentication.
15:06 tch i see
15:07 guess anish is the only one left
15:08 yama +1 on that approach
15:08 tch m_anish: your turn
15:09 icarito has quit IRC
15:10 tch silbe, yama: we could define some feature list and see how we can achieve everything step by step
15:11 silbe tch: +1
15:11 yama I have a set of Objectives defined at https://dev.laptop.org.au/proj[…]es?set_filter=1&f[]=status_id&op[status_id]=o&v[status_id][]​=1&f[]=tracker_id&op[tracker_id]=%3D&v[trac​ker_id][]=6&f[]=&c[]=project&c[]=tracker&c[​]=status&c[]=priority&c[]=subject&c[]=assig​ned_to&c[]=updated_on&c[]=cf_3&group_by=
15:12 these are deliberately broad and ambitious
15:12 I'd expect the final Objectives for DX12 to comprise a subset of these, and the rest can probably come as updates
15:12 silbe tch, m_anish: what are you going to work on the next few days? I could use some help testing the reworked microformat updater.
15:13 tch yama: ambitious but reasonably possible :)
15:15 dirakx we are all aiming to make that objectives come realities. ;)
15:15 yama :)
15:15 From OLPC AU's perspective, I think the two main objectives are "no regressions from our 10.1.3-au releases" and "a solid platform for long term support"
15:15 jvonau will be focusing on the first, integrating our XO-AU changes into DX
15:16 silbe yama: some of it may already be addressed - e.g. there's 3G connection sharing in DX2+3, though I don't know how well it works (since I don't have the hardware to test it).
15:16 yama silbe: that's what I'm hoping :)
15:17 erikos tells me that rewrites to the collaboration stack mean that there are regressions
15:17 tch silbe: it works well ;)
15:17 yama erikos is working to fix those but could use some help, especially in testing
15:17 m_anish silbe , still need to plan my immediate schedule, will let u knw asap
15:18 yama collaboration bugs to fix: http://dev.laptop.org/query?st[…]ds=~collaboration
15:19 silbe tch: just a pity it's 3G specific. I tried making it more generic so I could share a cable modem connection (i.e. LAN connection), but got messed up and got distracted by other work.
15:19 tch: this is one of the things I hope we can address during the refactoring for NM 0.9.
15:20 tch silbe: +1
15:20 m_anish tch, btw, does your 3G-GSM patch also support CDMA? yama does aus have both GSM/CDMA high speed internet (i'm asking since we have that in India)?
15:21 tch m_anish: only GSM
15:21 yama m_anish: no CDMA networks in Australia any more
15:21 it's all GSM/3G
15:21 tch m_anish: would require to add CDMA to the sugar connection settings manager
15:21 m_anish tch, yama, ok
15:21 yama although Telstra (the main telco we work with) uses 3G on slightly different frequencies
15:22 tch but if i understood correctly all that connection setting part will disappear eventually
15:24 icaritox tch does the 3g sharing run hostap?
15:24 m_anish tch, ok
15:24 silbe I'm confused. Isn't CDMA one of the modulations used by 3G networks?
15:24 icaritox: IIRC it's shared via ad-hoc.
15:24 m_anish silbe, nope, different standard, IIRC
15:24 icaritox ah
15:25 silbe m_anish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IS-2000
15:25 tch silbe: it is being treated as different things at networkmanager though
15:26 at least until NM 0.8
15:27 is there anyone who wants to talk about something else? or we end meeting here?
15:28 silbe +1 for endmeeting
15:28 dirakx we can end meeting ;).
15:28 icaritox :-)
15:28 tch #endmeeting poof!
15:28 meeting Meeting ended Sat Jun 25 15:28:48 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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